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Understanding Linux named pipes

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If you are serious about gaining your Linux Essentials certification you can gain a heavily discounted price to my Linux Essentials course via this link: https://www.udemy.com/learning-linux-essentials-taking-your-first-steps-in-linux/?couponCode=youtube-video More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com Pipes can be named or unnamed. You may we used to using unnamed in Linux with the vertical bar or pipe character. Named pipes I think folk are a little less clear on. Named pipes are files in the filesystem that allow the output of one command to be piped to the input on another command. The command, unlike with unnamed pipes do not have to be in the same console. The outputting command redirects to the pipe file, when the receiving process connects the pipe is complete and he data is transferred. The receiving process uses the less then symbol to redirect the file to its std input. We can create named pipes with mkfifo
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Albert Zhang (1 month ago)
can i regard "named pipe" as something to store temporary information (which i can use latter)?
theurbanpenguin (1 month ago)
Hi Albert, a named pipe is a connector and does not store anything. It allows IPC or inter process communication. 2 processes talking to each other
NdFeB Magnet (4 months ago)
Is named pipe client impersonation a thing on Linux ?
theurbanpenguin (4 months ago)
A named pipe is a file in the Linux file system. It is there to link two processes together allowing IPC or interprocess communication. It is not a client or server process but a file in the file system
Charles Li (4 months ago)
Short and sweet, thank you.
theurbanpenguin (4 months ago)
Thank you for the comment
Joshua Hawkins (1 year ago)
I read like 5 different tuts on this but none of them made sense until I just watched your explaination. Simple and to the point. Thank you.
sidekick rida (1 year ago)
he said "my pipe"
maxpolaris99 (4 years ago)
theurbanpenguin (4 years ago)
This between processes. The starting process is held until the pipe is complete and the receiver is connected. In the same way the receiving process can connect to the pipe before the intiating process, If you simply sent to the file then the file would not exist and a fil would occur. Inter process comminication is almost totlay based on named pipes
Adrian F. Long (4 years ago)
What is the benefit to using named pipes over just outputting to a file? A regular file would have worked in your example too.
Tom (9 months ago)
Read up on inter process communication. There is a lot of risk in writing to a file.

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