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Gold Prospecting - Cape York Gold

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Gold panning, metal detecting, hand dredge finding fine and chunky gold. After a few long months of wet season flooding I got a break in the season and got out for a scratch, after a bit of gold panning and metal detecting I pulled two grams of gold. North Queensland Australia gold panning and metal detecting
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Insolent Stickleback (6 months ago)
That was cool as hell!   Looks like you can whip up a mean pot of noodles too lol!  Last crossing had some ass pucker on it, I wish we got these small diesel Utes here in the states.  Anyhow keep making and sharing your bush treks please, subscribed.
Insolent Stickleback (6 months ago)
Best wishes for a great trip and goooooold!  Regards Eric
Insolent Stickleback hey mate, thanks for the reply, I feel bad that you guys can't get a good sized ute, they are very big and heavy over there, the last crossing was a bit hairy as I didn't notice it had come up another half a meter, I'm heading out tomorrow for a day or two, stay tuned. Regards cam.
2Qwk2C (4 months ago)
Great stuff again Cameron. Educational and entertaining at the same time. Looking forward to next weeks vid.
2Qwk2C cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it.
Chelsea Scanlan (4 months ago)
Good job
another great video. thanks for sharring. I'm down in Victoria so it's nice to see somewhere different. we have huge spiney fresh water crays around hear. get as big as ocean crays but with claws like mud crabs. they hibernate though so there gone for the year. what a grate crack. wonder how many times you do it in the next few years.
Hey mate, I lived in Victoria, them spiny crays are mighty tasty, I used to walk streams flicking for trout and pick them up for dinner. Good luck and I’m glad you enjoyed the video.
WillDetect (5 months ago)
I can't get over how beautiful the area is! I notice in the beginning you had the Monster in auto tracking plus. Does that help you with the mineralized ground? I have not use that setting yet since I have only had the Monster for a month or so and my time is limited. I had a local expert take me out and show me how he runs his Monster, so I have been running it the way he showed me! I will experiment when I have time!!! Great video!!!!
Yeah, that's how I first started useing the machine, the ground over here is pure ironstone so you end up on manual 1 or 2. The auto settings do affect depth, but I use them in the creeks where bedrock in 1-3" away from the coil so it's not too bad, with this ground it's a balancing act between getting the most out of the machine and being able to run it, I don't think anybody in their right mind would run a VLF machine on my goldfields, this is PI machine territory.
WillDetect (5 months ago)
Have you tried starting on manual 10 and backing it down one bar a a time until it quits down to manageable chatter? That is what I was taught by the local guy and it does not seem to affect the depth to bad? The auto and plus, I am told, take a lot of power away from the unit and really affect depth.
WillDetect if ground conditions where prefect I would run it on manual maximum, because of the ground where I'm working sometimes I run it in a combination of auto and auto plus, I use auto plus because it's more sensitive than auto, then when I get a target I bump it back down to auto to check if it's ground noise or hot rocks. The bedrock areas in the creek have very different levels of minralisation so to constantly change settings in manual and try video is a real pain.
GrooberNedJardine (6 months ago)
Water always seems deeper at night hey ,your never quite sure about it , I know I've driven through some that just floated my car a little ,and that scares the hell outta you , great adventure mate , and that looked like more than 2 grams to me , ohh and you ran outta water ,I carry a purifier straw with me so just in case you can drink the creek if needs be ,but I suppose you gotta watch for crocs lol ,good one mate ,thanks for sharing.
Aussie Bloke Prospector (6 months ago)
Awesome vid mate... Great gold. Regards
Aussie Bloke Prospector (6 months ago)
Lol... guilty as charged... time and experience will pay off. Hopefully in years to come, you'll look back and thank me... Regards
Cheers mate, your the only person I can blame for the gold fever, sometimes when I can't sleep at night because I can't stop thinking about where the untouched mother load is I think back and wished you never got me into gold.
Hell yeah dude! Killing it!. Great Adventure for sure. Thanks for sharing. Kevin
Cheers Kevin, hope to get out next week.
Domi Van Der Velden (6 months ago)
awesome stuff mate!
Domi Van Der Velden I'm up cooktown, so not that far.
Domi Van Der Velden (6 months ago)
If you're ever in Cairns, Me and Jason should take you out, you got some good spots by the looks of it.
Domi Van Der Velden cheers mate, glad you enjoyed.
BlackarrowRC (6 months ago)
Get outa the way Boof head ! heard that somewhere before . Nice adventure ! subscribed !
Cheers mate, plenty more to come.
BlackarrowRC (6 months ago)
By the way Dave down here in Tassy put me onto ur channel .
Scott Stephens (6 months ago)
Get that gold!
always lookin (6 months ago)
Nice gold ! Cool video, that last river crossing was pretty hairy, would be a hell of a place to spend the night ! I got to get back up there one day . Take care.
Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed.
DAVID BUCKLE (6 months ago)
Second ha ha Great video Cameron. Fantastic gold, great adventure and funny as fuck well done mate. Kind regards David

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