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HOW NATURAL GOLD OCCURS PLATINUM is a premium Documentary focused on using Gold finder and Minelab GPX Series Metal Detectors, and is about Goldfinders finding Gold, Coins, Nuggets and jewelry on the Beach, and in the fields of Australia. With some very useful information on where and how Gold can be found with Metal Detectors and the connection between surf beach deposits and deposits of Gold nuggets in the Gold fields. My Goldfinder XTR Metal Detector has been very popular in the past, so I decided to create a series! As with Gold on the Beach 10 and Gold on the Beach 6 Platinum, we continue to provide helpful videos and movies, with helpful hints and tips we have learned from our many Treasure Hunting Adventures. See our 10 live gold finds on camera.
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Gabriel Heredia (9 months ago)
When you get them off the ground and before breaking up the dirt off the nug could you record the nug good id like to see one closer
Goldfinders (9 months ago)
Yes,- we should have taken closer pictures in this video..
nickey negi (9 months ago)
Come to me in India I will show you river where we can find gold
lennyboy (10 months ago)
hey goldfinder, you're a real pro. thanks for the videos.
Goldfinders (10 months ago)
Thanks Lenny....
dave medina (1 year ago)
your right...but wrong on one thing...gold n Platinum are "not" from earth...it's why it's only on our crust..and appear meteor "like"...is because they actually are
Cmoney Dom (1 year ago)
how do u know that the area holds gold
Goldfinders (1 year ago)
It has been found before is the easiest way..... Look for quarts and mineralisation,
So you invest considerable amount of time and money in tools and equipment like batteries. So you can find enough gokd to replace what it cost you to find it. In America, we call that a hobby. That's not to say you couldn't find more, but without the proper documentation and or up to date premits. You'll never find and be able to cash in on a sreak conducive to retire on.
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Many people become quite wealthy over night, but it does take a leap of faith and now days luck also plays a part as the word gets around and many areas are flogged out
So by profitable do you mean after subtracting your cost of transportation, maintaining that transportation, equipment to locate, maintaining said equipment and the hours, spent attempting to regardless of success. And the cost involved in selling it. I think not, therefore it's a hobby!
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
We Live a long way from good goldfields so don't spend much time there. but yes it is sometimes very profitable and often its a case of eliminating unlikely spots and patience,- luck is not the greatest factor
Clifton Jamison (2 years ago)
Thanks guys for posting . Does the sound of the detector change when you come onto a piece of gold, as opposed to let's say, a piece of iron?
dave medina (1 year ago)
Clifton Jamison there's a feature called a discriminator on the detector wich on adjustment..kind tell between ferrous and non ferrous metals..
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Iron screeches, Gold sounds like, a lump in the ground, -similar to lead
ion diaconu (2 years ago)
Margelatu film
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Runninghorse Gallop (2 years ago)
What are the detecting laws in Australia? Do you need permits?
Runninghorse Gallop stupid law lol
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Yes,- but no one checks
o-ptimus prime (2 years ago)
ok guy's, this is just a hobby and is not like you will get rich doing this, unless you hit it big....I recommend trying Vegas, at least you will get free drinks
Sven Maar (2 years ago)
Frederick Barnes
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Plenty of people have Found Big Nuggets, The economy of Bendigo In Victoria (Big Town) is financed by Gold. That is where the old timers put the shovel in the ground and if they didn't here a clang they would toss it aside (Potato diggings,- try Google)
michael therrien (2 years ago)
The soil in Australia is so compacted you need a jack hammer.
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Golf field areas -yes
michael therrien (2 years ago)
+Epic Gaming lolol
Epic Gaming (2 years ago)
jack hammer is illegal to use for prospecting in Australia or any power tool
Eduardo Ruiz (2 years ago)
mostrar todos los modelo de esta marca
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Very true, especially when dry
Gold Bay (2 years ago)
We buy and sell gold and silver, coins and jewelry, antiques and oddities and more. Come see what we do and be delighted and surprised by our prices. Visit us here: https://www.facebook.com/GoldbayPawn
Audemocir Franzim (2 years ago)
Hello Frederick, watched your video, like much of his gold detector, mainly because it detects nuggets, takes a lot of machina equal to this, tell if there is someone who has a such ai or other similar used that can make a donation, because I have no conditions to buy such an expensive device like this, however, I have a place that has gold nuggets, but no detector there is no finding, pay later when you remove the gold, it is possible?
ringhunter 100 (2 years ago)
Hay Fredrick long time hows the endless beach`s treating you guys, just found my seventh and eighth gold ring of the year how your score so far eh.........Tim in Arizona
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Got two on Camera, but not much this year so far. you must be having good weather over there?
Patrick Taylor (2 years ago)
Great Video. The town in Australia at the beginning was amazing. The gold fields in and out of the town ? Wow. Thanks for teaching me. I want to save and buy a detector. One that detects gold and goes under water. Any suggestions? Thanks again from North Carolina.
Just Kys (2 years ago)
North Carolina! what area you from?
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
Detectors that work underwater usually wont work well in Goldfield areas here in Australia, as the Goldfields are heavily mineralised and are very challenging.i will leave that question for you to answer
andres rojas garavito (2 years ago)
soy radiestesista en aguas subterráneas profundas, y también radiestesista en minerales de oro. Y ME SIENTO HONRADO DE QUE HAYA LEÍDO MI COMENTARIO GRACIAS
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+andres rojas garavito In life's mound of rubbish comes the glitter of pure gold.
andres rojas garavito (2 years ago)
gracias por la educación, que les siga yendo bien
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+andres rojas garavito I dont know what that means, but it sounds positive,- thanks
zone power (2 years ago)
Jim Furr (2 years ago)
I like your video too! I would not like it any less if you dropped the music! :)
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+Jim Furr Thanks i appreciate the truth. i am probably bias
granskare (2 years ago)
do you ever worry about venomous snakes?
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+granskare Careful where you step----
Mal Function (2 years ago)
Awsome. Very informative. Thanks. In regards to having your stash pinched, anything we should know to possibly prevent it from happening to someone else?
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+No Name Thanks---- Dont tell anyone
radioguy1620 (2 years ago)
what brand and model of finder do you find best, and do you ever use a pinpointer to help.
radioguy1620 (2 years ago)
Thanks , and good Hunting, from Connecticut.
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+radioguy1620 GP300 Minelab but newer models are somewhat better. pin pointers are quite useful
Stuart SS (2 years ago)
Mate ~ You almost missed your calling.. An excellent video ~ Your commentary is excellent ~ and the whole thing put together very very well ~ Good One you ~ For someone like me who is a complete novice your take is a winner ! I live in FNQ and have two MD including a CTX 3030 ~I have Found Gold rings ~ and of course interested in a little Gold as well, being in the right country / area! Thanks ~
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+Stuart SS Thanks Stuart,- i respect people who appreciate creativity.
Gold Silver natural ratio 9:1
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique Sounds right, -lost items are around 2 to 3 silver to one gold
Derek (2 years ago)
I really enjoy your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Keep searching brother!!!
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+Derek K5ISS Thanks--- realy appreciate positive feedback
bin Dool (2 years ago)
a bit curious, what is that instrument(a piece of metal i think) you used for detecting? im a newbie but got interested bcoz of you guys.
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+bin Dool Pin pointer?
stefm2c7 (2 years ago)
music in the beginning please?
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+stefm2c7 Darren's synthiser work
Wing Nut (2 years ago)
Hey fellas, thanks for sharing your wealth of wisdom with us newbies. Congrats on your gold hunting. keeps up the great vid's.
Goldfinders (2 years ago)
+Wing Nut Thanks,- It is always nice to recieve positive feedback
Gold was $800 per oz. in 1976, then $200 in 1999? People only talked about it all the time in 1970s - stocks were so cheap but interests rates were 17%. Now rates are at 200 year lows, gold is back to a peak - sell, always do the opposite of everybody. I'm 58 own no stocks. It's not your age that counts, it's the age of the "bubble" that counts. I learned that the hard way - you can read history all day but never think you are repeating it. One more split, one more year etc.
Clyde Str (7 months ago)
And space ships will use a lot of gold !
Moses Jordan (1 year ago)
I doubt are technology will alow the price to drop, as long as are technology keeps advancing we will need gold for the internal parts
Dudezy6969 Dudezy6969 (1 year ago)
SassyHershsey SassyHershey
arbonac (3 years ago)
I think the detector might work better if the coil were smaller.
big city (3 years ago)
+Frederick Barnes @ the 2:47 mark there's a gold looking triangle shape, did you happen to notice what that was...
Goldfinders (3 years ago)
+arbonac Yes and no, smaller more sensitive to junk
Wayne Hill (3 years ago)
very good and intersting
nice video
Mick Gatz (3 years ago)
Thanx Barnsey!.... great video! (gets the family outdoors away from social networking)!!!!
Mick Gatz (3 years ago)
very...very informative! (Subbed)
Mick Gatz (3 years ago)
Trippy Video :)
Chris B (3 years ago)
Very true your advise, thanks for the video.
aussie gold (3 years ago)
. frederick   love your videos... for a young man,, you are v vv v v v good,,,,, from menber of,, NAPFA
Jama Yassin (3 years ago)
Hey I need that gold detector. I don't have any money. But I got land where there a lot of gold.
whytepirate (3 years ago)
Thanks for the information. My hope is renewed. Now, armed with this new info I am going to grab my excal and head to the beach. Thanks again for re-inspiring me to continue to dream about GOLD.... back to the swing... GL and HH...
i love your guys video's KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
Endriu Detector (3 years ago)
Ottima caccia!! Video molto bello:) Ciao Endriu
Goldfinders (3 years ago)
+Endriu Detectort grazie
herby375 (3 years ago)
Great vid Mate! Can you do more on this subject? 
Richard Fullbrook (1 year ago)
MostlyPostie (3 years ago)
Thanks for the great video!

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