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Best and Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets For 2018!!

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Today I am showing you all of the best and highest paying bitcoin faucets for 2018!! Links Moon Bitcoin - https://goo.gl/PecFdA Moon Litecoin - https://goo.gl/yWKJzK Moon Dogecoin - https://goo.gl/vNYwVm Bonus Bitcoin - https://goo.gl/ig3pFd Free Bitcoin - https://goo.gl/m5uuLP Free Dogecoin - https://goo.gl/SifumC DISCLAMER **There is always a potential to lose any money you put into a site. It is your money your choice.** If you are looking for a good place to advertise bitcoins sites and a place to learn a little bit more about my life with crypto coins then check out my website!!! Link https://bitcointip.wixsite.com/bitcointips Check out my other YouTube channel where you can learn about how to make videos and using high end Cinematography gear!! Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCib1tpC1vzwnQxcUgvAhE1w Outro Music ● Music Released and Provided by Tasty ● Song Title: Speo - Reminiscent ● Music Video: https://youtu.be/2NGPW61HBf4 ● Label Channel: http://youtube.com/TastyNetwork ● Album Download: http://tasty.network/001album
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Text Comments (213)
Petris Panos (21 hours ago)
https://www.cointiply.com/r/77x2V it's 100% legit
CryptoLife (10 days ago)
kostas atmatzidis (23 days ago)
best game and cloud mining @t
Btc-Blck13 (1 month ago)
Best paying multi faucet - https://allcoins.pw/?ref=6362
Don Beton (1 month ago)
TOP NEW BTC faucet .... === Smash BTC Box and earn BTC = http://btcbox.de.ki/
Jhonas Abanilla (1 month ago)
Well I found free $5341a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?GfKyL Great work...
l Le (1 month ago)
https://goo.gl/8PC47f Best faucet and play game to earn bitcoin!!
LuckOfLucks (1 month ago)
Free bitcoin faucet http://cointiply.com/r/ayLQ
Simon Peter (1 month ago)
Automatic claim is better https://linkcmx.pw/SNOFiQV
San der (1 month ago)
after 5 months i earn $7.34 a day, on this site, https://s2.cointiply.com/r/DzM5 and still growing, 100% payment proof, the best site i have ever seen :)
FaucetHive (1 month ago)
Have a look at my videos, we list only the best, high paying faucets for FREE cryptocurrency and monitor them to ensure they are working!
Tiwai Zhang (1 month ago)
Eu tenho o bitcoin grátis! Cadastre-se em 👉http://NovaDAX.com.br?s=youtube4 e receba gratuitamente o Bitcoin.
Get a free Bitcoins Fauset Daily and Make Money while you Browse Internet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCCqQt7z6Vs
Express Wage (1 month ago)
Cryptocurrency Faucets and Cryptocurrency Faucet Lists https://morefaucets.com/ Stable and paying cryptocurrency faucets
adaptedtheorymusic (2 months ago)
cointiply is legit. just takes a little time and energy to get it going. if you put it in you can get residual stuff. http://cointiply.com/r/AB6JP
mohamad torang (2 months ago)
Monthly income is at least $ 4,000Bitcoin extraction via cpu After downloading and installing a browser, open your browser. Each subset will increase your revenue. This browser has up to 1 million installed yon.ir/w2vny
salman AL malki (2 months ago)
pilj50 (2 months ago)
I have recently found cointiply and i was surprised of how easy it was to accumulate on it just by answering surveys. You also find the clasic lottery, games and others tricks to gain satoshi, but the surveys pay really well compare to any other faucet website. (which i found boring) You can easily make 20+ dollars a month just by using it at ork or on your free time. http://cointiply.com/r/eYQl9 if you guys want to give it a shot.
József Reményi (2 months ago)
Try this: http://cointiply.com/r/XOawz
Mohammad pasha (2 months ago)
Mohammad pasha (2 months ago)
best faucet ever http://getcryptos.pw/r/GUJ35778
royal python express (2 months ago)
new paying faucet 0.1 btc hurry before it stops https://bit.ly/1bLRmNx
kvothe chand (3 months ago)
Definitely check out http://cointiply.com/r/keg4z way higher payouts than all the other faucets I've been using.
Chibu Zoma (3 months ago)
stef alex (3 months ago)
http://bitstarplanet.eu/?r=1CtwMQTGtM7kXD6R8tVyEH8wQ7bbMNwvFv great new faucet every 5 minutes
Joy:) (3 months ago)
Very good experience with https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/28098 , the best paying faucet for now. Plus good bonus system.
jack erien (3 months ago)
Pewdiebie - (3 months ago)
you can mine crypto x8 times Faster then any uther platforms. for more details https://goo.gl/HjgvQN
Ming Aivo (3 months ago)
For a more passive approach, check out https://bitmin.home.blog/
Phil Brunskill (3 months ago)
Shmotko3 (3 months ago)
Hello. i like your videos. Do you heard about the site cointiply.com. You can earn there bitcoin for doing offers and you can create a own mining farm. Here my link: https://cointiply.com/r/wGn. I would appreciate it very much if you could share this link and tell me your personal opinion.
Wong Choon Hong (3 months ago)
Best bitcoin faucet 2018 https://youtu.be/C1HVHLXzh5Y
stef alex (3 months ago)
https://bitnyx.com/?r=22639 great easy faucet
#THETWERKMACHINE (3 months ago)
Claim Here ==> http://faucetbits.cf
andrew jurgens (3 months ago)
CryptoDroid (3 months ago)
Helion Nolie (4 months ago)
high paying bitcoin faucet with videos games and offerwalls. make +150.000 satoshis a day. top miner in mining game is making 1.50$ per hour: https://cointiply.com/r/DEka
Andrew Dee Juha (4 months ago)
Random Videos (4 months ago)
hey guys check this out. it's a new legit btc faucet https://bitnyx.com/?r=23189 you can earn 20 satoshi every 30 min and every week there giving "0.001 btc" but You need to earn the biggest amount of satoshi during the week to get this reward..there not giving this for only one person.
aro48 (4 months ago)
No bitcoin faucet will make you rich. But this bitcoin faucet is a combination of faucet giving hourly free btc rolls, watching videos, offer walls(high paying one), faucet games...... all in one platform. If you can use this site properly you can generate good passive income. I'm not saying it's $5 or $10 daily since it depends on your effort. If you are interested then use this link https://cointiply.com/r/41wkp
Big Dwz (4 months ago)
You should try this one https://firefaucet.win/ref/Dwzcrypto
D. net (4 months ago)
New cryptofaucet..All in one faucet. Windrawl to FaucetHub. Register and earn many cryptocoin here http://1ink.info/ZJkgT
stef alex (4 months ago)
https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/14392 new great easy faucet with 17 coins...
kim leela markusen (4 months ago)
honestly this one is the best free bitcoin up to 300 every 5 minuts pay immediatly to your wallet https://tinyurl.com/y7bf2cjh
andrew jurgens (4 months ago)
robin hood (3 months ago)
hi, i think this new faucet could interested you, many free games, free roll, different coins... it's allcoins , this is the link <a href="https://allcoins.pw/?ref=74626">Allcoins.pw</a> try it it's good ;)
B0LT R6 (4 months ago)
Win wihtout investment: Only get new referals: https://www.cowlook.com/register/1856
Luc Plumo (4 months ago)
try this https://btcpool.io/69243
Damião Carneiro (4 months ago)
https://www.cowlook.com/register/1219 Uma fauceut FANTÁSTICA onde podes ganha muito em pouco tempo. Fica meu referal. obrigadão. This is a GREAT FAUCET TO WIN FAST. Be my refral and win with me too. Aprecciate.
Noman Safdar (4 months ago)
SuperSonic (4 months ago)
easy bitcoin mining just log in with your facebook click http://www.airdrips.com/earn/?dao_ref=sIKnmcNuDE
ChickenBouillon (4 months ago)
You didn't feature the highest paying btc faucet! The only spot I could find it was here https://youtu.be/piN4chxE-OQ ! That's terrifying, why is everyone hiding this faucet as if it was holy?!
Robert Tveter (4 months ago)
https://s2.cointiply.com/r/68e1Q Click, watch, earn. Invest in the mining game and earn while you sleep. Thank me later!
Renato Cruz (5 months ago)
best faucet https://cointiply.com/r/DEka make 10.000 satoshis everyday
Fred Almartino (5 months ago)
Nice video of some of the best faucets there are! I use them daily. Some nice multicoinfaucets worth playing, but with Faucethub instead of coinpot that have proof of payment are : https://allcoins.pw/?ref=33772 and https://freebcc.org/?r=1934 Try them!
Gaylord Focker (5 months ago)
https://cointiply.com/r/za06A is the best mining faucet
Ladis Hery (5 months ago)
New bitcoin faucet 2018 >>> https://freebitcoin.io/?ref=13744
Random Videos (5 months ago)
hi good day.. i give you the high paying BTC faucet. that you can earn BTC every "3 mins" earn upto 100000 satoshi.the withdraw is directly in to your "FAUCETHUB" wallet accout.join as now.http://indexbitco.in/index.php?page=index&ref=11370
ChRiSsSsSsSs (5 months ago)
Better than any faucet out there! https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-dogecoin/?r=98182
Delightful (5 months ago)
The best place to get free bitcoin http://mede.life/WbVtj
hurrem sultan (5 months ago)
https://www.thebestbitcoinfaucet.com/?refid=42138 not scam. you can try here
Emin Aliyev (5 months ago)
Best bitcoin mining site https://btconline.io/91250
Golddiggerart & Family (5 months ago)
You forgot Bitfun..... Join this one and you can practice your trading and win up to $599 each week also they have airdrops but you have to meet the requirements which are pretty easy... https://bsai.io/?t=1857
D Emon (5 months ago)
CHRISTOPHER SMALL (5 months ago)
https://cointiply.com/r/Y5YK best one i have found to date
Travis James (6 months ago)
Nice list. https://www.cryptocoinprofessional.com/free-bitcoin-faucet-satoshi-rewards/
Coinwulf (6 months ago)
Cointiply is a great Faucet! https://cointiply.com/r/xLV2 Earn BTC every hour! Up to 100% daily loyality bonus! PTC Ads! Offer walls! Payout to Faucet Hub (after 35000 coins) or to your wallet (after 100000 coins)
TOP CRYPTO (6 months ago)
Here is the highest paying bitcoin faucets list with proof of payments #Earn btc for free for beginners https://www.topcrypto.win/2018/06/highest-paying-bitcoin-faucet-list.html
ahmet ayhan (6 months ago)
Earn satoshis by viewing ads https://ref.adbtc.top/588922
Rach (6 months ago)
Earn up to 1000 PWR,earn from referrals,advertise for free,Participate in lottery and win big prizes! http://www.fremny.com
Linas Vedeika (6 months ago)
https://cointiply.com/r/EjV - best 2018
Jeffrey D (6 months ago)
Edd (6 months ago)
Nr#1 faucet 2018 - https://cointiply.com/r/G63gg better than moon's
Lion Heart (6 months ago)
BEST BITCOIN FAUCET EVER! YOU CAN EARN 10000 satoshi in an hour. I GOT PAID 5 TIMES! JOIN NOW! http://www.airdrips.com/earn/?dao_ref=amNz082hvT
mykie tush (6 months ago)
thank you.
Dees Live (6 months ago)
NEW highest paying bitcoin faucets ,https://cointiply.com/r/Z0PR High-paying offerwalls Site pays in Coins Withdrawal options: Direct to your wallet (BTC or Doge), or to FaucetHub in BTC https://cointiply.com/r/Z0PR.
Constantinos Nikolaidis (6 months ago)
Faused or manu coin http://www.airdrips.com/earn/?dao_ref=GVSFcDiFHY
Dots Of Bangla (6 months ago)
only this is the highest paying faucet....challenge....................... http://bit.ly/2k8qccn
who just farted (6 months ago)
https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-ripple/?r=106108 earn free xrp watching videos
pg23 23 (6 months ago)
Here you will earn a good income http://adpro. futurenet. club/confirm/przemas82
El Barto (6 months ago)
allcoins is one of my favorites <a href="https://allcoins.pw/?ref=12669">Allcoins.pw</a>
Wydelle Chesca V. Ramos (6 months ago)
best faucets for me are these , free satoshi every 5 minutes and you can withdraw with only 1k yes only 1k satoshi directly to your wallet 100% payout! enjoy https://urlnx.com/RDtCzC https://urlnx.com/pw5SIqFU https://urlnx.com/LGJn97q https://urlnx.com/nKsfeBl https://urlnx.com/k86j https://urlnx.com/XTDzGK7
Rey Jimenez (6 months ago)
CryptoRain xyz (6 months ago)
CryptoRain.xyz Your new Bitcoin FAUCET. Claim every 5 Minutes! Automatic Payout every 30 Minutes! With Luck you Claim 10.000.000 Satoshi worth around 800 $ CryptoRain.xyz
Vitalij Schwarkow (6 months ago)
http://bitcolife.ru/btc/?r=1AeeLMnUizCmUsHS7ADTEjw1ScQpArB4LR Claim 15 satoshi every 0 minute Payment immediately on FaucetHub
Chikara Eke (7 months ago)
Best bitcoin faucets everEarn more than 100p satoshi a day http://satoshilabs.net/?r=12hdwRCjU12b2WypUWwBAAVgyhxNJbXZ3khttp://xbit.co.in/faucet/?r=12hdwRCjU12b2WypUWwBAAVgyhxNJbXZ3khttp://pentafaucet.com/?r=12hdwRCjU12b2WypUWwBAAVgyhxNJbXZ3k
troy (7 months ago)
better than Cryptotab https://www.typehash.com/30355
Mc Lagula (7 months ago)
FASTEST EARNING FAUCET! ! ! https://satoshihero.com/en/register?r=6g5904g6
troy (7 months ago)
better than Cryptotab https://www.typehash.com/30355
Myfo (7 months ago)
Dharmendra Kumar Gupta (7 months ago)
================================================================== Faucet List(Daily Updated) ================================================================== AutoFaucet List http://faucetspro.com/auto PotCoin List http://faucetspro.com/pot Bitcoin List http://faucetspro.com/btc DogeCoin List http://faucetspro.com/doge LiteCoin List http://faucetspro.com/ltc DashCoin List http://faucetspro.com/dash Etherium List http://faucetspro.com/eth PeerCoin List http://faucetspro.com/ppc PrimeCoin List http://faucetspro.com/xpm BlackCoin List http://faucetspro.com/blk
giorgos lacaune (7 months ago)
The best bitcoin cash faucet ever!!!!! The only think you have to make is an account on http://www.airdrips.com/earn/?dao_ref=kKo23mFKfp and log in with your facebook account. I make a balance 50.000 satoshi bitcoin cash daily. It is not slam!!! it pays you every wednesday on your coinbase account.
troy (6 months ago)
Johns Ar (7 months ago)
I think it’s worth it if you stick with it. The point of faucets is not to make your rich... duh! Just get your crypto and don’t complain! https://t.me/rackupbitcoin
JM Bernardez (7 months ago)
Try this: http://shrink8me.com/3BG9NMOr, it is a RPG game for BTC. Try this: http://shrink8me.com/plGv, best BTC faucet earn alot without timer Try this: http://shrink8me.com/ckJiUk, best virtual bar that earn BTC alot.
Crypto Tech (7 months ago)
Arphrm.xyz new btc faucet Without any popup ads claim 5 to 10 per 5 minut Arphrm.xyz
Crypto Tech (7 months ago)
Arphrm.xyz new btc faucet Without any popup ads claim 5 to 10 per 5 minut Arphrm.xyz
Manuel Alejandro (7 months ago)
I buy your satoshis by paypal in a fast and reliable way through the localbitcoin platform for greater security. https://localbitcoins.com/ad/742215/cash-out-your-bitcoins-paypal
helldrake77777 (7 months ago)
As someone who is literally starting in the cc field, how do I get the ccs transferred into physical currency?
Borisblvd Boris (2 months ago)
You can look up Bitcoin ATM's worldwide here.. https://coinatmradar.com/ Some ATM's deal in ETH LTC & more...If you have a bunch of misc. randon tokens, it may be better to hold them as a piggy bank until the crypto system develops more..Cryptos usually have to be consolidated into a few common ones in order to be sold into cash..ERC20 tokens can be reduced to ETH pretty well on IDEX exchange..Good Luck
Daniel Naidoo (6 months ago)
Marie R (6 months ago)
Coinbase allows you to change crypto to currency and withdraw to bank account. AirTM is also an option.
Saransh Srivastava (7 months ago)
https://allcoins.pw/?ref=3371 --- earn verge,monero,stratis, btc etc every4 mins. Awesome faucet. They are giving great payouts..... Join quickly. free roll to earn btc and other games.
MD Abdullah (7 months ago)
Patrick Ricard (7 months ago)
nouveauté 2018 minage de btc faut juste rajouté une petite extension sur google chrome site qui paye bien essayé https://getcryptotab.com/304830

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