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In Focus - Managing Natural Resources in Africa

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In Focus, a new television series produced by UONGOZI Institute presents an in-depth overview into the key issues affecting sustainable development in Africa. In this first episode, Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University, and Amb. Ami Mpungwe, former Chairman of the Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy discuss the management of natural resources to ensure prosperity in Africa.
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washington apedha (4 years ago)
wow ..its a wonderful discussion and have just learnt we or Africa citizens have a roll to play.my good people have realised we have to go for this great asset called knowledge and knowledge is power.have also learnt about observation and the use of technology is a great asset for the people.my good people lets walk and eachone should take his or her line which they think can lead well.thanks u.

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