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Peggy Sue Got Married(1986)_Trailer

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60's style movie
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Eastwood Unforgiven (7 months ago)
Was one of my mom's favorite movies. I never sat and watched it myself. Maybe tonight
Suzy Lux (11 months ago)
one of my favourite movies of all time. this (old) trailer doesn't come close to showing how great it is. It's one of those quietly magical 80s movies that aren't talked about very much. the whole movie is full of fable, tenderness and magic. There are two key elements that make it what it is: Kathleen Turner--her every look and how she says every line, and the beautiful and special score by John Barry.
Seth Thomas (1 year ago)
Was a date movie when I was in high school. Its a good flick.
CincyDude5 (1 year ago)
Great movie, terrible trailer.
ruby ochoa (1 year ago)
it would be great if they did this movie again with our best actors of this decade
newpai (1 year ago)
Peggy Sue = Pegasus https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204465298785062&set=a.1025265564454.4646.1609732128&type=3&permPage=1
DIGITALSCREAMS (2 years ago)
Omg....I remember seeing this Trailer at the cinema plastered all over the place. It was heavily advertised back in the day. I never saw the film...and this is the first time ive seen the trailer in like 25-30 years. Wow!
John Jarou (1 year ago)
never saw it?   you should.   damn good movie.
03bgood (2 years ago)
I wonder what a remake from 2016 would be like? Someone from 2015 is set back to the spring of 1990 and it looks more like 1987-89 and the song Oh Yeah! by Yello is playing on the radio and the main protagonist is male, instead of female.
Julianne Hannes (2 years ago)
Starring either Elijah Wood, Joseph Gordon Levitt, or Adam Brody a 35 year-old man who still looks 17
03bgood (2 years ago)
Decade leftovers 50s leftovers in the 60s 1960: 90% of the 50s 1961: 65% of the 50s 1962: 50% of the 50s 1963: 35% of the 50s 1964: 20% of the 50s 1965: 5% of the 50s 1966: 0% of the 50s 80s Leftovers in the 90s 1990: 75% of the 80s 1991: 50% of the 80s 1992: 25% of the 80s 1993: 10% of the 80s 1994: 5% of the 80s 1995: 3% of the 80s 1996: 0% of the 80s
Michael T (2 years ago)
LOL, even people living in the 80's wished they were living in a different decade. The 80's: modern times but naw.
Pro Mixing (2 years ago)
If I COULD go back, I would be such a better son to my mom and dad and I would be a much better brother too........
Marc8533 (2 years ago)
+Trenniti Travels Satire isn't your strong suit is it?
Just Me (2 years ago)
Trenniti Travels he really was teasing. Not trying to be mean. I think it was satire.
COLE GATEZ (2 years ago)
Mary Curb shit wasn't funny
Just Me (2 years ago)
Trenniti Travels he was kidding, chill out.
COLE GATEZ (2 years ago)
shoreloop (3 years ago)
Cage in Peggy Sue & Phoenix in U-Turn went at the same thing from opposite ends.
epsilon (3 years ago)
Considering the type of movie this was, its amazing that they let Kathleen Turner act up the storm that she does. Funny thing is, she's excellent in this role. Its hard to imagine why she thought this type of role required such commitment. But she's the whole movie.
Kev L (3 years ago)
One of my all time favourite films.
Peggy Z.... got married and thats no good!!!
Antonia Koseva (4 years ago)
After all, all time travel movies aren't right. If time travel was possible, you would be able to change the past, but the present would be the same, whatever you try to do in the past. It has already happened. You can try to change something in the past, but can only end up being the reason for this thing happened. Whatever you change in the past, the present will never change. 'Cos the only time we have is the present.
Nabiya Ri (4 years ago)
+Antonia Koseva  there are many theories about that and really, nobody knows what's right. your theory is one of them, but another says whatever you change in the past will also change the future. The original future will still be intact though, as a different "dimension" next to your new future. there was a name for that theory but I forgot what it was....
hrlaser (4 years ago)
The late John Barry wrote and conducted the orchestral score in the film, and it is achingly beautiful, especially the theme..
CincyDude5 (1 year ago)
Marvelous. He had a gold finger when it came to scoring.
Eckhardt Milz (4 years ago)
Cant count how often I saw that film and every time I love it. It moves me! Wonderful film!
youareonthetube1 (7 months ago)
... never saw the movie before ... after seeing the trailer. I recommend this movie for anyone that is married and over forty. .... gonna go watch it now ...
Grant Wolf (4 years ago)
Great Time Travel Film. Kathleen Turner was great in this film. Nicolas Cage's character acted to old at the end of the film. Still it has its great moments and the comedy of Jin Carrey fits well in this movie! Buddy Holly would have been proud of this film today!
AMC2283 (4 years ago)
back to the future for chics.  i like part 3 when she travels back to the old west and gets cholera
rowdy yeats (5 years ago)
In the future, TVs get smaller, and radios get bigger... It's funny, because it's true.
Jenny H (5 years ago)
Why all the Back to the Future comparisons? Both are on my top 5 list of favorite movies and I have never thought of them being similar at all. Completely different movies in my opinion.
PaulToppers (5 years ago)
Obviously, BTTF influenced this movie
PulaRecords (5 years ago)
the worst movie ever. no doubt.
Lolavie Blog (5 years ago)
So romantic ha! I've never seen Nicholas Cage play a love crazed teenager.
StIwY (5 years ago)
Pathetic movie.....but Kathleen Turner was a really beaufitul woman. Hail from Italy. \m/
Austin Alexander (6 years ago)
Wait a minute! Is this announcer Mark Elliot?
EditMania3DStar (6 years ago)
Is that Jim Carrey? OMG he's so young! I like time travel movies! But the movie's title didn't give me any hint's that it was a good movie. It sounds like a normal romantic comedy, not time travel, lol. It's a Coopola movie so, how could i have doubted that it was good :) Reminds me of Back To The Future a little bit.
Alan Court (6 years ago)
John Lennon
Zay (6 years ago)
omg once Tequila started playing I was like pee-WEEE!!
Jason Clark (6 years ago)
Never ever knew Carey was in this lol!!
Bob .Grant (6 years ago)
Great riff on Back to the future.
India BowieintheTARDIS (6 years ago)
Only movie that i laughed so hard i cried!
Stella Rose (7 years ago)
Omg! This movie was filmed at my awesome high school! Eeepp!
fortheloveoftunes (7 years ago)
"Kathleen Turner" looks a lot like "Porsche Lynn" (pornstar) here or what? .-)
ryansgsxr1000 (7 years ago)
i live in the stupid town they filmed this movie
David Alexander (7 years ago)
1:11 JIM CARREY! wohoo
apple-sauce (7 years ago)
Leix (7 years ago)
i have really got to stop watching 80's movies
Caylee Morgan (7 years ago)
What Is up with Nicholas cages voice?
rossharmonics (7 years ago)
@delbard1 Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue Got Married" in the opening credits is so different than the theme during closing credits.
rossharmonics (7 years ago)
@Buffalobigboy69 There's an interesting tension throughout her return to her youth. She wants to change her marriage on the one hand and she has a growing appreciation for everything from her past. Though she says at the reuniion that if she could go back with what she knows now she would do things differently. She discovers that it's not so cut and dry. Her relationship with her family is imbued with love for something that will not last and cannot be recaptured.
rossharmonics (7 years ago)
It is/was billed as a comedy. But it is more of a reverie on life. Tremendous depth. It captures some much of the inner feelings about life choices. An underrated movie. So many scenes send chills up my spine. Coppola shows such great understanding of people and family relationships in all his films...besided having an uncanny eye for beautiful composition and an ear for music that he inherited from his father.
Emyca X (7 years ago)
just watched it. i have no idea how people understood peggy sue, especially when she spoke in past tense with charlie. cage and carrey sang well. cage's character voice was well put on.
Wellch (7 years ago)
What was the name of the music tune during the closing credits? it is a relaxing tune.
derekw1572 (7 years ago)
horrible movie. Another great comedic performance by cage
JaelynJae (7 years ago)
Guys! If you have Netflix you can watch this instantly!!:D
EtherealAquaFrost_88 (8 years ago)
@toxicstilletos14 Awesome!!!
Kapellmeister35 (8 years ago)
I love this movie. I simply love it.
Bart Logan (8 years ago)
We all wish for this. in one way or another.
MitZulina (8 years ago)
i never heard of this movie until today, when i saw it on tv. its just amazing, i was crying the whole time... you have to see this movie... just perfect...
trojangirl246 (9 years ago)
absolutebrightness (9 years ago)
Faaabulous movie!
modingo (9 years ago)
On my top 20 list for sure
guidofski (9 years ago)
One of my favorite movies!!! Kathleen Turner is just fantastic here...
Viktoria Histed (9 years ago)
i love this movie!
italoluder (9 years ago)
What a great idea of a story.........
AKP (9 years ago)
I love Kathleen Turner in this movie!

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