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Podnutz - The Computer Repair Podcast #111 - Time Management

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Live Call-In Show for Computer Repair Techs - 1-888-697-0162 You can catch us live every Sunday at 4pm EST over at: http://www.podnutz.com/live Hosted by: -Jeff Halash from TechNutPC.com Google+ Jeffery Halash https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JefferyHalash/posts Twitter: TechNutPC https://twitter.com/technutpc -Chris Carruthers from Remote Support Tech Team http://www.rstechteam.com/ -Rob Berger from SOHOTechColumbus.com http://www.sohotechcolumbus.com/ To send a voicemail or to be on the show live, call 1-888-697-0162 Email: mailto:[email protected] Website http://www.podnutz.com
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