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Citrix XenApp 6.5 Lesson 4 Zone Data Collectors and elections

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More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com In this lesson we look more at the data collector elections, ZDC elections.XenApp servers are orgainised into zones which would normally represent geographical locations within your organization. So you may have a data centre in London with XenApp servers and a data centre in Manchester also with XenApp servers. In which case, you would create two zones. Each zone would have its own elected data collector. The data collector, or ZDC, is responsible for maintaining the dynamic load information for the farm. Each XenApp server within the zone reports using IMA and port 2512 to the ZDC of its zone its current load information. This way new users connecting will connect to the least busy servers and users with existing session connect back to their same session. It would make sense to have at least two, probably three, session controllers in each zone. Remember that with XenApp 6.5 only servers that hold the session controller role can participate in the ZDC elections. Currently our farm has one zone and two servers; XA2 though is a session host only XenApp server. We will remove XA2 from the farm and add it back in with the session contreoller role. We will see how we can control the election process using the election preference settings for each zone and monitor election process with performance monitor counters. Stopping the IMA serviceon XA1 will cause XA2 to win the election, starting the IMA service on XA1 again will see the election fall in favour of XA1.
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Text Comments (14)
Shaheem Mohammad (1 year ago)
Once we did remove and added the xa1 is became session host . What extra has been done for it to become a session controller
Angel Torres (4 years ago)
Your accesnt is what would expect from some one in the UK .  You sound fine.  I guess you can please everyone .  Thank you for sharing your knowledge od XA 6.5
theurbanpenguin (4 years ago)
Thanks for comments and subbing :-)
mainramtajogi (4 years ago)
I knew all these things. Your ascent is very poor. Remember you uploaded it on Youtube, entire world is going to watch it. Improve your accent or little fast.
gmanju100 (4 years ago)
Hi Andrew, Performance monitor part was very informative...thanks for sharing :-)
Anil Kumar Sahu (5 years ago)
Hi Dear...Thanks for uploading these videos.This really helpful for me. I want to create farm in my home lab how can i get enterprise or platinum edition licences ? For practice purpose will citrix provide licences??
john paul (5 years ago)
Hi Andrew, First of all thanks for the video. I have something to ask you. How exactly were you switching from one Xenapp to another i;e XA1 and XA2. I would like to understand how a windows account can be made xenapp server. My question may sound dumb but i am just beginner. Thanks again :-)
crikxouba (5 years ago)
Minute 12:19 - oops, big typo!
bomarcuswin (5 years ago)
add2700 (5 years ago)
why does the vid quit at 1:26?
Ivan Gutierrez (5 years ago)
Very awesome videos, thakns a lot for sharing information and knowledge
Aatish Mirpagar (5 years ago)
excellent man..
badbert52 (5 years ago)
Awesome videos!. Finding them really helpfull
mradios (5 years ago)
Excellent videos, many thanks in advacne. FYI: just noticed on second screen, in the line before last line there is a typo to has been spelled as tio.

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