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Small scale gold mining WA, Australia ( doze and detect )

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Doing a doze and detect small scale mining operation looking for gold nuggets.
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bradbbs (4 months ago)
Mate who did you use for public liability insurance, doing a doze and detect application myself
ritenrong jusayen (1 year ago)
get the fuk off our ancestors sacred land.
ritenrong jusayen (11 months ago)
I didn't lose,your gonna find out ,just sayen
ritenrong jusayen (1 year ago)
Big Nasty funny , how the desert can make peeps disappear. Just sayen!!!
Chris B (1 year ago)
Hope uou did well on the gold over there. Your voice sounds like my voice
gregory anderson (3 years ago)
Good video mate. Thanks for sharing. Hope that big one is waiting for you in that next pit. Greg
atmm89 (3 years ago)
Trent is the mine dpt giving you a hard time about cleaning up these trenches? hope not, all the best to you any ways BigAl
Trent King (3 years ago)
+atmm89 no trouble from the mine dept, we have an approved works plan for everything we are doing
simon berry (3 years ago)
Hey trent great to see a little doze and detect operation. I would love to do something similar in a few years or so. Be keen to ask you few question on how you go about it. Ive been detecting for few years now and would love to do it a bit more professionally 
Trent King (3 years ago)
+simon berry g'day Simon, you can email me at [email protected] and I can answer any questions you have
CloudWalker54 (4 years ago)
Great vid guys! And no cold and rain like down here! Missy sends Jaffa a big "woof" :-)
Thanks for showing your operations.Very interesting.Good luck with it....Trev.
Trent King (4 years ago)
Thanks guys. Yeh Mick, the calcrete is as hard as rock. We need a D8 dozer to rip it first. This was more of an experiment to test spots. I have had to jack hammer out basically every nugget so far.
Mick Ellis (4 years ago)
Hay DD, good to see you 3 still living the dream. Looks like serious detecting to me! When you do manage to get a machine in do you have to rip the calcrete before you push it?
00Shivan00 (4 years ago)
Looks like you guys are hard at work, great to hear your finding some nuggets. Hope there is some bigger stuff waiting to be found.

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