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Fifth Dimension - Up Up & Away , My Beautiful Balloon - ( Bubblerock Video 4 )

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Send donations to Saint Jude for cancer kids. All the medical staff don't get paid , they volunteer to treat the kids. How cool is that ? You can't beat that !!! Website link - Give !!! https://bit.ly/1fl0Hjn Fly up and away with The Fifth Dimension as they perform their smash 1967 hit - Up Up And Away , My Beautiful Balloon !!! I put together this great Bubblerock video with remastered video & music and added cloud efxs. This is version 4 - Film promo - 1968 ( White Background ) There are 3 other versions on my channel , 1) Version 1 - Video & clouds - ( Shebang TV Show - 1967 ) 2) Version 2 - Video dissolve & clouds- ( Shebang TV Show - 1967 ) 3) Version 3 - Clouds only version Come and check out the other versions and other 800 classic Bubblerock videos I did at my Youtube & Viemo channels - danbanrock1 Up Up & Away !!! Peace , Dan     Some Great products to buy , recommended by me - check them out - 1) 15 Minute Manifestation - Blockbuster Personal Development Hit 2017 Link - https://bit.ly/2KBqgwj 2) Lean Belly Breakthrough New Conversion Machine With $61 Acv From Best Selling Author Bruce Krahn. The 2-minute Ritual Proven To Eliminate 1 Pound Per Day Of Dangerous Belly Fat. Link - https://bit.ly/2k89Lwr 3) The Lost Ways Evergreen Product That Made Fortunes On CB And Will Do So For You Too. Affiliates Who Got Rich Promoting It, Are Still Selling Big Time This Well Respected, Down To Earth Product! 1.36 Epc Link - https://bit.ly/2IvyTfi 4) His Secret Obsession - Incredibly High Conversions For Female Traffic. The link - https://bit.ly/2k6i4ZJ 5) Faith Diet | Fully Optimized Biblical Health And Christian Diet Offer - The Link - https://bit.ly/2IvYf8G 6) The Red Tea Detox - Huge New Weight Loss Offer For 2018! May Launch! (view mobile) Created By 2 Of The Highest Performing CB Vendors (red Smoothie Detox & 2 Week Diet) Comes A New Weight Loss Phenomenon. Fully Tested Vsl Proven To Convert The Link - https://bit.ly/2rUpQt7 7) 4 Offers: Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-aging Foods, Truthaboutabs Etc The Link - https://bit.ly/2LcudZB 8) Unlock Your Hip Flexors - Huge Conversion Boost For 2018 Uyhf Gives You A Practical, Easy-to-follow Program You Can Use To Instantly Release Your Hip Flexors For More Strength, Better Health And All Day Energy. Proven Swipes And Creatives Her The Link - https://bit.ly/2IusK39 9) 3 New Hot Offers: Coconut Oil, Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar The Link - https://bit.ly/2IMJge2 10) Quantum Manifestation Code - April 2018 New Law Of Attraction Offer! The Link - https://bit.ly/2rSYmF7 11) Massage Chair Deals - Great comfortable Massage Chairs to relax in comfort The Link - https://bit.ly/2IV8zeW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12) Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Internationl coach training and certification. Get ahead in life with their training , learn from the most succesful and you will be succesful too. 1-Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (goes to sales page) https://bit.ly/2xuJ5Qc 2-Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy free video training https://bit.ly/2xrjM1s 3-Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy free video training https://bit.ly/2L9f4qS ISCA June 2017- Free Videos - https://bit.ly/2xuuJ2e Raising Prosperity Consciousness Free Call https://bit.ly/2H3plm0 StarDoves Ad 1 https://bit.ly/2IYZ3TU WWW Free page opt-in https://bit.ly/2xBIcWf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13) Slotland Casino - Have fun , Play and Win Big Money !!! Online Casino !!! - Links - 1) Slotland & Slotland Mobile - https://bit.ly/2J1f9Az 2) Win A Day Casino & Win A Day Mobile Casino https://bit.ly/2smfFPl 3) Slotland Affiliates https://bit.ly/2ssjQs7 4) Freeslot – free nonstop slot tournament https://bit.ly/2J3WT5k ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More to come !!! 14) Mansion Casinos – Online Gambling Fun - Have fun , Play and Win Big Money !!! Online Casino !!! - Links – 1) Join Now – https://bit.ly/2sLX1Qf 2) Welcome Bonus – https://bit.ly/2Jv9Ybp 3) Probable of winning – https://bit.ly/2M1738N 4) Italy home page – Join Now – https://bit.ly/2sLyfj9 5) Mobile Cat Queen Flash Game – https://bit.ly/2JjzGfS 6) Mobile Pharaoh’s Secret Flash Game - https://bit.ly/2sDcYsH 7) Mobile Blackjack 5 Hands Flash Game – https://bit.ly/2Jq0OJS 8) Viaden Android/IOS https://bit.ly/2sLoq4S 9) Home page Italy – https://bit.ly/2JdDkMh 10) MC EN ZA – Choose Your Game – R50,000 https://bit.ly/2sMIWBY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR ALL YOU MILLION AND BILLIONAIRS GREAT BEAUTIFUL SUPER YACHT FOR SALE – NERRISA E-MAIL ME FOR MORE INFO – DAN BAN [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Chee K (19 hours ago)
Wooh... Wooh... Wooh... Soooooo loveeee this!!! I was a little kid and heard this song. That melody gave me that very very happy and wonderful feeling.... 👍😀👌
mickeydiver17 (1 day ago)
How many airlines around the world used this song as part of their advertising?
Fairy Love (4 days ago)
favorite baby song
Fairy Love (5 days ago)
Wee this is fun!
Candyman (5 days ago)
How can you not feel good after listening to this😊?
Tom Leeds (6 days ago)
Love this song - So many memories
Rob Saunders (6 days ago)
Another Jimmy Webb masterpiece
juan hochfarber (7 days ago)
Nerdygirl (7 days ago)
So spacey! So dreamy! So romantic! From the innocent 60s!
Scott Latham (7 days ago)
The Wrecking Crew
showtime951 (8 days ago)
On a scale of 1 to 10, this is a solid 93. There is zero room for improvement.
Aus Staff (8 days ago)
When I visit here today, There were 4000 thumbups. Now I voted 4001th thumb up. Thank you very much !!!!
Raider81 Black Hole (9 days ago)
No race card...just happy beautiful music for ALL to enjoy.
Irish Bob (2 days ago)
Christopher Clarkin (9 days ago)
What a great song and wholesome image.
BillVol (11 days ago)
TWA brought me here
gradostax (13 days ago)
I always though this group was white..... pogchamp
Eric Lees (14 days ago)
mmmm 1967 i was at butlins in pwllhei also at that time lets go to san fransico scott mckenzie mmmm
Valerie Huffman (15 days ago)
D Scoggins (15 days ago)
Great arrangement. Somebody really going town on the drums. Even a harp. Acoustic guitar. They had the best musicians. And songwriters like Laura Nyro and Jimmy Webb.
coashddjj2 (20 days ago)
Still a beautiful song today. I just can't believe how they came up with tunes and lyrics back then. Major talent!
Edwin Bitsoe (21 days ago)
.........1967..........one UNFORGETTABLE YEAR.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Smith (22 days ago)
Positively beautiful. Music was awesome back them.
arw11515 (23 days ago)
Up, up and away with TAA, the friendly way to fly... TAA - Trans Australian Airlines, theme tune from one their ads in the '60s
mickeydiver17 (1 day ago)
They were still using it in the 80s before it became Australian Airlines. Both part of history now.
Ann Street (24 days ago)
Such a great song❤️makes me happy
Candyman (25 days ago)
My childhood brought back in 2:57 seconds 😊
Parodoxical Sox (1 month ago)
I love all kinds of music, but this song has creeped me out since I was a little boy. Please, don't judge me. The song actually gives me anxiety. The video is equally as creepy.
Michele Bump (1 month ago)
Such a wonderful little stony song.😊
Clarence Hodges (1 month ago)
This is a beautiful video with a beautiful message. Too bad it had to be evaluated on a racial basis. But unfortunately the race card is here to stay. America sowed the seeds and is now reaping the harvest.
Arturo Pizarro (1 month ago)
Boddissatva (1 month ago)
Who couldn’t be in a good mood after hearing this
Mary Burrell (1 month ago)
We did a dance to this in 3rd grade for May Day
Cameron Whyte (1 month ago)
I was born in 1980. I don't care I wasn't around. That's why records were made. I can lay claim to being alive while all the Beatles were still alive though.
Guided Meditation (1 month ago)
Such an innocent and fun song. Really beautiful. This was before black women learned to curse and Twerk in videos.
Russell Baker (1 month ago)
sKIP TOWne Approved...
Wade Baker (1 month ago)
Alan Harper's phone brought me here 😂
Melody Sanger (1 month ago)
Mary Stroughton (1 month ago)
Go Jimmy Webb!
Robert Roberts (1 month ago)
It was never Bubble Rock. It was Bubblegum Rock
Ryan G (1 month ago)
Family guy brought me here
Fuentes Freight Lines (1 month ago)
Memories of the beautiful San Fernando Valley, California ❤
Marco Evans (1 month ago)
This song is so good it hurts.
Jill Libertucci (1 month ago)
Beautiful heaven
kitrick42 (1 month ago)
Eastern Airlines used this song in their commercials back in the 1980's when they were the official airline of Disney World.
Steven Lageson (1 month ago)
I was in charge of the music at my dad and moms roller rink growing up. When this song came out I was instantly in love. Played it for years until I wore it out.
henry james (20 days ago)
Mr Lageson, where was the rink located?
Gregory J. (1 month ago)
All signs point to no.
Dennis B (1 month ago)
People need to realize this song took America by storm. It won 6 Grammys!!! Producer won 1.The writer won 1 and the group won 4. the part at 1:27 is beyond perfect.
Yolanda Johnson (1 month ago)
WOW!!!!! this song reminds me of the summer of 72...my mother and father were taking me and my sister's and brother to Wildwood NJ on a Saturday....and my father was playing this song on his record player.
Savatage1964 (1 month ago)
I got to meet these beautiful people once before a concert they did in Idaho. I remember my relative introducing me to them but dangit...!!..... ......I was only 5 or 6 at the time and really wanted to get back to the house and watch cartoons instead of being amongst all those adults. But I did meet them!
Cat Keys (1 month ago)
That song was a total TOTAL smash when it came out- you heard it everywhere.It's really a pretty sophisticated piece, with fantastic vocals and all around musicianship - the bass player, the drummer, EVERYONE. And such a great arrangement- with guitar and flute coming in at judicious points in the melody, and great vocal harmonies. And just an original concept- instead of some typical whiny, moany song about unrequited love, and angst- this was the complete opposite- a flight into fantasy up in the clouds. It's like, "Here, take a little brake and go on a brief mental vacation and listen to some beautiful music!" I don;t know anybody who doesn't love this song.
David R (1 month ago)
The wrecking crew we're the musicians and on the east coast we had m.f.s.b who played on everything that came out of Philadelphia in the '70's and '80's
Cat Keys (1 month ago)
I just realized I typed "brake" when I meant break.
4640jds (1 month ago)
There’s NO Fifth Dimension without Marilyn McCoo!
wtfgoogle (1 month ago)
I could watch Marilyn McCoo alllll day. I don't care what she's doing. Washing dishes. I just can't take my eyes off her.
JD Thompson (1 month ago)
This is so trippy 🌫️
Mark Richardson (1 month ago)
I remember listening to this in my parents car in the late 60’s on an 8-track now we’re dating ourselves
Hunter Beach (1 month ago)
My mom would sing this to me every morning lmao I had no idea it was a real song
Anthony Rouski (2 months ago)
dugroz (2 months ago)
Anthony Shackley (2 months ago)
Tried to find this looking for the film 'The Fourth of July'. What a tune.
ZOLTAR (2 months ago)
Nice song about something lovely.
takohei727 (2 months ago)
Henry K (2 months ago)
I'll never be able to go back to my childhood, but at least all of these amazing songs/videos are immortalized in time.
Shayne White (2 months ago)
I love this great music it reminds of my childhood
Marcelo B. (2 months ago)
Alan harper's mobile song
1BrotherMack (2 months ago)
This Song is still a Classic in January of 2019
Geoff Rennox (2 months ago)
Is Florence La Rue wearing a wedding garter???
Hamoudi (2 months ago)
these times still people weren't talking about sex all the time like nowadays, they could still adress other things but that
dugroz (2 months ago)
In late elementary school (around 1989-1990), I took a ride after school once every week with my band teacher, Mr. Wollums, after school to the music store b/c his wife taught piano lessons there. He listened to this song on tape in his vehicle fairly often. It wasn't until the magic of YouTube years later I got to see what the group looked like!
Tia J (2 months ago)
This is such a gorgeous song. Even my tin ear can hear the beauty of the arrangements. It was also used in a TWA commercial.
The Sexy One (2 months ago)
What's a tin ear?
Tim Cotrell (2 months ago)
I did not know this was a black group. Wow. Mind blown. Love these guys!
AOR Forever (2 months ago)
Back when ALL lives mattered
Woo Bino (2 months ago)
AOR Forever Yes the late sixties early seventies was a wonderful time for race relations. 🙄
s mc (2 months ago)
Awesome Harmonies!!! One of my favorite songs from my childhood!
END TIMEs Video Library (2 months ago)
Good job on modernizing this video! Everyone should learn from this. Instead of the AWFUL Video Stretching thing which makes people look fatter and cuts out part of the video, this person was very creative and simply enlarged the video slightly, lowered the transparency and inserted an appropriate HD background in the back. It works well without destroying the song and gives it a more modern feel.
danbanrock1 (2 months ago)
Thanks , I really appreciate that , I'm musician and video producer and use all types of video and audio software to get the best quality and also very creative. I have over 800 Bubblerock music videos I created of classic retro music from the 50's 60's and 70's , just like this one. I'm very creative , sometimes I'll stretch video , small screen it , or split screen and add subtle efxs to all videos , somethines I'll make it really cheap looking for artistic effect what ever vibe I'm going for. Subscribe to my channel and check out all video , I have a huge following - here are some diffent sample videos on what I do let me know what you think  - 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2he47PTOH0 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lsbzciw6Bg 3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nerODmFupU 4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VML5BXUCwg8 5) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qcOqiopSP0 6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F98XObWQ9jM 7) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3PTt8P9cyw 8) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsC-pUzd0FM 9) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40dvcIDGIfo 10) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXokMTN0_co
showmebear (2 months ago)
Karen Kaye (2 months ago)
I am a 56 year old white women my mom raised me on this music my daughter is 27 years old she knows this band
Orlando Cruz (3 months ago)
They sound wonderful but Marelyn McCoo is the star. I can hear her voice through the chorus and she’s so beautiful.
Thomas Levy (3 months ago)
Heard this song for the first time in 1965 as the background music aboard a 707 heading for New York City. I was 10 years old and it was my first flight on a jet. The music was a perfect match.
Bill Bright (3 months ago)
Smoochy Licious Ladies. Come back. Come back! I can’t, I don’t know how it works, ☁️ 🎈☁️.
Noel David (3 months ago)
Feel good music,,,,so relaxing
Turd Furgeson (3 months ago)
I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have such a CRUSH on Marilyn McCoo. I know, I know....get in line.
Tee m (3 months ago)
Wow this is music no yelling cussing and a great vibe
teh Armands (3 months ago)
Bob’s burgers
Mick Nordström (3 months ago)
These 60's song has a very strong inpact on my mind!
Andy Mann (3 months ago)
all the charm of the 60's melodies
Claudia Ortiz (3 months ago)
Michael Boyce (3 months ago)
Their name was The Versatiles but member Ron Townson's wife Bobbette thought of the 5th Dimension hence the name change.
Michael Boyce (3 months ago)
Ptoduced by Johnny Rivers the label Soul City's founder and Marc Gordon Florence LaRue's Hubby latet. Written by then starving writer Jimmy Webb who became the Co-Producer of their next Lp The Magic Garden aka The Worst That Could Happen!
Kali Kumar (3 months ago)
They're really bunch of good friends...aren't they.
Purple Sword 5 (3 months ago)
Timeless music....the best...♥️♥️♥️
Ray Thomas (3 months ago)
some radio stations banned this song as they thought it had drug references to getting high
June Bermingham (3 months ago)
Great memories of 67, what. A great song great group "music by Jimmy Webb 😃
James Burdzinski (3 months ago)
Yeah I fly away with those 2 Honeys !
Phillip fleming Fleming (3 months ago)
Rose White (3 months ago)
There's so much class involved here
Maury Harris (3 months ago)
The original master was flawed, unfortunately - very scratchy sounding. Same as with One Tin Soldier.
Colin Jones (3 months ago)
This song reminds me so much of my (late) Dad. He loved the vocals and the arrangement, a genuinely fabulous track
石井淳 (3 months ago)
Marjory Rainey (4 months ago)
This is Class!
Vwjl1207 (4 months ago)
Absolute perfection! I work in Beverly Hills and I just helped Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis.
danbanrock1 (4 months ago)
Thanks , I made this video better by adding the sky background. I have dozen more 5th Dimension videos I remastered and fix up , here's a search link to find them quicker and go to the ones that saids - danbanrock1 - my channel. I also have over 800 Bubblerock retro music videos I done and very huge following , here are several links that you might be interested in , and by the way , that;s a cool story about helping McCoo & Davis , love them , all of you subscribe to my channel , you'll love it - 1) 5th Dimension Bubblerock links - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=5th+dimension+bubblerock - 2) Sylvers Bubblerock tribute - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK4cwdqOezE - 3) Laurel & Hardy Tribute - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCPTPBelIDA - 4) Bubblerock Jerry Lewis Promo AD  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpU5ZtGes0A&t=3s - 5) Petula Clark Tribute - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8vgdSaZvuU - 6) Rare Temptations Bubblerock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZVuXBZaZGs - 7) We Five - Bubblerock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F98XObWQ9jM - 8) Aretha Frankln Bubblerock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsC-pUzd0FM
timbo dut (4 months ago)
When I was a child this was the music to a bread commercial called Nimble..lovely memeories
Rick Kellman (4 months ago)
I want ALL the thumbs down apprehended immediately and brought  to  mycourt for sentencing. They will receive the full penalty of the law.   All  kiddingaside...this is the one song that can lift you out of the dumps  and give you ahappier outlook!!
James (4 months ago)
Hi Jeanie. Enjoyed the tickle. Will never forget you. :)

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