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How To Create Your Own Node - Vertcoin One-Click Miner

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a short tutorial on how to create your own node using the vertcoin one click miner program. special thanks to jason helms for the info and support. MrSotko's Vertcoin Node - feel free to come mine! stratum+tcp:// Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59ab37900671d100b3c25cc5 Want to donate to the channel? Donate bitcoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I'll try to thank you at the end of the next video! Bitcoin Address: 144vfND4SGhYxyjAWKHBETGncuwdYKmoyG [email protected] step by step. 1. download vertcoin one click miner and install it 2. download vertcoin core wallet, extract it to a folder, run it, and let it sync. (takes a long time) 3. port forward all ports as shown in the video using your router. 4. set up a static ip as shown in the video. if you have a wifi adapter next to your ethernet adapter make sure you right click on it and click disable. if you only have wifi then make sure you disable the ethernet adapter. its best to use ethernet (a cable) wifi is much slower. 5. set up the settings of the programs as shown in the video. make sure your settings are the same. (do not use the same wallet address as what was shown in the video!! otherwise you will be mining for me...dont do that, its a nice gesture though) 6. with your core wallet fully synced and vertcoin one click miner open at the same time click on "run local node" on the one click miner program. it will ask you to create a config file. click ok. the node will try to start now, but it will likely not work yet. close the node command that opened. will we open it again in a moment. 7. go to the vertcoin folder as shown in the video. in users - your name - app data - roaming - vertcoin. find the config file as shown in the video and copy it to the folder that you extracted your vertcoin wallet into. 8. now with your core wallet open and vertcoinminer open. you should be able to click run node and it will work. you will see a command prompt open up and lots of text and information scrolling through it. 9. when you click run node it will ask for your wallet address which is the wallet you will mine to. put that information in. the password field can be anything. i just make my password as X. it doesnt matter. 10. with your node running you will see it as a minable node now on the front of your program. you can check to see if its working by clicking on the node you just made. it will bring up a webpage, there will be no miners yet unless you already began mining by hitting the start button. you know the node is working if the webpage that is brought up when you click on it works. if its not, the webpage will be blank and give an error. 11. your node will take a while to show up on the public scanner. possibly a day or less. eventually people will show up on your node pickaxes in hand to mine! 12. last step, sit back, enjoy success...you did it. you're the best there ever was. how awesome is it to be you? the world may never know. for the rest of us..eat this crunchy groove! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fWxCIi5PIw Make the config file server=1 server=1 rpcallowip= rpcuser=VhLDUtBqEAdxk2VNiiQL1ue6q rpcpassword=h4C2iyWzDuCSg2tpBpMkLRk7o rpcport=5888 the safest way to store bitcoin and claim bitcoin forks https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/554d Trade almost all alt coins here at cryptopia https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=mrsotko
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Matt Brock (3 months ago)
I’m only showing 1 DNS server and it’s the same as the default gateway.. Andy ideas?
Dima (9 months ago)
Hello Crypto fans, to all who like VTC. Thanks to MrSotko awesome guide and my friend _SLAVA_, today we had started a new Vertcoin Node. If you are in Nor Cal and would like to mine on low ping node with One-Click Miner, feel free to join: stratum+tcp:// and stratum+tcp:// (live now for 100 Mh/s and above)
Nino F (11 months ago)
20 years with a computer front of me I am not getting this to work. after 6 hours trying. .../... Looks like I got a very rare problem. p2pool windows just shut down immediately when I click Run Local Node. when I run the bat on a cmd there is a message error about " ...error parsing address.... address not for this net..." So bad lucky for me. Stuck!
Melih Cerit (8 months ago)
I was having the same issue untill someone told me to use an address starting with "V" . Change your p2pool defined address with a new one starting with "V"
Bobby J (1 year ago)
does anybody know why my balance says mVTC and not VTC?
Paradox 101 (1 year ago)
the missed a word when naming the program.......thousandclick miner
Crypto Brad (1 year ago)
Im using windows 10 but cant seem to get the first part right where you type any different if not in the US?
yeah not every router is the same. most are though. so you just type ipconfig and use your default gateway. your ipv4 address is your computer's address. thats not how you connect to your router. what GPU are you using? with vertcoin it really needs to be nvidia and a modern one at that. AMD are very bad at mining this coin. also watch for antiviruses, they flag mining programs and prevent them from mining or connecting a lot. same with firewalls. just add exceptions and such.
Crypto Brad (1 year ago)
Also when I connect to a node it says 0.00 kh/s :/
Crypto Brad (1 year ago)
I can pull up my router settings using my default gateway but not my IPv4 in the browser. Not sure what to put instead of or do i still put that in like you do?
Casey Brown (1 year ago)
Should I be changing anything in your config file? Thanks by the way. You were much help but nobody can find my node
or again, ask on the vertcoin reddit and vertcoin mining reddit. someone might know exactly what the issue is.
not sure in the regard unfortunately. i do know it takes a lot of time for people to initially see it. like 24 hours or more. if that doesnt work it may be some sort of firewall or port issue. you can always give out the node address. maybe post it to the vertcoin mining reddit or something if anyone is near you.
Rupert P. Rutzki (1 year ago)
Can I not mine at all with a 780ti? It just crashes. I'm not even trying to become a node right now; just trying to get the thing to run.
fairly old card. try just mining equihash on awesome miner.
wildbillpreston (1 year ago)
How bout them Cowboys!
Michael Marcaccini (1 year ago)
I understand why we have to Pforward the Mining port and the P2Port (in OCM setting). what are the function of the other ports that your showing us to activate?
these are all ports that have been suggested for one reason or another by how to guides peppered across the internet. none of them individually worked until i did all steps shown in the video. are all the ports necessary? not entirely sure. but what i am sure of is that this process worked for me after essentially days of viewing invalid guides.
MineSweeper (1 year ago)
Error while checking Bitcoin connection: Traceback (most recent call last): Failure: twisted.internet.error.ConnectionRefusedError: Connection was refused by other side: 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.. I can't figure out what my issue is. My index is all caught up and I copied all ports exactly
yep i got that tons of times til i did it exactly the way i did it in this video. creating a static ip and all the steps. im sorry it didnt work for you. hopefully you can recheck everything and maybe find a wrong number you inputted.
MineSweeper (1 year ago)
Everyone who finds that isn't working, look up your own router's settings address and use that. For example, Verizon is
Leo Hawkins (1 year ago)
MrSotko, Thanks for doing these videos. Throw up a good vertcoin address and i'll send some your way...
im glad its working out for you. VfxxVeUJiEEAVBeJDS5WXvtwTcdUpHEMSf
Yougotnomilk (1 year ago)
how do i fast forward the download of the vert coin wallet
Juraj Spindor (1 year ago)
What are the advantages of having full node? Thanks
you have virtually no rejection rate. and if you'd like you can set up a fee of 1% or so and make a tiny bit. also, its good to have a node, it simply helps the network verify and send transactions.
Juraj Spindor (1 year ago)
Is it also a masternode? Or when will be masternode accesible for Vertcoin? Thanks
Mario Duran (1 year ago)
Mr Sotko, just wondering how the vertcoin node is working out for you? Do you think it is worth it? How much more are you making being a node vs mining?
Mario Duran (1 year ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency thank you for the quick reply. Good luck with your mining.
i ran it for a while then dropped it. the amount of bandwidth it used on my connection i deemed far too much. not many people joined. i never really made a video on it afterwards, i could have, and got people to join it. but thats just a bit shilly, considering anyone can join any other node and work just the same.
Jeffrey A (1 year ago)
Just set verything up. When i try to mine on my own node i get the error "stratum connection failed: failed to connect to local host port 9171: connection refused"
Casey Tackett (1 year ago)
I just first wanted to say thanks so much for this. I do have a question/issue. I set everything up perfectly I hit the run local pool and my mining hashrate is still at zero. It says local dead on arrival. Expected time of share is ??? Like its not connecting at all although it shows i have 7 peers and 0 incoming. I'm not sure what is going on sadly and if you have a clue i'd love some input :)
Casey Tackett (1 year ago)
I'm running 2 currently but AMD sapphire r9 200 as my dedicated gpu for my monitors and an Sapphire Rx580 OC as a discrete. Everything is up to date. i just replaced the harddrive due to a freak accident with a power supply. So I guess its an AMD issue but it should still at least mine. it's not even doing that. which is very odd to me.
what GPU are you using? also are you drivers up to date? very old drivers sometimes wont work at all during mining. AMD gpus are terrible at this type of algorithm, and CPU is incredibly slow. Nvidia GPU is a must for vertcoin.
6426 6426 (1 year ago)
Hands down: best explanitory vid ever! great work mr. sotko ( you should have a radio show on top of that). Thanks to jason helms as well. been mining on my own node for merely 20h and the roi is through the roof. only downer, i can't find my node adress. it aint on the scanner either, but i'll just give it another day. you got a new subcriber !
Ian Hamilton (1 year ago)
I have the v0.12 wallet as i downloaded before i seen this video. Should i get v.0.11.1 wallet before i create a node . Thanks for these great videos dude
you shouldnt need to, it was recommended by some users to use the previous wallet version. but i believe i accomplished this using the latest wallet anyway.
Adrian O (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great video. I am about to install this on a extra desktop that is just collecting dust. If you mine on a different computer on the network that the node is set up on. Will it get the same benefits? Or do you have to mine on the the one which the node is set up on? Thanks.
joseph buck (1 year ago)
Don't know why vertcoin Miner just sets up my malware so much on there it shuts it down
it flags antiviruses, particularly when you update nvidia when you actually click start. tell your antivirus to ignore it
Adam S (1 year ago)
Dude you are AWESOME! Yeah I watched Micheal Wang's video 100 times and couldn't get my node to work. Spent 13 mins with you and it WORKS! BRAVO! Have a followup question, how do I now share my node with my other friends in my area.
Mark (1 year ago)
easy way to get to appdata: %appdata% Your router may not be at the ip, if it isn't run ipconfig in cmd and use the IP listed under "default gateway".
Yemi Adejuwon (1 year ago)
@MrSotko: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. There's so much misinformation out there but kudos to you for taking the pains to research this and lay it out in detail here. I'll definitely be donating something to your channel if I'm able to mine anything significant.
John Doe (1 year ago) Naples FL
Christopher Anton (1 year ago)
when I try to run my node I am getting: twisted.web.error: 401 unauthorized    Help would be greatly appreciated
Sawedoffsob (9 months ago)
getting same error did u figure it out?
Mango Bear (1 year ago)
It worked :D thanks alot
Wesley Tynan (1 year ago)
Im still getting the twisted error and I have both config files in the correct place, wana help me out ?
make sure you forward all ports properly? ensured that you have a static ip by changing it like i did in the video? you can open command prompt. type ipconfig. it should say .11 at the end like i showed you to do in the video. also the obvious stuff, allow it through your firewalls, antivirus, etc.
Shawn Clarke (1 year ago)
Hey, can you please do a tutorial on how to set this monero miner up. Please. https://github.com/cryptonoter/CryptoNoter
Stream Goodies (1 year ago)
Another quick question MrSotko. Have you had anyone join your pool? I have had mine running now for approx 12 hrs and have yet to see any indication of someone joining and mining on the pool. I have checked to see if my ports are open via port checker websites and it looks like they are.
Damian Dabrowski (1 year ago)
yes when I click it it opens in browser and it says Local Host how to find the IP of this note?
click on your node. and view the ip address. just make sure you put the usual stratum before it. and the port on the end
Damian Dabrowski (1 year ago)
how you find out your node address? all I see is localhost:9171/static/ My local node is running but I would like to add my second rig to it
i did have someone join my pool indeed. it does not appear my pool is on the network scanner just yet. it takes a day or two
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
takes little over 24 to 48 hrs before it shows on network scanner
Coyote2701 (1 year ago)
Anyone running a node in Florida?
Crypto Rootz (1 year ago)
Aloha, Thank you for the Video it was very informative.... I am having trouble with my windows 10 AMD with the Onclick Minor it always crashes... i try to mine with cpu says error pops up i try to host a local node on my laptop and it still says loading.... also im using wifi..... I really want to Join the Vert Community but im having issues... can i mine using a cc minor or sgminer and if so how do i set it up. ? Thank you
CryptoHustler (10 months ago)
U can mine with amd now
Crypto Rootz (1 year ago)
Thank you... Moving On to doge coin lol do you know if that will be the same issue ?
dont mine with AMD or CPU. for vertcoin you need nividia GPU
Vinylnuts (1 year ago)
Thanks dude I'm building a new rig to mine vertcion I will give this ago.
Ziontrainism (1 year ago)
After setting up my port forwarding on my router, my DNS server under ipconfig, it only shows (router home). It does not create an additional DNS to use. Also when I created the pool, it VTC OCM did not create a config file. Not sure where I'm going wrong, here :(
Mark (1 year ago) would have been provided through DHCP (automatic IP assignment)
Mark (1 year ago)
If your ipconfig prompt is showing then your router will be forwarding your DNS requests on to another DNS server, that should work fine. To explain DNS, it's a protocol that changes a domain name (eg. google.com) into an IP address so you don't have to remember the IP address of every web server that you connect to. You can override the router's settings with any DNS server IP. These days everyone seems to be using Google's DNS servers at and because they're easy to remember but you could also use OpenDNS and or the ones provided by your ISP.
Ziontrainism (1 year ago)
I've done that and have the same results. It might be because of my settings on my tplink router. I'll check it once i'm home again.
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
ipconfig and there is ipconfig/all try that one if you didnt
check video description at the bottom. just make the config file with a notepad. save it as all files with a .config at the end.
Tyson Mobley (1 year ago)
noob question does changing the router settings pertaining to disabling wifi ... does this disable wifi for all computers and devices or just the pc your on making the changes with?
doesnt disable for all. just works, period. i fought this process for days. this is what works.
Ziontrainism (1 year ago)
Anyone who cannot find the AppData/Roaming folder, make sure to turn on "show hidden files or folders" under control panel > file/folder options > View > Then change "don't show" to "show hidden files/folders.
John Davis (7 months ago)
It is hidden by default
this. yeah the app data folder is sometimes hidden. a way faster way of doing this is just look at the top of the folder you are in. it says view, click on that, then select hidden items.
Bagheera Q (1 year ago)
Thanks. When I tried to follow your guide I read in regards to my router that the port forwarding isnt needed for IPv6. Do you know anything about that? I am wondering if theres anything I need to do. My oneclick miner is running locally right now and I have the wallet synching at the same time. Its only been an hour so I cant yet tell if itll work.
Bagheera Q (1 year ago)
Thanks guys. Its worked. roughly 1 VTC mined over the last day or two. Seems quite sporadic with the payouts. I guess luck is a factor. Would be nice to know the average time per VTC needed, the calculators online show dumb info for some reason, maybe my inputs are wrong but not sure what Im doing wrong. FYI I have 1 1080TI and 1 1070. 1080TI is runnning 247 and my 1070 is on my gming rig so over night and when im working. 1080TI has 62mh/sec and 1070 has 38mh/sec. Any info for me?
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
make sure router and pc gets rebooted after the sttings if you are still haveing problems holler and can see if we can figure it ouy
dont do anything with ipv6. you might just be mining in your pool but its not showing publicly. thats ok. people wont join in. but you can still mine on it faster due to low latency. not sure why its not going public unfortunately. i did all the steps exactly in the video and it finally worked.
Bagheera Q (1 year ago)
OK. when I click on the Pool URL in my oneclick miner ("....localhost...") then it gives me a connection refused error. Is this a bad sign? Or am I good because when I click "Start" with run local node=true and my local pool selected it starts working with no errors?
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
my public node is back up also Lakeside AZ
Nick Vanleke (1 year ago)
Ok, so i followed all your steps, but when i click add pool in the one click miner, i get a screen where i have to put in my wallet adress and password, if i put my wallet and just password x , the local p2pool stays offline
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
so your fully sync wih core wallet when trying this?
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
i have not seen that error ill do some research let me know if it keeps up and or if you still need help
Nick Vanleke (1 year ago)
So, when i click run local node, it gives the next error (dissapears in a sec and it says offline) ocm-p2pool.exe: error: argument -f/--fee: invalid float value: '0,5'
john linke (1 year ago)
Hey love your vids man been helping me out alot, keep it up
tuffshitTony (1 year ago)
Think I need to get a laptop or desktop that I can dedicate to Crypto. Great video!!
Ziontrainism (1 year ago)
I wanted to thank you and Jason for your hard work.
Stream Goodies (1 year ago)
Thank you for the help. I ran into all the same problems it seems you did and kept finding useless information from sources. Just some 2 cents though. It's kind of hard to read all of the ports that need to be forwarded, it would help if you put them in the description. Also I don't believe it's necessary to manually add the IPV4 addresses and the DNS server info in windows if you are going to set up a static IP address in the router. I just did address reservation on the router and that took care of all of that stuff. Anyhow thanks for the help and as soon as I start making some serious vertcoins I'll send one your way.
Casey Brown (1 year ago)
change your quality settings you can read it crystal clear, like he says just pause. Now you picked a dummy port with 9050-9050. Does inbound outbound make a difference? Also, sorry for all the questions, but after setting up my computer with a static IP nobody else can see my node besides me. Any ideas?
sorry maybe ill get to it sooner or later here. its honestly kinda easy to pause the video and write them down. but i will do that in the description for ease of use.
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
nice! my internet came back on thought i messed my modem up
Ziontrainism (1 year ago)
Thanks for helping Shaggy. Much appreciated. :)
I added a step by step process to the bottom of the description of the video. I hope it helps you out. I know this video won't help everyone, but feel free to ask questions and answer others!
Vova Ross (1 year ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency im new to this. Should i be running my node non stop 24.7 like a minor?
X_Ultra (1 year ago)
im here also to help

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