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A Sign From God - Chilean Miner Rescue - The Real Witness of the T-Shirt

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Many people have pointed out symbolism in the recent Chilean mine incident involving 33 men being trapped for a record 69 days. I'm glad those men were ok and rejoice with them and their families. I also appreciate all those who were engaged with sincere compassion. However, this incident is a sign from God that should be taken as a VERY SERIOUS WARNING! Here's my take on the t-shirt, and the appearance of the men who came out of the mine. You can read about the sign on theopenscroll.blogspot.com http://theopenscroll.blogspot.com/2010/10/part-1-chilean-mine-incident-sign.html
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BiggWill52 (5 years ago)
you got it backwards...the miners were host bodies for 33 demonic entities the ascended out of the Abyss!!!
DJMW12345 (6 years ago)
If you look for things expecting to find them, you most certainly will
InfiniteMomentStudio (6 years ago)
I choose to believe that which I have proof to that is logically infallible, rather than that which 'could' make sense - but is based predominately in circumstance.
charlie price (6 years ago)
your right about sodomy. I would agree tht is part of the mark of the beast. Sodomy is love of self. all ppl who do their own will are a sodomite spiritually in the eye's of God. word, thought,deed mark of the beast Is57:3-4 the seed of falsehood the seed of a whore. Satan's seed Gen.3:15 Love to hear your thoughts on sodomy being the mark of the beast or part of the mark !!!
charlie price (7 years ago)
Great video! Hey everyone needs to think about the miners came to USA after their resuce. WHY? because they are going to destroy the USA its an occult ritual. They plan to kill the ppl in the bible belt dwn route 66. In one of the olympics they did a ritual w/ a heartbeat and the number 66 the mid west is the known as the heart of america. Judgment starts at the house of God. The mark of the beast is not a chip its the opening of the pineal gland. Man becoming a god.
charlie price (7 years ago)
@charlieangel1000 The tv will be used to open the pineal gland. Remember super bowl commerical for hulu an alien plot to take over the world wht are u going to do shut off your tv & internet. The moive batman forever came out in 1995 the gover made the black box a law by june 12,2009 you have 666. tv commerical 63336 3+3+3=9 is a hidden 6 you now have 666. Its all around you the mark is not a chip. Mind control is the mark of the beast. God tells us to renew the mind! Uniting minds thru tv
charlie price (7 years ago)
the opening of the pineal gland is the mark of the beast. Da.2:43 iron mixing, represents angles in scripture w/clay is man, mixing w/seed of men is mass demon possession.Satan sitting in the temple of God . God's temple is not a building in Jerusalem. God's temple is his ppl the church. movie batman forever the riddler wants to put box on all tv's. riddler hooks the box up to the tv and a green beam hits each viewer in the middle of the forehead w/ a green dot. The 3rd eye. tv will open
charlie price (7 years ago)
great video!
iTvvIsT (8 years ago)
@MrSage360 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits. Daniel 11:32 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them]. Ephesians 5:11 You must have some knowledge about the occult to know what he's speaking about. Some of this info is esoteric, we "Catechumens" are not suppose to to be aware of the subliminal.
916edward (8 years ago)
I think ur reaching on this one, theres nothing here my friend.
Ryan Pavee (8 years ago)
right on! this is definitely going on here, hidden in plain sight for sure!!
KijaniAmariAK (8 years ago)
Great indepth explanation!!!! MAY THE MOST HIGH BLESS YOU!

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