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Africa's Natural Resources and Why We Need To Own Them

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Africa’s natural resources have been the bedrock of the continent’s economy and continue to represent a significant development opportunity for her people. In 2012, natural resources accounted for 77% of total exports and 42% of government revenues.
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Mic Theory (4 months ago)
Hemp investment exploits a loophole allowing African growth! Zimbabwe has just legalized growing marijuana for medicinal and research purposes -- and several other African governments are considering tapping into the lucrative natural resource too. More than 100,000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, 10 times the amount reported a decade ago according to a UN survey, which advocates believe could be worth trillions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal weed and release many African nations from European debt in the process. Until recently African governments had not yet followed the trend of legalization seen in Europe and the Americas. However last year, Lesotho became the continent's first country to offer legal licenses to grow marijuana, signaling a wider shift toward more liberal policies. Not to mention the 65000 products that hemp industry can create and the entrepreneurial investments therein. From Morocco to South Africa, there is growing interest in cashing in on a valuable crop! Lesotho The tiny, landlocked nation has few natural resources. But Lesotho is a giant of the marijuana trade. "Cannabis is grown almost everywhere in the country," a UNESCO report found, noting the industry is a leading contributor to the economy in a country plagued by poverty. Much of this comes through illicit trade with Lesotho's larger, richer neighbor, South Africa.The government has now signaled its intentions to bring the business out of the shadows by awarding the first license for cultivation and sale to South African alternative medicine company Verve Dynamics. Zimbabwe The southern African country has become the second nation on the continent to legalize the production of marijuana for scientific and medicinal use.Known locally as "mbanje," Zimbabweans can now apply for a license to cultivate marijuana.Previously, possessing, growing or using cannabis in Zimbabwe was illegal, and could come with sentences of up to 12 years in jail.The renewable license permits companies and individuals to produce marijuana for five years. Malawi Malawi is well known for the prevalence and quality of marijuana production within its borders, including the sought after "Malawi Gold" strain.The government is now cultivating hemp on a trial basis,Hemp textile investments are also a major focus of this nation! Ghana Ghanaians are heavy consumers of marijuana, according to the UNODC, which is prohibited but widely tolerated.A pro-legalization campaign has been gathering momentum in recent years, with support from the former head of the Narcotics Control Board. The movement recently received another boost when the executive director of the Ghana Standards Authority suggested that state-led cultivation and export of marijuana could generate valuable income in areas of cattle feed, pharmaceuticals and by expanding export of hemp foods to China!. Swaziland The continent's last absolute monarchy is plagued by poverty, but boasts an abundance of marijuana. Prominent public figures have suggested using the Hemp and canabis crop to boost the economy, including Swaziland's housing and development minister, while the national commissioner of police has called for a study.If this goes through the average citizen could see AN ANNUAL REVENUE INCREASE 30 TIMES THE CURRENT RATE! Several legal battles are ongoing over the future of Cannabis in South Africa. The Dagga Party won a landmark ruling this year to permit smoking in the home on privacy grounds, without changing the legal status of the herb. The so-called "dagga couple" Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke are going further in seeking the right to grow and consume marijuana, which could establish a far-reaching precedent. The South African government has already published guidelines for medical marijuana, paving the way for legal licenses. Simultaneously hempcrete as a building material is expanding nationally with several world acknowledged building and housing projects including a community center showing the value of this highly sought resource! Some African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France 50 years after their independence. This system has been calledan abomination destined to keep African countries poor forever but hemp and cannabis have afforded these nations a loophole to build infrastructure and escape debt! France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out. But creating an agricultural infrastructure with Hemp can insulate and keep profit and materials for wealth in these former colonies. By requiring as the US once did that all farmers farm Hemp on part of their land to support the nation the hemp could be used for thousands of infrastructure building projects including construction, health,clothing,and food supplies as well as cattle feed!Also French banks cannot request profit from cannabis as it is still illegal and would open the door for massive reforms in hemp and cannabis expansion they are unwilling to make
Chipo Hoyi (9 months ago)
l know this is very late but, l'm so glad l bumped into your chanel... l absolutely agree with your point about struggling for a while. The west is not gonna give us good deals unless we put our foot down, but as you said, they're running out of resources, & eventually they will have to come begging.
Aziz Shabazz Maxim (1 year ago)
We need to select a black bank to pool our money 47 million strong. This bank will give us business loans.
Trym Smedsrud (2 years ago)
About keeping resources to yourself, especially petroleum: To take you up on your example, in 2008, Nigeria got 95% of their eksport income from petroleum. Still, they used 1/3 of their national budget to import administrative and technical support in the oil-sector. I Know that a lot of shit stems from the structural adjust programs (SAP) implemented by the World Bank and IMF, not to mention the infrastructure set up all across Africa during the colonial period to get the resources from the periphery (developing 3rd world contries) to the metropoles). Africa allready tried to develop their own industrial sector to compensate for their import, but that was right before the IMF and the World Bank came with SAP and was like "you need money, we got money, you won't get money from anywhere else soon, so if you want it you'll better do as we say and get a neoliberal economy full of privitasation right away" and got pretty much all of Africa into so much debt that they were (economic) slaves once again. Even if SAP hadn't been implemented, the new "compensation-industry" eventually would need a lot of spare parts, expertise, and new technology (wich isn't cheap) A lot of newer programs has been initiated, but most of the official development assistance programs still goes to down-payment of debt going as far back as the 60's, and much of the other programs goes to development and upkeep in the existing petroleum-sector and/or other sectors. An example of this is the the Tanzania-Canada Wheat Program, which between 1972 and 1994 gave 7 huge farms in Tanzania 200 million USD, but the catch was that 80% of that went to buy fertilizers and equipment like tractors (wich there were few, if any at all of in Tanzania from before) so when they broke down they had to buy spare parts for them ALL the time) and other stuff that they had to buy exclusively from Canada, wich by then had bought themself right into a quite favourable position withing the political landscape in Tanzania. In this way they outright ignored the indigineous farming-system wich has been proven to be more economicly sustainable, and also displaced and threatened around 100,000 of the Barabaig pastorialists. The solution to Africa is not straight forward, and there is neither one-solution-fits-all problem. In my honest opinion, I think Africa has come out of this in a pretty good way, if you take into consideration they were colonised for several hundred years, an estimated 12 million people sold as slaves and the racist and downright backwards "aid"-programs implemented, I think Africa is doing well. No country can go through that and expect to be a nation with a thriving economy, a stable and good governmant and a united people. We all have to work together. In the end I allso want to ask for people to stop being so judgemental, not all white people are evil, and seperating yourself from the rest of the world will not help. Most evil, I think, comes from ignorance and fear. So let's be the solution, let's teach. Wisdom is Power. I bet you thought I was black, but no, I'm with as snow, a norwegian studying African studies hoping to cure this world from some of its evils. Peace and love to all.
KILER SHAKA ZULU (2 years ago)
We Africans worldwide need to unite.now in Africa you have white people causing havoc.we must fight these crackers.
Sankofa the Great (2 years ago)
Socialism is the key to every African nation, Whether it is in Africa or outside of Africa. African nations are being exploited because of capitalism. Read, Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism by Vladimir Lenin. The root of Pan-Africanism is Socialism.
J Jar (2 years ago)
H Cruz (2 years ago)
You forgot Equatorial Guinea (Oil Export)
kio (3 years ago)
Africa needs smart person like. do u know thomas Sankara the colonial killed him because he wanted to make africa great.
Afric Network (3 years ago)
+kio Thanks so much! yes i have a video on him you should check it out, i deff agree!
zeek chaiyde (3 years ago)
This exactly what we need! Time to take what is ours and make use of it to benefit US! I'm so tired of seeing western greed and all around disrespect when it comes to the place/people I love (Africa(ns). If we had all the wealth and resources western "powers" flat out STOLE from us no doubt the world would be much better off..and not just for us but for EVERYONE.
kenean92 (3 years ago)
Good video, keep it up
Afric Network (3 years ago)
Thank you +gracia Makinda !
gracia Makinda (3 years ago)
I:)love this bro
Afric Network (3 years ago)
thank you so much! 1 love!
Future Hendrix (3 years ago)
Excellent Video.  I was just on holiday in Europe and was at many countries which colonized Africa. France, Britain, Spain and Italy. I noticed that there was alot of homeless people, alot of poor/old infrastructure and alot of slums/poor people. This really made me think. These countries exploited African resources for decades during colonization but still have a significant amount of poor people. Where did the funds they made from our resources go towards? Why did they directly cause most parts of Africa to be some of the poorest places in the world due to their greed when their are people starving in their European countries and begging me for money at train stations? Look into why Muamar Gaddafi (RIP) was killed and his oil rich country turned into chaos, he was trying to make a one Africa currency. The gold dinar would take Africa out of its financial hell. Gaddafi told the US and the EU that he would sell his Libyan Oil only in the currency of his new "Gold Dinar" and not in American Dollars and urged other African nations to do so as well. http://www.thenewamerican.com/economy/markets/item/4630-gadhafi-s-gold-money-plan-would-have-devastated-dollar
kio (3 years ago)
+Somali Rambo those white people in Australia are British the steal the land from aboriginals. Australia belongs to aboriginal people
Future Hendrix (3 years ago)
+Afric Network This especially interested me even more the fact that I live in Australia. Australia never colonized any African/Asian/Arab countries ever but there is far better infrastructure here than in France, England, Spain, Italy who exploited African resources. I mean seriously things like this make you wonder. The top % including the politicians and bankers stuff the exploited money into their pockets into their pockets and do not care about the people. This is unacceptable I wish people would wake up to this. Power to the people! One love my bro keep on making truthful and important videos.
Afric Network (3 years ago)
Thanks ishak! I agree, the greed is real and the elitest only soul purpose in this world is to keep the treasures they stole from the mother land. I did know about Muamar Gaddafi, he was trying to create the gold dinar, then the western powers, especially America, said no no no no we cant have that, you know when we try to do for are selves, they love to destroy, put on fake fronts, Rebels that centralized a bank over night, basically? come on western powers, come on america, etc etc, someone bigger than them sent them in to fool the world while they took what they wanted. Thanks for the feed back brother, we will get there in due time, 1 love!
Ifrah Leyla (3 years ago)
YESSSSSS!!! Thanks for this!
Afric Network (3 years ago)
Thanks for watching, and you are very welcome! 1 love!

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