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Mining of Natural Resources and the Extractive Industry in Africa

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Mitch St.Pierre Interviews founder of Canadian Friends of Sudan, Justin Laku
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tonyuptown69 (8 years ago)
The guy speaking needs to run for the strong leadership position that he says that Africa needs. I believe that he would rule and help the people, if the many strong powers that be, wouldn't come along an murder him for uplifing so called people of color. It is ovious that it is an unwritten global law that he who uplifts the black race, shall be murdered. Or it is written in the white bible " Thou shall not uplift the Black Man, or any race of black people..!!!!!" 111
Mr. Alberto (8 years ago)
good Video, but there is an error to your facts on Angola, president Dos Santos, has been in power for over 30years, though he is one of the good guys, he has openly claimed as the "only suitable leader of Angola". thus eliminating all his oponents. Angola has been getting better, but it would be great to have new blood in the presidential seat with excessive Northen experience, Blessings Brother

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