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CryptoMonitor - Preventing Today's Top Ransomware (CryptoWall, PClock, CTBLocker)

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CryptoMonitor - Preventing Today's Top Ransomware This video shows what can happen when you do not have protection software installed and get infected with CryptoWall, PClock, or CTBLocker Ransomware. It will also show you how CryptoMonitor can not only protect you from all these Ransomware Infections, but can even protect you from ones that aren't even out yet. For more information, Pricing, Details, or Downloads visit: http://EasySyncSolutions.com
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Text Comments (3)
oncallmonkey (3 years ago)
480p resolution? Really?!
Dave Leone (2 years ago)
+oncallmonkey are you shocked? He said P-Clock instead of PC-Lock like 15 times. It even has a picture of a lock on it!
Christian Vazquez (3 years ago)
+oncallmonkey haha, glad I wasn't the only one upset at this.

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