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Cryptography Lesson #1 - Block Ciphers

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This tutorial video will help provide an understanding of what block ciphers are, and how they are used in the field of cryptography.
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Text Comments (57)
This is ceaser cipher
Pooja Bajaj (1 month ago)
Please visit the link below to view notes on information security. https://stepuptocrypt.blogspot.com
fasil adam (1 month ago)
nah man, this is ceasar cipher
Mira Solar (4 months ago)
Ok it declares some for me but why their potentials seem endless, ..decrypting from an encrypted block :/ how safe is this according http ;?
mrdhksan (4 months ago)
Can you please let me know what software you used to make this video? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Umm Ye (5 months ago)
Caesar cipher
mrdhksan (5 months ago)
Hi, this is fantastic. Thank you.
Mallu K (5 months ago)
Ryan, Why did you stop man? You are skilled at this, I think you should continue making these videos and organize them into your playlists.
RANDOM VIEWER (6 months ago)
8m ereht olleh soumynonA .rM m'I
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
》*Hye huret my mane si nodbran tub ouy nac clal em iyantem uyo twan!* _[xeptec sebussin sohur]_
Val B (6 months ago)
Is IV used in both Stream and Block cipher, because it is used in CBC as well. Also does hash provide non-repudiation? Thanks!
dueldu (5 months ago)
@Val B Well... Not really. What you may be referring to is a HMAC. It provides integrity. Basically telling you if the message has been tempered with.
The Look Of Disapproval (6 months ago)
isnt this ceaser cipher?
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
One insightful cipher you can use is _LEET._ All you have to do is replace some Letters with similar looking Numbers; like this: _"...4K4 470m1c 73rm1na710n H3x1c003, w45 cr34730 1n 20■ 8y ■■■■■ wh3n H3 f1r57 015c0v3r30 7h47 7h3 m374phy51c47 pr0p3r7135 0f h16h3r d1m3n510n5 57r0n61y c0rr374735 70 7h4 c0n57ruc7 0f..."_
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
Yes but more specifically it's a _substitution cipher._ Every letter can be represented as *ANY* other symbol. (%, [], 5, đ, ♧, €|, xf)
Scott Yeager (3 months ago)
freepointsgals (7 months ago)
I have successfully learned the term "block cipher" exists.
Hitler Parodies GR (10 months ago)
E T E R N A L (11 months ago)
This was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
Viral Head (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXrnYh358_w can you solve it?
Sarah Weaver (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE0h8NCpuQs This provides an actual explanation of what block ciphers are. This is a video of a ceasar cipher.
Corpse Grin (1 year ago)
Best cypher I can come up with, just bored to was something to do
Corpse Grin (1 year ago)
K=%Random Amount of letters replaced% (line one figure 1 numbers 1-9) %Random Line and figure positions for equivalents string% (line 1 figure’s 2-3 numbers 1-9) %random letter string% %random letter string% (first letters are equivalent to second letters makes equivalents string) this cypher is perfect for long paragraph and can be made a little harder , the decoder determines every variable based on the first 3 numbers but these numbers can be put anywhere in the code, the code can also be made more complex by using number letter and symbols as the generated letters strings equivalents making the 3 number nearly impossible to find in the file finally these 3 numbers can be put in a place given a range so the decrypted has to search multiple places to find the correct one meaning hackers can’t use the decrypted code to easily determine the first part of the keys position this would be a pretty good cypher technique for programming and ensure safety from something around 85% if hackers at a guess those left capable would be unlikely to try , the best thing about this is it can be programmed in a simple batch fine and with an exe converted vertion of the encrypted and decrypted it would be really hard to decode the programs
AA Fox (1 year ago)
sucks this video is such a waste of time and energy
Robot Slayer (8 months ago)
AA Fox No u
AA Fox (1 year ago)
zzsql take a hike
zzsql (1 year ago)
Then you go and make a better video instead of complaining.
Yv Fg (1 year ago)
nice video thank u
Jenni Isak (1 year ago)
thaks allot
J Garcia (1 year ago)
This is what Julius Caesar used to encrypt his message but he shift it to the right 3 times.
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
Kevin Leong (1 year ago)
Isn't it just like the shift cipher
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
It's slightly different, no
Ju You (1 year ago)
Very nicely done! Thank you for a good, simple and comprehensive video about this!
Rassamdul (1 year ago)
Andy Swervy (19 days ago)
+Mira I'd rather listen to an American accent than an Indian accent because I have an American accent. Is that racist?
Jorn Van der Wal (2 months ago)
8R4ND0N 3LL1077 CRU23L1 (2 months ago)
+Morty Ash \( ͡°❥ ͡°)/ you do that...
Morty Ash (3 months ago)
You bitch indians talk like shit i cant undestand a word you are dumb get lost mother fucker
Prasad Babu (1 year ago)
you bitch....appreciate the way he teaches....not his citizenship
Sarah Weaver (2 years ago)
This is not a block cipher. This is a ceasar cipher with a password. A block cipher is like this: T H I S I I S A B L O C K C I P H E R A Very different.
Crazedditto (1 year ago)
No thats the Ceasar Box
Billie While (1 year ago)
There is no rule that a Ceasar cipher can't be a block cipher. A block cipher is any family of functions where the input and output spaces are the same, and the family of functions has an inverse. If a Ceasar cipher has these properties, then it is a block cipher.
ringoaikocascade (1 year ago)
I'm currently in the place where I feel I sort of understood the concepts around this, enough to tell that the video is not about block cipher. the reason why I'm here is that sometimes these tutorials for complete beginners give me amazing insight to get me through some cloudy ambiguous concepts.
Noor Muhammad Malik (1 year ago)
If you already know what a block cipher is, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ON THIS VIDEO?
Samira Gadri (2 years ago)
thank you, this is the best explanation of block ciphers on the internet!
Gaurav Joshi (2 years ago)
Nice Video Quick and full of knowledge @Ryan Kral
toruna kabir (2 years ago)
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jesse eckart (5 months ago)
this helped me alot within the context.
vincent chandolu (1 year ago)
NARESH Royal (1 year ago)
U r so pretty
Blake Bartenbach (1 year ago)
Will these methods heal my block ciphers?
LBR (3 years ago)
amazing video.............thanx guys for this videos..........thnk u so much

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