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[FULL] Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt)

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This is Walter Ruttmann's classic 1927 film, Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (also called Symphony of a Great City). It is one of the first films of its type, unrivaled in greatness until Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka. And your sound IS working - it's a silent film. There were several scores written for it later, but the original has no sound at all. I recommend you play some Philip Glass, ambient, or something minimalist if you want some noise to go with it. Enjoy. This film is entirely in the public domain and is free for everyone to download at http://www.archive.org/details/BerlinSymphonyofaGreatCity .
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Text Comments (47)
It's also nice there's no music, the silence in this silent adds to the appeal.
Impressive work by the filmmaker, creating an hour-long film on the daily activity of a city and making it watchable from start to finish is quite the achievement. Priceless film, a fascinating era captured for posterity. One can't help but be moved and haunted while watching this knowing what would happen shortly after.
James Pykonen (3 months ago)
sad that there is no musical score but happy that I turned on a local classical music station, look and behold because I got caught up in the artistry of the movie the music fit outstanding!
TheWashingMachine1 (4 months ago)
Berlin: Symphony of a Great City - silent movie with music! Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efguaCc3WL4
Zuo Wang (7 months ago)
Global architecture!
Marc Brassé (9 months ago)
I went to Berlin for our holidays this year. One could make a similar film today and the cracks would be showing again. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Johanna (9 months ago)
This is just beautiful. I really can imagine what the streets sounded and smelled like
Tristan Tonen (11 months ago)
sound isn't working any1 that has the same problem?!?
CptSchmidt (11 months ago)
Read the description :P
Stijn Thijssen (11 months ago)
YPO6 (1 year ago)
Those little kids could still be alive today (2017).
loetzfan (1 year ago)
59:00 The first apperance of a disco ball on film.
We Stood Like Kings (1 year ago)
We wrote our own instrument post-rock soundtrack for this movie. Have a look at our channel :)
lamephoenix (1 year ago)
Pete sa mère le devoir d'histoire urbaine
Guillaume Conesa (11 months ago)
Adelusionary (1 year ago)
Jothaeff Treisveizs (1 year ago)
Rarity with excellent quality. Thanks a lot. Also thanks to all for the enriching comments.
TrakeJ (1 year ago)
C'est tres magnifique! Thank you very much for posting this!
X.F. Pine (2 years ago)
Somehow I feel like this film works better with complete silence considering what happened to the majority of this city and it's people about 17 years later. I kept thinking of those color flyovers of wrecked Berlin. Was reading that it was made roughly the same year that Mein Kampf came out. Ruttmann died from injuries he received documenting the Eastern Front in 1941. Profound and sad document.
Well stated.
george vasiliou (2 years ago)
this looks great with a krautrock soundtrack by neu or tangerine dream
Scarabino gabrielle (2 years ago)
pas de son !
Bryce McMurray (2 years ago)
I saw an excellent performance of music composed for this film by four postgraduates at the University of Liverpool. A highly evocative score that captures the phenomena of time and motion of the film. Praise to Liam Carey, Daniel Fallon, Andrew Graley and Isabel Benito Gutiérrez for their highly accomplished work.
i ..
Patrick Flanagan (3 years ago)
I really appreciate you posting this, but I'm afraid I have to point out that this film does indeed have music. Edmund Meisel not only wrote the score, but worked hand-in-hand with the director, Walter Ruttman on it, who commissioned him to write it. The film premiered with a live orchestra playing Meisel's score on September 23, 1927 at the Tauentzien-Palast in Berlin. Several adaptations were already written by Meisel, for jazz combo, larger orchestra, and even just solo piano. In 2007, Bernd Thewes adapted the music for an even larger, classical-style orchestra, but the original themes and synchronization to the film remained intact. I'm not trying my utmost to disprove you or whatever; just giving credit where it's due. I just saw it performed last night in Berlin and am taking this information directly from the program. Plus: I really recommend the original!! It really follows the twists and turns of the film brilliantly, albeit a little crazily.
CptSchmidt (3 years ago)
Thanks Patrick. I refer to a previous comment that I replied to much the same as yours. Scroll down a bit and you'll see my response.
Don Reed (4 years ago)
"No noise" is much preferable. You probably already know this, but if not, the mention of this film on page 384 of Larson's "In The Garden Of Beasts" (2011) probably attracted many viewers to this location., Be well.
I'm here because of the book too.
Dustin Glover (2 years ago)
Erik Larson is what brought me here.
Mick Veale (5 years ago)
saw this performed by Stephan Graf last night at the berlin festival. Amazing. Maybe it'll be published in the future.
Pedro Ghoneim (5 years ago)
it is a silent movie, but it was composed with an intrinsically relationship between the images and the music written by Edmund Meisel. All the critical content and lirism conteined in this film cannot be comprehended without the original score
Santagada Frydman (5 years ago)
Hey If you want check our version . We are a Free jazz/ Experimental Duo from Argentina. Just uploaded Act I A couple of days ago. Search us on Fb if you liked it!
Dancing Ninja (5 years ago)
I enjoyed this movie, but sometimes there was so much motion throughout that I felt a little dizzy, lol. I haven't known myself to be motion sick before, but watching this movie did make me feel a little yucky in places, lol. Thanks for posting!
Jamakaya1 (1 year ago)
I wanted to appreciate this but could not continue watching because of all the movement. Maybe I'll take a Dramamine and come back!
Leonard R (5 years ago)
Of course the film itself does not have a soundtrack. But most movie houses at that time did have orchestras to perform during feature films; those that didn't still had some musical accompaniment and the original scores were distributed with the films. Movie house orchestras were the main source of employment for musicians until the 1930s. Meisel's score was intended to be performed with this film; I'm just pointing out that there is nothing authentic about seeing a silent film in silence.
CptSchmidt (5 years ago)
I don't recall saying that all silent films were made without scores. I said that this has no music. The film was not commercialised for private sale with music. Yes, it had to be performed by a live orchestra, but that music was rarely available to be played in theatres when it was screened in 1927. Most people who saw this when it was screened saw the silent version and all releases since have been silent. The original 'score' was not reproduced until 2007.
Leonard R (5 years ago)
Sorry, but that's incorrect. Almost all silent films had scores, or at least scores made up of various existing pieces that were sent along with the film (with notations for tempo to match the film). Many had original, full orchestral scores, as did Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt. The original score was composed by Edmund Meisel, and it was performed by a live orchestra when the film was screened, as was true of Metropolis and many of the great silents. "Silent" film is a misnomer.
wikieditspam (5 years ago)
I'm very happy I was able to vist the reunifed city; though I'm going to make an effort to learn more german before I go back there.
CptSchmidt (5 years ago)
No problem. I recommend Baraka and Manufactured Landscapes as well.
CptSchmidt (5 years ago)
I'm sure you can find it on isohunt.
CptSchmidt (5 years ago)
Thank you for the comments; I think the same thing. Yes I do have Koyaanisqatsi, but unfortunately it is not in the public domain. If I were to upload it I would risk having my account closed.
ocenabuilding (6 years ago)
Thank you so much, I used it for an art project!
mohamed kaseeh (6 years ago)
what about now
CptSchmidt (6 years ago)
There is no music. This is the original; it was made in 1927.
Emilio von Sternenfels (6 years ago)
omg i cant believe no one uploads it with music
Sterling Scotian (6 years ago)
5/5 and thanks for sharing this with us :)
TheButcherOfHalifax (6 years ago)
Awesome! It sounds interesting. I'll be watching it later. Thanks for this!

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