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Believe This Fishing? Unique Fish Trapping System Using Long Pipe & Big Plastic Bottle By Smart Boy

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Believe This Fishing? Unique Fish Trapping System Using Long Pipe & Big Plastic Bottle By Smart Boy Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMwjlsaqZh09bYGV5Dm-6Jg?sub_confirmation=1 Thank you for watching ! Visit us: Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Cambodia-Wilderness-Channel-Post-464221580635360/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Engvong143 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMwjlsaqZh09bYGV5Dm-6Jg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9trIXmdvBIkH2WakrRfK1w Blog: http:http://cambodiawildernesschannel.blogspot.com/ Google plus:https://plus.google.com/115623838821344349489 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/orksavong777/
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Text Comments (7182)
Bao Gia (1 hour ago)
chào mừng
*71 Million Views?!?!*
bilen tunç (2 hours ago)
محمود محمود (2 hours ago)
ŚaLÈM ŔaJÀH (2 hours ago)
رابع جدا
Ashif Bargir (4 hours ago)
Ashif Bargir (4 hours ago)
Nice status
s k (5 hours ago)
They went trough a black hole and never came back...🐡🐡🐡
True Hacker (5 hours ago)
This place not set my place
True Hacker (5 hours ago)
Musarrat Fatma (5 hours ago)
Kim Cương Liên Nga (6 hours ago)
Hú le
vxdnology _ (6 hours ago)
Hz lerng loy 😂
Magestic Magic (6 hours ago)
೦ೈ್ಸುಕ೯ಾ೯ಾಕನಸೌಕದೈೇ ಿತಿತನಸೈದ್ಜಡೈಚೇಯ
Mukesh V (7 hours ago)
Abhishek Mishra (8 hours ago)
This is very nice
Kishan GameR (10 hours ago)
The dead fishes
Edward Iaropoli (11 hours ago)
Looks like he got headphones hair lol
FUN with LUNA (12 hours ago)
Nick Wolf (12 hours ago)
Mazanah Yusoff (12 hours ago)
konsert dato jamal
Mazanah Yusoff (12 hours ago)
konsert dato jamal
Xavier’s Mobile Gaming (14 hours ago)
Smart just smart
Abdulsamet Tuna (16 hours ago)
Healthy Life (18 hours ago)
So creative
ifjabb Zsdav (19 hours ago)
Rip fhis
Simon Chatziaggelis (21 hours ago)
Very nice video and fishing 🎣
the little beast (21 hours ago)
jullie zijn echt kanker skeer
Oliva Braga (21 hours ago)
Ka kou bi
Ravi ? (23 hours ago)
Some are dead .how do they die if there is a water in the can?its a preplanned video.do not make fools.
Bruno Ferreyra (8 hours ago)
you are dumb
Bharti Pillai (23 hours ago)
Os PIVETES (23 hours ago)
Modfk ilove fixi
Kendrarai Kulung (1 day ago)
I am his master
blinkstreek 27 (1 day ago)
Mr maker would not approve of his scissor techniques.
Jasmine Perry (1 day ago)
What are you going to do with all these poor fish
Azrina Fitriyuli (1 day ago)
waw Amazing
Double Suicide! (1 day ago)
Talapia fish..fried them in deep boiling oil it's so fking crunchy
Rizky Mustopa (1 day ago)
RollTheDice Show (1 day ago)
What u gonna do with that little fishes??
World Wilderness (1 day ago)
it is time for fishing in Khmer.... I like
pandit manoj 1990 (1 day ago)
Good fishing
Mity Rupa (1 day ago)
why on earth a little boy is doing. when a man should be doing this. Its child labor and its not right
Chris Bowling (1 day ago)
Why is he splashing water on EVERYTHING?
shahid khan (1 day ago)
Adrian Mora (1 day ago)
He has 70 mil views
Rajan Br (1 day ago)
Shenice Momof5 (1 day ago)
How cool
Jakub pogubila (1 day ago)
little perchy boy... a lot of fish not alot of meat
very impressive but maybe try poking holes in the bottom so the water will drain and the fish will stay in so its less heavy
Deniz KILIC (1 day ago)
Orville Sangma (1 day ago)
This is bullshit!!!!
Hakim Alam (1 day ago)
So nice pic
Zubair Khan (1 day ago)
Nice video
Andrés x gamer (1 day ago)
Aqui hay muchos gringos aiudaaa!!
ze xiao (1 day ago)
You are a fishtrap
ChocoMochi (2 days ago)
Dude. That is just smart AF. Holy crap.
Jelly Remo (2 days ago)
The tube so small but there's a hyge fish!!!!!so fake
Que mirar
Arul sudi (1 day ago)
Millza Games (2 days ago)
Why they dead 💀 there where in water
Bengali Audio book - (2 days ago)
Fake video becz all fish are dead how can it possible I think he put all fish thn he make video
Bhosale Ram (2 days ago)
Daniel Besina (2 days ago)
Wow cool a lot fishes :p
ugrangi sai harshini (2 days ago)
wow ,nice catching
한이 (2 days ago)
6999만 조회수 내가 가져가겠다.
Raul Nica (2 days ago)
Fuck you . You kill the fishes .
문근용 (2 days ago)
Sankar Sen (2 days ago)
cooletsPage (2 days ago)
cooletsPage (2 days ago)
เจฟฟ Cjw9 (2 days ago)
Khadija Ikram (2 days ago)
Bcz fishes are died
Khadija Ikram (2 days ago)
保養寿美 (2 days ago)
Kisam Newme (2 days ago)
Haha nice tricks the container should be full with water not fish
HUU THANH LE (2 days ago)
Cooking oil made in Vietnamese
MD JEWEL (2 days ago)
Suraj. Boss
Genevieve Rodriguez (2 days ago)
Something smell's fishy:-(
RoCraft Games (2 days ago)
Wow so smart!!
Damein Kimes (2 days ago)
....... Awsome
Suzy Diaz (2 days ago)
Are you serious, he got talent
Janric Dave Duldulao (2 days ago)
Wow nice trap for fish
Wolfgang Schlutius (2 days ago)
Khang Việt (2 days ago)
Xạo ke quá mày ơi.
Judge Right (2 days ago)
At least let them grow for a bit
Parker Dutcher (2 days ago)
Cleaver kid so clever he didn't bring 2 buckets one to strain the water the other to transport..
غروب الشمس (2 days ago)
Justin Chang (2 days ago)
wouldn’t floating trashes go inside as well?
Pablo Zaldivar (2 days ago)
Why he keep wetting it like if the water is doing sum
Ashley Rob (2 days ago)
He is rude poor fishes how would you feel if you were those fishes getting killed
madman3344e (2 days ago)
6:45 I was not expecting that (I though he would only get a handfull
Matthew Leliever (2 days ago)
I hope that's not for the snake or it would eat the fish
Schneka Hines (2 days ago)
Tach a Big fish
Teremzo (2 days ago)
Kann wer deutsch
Diyun Jalka (3 days ago)
Idiot....jst uploading the video ...bustard ....jst fake .....
Sagavaci Creative (3 days ago)
fake one. the fish wont be dead that fast
The girly gamer :D (3 days ago)
kaewmanee kaewmanee (3 days ago)
JohnnyWithTheGat (3 days ago)
What happens when there isn’t any more fish in the swamp?
Luna Gachas Drawings (3 days ago)
That is smart .0. Maybe I can have another pet fish!
Augusto Gallegos (3 days ago)
its fake, why the fish are died?
An Icy Rolex (3 days ago)
Cant tell if this is a joke or if youre just a fucking imbecile

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