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CMake for Dummies

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A talk on CMake, given at WPI on behalf of Rho Beta Epsilon
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SomeoneCalledJoshua (24 days ago)
Absolutely great video that gives a good explanation for novices. Thank you!
Beat Scherrer (12 days ago)
i want to watch this video but i simply cant... I give up after a couple of attempts on enduring it... miss me with that chips shit
Kittyous (20 days ago)
Uditsinghparihar (21 days ago)
How many guys come here to debug catkin_make error in ROS packages for robotics
MrInternetuser2011 (22 days ago)
Target Link Directories doesn't appear to exist. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31435251/cmake-is-not-adding-directories-correctly-with-target-link-directory
krisitak (23 days ago)
The teacher dude is clearly too polite to tell that chewing freak to fuck off. Yo teacher, this is a sign of a total disrespect. Deal with trash like that.
qgmlwy (21 days ago)
What I don't like about CMake is that it offloads responsibility to the user so now I have to run even more commands to get someone else's package to work. What a horrible mess. And for some reason these developers expect me to know how CMake works to make their products work, and so here I am. God dammit. Please find or make a better solution than CMake. Or at the very least write the few lines of instructions needed.
Sam (1 month ago)
Whoever you are, you are absolutely disgusting with your chips. Please, kick rude people out of your talk next time. Other than that, great video!
Mark Rayne (28 days ago)
probably some fat geek
50crazyOwnz (3 months ago)
stop eating shit
David Henkemeyer (4 months ago)
Omg the chewing!
Marcus Houtzager (5 months ago)
I would give you a like, but you didn't drop kick the kid eating chips
Maurice Baruk (5 months ago)
that dude eating chips in the background x)
Dustin Maselbas (5 months ago)
deal breaker
j s (5 months ago)
Clearest video I've seen yet.
Michael Kohlhaas (7 months ago)
Thanks a lot for the video! Would even be a little better without that smacking in the background.

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