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How to apply Kinesiology Taping for Shoulder Pain (Rotator Cuff - Supraspinatus strain)

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http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk John Gibbons a Registered Sports Osteopath demonstrates Kinesiology Taping for a Rotator Cuff strain of the Supraspinatus. Interested in learning how to apply Kinesiology Tape and other Physical Therapy courses then look on http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk
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Text Comments (92)
Hello this is amazing! I bought it today beacsue i have bad neck and shoulder pain from carrying heavy stuff... I live alone how can i do it by myself? Thanks!
e z (7 months ago)
which taping would you suggest for a very painful (especially at night) shoulder in an elderly patient with complete suprastinatus tear ?
John Gibbons (7 months ago)
Thats a tricky one as pain at night in the elderly might be suggestive of a capsulitis and taping might not help but still worth a try as everyone responds differently to taping techniques and try the one i demonstrate in the video. Good luck, Regards JG
runnerRN (10 months ago)
sk2017 (1 year ago)
hi. what't length of each tape? thanks.
Speranza Tranchese (1 year ago)
Ionicguy (2 years ago)
Can you explain what this does? Will this allow me to go back to activity? My shoulder always messes up when I start activity.
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
I would see someone and have corrective exercises as the taping will only help reduce your pain. Good luck, JG
Rameen Zahed (2 years ago)
thank you for your tips
Alice Lee (2 years ago)
i realy like your technique. its vey usefull for us.my shoulder was very paining but now ok. https://www.sportstapewholesalers.com.au/
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Glad you like the technique especially as it is an older video...Regards JG
bill platt (3 years ago)
This technique has really reduced the pain in my life. Thank you, Thank you.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+bill platt Thats brilliant that the taping technique reduces your pain.......
Joyce Johnston (3 years ago)
I personally don't like the KT tape, it doesn't stay on. My chiropractor uses Tiger tape on my shoulder and SI joint, it stays on throughout showering and PT, I can also ice to keep inflammation down so that I can sleep. Great video , I can see your a little nervous at being filmed,, all in all you done great, keep up the great work, I would be drugged up to high hilt if not for the tape, PT and you wonderful doctors. Thank you , off to bed for a good nights sleep with no meds. : ) .
Akhtar Jan (3 years ago)
This pain is very bad can't sleeping properly it is very horrible
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Akhtar Jan Try and see someone like me if you can, good luck!
nursefuzzywuzzy (3 years ago)
Your not supposed to touch the adhesive!
Jacquiline C (2 months ago)
I know this was a long time ago, but this sounds like my issue. I just learned about tape a couple years ago. I take zero pain killers and suffer and fight through the neck, shoulder and back pain daily. Can you link me on how to apply the tape properly for this problem? Thanks!
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+nursefuzzywuzzy Thanks for the message and hopefully i will add a video on treatment for TOS. 
nursefuzzywuzzy (3 years ago)
+John Gibbons I've been doing KT taping for about 2 years now for Thoracic outlet syndrome due to bad posture, bad sleep habits, and degenerative disc disease in my neck and upper back. I tried physical therapy, massage therapy, E-stim, ultrasound, Deep heat, paraffin baths ect ect. I have pills but they knock me out and do not get rid of the pain. Taping gets me about 70% pain relief and if done right can get me 90% pain free. I know eventually I am going to have to have surgery but the longer I can put it off the happier I am. What I would like to see is a taping process that is geared toward TOS rather than the general shoulder stability.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+nursefuzzywuzzy Yes I know, my newer videos are better!
emre b. (3 years ago)
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C.R.E.A.M. (3 years ago)
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renz xander zaldivar (3 years ago)
Mr. John Gibbons? Ahmm, can a player used it without any injury? the purpose is just to protect the muscle from cramps. Because as I understand the application that you've show is  the person who can use it is those who were injured.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
renz xander zaldivar (3 years ago)
ok sir. I will :D
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+renz xander zaldivar Glad I can be of service and if you can like the video can you subscribe to my channel
renz xander zaldivar (3 years ago)
thank you for the response sir.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
Yes you can use the technique as a sort of preventative measure
Uriel Tapia (4 years ago)
+TheOnlineCoachTube check this out coach
Nico Contreras (4 years ago)
I like this one better...
Paolo Artasensi (4 years ago)
This application is very fisiologic and logic! Happy to follow you!
avi miler (4 years ago)
ok its genial idea to support your shoulder but whats happen,but infection not going i tested diferent tableet against infection no result imeen we are in 2014 its unbeliveble im with rotator cuff now 1 year nothing helps some body have a solution
Alvin McManus (4 years ago)
He is having a bad hair day!
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Glad my video helped
Alvin McManus (4 years ago)
LOL but seriously your taping video helped me get my shoulder to stop hurting.
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
I think I did need a haircut at the time....
RagHelen (4 years ago)
At least those nonsense tapes do no harm.
noos atnamas (4 years ago)
Hi I have shoulder tendinosis would this type of taping work?
very interesting i would like to know more
William Cowell (4 years ago)
I've become interested in KT after a shoulder injury.  Been reading up!  Surprised that you tear the backing paper after peeling it back, thus forcing you to contaminate the adhesive surface.  The manufacturer (Tiger) recommends you leave it attached, just fold it back, out of the way.  How come you do it your way?
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
I do have another demonstration for kinesiology taping for the shoulder joint, this is what i call a more professional demo as I keep hold of the backing of the tape rather than ripping it off. However I still don't contaminate the acrylic glue during this demo even though it might look like i do...
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
The kinesiology tape might help your shoulder as it will allow the natural range of motion , however, you might need a more stability trpe of taping technique (power flex, power tape) to prevent it from dislocating especially for sports event like yours. You probably need to see someone like me in your local area if it keeps happening as it sound like you need some stability exercies. Good luck
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
There are lots of Kinesiology tape out there (currently about 60 brands), I use Tiger K Tape, you can buy through my website, I also like Rocktape and KT tape as well
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
I have a newer version of this taping but yes it will probably help, worth a try at least
ohmylawd (5 years ago)
Hey John I play volleyball and recently been experiencing pain in my rear shoulder tendons/rotator cuff. Would this sort of taping be appropriate for my situation?
Bay I (5 years ago)
Hi John, I am an AT major and I was wondering what is the best kind of Kinesio tape to buy? Thank you again for your time, your videos are very helpful.
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Any of the shoulder techniques I demonstrate would help, good luck
Morgan Boutonnet (5 years ago)
Hi. About 3 weeks ago I had my second surgery on my shoulder because I had re torn my rotator cuff labrum and bankhart. I was wondering which taping technique would work the best for me? Thank you
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
yes the taping technique would help off load the pain as you are probably catching a soft tissue structure like the bursa or the supraspinatus, I also have a few more recent videos on the shoulder so check them out as they will help as well
melanie clarke (5 years ago)
HI John......I have ache/pain in the front of my right shoulder. It comes & goes during the day depending on what im doing but is always present at night & usually wakes me up. I have full rotation of the shoulder but when my arm is back i feel a tightness & pain in the front of the shoulder. Sometime the ache/pain travels down my bicep. Would this type of taping help? Thank you
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
It sounds like you might have developed an impingement of the bursa or the supraspinatus, if most movements are restricted then it could be the early onset of a 'frozen shoulder'. My advice would be to get someone to have a look at you, in the meantime the taping technique should reduce some of the pain. Good luck.
Ensli (5 years ago)
Hi, what a great video. I have a lot of pain in the front of my shoulder. I have a kindled at the string and it become swollen. It's really painful when I lift up my arm. I can't even fix my hair in the morning and it's hard to put my cloths on/off. Is the method in this video usefull to this situation? I have ordered these tapes and I really need to know. Thanks.
Daniel Agudelo (5 years ago)
Cual es el problema? Todavia sigues con dolor en el antebrazo? Hace cuanto tiempo que te lezionaste? Sigue inflamada la area? Dependiendo de cual es el problema el kinesio taping te puede ayudar con la inflamacion y tambien puede ayudar a brindar mas estabilidad. Sin embargo, el kinesio tape solo es una parte del protocolo de tratamiento. Necesitas una evaluacion mas completa y un plan de tratamiento completo que incluya taping, terapia manual y ejercicios.
Mauricio Betancourt (5 years ago)
hola mi pregunta es q si me serviría kinesio para tratar un golpe en la zona del antebrazo y hombro q ya llevo tiempo y no me da resultado nada q he probado medicamentos relajantes musculares, electroshoc etc gracias x tu ayuda
Kingchi Wong (5 years ago)
Thank you^^
Holly CaliBullet (5 years ago)
I am a cheerleader and I don't know the actual term for it but my shouldar is pretty much "naturally dislocated" I have been able to pop it out when ever I want since I was a baby. I recentley popped it out accidently while doing a backhandspring and am buy tape to help the pain, but I still have to be able to tumble. I can put pressure onto my other arm to prevent further damage, I just wanted to make sure this wouldn't decrease my mobility in my arm/shouldar.
bigagigamigaliga (5 years ago)
You shouldn't really touch the adhesive. : )
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Kinesiology taping is not designed to stabilise a shoulder to prevent further dislocations, a system called Power flex and Power Tape is recommended for that. Athletic trainer Ron O'Neil is the best at this technique and he has taught myself when he visited England
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
taping would help, worth a try
Taylor Powell (5 years ago)
Hello, I recently found out that I have hyper-mobility after I dislocated my shoulder. My P.A. said that it is very likely for my shoulder to pop out again. It occurred when I was playing softball, and I caught a ball wrong. Would this taping method support my shoulder, helping to prevent my shoulder from popping out again? Also is the tape available at CVS or Walgreens? Do you have a recommended brand? Thank you so much for creating this video!
rickparis100 (5 years ago)
Hi, I have ankylosing spondilitis, my spine is fused at the lower backmy upper spine has some rotation. I now suffer from shoulder impingment,I continue to play a lot of racket sports but am suffering quite badly. I have had steroid injections that last a few years but the pain returns as my should is impinged, as they are rounded. I have been told that my scatular rides higher too, could taping help in amy way. to improve my management of my condition, as I love my sport.
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
You can buy pre-cut tape but I prefer to cut the tape myself for the patient as I am specifically designing the length of the tape for the size of the patient, if that makes sense. I treat some Rowers and they are 6 ft 10 so if I have a pre-cut tape it is not going to fit. John
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi Blake, thanks for the message. Taping as I am sure you are aware will only off load the 'symptoms' and not treat the 'cause', however taping for an impingement might help reduce the pain in the short term that might allow an easier assessment to try and identify the cause. Some patients are tape dependent but I wouldn't suggest it as it deflects away from other aspects of the treatment, which are probably more effective than just taping the pain. hope that helps, John
Blake Bowman (5 years ago)
Hey John, I am a personal traininer and corrective exercise specialist that has been dealing with shoulde impingement in both shoulders for a while. I am considering ordering some kinseotape and having my partner (also a D.O.) tape me in this fashion. Will this help to relieve my impingement? Also, in your experience, do most people become dependent on the tape for relief, or is there a point in which there physiology adapts and heals itself?
GiuSpadders (5 years ago)
you cut it yourself :) that's what they told me when i bought it today
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi,thanks for the comment and yes you can try the taping technique for Calcification of the Supraspinatus, you might find it helps more initially when you have the pain. Hope that helps, John
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi, you can leave the tape on for up to 5 days
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi Alicia, yes the taping technique I demonstrate might off load the pain whilst it is healing, if it is a Full thickness tear then you might need some corrective surgery but that will be decided by your Consultant. In the meantime you might as well try the tape. Good Luck, John
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi, you can cut a 'Y' strip from a standard 'I' Strip, just leave about 3cm at one end and cut down the centre, round the ends off the tape and you then have a pre-cut Y strip. John
tanzietiger (5 years ago)
I have tedonitist in rotar cuff and calcuim deposit on the outside of my shoulder on top Do i tape this when i have to much pain I also do the exercises which help
ek97ym (5 years ago)
hello my pt put this tape on me yesterday and i was just wondering how to keep in n till the next time i see him (Wednesday)
Alicia Myers (5 years ago)
Does this specific taping help for Supraspinatus tears? while undergoing home PT?
Annabelle Santos (5 years ago)
i should have seen this when i was still an intern in a sports rehab
TKRoGan1 (5 years ago)
Hi John - great video. Might I ask, why did you chose to use 80% stretch for the supraspinatus? I was always led to believe that at that tension the tape loses its natural recoil ability and therefore it is only good for for mechanical corrections and wont influence the muscle very much (if you believe the kinesio inhibition/facilitation method that is). Just out of curiosity, where did you study it?
rjc008 (5 years ago)
Is there a method to tape your shoulder by yourself?
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
Hi, thanks for the message. The 2 different colours makes no difference so you can use the same colour. The first application is what is known as the 'stabilisation' method and the second tape is generally called 'decompression'. hope that helps. John
Caitlin Dolata (5 years ago)
Why do you use 2 colors of tape? Does it make a difference?
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
A qualified physical therapist is able to do Kinesiology Taping, some GP's might be trained but I doubt they will have the time as they are generally very busy
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
If you dry the area first and use an adhesive spray for tape then it should stay on
John Gibbons (5 years ago)
The tape I use is called Tiger K Tape or Miracle tape and I buy from physique management company based in havant for about £5 plus post etc
Liam Worsley (5 years ago)
where do i have to go to get this treatment??? for example would my GP at my local doctors surgery do this or would i have to go somewhere else??? i think i have tendentious in my right shoulder and when ever i move my shoulders i hear crackling noises
Hi, I'm studying physical therapist and im learning this, so i have a doubt, if i did wrong an exercise shoulder and the pain its in my scapula, will this work?, or any technique for"supporting" the shoulder or the scapula will work? or you recomend me some more specific in the pain area?
ec51 (5 years ago)
Hi John, Is there a particular type of tape you would recommend?
John Gibbons (6 years ago)
Hi, it is better to tape before you exercise as the tape will adhere better to dry skin, if you sweat the tape should still stay on as you can swim with the Kinesio tape on with no problem
clayton gieseke (6 years ago)
i have been thinking of tapeing my shoulder for when i play basketball because i damaged my rotator cuff. but if i am sweating will the tape begin to come off ???
dreamer11777 (6 years ago)
thank you! this helped me--instantly I felt relief :) though it's hard to kinesiotape yourself!
ukguy (6 years ago)
My physio taped my shoulder and it really helped, although it was different, alot thicker tape but in different shape
Xian Li Ho (6 years ago)
i got cramp on my the other deltoid while trying to tape myself. Lol~
thisis michela (6 years ago)
i had that on my back and it works
John Gibbons (6 years ago)
see comment below. John
John Gibbons (6 years ago)
hi and sorry for the late reply, the tape can help off load the supraspinatus tendon and the subacromial bursa by lifting the skin away from the irritated tissue, you can leave the tape on for at least 3-5 days with no problem, the test is trying the technique and if it helps reduce your symptoms then it has to be a positive thing. Hope that helps, regards John Gibbons

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