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01. PNX - RASPBERRY PI 3 - PART 3 - CryptoCoin Guide - Fix Sync & permissions problems!

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---------------------------------------------------- TIPS FOR LINUX - CAN'T SYNC! --------------------------------------------------- My Wallet doens't SYNC at all, it's stooked!! :O This problem occurs on rare occasions; this may solve your problem: 1.) Download the latest blockchain http://phantomx.co 2.) Unzip file 3.) Connect to Raspberry Pi 3 Stop the wallet cd /wallets/phantomx/ sudo ./phantomxd -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet stop Go to your phantomx wallet folder Ensure that you are the owner of files, to do that run this command: sudo chown -R pi:pi /wallets Download as backup --- phantomx.conf,smsg.ini, smsgDB, wallet.dat Remove all content of the raspberry pi wallet folder Upload the latest blockchain Upload the bakcup downloaded files 4.) Because Raspberry PI has 2 Super users, to avoid other errors with autoboot it's recomendable to delete /etc/rc.local method startup sudo nano /etc/rc.local -* delete -- /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet -daemon -server ** delete or put and # before the text 5.) Reboot Raspberry PI sudo reboot 6.) Start the wallet manually /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet -daemon -server 5.) Check if we are syncronizing /wallets/phantomx/phantomxd -datadir=/wallets/phantomx/wallet getinfo
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