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Africans Taking Back Control of Their Natural Resources w/ Awini Baba

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Text Comments (46)
Harlem World (8 months ago)
Europeans didn't build shit! They just made Blacks build everything Worldwide, 100 trillion of free labor.
Troy Desole (10 months ago)
lancelot wilson (10 months ago)
South Afrika is still a DEMONcracy and a country that is still under the "yoke of colonialism" in which their is growing economic disparity among black south afrikans. One thing that still remains a constant in south afrika and it is that it is a country in which their are a "prosperous few and a restless black majority" . Paradoxically, the economic disparity among black people under the neo-colonial ANC administration is greater now than it was under white political rule. Voting has not eliminated the "economic apartheid" (white minority control over black people's land and the mineral resources) status quo, hence the black majority in south afrika still remain the underclass in that country. Where in the white world do you have a black minority controlling their economy or the resources that are critical to the survival of the white/caucasian group; in fact would these white people sit back and tolerate this situation ??? The reality in south afrika is that since 1994 the "negro accomadationist" sellout leadership (persecutors of Winnie Mandela) inside the ANC many of who have become wealthy such as former south afrika president Thabo Mbeki (mass murderer of black south afrikans - Source : Mbeki Aids denial 'caused 300,000 deaths' | World news | The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/nov/26/aids-south-africa-), Jacob Zuma, cyril ramaphosa (mining mogul in south afrika and one of the main instigator of the ANC mass killings of black striking miners in MARIKANA in 2012- Source :Cyril Ramaphosa defends role in run-up to 'Marikana massacre ... https://www.ft.com/content) ) and those closely connected to the ANC have been partner in crime with the "architects of racial oppression" (white corporate companies in south afrika and their euro-american collaborators) in south afrika to maintain the economic domination of black south afrikans. Since the ANC takeover of the political affairs in south afrika it has not made good on its promise (as stated in its so-called freedom charter below ) to pMroperly address the illegal occupation and control of black south afrikans land and mineral resources by white immigrants from the Netherlands and Britian. "The national wealth of our country, the heritage of South Africans, shall be restored to the people; the mineral wealth beneath the soil; the banks and monopoly industries shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole; all other industries and trade shall be controlled to assist the well-being of the people." Was it not the "economic apartheid" imposed on the black majority by the white minority (and their euro-american collaborators) that was behind the racial oppression of black south afrikans ? Instead of the ANC ensuring that the benefits derived from the mining sector was spread widely to the black underclass it has chosen to provide opportunities for senior officials from the ANC and others closely connected to the ANC to become filthy rich from their investment in the mining sector. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the richest black people in south afrika, all males and with most of them being closely connected to the ANC have derived their wealth mainly from the mining sector. Top 10 Richest Black Men in South Africa 2018 (Source : Top 10 Richest Black Men in South Africa 2018 - RedLive www.redlive.co.za › Featured › Top 10 Richest Black Men in South Africa 2018) 1. Patrice Motsepe – Estimated Net Worth: R27.72 billion.He is the first and only black man among South Africa’s dollar billionaires. He is the founder and executive chairman of African Rainbow Minerals 2. Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa – Estimated Net Worth: R5.67 billion. "He is founder of the Shanduka Group which has investments in the resources sector, energy sector, real estate, banking, insurance, and telecoms (SEACOM)" (Wikipedia). Ramaphosa is currently married to Tshepo Motsepe, the sister of billionaire and mining magnate Patrice Motsepe. In 2015 he sold most of his business interests to a company led by MTN executive Phuthuma Nhleko called Pembani Group (Source : Ramaphosa the businessman - why he will protect white monopoly ...https://blackopinion.co.za/.../ramaphosa-businessman-will-protect-white-monopoly-ca..). 3. Tokyo Sexwale – Estimated Net Worth: R2.14 billion. He served in the ANC government as the minister of Human Settlements. He is is currently the non-executive chairman of Mvelaphanda Holdings. "Mvelaphanda is primarily focused on the mining, energy and related sectors. Through his Mvelaphanda Group Tokyo Sexwale has substantial holdings in the mining sector" (Wikipedia). 4. Phuthuma Nhleko – Estimated Net Worth: R1.74 billion. He is currently chairman of the telecommunication company MTN (in which cyril ramaphosa served as chairman of the company's board between 2001 to 2013-.Source : SA's former deputy finance minister appointed to MTN Board - ITWeb ...www.itwebafrica.com/.../244183-sas-former-deputy-finance-minister-appointed-to-mt.) and founder of Pembani Remgro, a resource, cement and energy-focused investment holding company. 5. Sipho Nkosi – Estimated Net Worth: R1.7 billion. He is a businessman with over 20 years in the mining sector. He is currently the president of Chamber of Mines of South Africa, the CEO of Exxaro Coal South Africa and is the Independent Non-Executive Director of Sanlam LTD (a white controlled mining company). 6. Zwelibanzi Vincent Mntambo – Estimated Net Worth: R1.01 billion. He is a former South African Director General (DG) and currently chairman of ASG Consulting Solutions and hold director positions in Everest Applied Technologies, Eyesizwe Coal (Pty) LTD, Sediba Consulting and Exxaro Resourses LTD. 7. Nkululeko Sowazi – Estimated Net Worth: R726 million. He is a co-founder of Tiso Group , an investment holding company with interests in the infrastructure, power, natural resources and investment banking sectors. He is currently a director of JSE listed Exxaro, Resources Limited, Emira Property Fund as well as African Explosives Limited, Alstom SA (Pty) Limited. 8. Mike Teke – Estimated Net Worth: R682 million. President of the SA Chamber of the Mines.He is currently the CEO of Optimium Coal Holding Limited South Africa. 9. Saki Macozoma – Estimated Net Worth: R565 million. He is a former member of the South African parliament and the African National Congress National Executive Committee. He is chairman of mining and exploration companies, Tshipi é Ntle and Ntsimbintle Mining.(Source : Sakumzi 'Saki' Macozoma - Safika Holdings (Pty) Ltd, www.safika.co.za/corporate-profile/sakumzi-macozoma). 10. Dalikhaya Zihlangu – Estimated Net Worth: R533 million. Once-CEO of the state-owned diamond mine Alexkor, he spent his time learning the ins and outs of the mining industry. He acquired great expertise in mining which translated into business success and wealth. He is also a top member and director of Exxaro Resources. Economic powerlessness means political powerlessness and that's the reality for the majority of these "berlin conference" nation states on the continent of afrika. Many of the black governed nation states have lagged far behind their Asian counterparts in development not only because of the sabotaging efforts of their former european colonizers using institutions that they control such as the World Bank, IMF etc but because ...."the educated Afrikans who have succeeded in the white man's world were trained to be exploiters of their own race. Thus, one now has a combination of white and black exploitation of the black race. This explains the true nature and behaviour of the "afrikan elite" throughout the world. It explains, for example, the reason for the existence of neo-colonialism (the social, political and economic control of a country by outside forces) in afrikan countries that have secured political independence (NOT economic independence) from european colonial masters. It shows that the european -trained afrikan elite was trained to become a black european by thought and deed, if not by word. In fact, in many black countries ruled by blacks the all pervasive corruption of public officials is accountable to this fact to a great extent. This training received has prepared them to be "social exploiters." The fact is that many if not the majority of black politicians are far more corrupt than their white counterparts." (Education For The Black Race, pg. 50, George E. Cox). You can fool people sometimes but they can't be fooled all the while. When there is no resolution to a crisis revolt/revolution is inevitable and it is just not only going to be against the thieving white minority in south afrika but also their " native collaborators"; those "negro sellouts" who have been guardians of the oppressive status quo in south afrika. Peace follows JUSTICE.
thefirefox819222 (11 months ago)
Not one blade of grass one drop of water one grain of sand one hide of any animal or spoon full of soil belong to Caucasians. No Apologies. Idi Amin Dada would compensate the white folk handsomely. Any concepts of government that do not give Africa immediate self autonomy is to be thrown into the Ashcan.
Timing (1 year ago)
Dynast, Please check out and interview: usliftingus.com (Cooperatives) Economics
John Kofi (1 year ago)
They do not want this conversation that is why the feed is bad! WE WOKE YET!!! BY PROCESSING THE RAW MATERIALS THAT CREATE CO-OPS AND THEY SHOULD INCLUDE ALL TRIBES!!! We African Americans should go and invest in INDUSTRIES TO MANUFACTURES!
Timing (1 year ago)
usliftingus.com Check it out... They're already on this..
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
John R we have to start many have started but the numbers are not that high to make an impact. We need 30000 a year then we will start seeing the progress
Derrick Austin (1 year ago)
There can be no economical development without a military force. Whites only respect power!
Ugwembum WemOssas (4 months ago)
@Derrick Austin tribalism isnt a problem in some countries. For example there are over 250 tribes in Congo that live in relative peace and harmony. In 1994 rwanda had 3 tribes and clubbed each other to death in the hundreds of thousands. Which led to the congo wars.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
Derrick Austin maybe, so far I noticed when most African leave the continent and travel it change their perspective of tribalism, they become more pan Africanist 🤔. I also noticed whenever when kids from different Africans countries collaborate on YouTube videos you see some arguments but the end result usually end up them coming to a mutual agreement, I see it under music videos with millions of views which is very positive. That's why I say the more they are expose to each other the lesser the difference become. The younger gen are not too tribal people in their 30s 👍. Their was a gap between African American and Africans that's also being bridged as line of communication become more open, so that's why I'm very optimistic. Africans everywhere desire a better Africa, common interest and realizing that the west since 1492 has been their problem to present. Very good talk 👍 I think my social awareness skills is pretty good I tend to pick up on these things and our people world wide are socializing with each other more than ever, for example you will see a lot YouTube channels similar to this. We have a more African common interest (a better Africa) as oppose to 10-20 years ago. I don't know if it's like this on the ground but on social media it's very positive. Look for those signs, good talk my friend👍✊🏿
Derrick Austin (1 year ago)
The BRIDGE 54: This Diversity Training is the same type provided by local, state and federal agencies to their officers all around the USA. If this awareness training can help relieve the killing of Black Americans, it should be able to help Africans become more aware of tribal difference.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
Derrick Austin exposure, knowledge, communication will help our multicultural problems. America has all of that and black have yet to reach a mutual understanding with them. I don't think it will change anytime soon. We have a better chance with the east
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
Derrick Austin it's not ironic bro we can't deny the influence the west has in the world, they control it and have been for 527 years. The world is base on their system, African American/ South African live among them so we better understand them you know. We need people that knows them on a daily basis and the diasporas have that exposure. Again they created a system that rely on resources they don't have but they didn't care back them because they would take by force. The world is different now, we too have gun powder now. They only see us Africa/African as resources we have to change that!
Lady Bug (1 year ago)
terie74 texas (10 months ago)
Lady Bug 🤷‍♀️
Lady Bug (1 year ago)
I thought Africans were smarter than that, but i see they are so easily fooled! Very Sadddd
Kwame Kyei Mensah (11 months ago)
Lady Bug block headed Africa is not a country. generalization of issues is a clear indication of your ignorance.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
Lady Bug don't get discouraged we waking up it took 400 years to physically break out of slavery we on the tail end of the fight now. Taking back Africa is the last bit the momentum has picked up a lot in the past years it won't be long
sonofazania (1 year ago)
Dynast Amir you are very clever Man, May the ancestors continue making you strong and guiding your path. On this path we shall make Africa great!
Imani Ameni (1 year ago)
Africa needs think tanks as well as intelligence agencies that will put in that work for Africa.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
IloveMonie we will
Marie (1 year ago)
Africa needs African descendants and privatization. We have been monopolized too much to be nationalizing our resources. African descendants of slaves need to come together with Africans and transform the country into the great kingdom Muammar Ghaddafi wanted it to be.
Ngone Aw (1 year ago)
Imani Ameni - Yes, and Africa needs to Nationalize their resources not privatization. The culture of royalty and so called royal families is an issue. Maybe they need to imulate the French revolution first? Off with their heads !
Ms. Lovely (1 year ago)
Mr.Baba you are a genius. Very smart and wise man you are. I pray many many more Africans will become awaken as well as you are. I admire you and glad to have the chance to listen to you on this channel.Thank you for all you are doing. Thank you Dynasty for bring forth this information. I glad I came across your channel.
Search For Uhuru (1 year ago)
Thank you and make sure you subscribe and share thanks
Allen Allen (1 year ago)
Ghanna leadership needs to be killed its maks no damm sense to trust the white man
Allen Allen (1 year ago)
Hey stop the freakin dog from barking is annoying
Rohaanii Daalii (1 year ago)
A total liberation of Africa without bloodshed is impossible. It would be quite naive to think that the europeans will willfully or just give up their control of Africa when their very survival as a people depends upon the exploitation and underdevelopment of Africa. The Liberation of of Africa means that Europe would in effect become third world nations as they have nothing but lies , trickery and military power as their natural resources. If we do not understand that the very survival of Europe depends on african exploitation then we do not understand the nature of the problem. In effect bloodshed would be impossible; and in any case a bloody revolution is the stamp of authenticity in any true revolution.
Ugwembum WemOssas (4 months ago)
@Marie he only got murdered cause he gave up his nuke program then buck ofama and killary clinton murked him.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
Rohaanii Daalii you are right my brother if it gotta be done then let it be done
Marie (1 year ago)
That’s true Muammar Ghaddafi tried to do that but he was murdered by them. That’s why I support what South Africa is doing with its farmers, as bad as it seems. White people depend on Africa but mistreat its people and don’t give back to them. If we want to reunite the continent than we’ll need to get rid of the people who divide it, even if it must be done with bloodshed. This includes Asians, Europeans, and Americans.
susuilu (1 year ago)
you have a point there... I keep saying if Africans dont want to be exploited anymore and black people in general, we have to actually become racists, it is the truth. we would have to become racists in order to protect our own people. it is unfortunate but this is what the world has come to.
Rohaanii Daalii (1 year ago)
Nobody can stop the awakening
Amen Knowtech (1 year ago)
Africans and American Blacks NEED each other more than ever....this is not to overlook Blacks in other countries...but Black people in these 2 countries represent the core of the Black diaspora.
The BRIDGE 54 (1 year ago)
queban11 this does not concern you my guy and you don't speak for all black in America. We will take our knowledge, spending power to Africa if you're really black you don't have to come. I advise you to find yourself first we don't want agents in Africa, we killed people like you doing the haitian revolution and will do it again. No enemies of progress will stop this movement.
Talk Space (1 year ago)
I always appreciate Awini Baba's perspective. Not only are Africa's resources looted by outsiders. It's so sad that our own dictatorial leaders are the ones encouraging this poverty and suffering of their people. Look at Cameroon and how they treat the Anglophone Cameroonians like second class citizens in their own country. They have been protesting and so far 20 people have lost their lives and most of them are youths and students. They are gunned down by their own government. The same protest against the government is now going on in Togo and a lot of people have been gunned down by their military. The major part of Africa's population is​ young people who are vibrant, filled with potential and ingenuity, and hunger for change. Everybody is tired and that is why a lot of them are fighting to take their countries back.
Ugwembum WemOssas (4 months ago)
They are waging ethnic wars over colonial languages. The government should realize how stupid they are.
Search For Uhuru (1 year ago)
Brotha Awini is always on point

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