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Last Trapped Chilean Miner RESCUED!! "Hope A Little Harder"

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Music courtesy of Amy Kuney http://bit.ly/hopeharder My tribute to the heroic rescue effort ALL 33 Miners safe! Video footage Courtesy of CNN news and YAHOO news The last of the Chilean miners, the foreman who held them together when they were feared lost, was raised from the depths of the earth Wednesday night — a joyous ending to a 69-day ordeal that riveted the world. No one has ever been trapped so long and survived. Luis Urzua ascended smoothly through 2,000 feet of rock, completing a 22 1/2-hour rescue operation that unfolded with remarkable speed and flawless execution. Before a jubilant crowd of about 2,000 people, he became the 33rd miner to be rescued.
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TasTube (8 days ago)
effemess (17 days ago)
I remember watching this in Spain during the whole rescue process until the early hours of the morning when the last member of the team was pulled out, a fantastic acheivment.
Dinesh kumar (1 month ago)
Same thing happened in india but no one have talked about it hence no one made out of life in mehalaya
AL AIRE (5 months ago)
heroes from 21 century
Diego Ignacio ortiz A (8 months ago)
viva chile conchetumare
ferucha dam (8 months ago)
That last person going up truly was the most bravest of them all. The most stable, and amazing man that ever lived taking care of the other 32 and it was still truly amazing to me how one man could bottled up all that emotion and still be a great calm example in times of hardships and a great leader for his little team
Erik Satie (8 months ago)
Dislike for the unnecessary music
Baby Bunch (8 months ago)
What if the rope snapped right at that moment..
Paloma San Basilio (8 months ago)
Celebrate life!
cristina khatiwada (8 months ago)
Respect to all the heroes of rescue team..🙏🙏🙏
Linah Lynn (8 months ago)
The 33: subscribe me
Oskar Rask (8 months ago)
EZ Clap
Yan Campos (8 months ago)
Humanisme is strong
Jack Colville Mangan (8 months ago)
Hopefully the Thai children will be able to scuba dive out or a rescue shaft like that will help them
Robo Eclipse (7 months ago)
Jack Colville Mangan they did
Krystin Grant (8 months ago)
Now we have boys trapped in a cave in a Thailand doesn't look good
Black Warrior207 (7 months ago)
They are all out ;D
Mosh Daisuke (8 months ago)
All are out :)
Mike Laster (8 months ago)
Krystin Grant looks great 4 out today the rest in a few days
Kevin joshua Ronquillo (8 months ago)
The music tho it make me sad
Flappy Gamer (8 months ago)
All of them ,the rescuers and rescuees should be given the award of badassery
Ivan Nava (8 months ago)
Flappy Gamer I think they were but not 100% sure
Just Go Through (8 months ago)
Lagu ultras
Kwang Punporn (8 months ago)
hope that we will find the 13people still missing in a big cave in my country ( thailand ) now it have been 7days not found them :( the kids must be very hungry we missed them , hope god will safe them 😇
Black Warrior207 (6 months ago)
+ULTIMATEBOGAN N may you not belive. But others do. ;^;
ULTIMATEBOGAN N (6 months ago)
Kwang Punporn god is fake
Black Warrior207 (7 months ago)
Kwang Punporn their all alive buddy don't worry
Riley Wilson (8 months ago)
I’m glad they’ve been found and I’m so happy that they are in the hospital safe & sound
Alex Kurian (8 months ago)
Yaa all of them were rescued except one loss!
Noel Blake (1 year ago)
It's amazing that they got the drill, rescue vessel to them damn sob s can't get my luggage from Chicago to Dallas,GOOD JOB!
MarquisDeSang (1 year ago)
Meanwhile in China's mines... nobody cares.
TGCpu (8 months ago)
MarquisDeSang same for Mexico coal mines, sad 😔
lolo2010 2013 (1 year ago)
Came here from the movie "The 33"
Davo GT (8 months ago)
And you've gotten 33 likes thus far....let's keep it that way
Ivan Nava (8 months ago)
I saw the live feed In 2010 of the rescue
Shivam Yadav (8 months ago)
I will watch that movie now.
Abel Aguirre (2 years ago)
song ruined this
alex newton (2 years ago)
When we were at school today, one of my friends started to cry
Jaakko (8 months ago)
DIMEBAGONICS (2 years ago)
I couldn't imagine being stuck with the assholes I work with for 69 days.
Fanik10 (2 years ago)
There were 5 rescue people who went down in the mine to assist the miners. 38 men pulled up in 24 hours.
Camberwell86 (8 months ago)
So the lift made the journey 43 times in 24 hours (you gotta get the 5 down one by one, right)
The plane dude4 (11 months ago)
Fanik10 6 rescuers
Emiliano Toledo (6 years ago)
The last one was a recue person.....
Kevin joshua Ronquillo (8 months ago)
Emiliano Toledo “last trapped chilean miner”
frogzorz (8 years ago)
i was on the verge of tears when he hugged his dad :)
Amanda pizarro (8 months ago)
frogzorz ya I’m Chilean and it was scary and it’s so great to see them be rescued!
Valkmir (8 years ago)
chris leyva (8 years ago)
como la hacen de emocion no mamen
HayastanArmenia (8 years ago)
@Kyllision Not to mention his impeccable grammar.
Moist When Wet (8 years ago)
@47Indigo47 42 days? I think...
Lf (8 years ago)
@47Indigo47 over 9000!!!!!!!!! minutes
@cre8Athief your fucked up really even if the context was appropriate, your lame as joke wouldnt even be funny wtf
Arkin Hassan (2 years ago)
Michael Daigle Fun Channel
N1CKF3D (8 years ago)
Kyllision (8 years ago)
@Mario11212 'cause the Chinese government doesn't give a shit, whereas, Chilean Government president himself oversaw the rescue of his people
Runite Cape (8 years ago)
These miner were saved, every1 knows about that cause they are from chile. There dies over 2000 miners every year in china, no1 gives a shit cause there is so fking many of em. Fair?
Johnny Sack (8 months ago)
same in india
Frogboy (8 years ago)
ahaha funny as fuck i shoot your face!
zealot256 (8 years ago)
The only reason they were trapped down there is because the Chilean mining company was too cheap to build an emergency escape tunnel!
Andrés López (8 months ago)
Joana Munguia the movie is garbagr
Karut Molek (8 months ago)
*Christopher David 11 now , waiting another 1 and their coach.*
Christopher David (8 months ago)
Theyre almost all out 🙏
Karut Molek (8 months ago)
Rifyal Achmad 6 people already out from cave.
Rifyal Achmad (8 months ago)
ROTF5tudio Ent yeah me too!!
Katie skT (8 years ago)
Oh when I first heard about the news that they were trapped I were so worried. Now finally they are saved!!!! A salute to all those who helped them! <3
Ângela Marques (8 years ago)
OMG i'm so happy (; Congrats all the team who helped them (;
DaveFilms (8 years ago)
"vamos, vamos mineros, esta noche, los vamos a sacar!"
terry saw (8 years ago)
Greatest effort ever." Hats off to Chile"
chamberslisa16 (8 years ago)
what an amazing rescue effort. why this didn't get more news coverage the 69 days they were down there?
Randall Davies (8 years ago)
mindBlowing. this made me happy
david (8 years ago)
most courageous event ever
racerwill00 (8 years ago)
caught this on CNN. couldnt take my eyes off the TV
guitarfreak412 (8 years ago)
wow made me cry. these guys were so brave
mratner22 (8 years ago)
Truly heroic

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