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[2017] Simple method to transfer Bitcoin to PayPal - Payticoins or Onestpay

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How transfer Bitcoin to Paypal without fee and instantly. Payticoins: https://payticoins.com . alternative, you can use https://www.onestpay.com Cashout Bitcoin Recharge accounts PayPal, Perfect Money, Skrill, Webmoney, Payeer, Advcash, OkPay, Entromoney, Payza, Wester Union, Moneygram ---------- Onestpay : https://www.onestpay.com Payticoins : https://www.usepayticoins.com
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Text Comments (257)
John Brady (2 days ago)
Dennis Pedersen (8 minutes ago)
yeah its much easier
Joshua Carter (3 days ago)
I just tried the service but I have yet to see the transaction, I have sent messages and emails but still no reply. How long does this usually take.
Amindu Sudasinghe (22 days ago)
Is this working surely?
HaftbefehlServus (12 days ago)
no, its s [email protected] m
yes, still working
kavi viji (1 month ago)
Gt8 Video!
Jorge Street (1 month ago)
A great video easy steps to transfer btc to paypal thanks man keep it up
ishtiyaq nabi (1 month ago)
Its real...its very easy and simple with PayPal....to withdraw ur money I like this one because of bitcoin rate very high and easy investment but payment method is also done by PayPal....u should try it fast
Ali Wafa (1 month ago)
Swindler, ٍSharper, Crook, Impostor, Juggler, Bilker
Rofi Riyandi (2 months ago)
whether it has been proven safe
BenzkyG101 (2 months ago)
Is this safe
Marru Sentoy (2 months ago)
thaks bro !
Yoli Aguirre (2 months ago)
Dime el nombre de la musica, esta re buena
I'm Uchiha (2 months ago)
chaitanya sanghvi (2 months ago)
is it still working in June 2018
walid lahouali (3 months ago)
Good wah at all
garanted 49 (3 months ago)
How much is the exchange fee
garanted 49 (3 months ago)
How much is the process fer
AmaZinG DeFjaY (3 months ago)
is this still working?
john cena (3 months ago)
Golden M (4 months ago)
Bro name of the song 🇰🇭🇰🇭😘😘
MyMOHAMMED1997 (4 months ago)
I didn’t receive the confirmation email yet , it’s been an hour since I’ve sent my btc , I think i got scammed!
Rahul Srivastav (5 months ago)
Vimarshpratap Thakur (5 months ago)
How to diposit btc at payicoins
Abhijeet Shinde (5 months ago)
Can any one in any country can convert Bitcoin to fiat currency and withdraw to bank account?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (4 months ago)
Yes, work worldwide
Vijay K (5 months ago)
how to add BTC address ? where is payticoins address ?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (4 months ago)
Go to your account and click deposit, will appear your address
Rata tat (5 months ago)
The music is fukin shit
LazerCookie23 (6 months ago)
Does this work with coinbase?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (4 months ago)
Yes, 100%
zainuddin naim (6 months ago)
OMG thank you very much!!!
Paul Alois (6 months ago)
hi how to do with blockchain?
Earn With Rk (1 month ago)
Message me on whatsapp +1 857 325 5503
Emmanuel Afful (6 months ago)
Can i send btc from any other bitcoin wallet (bitpay wallet) to Paypal?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (6 months ago)
Commenter Guy (6 months ago)
How do you send it to bitcoin
Earn With Rk (1 month ago)
Message on whatsapp +1 857 325 5503
T R (7 months ago)
can you buy with it with out having linked card to paypal account ?
Muffin Men (7 months ago)
laurien 24 ky (8 months ago)
i subscribed
Chantal McDonald (8 months ago)
Is this available for US residents
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (8 months ago)
online earning with urs (8 months ago)
Exchange nhi ho rha hai Abhi bhi chal rhi hai ya nhi
Dipu bdIt (8 months ago)
Bro did you try it?
BILAL JAMADAR (8 months ago)
I have an account in Blockchain, how can i transfer it to paypal??
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (8 months ago)
Hello, yes
Crom Doma (8 months ago)
Website failed load
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (8 months ago)
Patrick Mallari (8 months ago)
your 1.2 btc is now 15k
Willy Chapinal (8 months ago)
Does it have to be the exact amount.
Earn With Rk (1 month ago)
Message whatsapp +1 857 325 5503
MusicMemes (9 months ago)
The minimum says 0.005 but what if I proceed to transfer anyway? Like should I able to do this or they can take more charges what will happen?
robin hossen (9 months ago)
how can i buy bitcoin with paypal
Animals around the world (9 months ago)
thank you
Nick Reiner (10 months ago)
Is this legit?
JOEL GOMES (11 days ago)
Kamisu Games (10 months ago)
Minimum exchnge is 0.001?
mega Trailers (2 months ago)
Kamisu Games
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (10 months ago)
0.005 BTC
KowinskyNotnice (10 months ago)
but how much fees ?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (10 months ago)
Chrisanthos Bakiasi (10 months ago)
hi guys this method is for europe? plz
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (10 months ago)
Hello, yes, worldwide
pavel iuliu (10 months ago)
Salut cine doreste poate sa foloseasca acest cod 97C5251A3 multumesc !
Plasticz (10 months ago)
How much is 1 dollar in btc
ProFreshGaming (10 months ago)
Plasticz $7 USD
Nassir Haji (11 months ago)
Realy work until now??
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (11 months ago)
working perfectly
Steve Berms (11 months ago)
So it's like a mediator between bitcoin wallets and paypal? am I right?
Steve Berms (11 months ago)
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins Thanks
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (11 months ago)
Nassir Haji (11 months ago)
Minimum btc for exchange?
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins (11 months ago)
Olfa amamou (11 months ago)
How much time for payoneer ??
Luiz Carlos Fassoni (11 months ago)
onestpay and payticoins are scammers - they are thieves - são ladrões, não caia nesta
Dante Zonzo (11 months ago)
this is actually taking really long its been more than 10 mins already
ANIME_ LIFE (3 months ago)
Dante Zonzo did you get it
Luiz Carlos Fassoni (11 months ago)
onestpay and payticoins are scammers - they are thieves - são ladrões, não caia nesta
Tony Marquez (1 year ago)
Can this work with Poloniex directly?
Luiz Carlos Fassoni (11 months ago)
onestpay and payticoins are scammers - they are thieves - são ladrões, não caia nesta
Loodz (11 months ago)
Im sure Poloniex charges a fee to withdraw your btc. Say you have 1btc they may charge 100k sat fee. So exact payment to site would be .999btc. Go find poloniex withdraw fee and compensate correctly. Hope it helps.
Tony Marquez (11 months ago)
All I'm getting is error messages from this site.
Hello, works fine
Wael Chorfan (1 year ago)
2Captcha Auto Captcha
Lydia Smith (1 year ago)
Thanks liked and subbed
Bon Dour (1 year ago)
why you arent you loged into the website and from where the bitcoin you put on echange come from? just answer me that thanks
Frank Nappi (9 months ago)
Bon because they are scammers say away from them please.
You dont needhave account to make exchanges, i use coinbase
You do not need to have an account to make a exchange, create an account if you want to use the affiliate system, I use the coinbase
KriBis (1 year ago)
yeah that what i see :/
DarckCrekx (1 year ago)
Buen vídeo
Guia de Comercio (1 year ago)
How much time to get in Paypal?
mega Trailers (2 months ago)
Guia de Comercio
andy boy (7 months ago)
LifesVisionary where is real
Frank Nappi (9 months ago)
You will never get your money back I got scammed by these people please stay away from them. Do your research please.
Vídeos Whatsapp (1 year ago)
Alex Oliveira (1 year ago)
Muito bom
SESSÃO PORRADA (1 year ago)
I need my Paypal verified?
Dont need
DE TUDO UM POUCO (1 year ago)
Work to paypal?
CRÉDITO GRÁTIS (1 year ago)
What about to western union?
Work too, Paypal, PerfectMoney Bank and Western Union
Panfletagem em Recife (1 year ago)
The best thanks, subbed
Alexsandro (1 year ago)
very good
Ray Ray (1 year ago)
Song title pls?
LEQUE (1 year ago)
really fast, thanks
Alex Gráfica (1 year ago)
Finally i find one that works
Leque TV (1 year ago)
Guia de Comercio (1 year ago)
Only 0.5% of fee, great
Desafios (1 year ago)
Can i use this site as wallet?
SuperClipes (1 year ago)
CRÉDITO GRÁTIS (1 year ago)
Worked thanks, 18 minutes here
What about the fees?
Alex Gráfica (1 year ago)
Great tip, subbed
best one
Moshin Ali (1 year ago)
bhai paypal ka opption nahiha
kazaar boom (1 year ago)
Supports all the countries?
Hello, yes, worldwide
amine guerba (1 year ago)
what about paypal to bitcoin?
Curzed Videos (7 months ago)
amine guerba transfer the PayPal money to your bank account and use coinbase to buy bitcoins with the amount of money you transfered
dzulizzi01 (1 year ago)
can it be done with xapo
yes, too
Smit Dagli (1 year ago)
hii.my bitcoin account in blokchain wallet.so can i transfer money from blokchain to PayPal plz help me......
Smit Dagli (1 year ago)
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins sir app samje nahi me ye kahena chahta hu ki blokchain me PayPal ka option hi nahi hai to me kese karu....
yes, you can
Mimz Core vll (1 year ago)
can i exchange paypal to bitcoin???
mohammed nayaz (1 year ago)
Sir does it provides exact money exchange value that market hasSir does it exchange's with out any pan card , under 18 , bank detailsIt requires only only PayPal link
Hello, yes, exactly value, just need your paypal email to exchange
Anna khan (1 year ago)
Why doesn't Paypal provide option to select bitcoin as a currency. Bitcoin is not in the currencies list of Paypal.
What you mean? for exchange BTC to Paypal, Just select: Send Bitcoin, Receive : Paypal, simple
anand bhachawat (1 year ago)
maximum bitcoin of 10$=? please sir speak
Loodz (11 months ago)
Tips and Tricks Bitcoins rocket science at work 😂 nice vid btw
anand bhachawat (1 year ago)
thanks, please sir create 1 video earn bitcoin on andriod
0.02 = 0.0200000
anand bhachawat (1 year ago)
Sir bitcoin means 0.000002 maximum count of 0.0000002
hello, minimum 0.02 max 10.81BTC
yassine sba (1 year ago)
I have a question about whether the bank accepts money transferred to PayPal ?
yassine sba (1 year ago)
Robert Graf thanks bro
yassine sba (1 year ago)
thanks for advice bro
you're welcome
H.M (1 year ago)
How to do the vice versa?
prado jim (1 year ago)
tell me how to earn bitcoins
prado jim (1 year ago)
Donquipex QPX is this legit?
Sand Ding (1 year ago)
Guilherme Sousa (1 year ago)
freemine kumaji (1 year ago)
Is this site still working or not , and how long to get the money in paypal after sent BTC to this site?
yes, and 10 15min
Working Friend, 5~10 minutes
Xtreme Games (1 year ago)
isso é real mesmo?
Real como? esse site converte bitcoin para paypal
Touqeer Hashmi (1 year ago)
Hi is this site still working or not because i want to exchange
Touqeer Hashmi (1 year ago)
okay bro thanx i will try
Hello Touqeer, 100% i does a exchange today
Gerardo Morillo (1 year ago)
Thanks mate, I found this very helpful to me. Saved me the headache of random google searches :) Cheers, From New York!!
Welcome into my channel
Ricardo Liborio (1 year ago)
Olá amigo ! Gostei de teu video ! Dei like positivo em seu video ! Ganhou mais um inscrito em seu canal ! Por favor amigo , tenho dúvidad : primeiro tenho que abrir conta em qual dos sites : onestpay.com ou payticoins.com ?onestpay.com é uma carteira de bitcoin ? payticoins.com é uma carteira de bitcoins ? ou tenho quer ter uma carteira tipo eobot.com já com satoshis para usar payticoins.com junto com onestpay.com ? Eu não sei por onde começar ! Pode parecer palhaçadas estas perguntas , mas estas perguntas são sérias e vitais para quem quer começar a usar bitcoins !!!! Desde já agradeço por seu atendimento e por sua resposta generosa !!!! Um forte abraço para você amigo !!!!
Ali Wafa (1 month ago)
Swindler, ٍSharper, Crook, Impostor, Juggler, Bilker
John Homles (3 months ago)
I heard about a group were you can buy and sell any amount of bitcoins and others securely worldwide. i trade with them and its fast. They are cryptoexmart.com
rafael da rocha (1 year ago)
esse site ainda está funcionando? pois estou fazendo o teste Mandei 10 dólares para troca
manuel campos (1 year ago)
otimo muito obrigado a todos os intervenientes por me ajudarem. Muito obrigado mesmo!
nao paga nada
manuel campos (1 year ago)
mas nao pago por ter uma conta no coinbase pois nao?
Bluezão (1 year ago)
ué, vc precisa ter bitcoins pra fazer a troca, e pra ter bitcoins precisa ter uma carteira.
manuel campos (1 year ago)
mas preciso de ter alguma conta do coinbase, e que começei agora no mundo do bitcoin, e nao sei como isso funciona XD Vi varios toturiais e todos tinham de criar conta do coinbase, por isso e que tou intrigado Porque se for assim apago a conta
Ramon G (1 year ago)
Can you compare the fees with Payticoins to Onestpay?
you can exchange bitcoin to usd with onestpay, just select bitcoin to paypal and after withdrawl for you bank account. Onestpay can send directly to your bank account too
Ramon G (1 year ago)
+Tips and Tricks Bitcoins Once i have few bitcoins collected and would like to exchange with usd in the future, can exchange bitcoin to usd using Onestpay?
In onestpay home you will select how much you want exchange, then click in exchange, in next page, you will put your paypal mail and personal email ( can be same ), in next page confirm your data, then just exchange. Anything ask me
Ramon G (1 year ago)
+Tips and Tricks Bitcoins Ok. Once I get home I'll will do that. I got lost finding it where to put my PayPal information that's why I ask.
Hello Ramon, put your personal email address, and you emailr Paypal address
Christian Castro (1 year ago)
Mano minimo é 10$?
Kenny Cee (1 year ago)
thanks for quick reply but please do you have any legitimate site to mine btc for free and it pays pls reply me
Crypto DPX AIRDROPS (1 year ago)
Kenny Cee go to freebitcoinera.blogspot.con
DewClarke (1 year ago)
Check my Channel

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