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How to treat Medial knee Pain (MCL Sprain / Medial Meniscus) with Kinesiology Tape

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http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk/courses/kinesiology-taping-for-the-athlete-masterclass/ John Gibbons is a sports Osteopath and a lecturer for the 'Bodymaster Method ®' and in this video he is demonstrating how to apply Kinesiology Tape for a patient that presents with medial knee pain that can include the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the medial meniscus. Want to learn how to apply Kinesiology Tape and other Physical Therapy CPD Courses then look on http://www.johngibbonsbodymaster.co.uk John is also the Author of the highly successful book called 'Muscle Energy Techniques, a practical guide for physical therapists', you can buy his book on http://www.amazon.com John is also writing 2 more books for 2013, one is on 'A Practical Guide for Kinesiology Taping Techniques' with a DVD and the other book is called; 'Vital Glutes, connecting the gait cycle to pain and dysfunction'. These will be able to buy at the end of 2013 through Amazon. John now offers Advanced Training in all aspects of Sports Medicine to already qualified therapists in manual therapy to 'Diploma' Level. You need to have attended all of his Physical Therapy Courses before the diploma is awarded. His venue is based at the idylic venue of Oxford University, home of the first four-minute mile by Roger Bannister.
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kuldip yadav (3 months ago)
Sir can u provide basic of taping technique i want to learn properly about it
John Gibbons (3 months ago)
Hi, I have lots of 'intro' videos on kinesiology taping and i offer an 'online' taping course on my website. regards JG
Jasmine Kamar (7 months ago)
Hello John I am to order Kines. Tape but I am really confused how to use it as I have multiple knee problems; patellar osteophytes, partial tear of the front ACL and medial meniscus , my knee pains me alot and I can't walk or stand for a long time ! I see that each one has got a different application ! Could you please help how to use the tape in the regard of the mentioned three cases above .. Thank U very much
Jasmine Kamar (7 months ago)
John Gibbons Thank you :)
John Gibbons (7 months ago)
Jasmine Kamar I would try one technique first and see if that reduces your pain and if not then try another one. Good luck, regards JG 😊
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Cooper Thompson (9 months ago)
I've seen a method where the first long strip is placed on top of the "X". Does it matter whether it goes on first or last?
Paul Blake (10 months ago)
John do you recommend cutting KT tape to size like you did here, or using the KT Flex tape they now offer for knees. This is for an MCL injury. Thank you.
John Gibbons (10 months ago)
I think either would work well and try them both and see which one helps. Regards JG
William E (11 months ago)
I think that's what I have it hurts like Hell to me there ?
Arnold's Legacy (1 year ago)
is this the same as medial pain, commonly a cyclists knee pain inner thigh same as your video, and does using the tape and say some gels good enough to fix its self and how long does knee pain llast
63off (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. I damaged my meniscus playing squash and there there is also some damage to my MCL. I'm going to give this a shot simply because I have some kinesiology tape on hand but my question is will this help with the meniscus issue or just the MCL? The damage to the meniscus is also medial. I am also seeing a physio and will be looking at this as supplementary to her excellent treatment.
B0GGIEMAN101 (1 year ago)
do i have to use kinesiology tape? or can i just use sports tape?
John Gibbons (1 year ago)
I would use RockTape as a choice and it is a type of Kinesiology tape - google search it. Thanks for the message JG
Austin Nance (1 year ago)
Just tried it out, can't wait to see the results. Thanks!
John Gibbons (1 year ago)
Brilliant and hope it helps. Regards JG
Ray Sliziuk (1 year ago)
where do I get the tape from? I'm in South Africa. if any one knows, please let me know
Claire McKenna (1 year ago)
Ray Sliziuk EBay is good, otherwise most chemists and sports stores
Ownlife (1 year ago)
I fell on ice recently. Mri shows numerous things..DR says no surgery? confused. ACL tear PACL tear. MCL disruption, mild Patellar subluxation laterally. I had bruising from inner thigh to ankle..huge football sized bruis inner knee . I twisted my leg under and back when I fell..I thought I saw my kneecap slide over and back. so confused at what my course shoukd be. This happened Jan 5. 2017
Ownlife (1 year ago)
John Gibbons Ty for getting back to me. Also, tore my vastus medial is. This all happened on Jan 5. I have a large swelling to right inner knee still and my whole thigh is bigger than the left. I cant bend the knee back much but straightening is fine. I feel crepitus with my hand placed on knee cap when I do try to bend. Dr has me doing PT for a month only. Knee is stiff and wondering if I have fluid, a hematoma, and or muscle scaring ..firm hard area right next to the side of r knee
John Gibbons (1 year ago)
If the MRI shows a Full thickness tear of the ACL then surgery is generally recommended, otherwise the knee would be relatively unstable most of the time and will lead on to early degenerative changes, that would be the normal process where i am based in Oxford but it will be the Doctor / Surgeons choice at the end of the day to what they will do for you. Hope that helps. JG
Cate Skye (2 years ago)
I've been dealing with awful knee pain a couple of weeks now, and am awaiting a doctor visit. Not sure if I have sprained something or am just falling apart... I stumbled across this video this morning and tried your technique with the kinesiology tape and must say, I am quite pleasantly surprised! The pain has subsided quite a bit in mere seconds after applying the tape properly with the technique you've shared in this video, with regard to my particular type of knee pain. Thank you very much for sharing with us! Cheers!
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Glad the taping technique has helped you, regards JG
omar aziz (2 years ago)
Is this going to heal it or reduce pain?
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Probably a bit of both even though an MCL sprain can take many months to heal. Hope the video helps, regards JG
RB Irengbam (2 years ago)
sir i have lateral collateral ligament injury. i have been to doctor but first doctor said its cartilage problem. after one month medication again visited for check up the doctor said it may heal by itself. but the pain remain same for 3/4 months so again i consult another doctor. he said its ligament and he advice me to put knee belt to keep knee straight. and after one month i visted for check up . he said now i can remove the belt and he suggests me one exercise. but still i feel mild pain. so sir i wanna know how long it takes to recover for ligament torn. and what i should do. regards
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
I have a few videos on treating Knee Pain so try one of them, Good luck. JG
GalgYchan n (2 years ago)
how about if i have pain above the knee? anything i can do?
Tiffani Williams (2 years ago)
That tape doesn't work.
Tyler haroldson (2 years ago)
Wtf is tape gonna do ?
Victoria (5 months ago)
Tyler, one thing the tape is going to do for sure is a big hole in your pocket.
Joe Richmond (1 year ago)
Tyler haroldson clearly, you are not using your brain. Or do you not have one...
Marisol Joyce Alnumbra (2 years ago)
i injured my knee a week ago.the doctor whom i consulted with diagnosed me with medial meniscal tear on both knees.does it need surgery? or will just heal by its own? i can walk now slowly but i can't bend both of my knees properly.and its still a bit painful.what shoud i do?
Josee Anne Joly (2 years ago)
I dislocated my knee 5 weeks ago and now I'm trying this tape to deal with the pain until I've got my MRI and scan results (probably got a torn MCL and meniscus, and maybe other injuries on other ligaments). I didn't know how to stick it! I'll try this, thank you for the tutorial!!!
marci Page (1 year ago)
marci Page (1 year ago)
Josee Anne Joly
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Thats brilliant that the taping technique helped!
Josee Anne Joly (2 years ago)
+John Gibbons I tried it and it works quite well! It reduces the pain a lot :)
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
+Josee Anne Joly Sorry to hear about your knee injury and I hope my taping technique will help, good luck! JG
hello sir, little bit pain my medial kmee . tell me what can i do :(
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
+ਗਗਨਦੀਪ ਸਿੰਘ Try the taping technique as it might help reduce some of your pain, good luck.
Mollshree Goswami (2 years ago)
I knocked my knee against the wall. Now I can't bend it when I walk. I can bend it sitting though, or walking up the step. but not walking normal. Will this method help me to bend my knee when walking. I seem to not be able to put weight on the knee.
ok thank you
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
Try my technique first and se how it feels, if it makes no difference then watch another video and try their technique. Hope that helps!
ok thank you, but how do I know where to place the tape, there are more videos showing different places to paste the tape.
John Gibbons (2 years ago)
+Sood81 It is worth a try a try as it will help to reduce the pain - which should then help you to weight bear on the leg. Good luck!
My pain feels lower, i would say lower medial like the top of my inner shin bone
Imran Khan (1 year ago)
+John Gibbons Evening Doc. Do you privately treat patients who have suffered a recent (MCL) injury? Sir i read somewhere that you are located in Oxford. Regards.
Mumi Adam (2 years ago)
+Stevie Smith If anyone is interested in treating bowlegs at home the greatest info that I have ever had was by using the Lenas Bow Remedy (i found it on google) - without a doubt themost useful method that I've tried.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Steve Smith It could still be the Medial ligament, however it might be other soft tissues - try and see someone like me to get a better opinion, good luck!
Uppercornerhockey (3 years ago)
just tried it... seems like a lot less pain.. they told me i need an MRI on mine and repair. I don't have much mobility in it so they think it is a small tear. laser surgery but I really can't afford it right now... another great video! i'd like 100 times if it let me
Uppercornerhockey (2 years ago)
through hockey and insurance covered it.
+Uppercornerhockey damn... how much was mcl surgery.... And how did u get just a bad tear that it required surgery
Uppercornerhockey (2 years ago)
I had to eventually get knee surgery
hows ur knee bro
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Uppercornerhockey thanks for the comments and I hope your knee gets better. Good luck!
Taza Guthrie (3 years ago)
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this video. I am finally able to walk without pain! NOW i can begin to exercise again to strengthen the musculature surrounding the joint. I had tried other taping protocols without significant success. I used the long tape ("a little fiddly") alone for a couple of days and that helped, but the addition of the 2 smaller pieces then completely eliminated the pain i was experiencing with every step. Super happy camper here! :D
Taza Guthrie (3 years ago)
+Sameer Sandhu my condition is now arthritis w medial meniscus tear but it started as MCL sprain/strain. So i sure can't answer your question, but I'd suggest finding a good DC / PT / MT to help you with your recovery. Good luck!
Sameer Sandhu (3 years ago)
+Taza Guthrie I just sprained my MCL and got a split along with crutches for it yesterday. It doesn't hurt all that much when resting, and there is very little swelling. I haven't been tole how severe the sprain is yet, but since I have so few symptoms, do you have any idea how long it will take for me to at least be able to walk normally again? Walking with crutches sucks.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+Taza Guthrie Glad the technique helped.
tsofli lemonokoupa (3 years ago)
Hi.this technique practiced only by one side or on both sides?
tsofli lemonokoupa (3 years ago)
thank you
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+tsofli lemonokoupa This technique is applied to the area of pain only. Good luck!
Jerald Louis Peco (3 years ago)
Hi John My back - Side of my Knee is hurt. Before it hurt i heard a pop sound on that area, is that a injury?
krr866 (3 years ago)
Hi John Two questions: I have been watching different videos and some put the blue piece on last. Does it matter? And second: If I tape my knee, do I still have to wear my knee brace. I'm pretty sure I my  muscle is inflamed. It used to just hurt whiles doing physical activities but recently has been hurt even just went sitting down.
John Gibbons (3 years ago)
+krr866 I don't think it matters which order you apply the tape as there must be so many variations on youtube, i would try a method and see if works with you and that goes for the brace as well - try with and try without, good luck
Nimbus 2000 (4 years ago)
I've had surgery on my ACL and the medial meniscus. Would you recommend this kind of taping or do you have another video that could help me? Thanks in advance!
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Hi, if the knee is still swollen I would use my other videos on youtube for knee pain, however if the pain is localised to the medical meniscus then this technique from the video might help. Good luck
lamahska (4 years ago)
Hi Dr, I am getting medial knee pain (MCL spraining) on both legs after physical activity. I saw you mentioned in one of the comments below that it could be due to my foot positioning -are there any corrective exercises you would recommend? For example squats with the feet "flared" out?
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Its probably best to see a Podiatrist or someone that specialises in biomechanics of the foot position as it sound like this might be the issue. Good luck
Kenvy Wong (4 years ago)
Hi, should i apply this for all day long? my work is at office only. does this help for my knee (MCL injury) improvement apart of application right before exercise / jogging / play football session taken place? 
Kenvy Wong (4 years ago)
Hi +John Gibbons , i just went to played futsal with more precaution and tried to do minimal movement, unfortunately i injured my knee / tear ligament, and i suspected it is MCL, again.. i heard the pop when i was about to turn around with the ball. i have been doing the pphysiotherapy about 3 weeks ago and light jog before too. it doesnt help me much. what actually that i got to take more precaution??? i unable to walk where the pain is so much hurting.
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
+Kenvy Wong Thats ok, hope my advice helps
Kenvy Wong (4 years ago)
ok, well noted. thanks for the advice. appreciated it so much..
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
You can leave the tape on for between 3-5 days and it should help the MCL. Good luck
Carol Conley (4 years ago)
very useful thanks
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Glad it helped...
Carol Conley (4 years ago)
I used the tape today in the Belfast half Marathon  Northern Ireland and completed  it... And the tape saved the day.. Just as you said
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Hunter Lane (4 years ago)
can you to this Ktape technique in and also lay a edma spider tape strip on top of this and still reduce the swelling?
Hunter Lane (4 years ago)
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Haven't tried it myself but it could work, worth trying at least
Angelina Newman (4 years ago)
Hi John, i have just been diagnosed with an acute meniscal tear lateral on my right knee, will this be okay to do in my case? if not are you able to do a video on how I could tape my knee.
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
You can try the taping technique I show as should help your knee
Kyle Burnett (4 years ago)
Hi John, will this help for a medial meniscus pain/tear? Thanks
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
It will help offload the pain, however it won't fix the tear, just bear that in mind. Good luck
Boxer Boxovic (4 years ago)
Hi doctor, I have transplantation of the two thirds of MCL, the rest is mine. And I have only one half of the plastic ACL. My doctor told me that I cant do any sports like boxing etc. cause I cant do any vertical movements. Do You think, that I can work out muscle so much that it will be fine? I am excercising also balance on BOSU Home Balance Trainer. Now I have pain in MCL, can this kind of taping help me? Thank You for Ur advise
franco rigi (4 years ago)
Hi doctor Gibbons, I would have your advice about my situation: 2 month ago I had a micro lesion on medial collateral ligament ( I think first degree or a simply elongation of the MCL) during a football match. I have done 3 tecar, my osteopath have treated my knee and I applied the taping. Before the treatment I felt pain during the flexion on MLC but now I feel no pain and I would resume to play football. My answer to you is: during the football match what type of taping I have to apply? I have to apply the taping for the MCL sprain or another type of taping? Thank you for your availability and sorry for my bad english but I'm italian :)
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Taping for the MCL will be fine before each game
steve ricci (4 years ago)
My son runs and after, not during he gets sensitivity at the mcl . When he bends his knee. Will this tapping help?
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
Thats ok
steve ricci (4 years ago)
Thanks for the reply. Gluts, right IT, foot position. Ya I'm sure any or all. I will be taking him to a running coach for proper pose technique. He is already running in bare foot running shoes and that corrected the shin splints. Thanks for your input.
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
It will off load the area of pain but it won't fix the problem, which is probably coming from either his foot position, the shoes or terrain he is running on or possibly weak gluteal muscles or all the above...
Rafa (4 years ago)
what does the kinesio tape do for you? its been a month now i can run and jog and bend my knee. i play football but when i do a side pass i feel that stingy pain but its bearable enough and disappears in seconds. how long would this pain last and does it mean i still dont have the green light to play? im in the strengthening phase now and would really loved to get back on the pitch already
Gerard Geary (4 years ago)
will this help after medial meniscus removal surgery???. . 3 mths post op now and no real confidence when training. .hope this technique might help
John Gibbons (4 years ago)
It is worth a try at least as it will probably help

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