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Bubble effect in Flash AS3 by Alauddin Ansari
Hi Friends! With the popularity of my previous flash tutorial bubble effect in AS2 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-z_wpO61GE) and viewers comment to have this tutorial and effect also in AS3 (Action Script 3.0), I decided to develop this effect also in AS3. So, I tried my best to make this tutorial simple and easy to understand who watch this video. You can try it yourself to implement and add some extra effects to it. Requirements are very minor: You just need to have a basic knowledge of Action Script 3.0 and have a Adobe Flash CS3 or later to implement this tutorial. So guys, why you don't try this at this moment. If you tried it and have some questions or some more implementation then please write me a comment. I'll must response to your questions and queries. If you want some more exiting flash tutorials and tips & tricks or have any kind of problem then you can join my Facebook Group for Action Script 3.0 from https://www.facebook.com/groups/alauddin/ and get everything related Flash and Flex Action Script 3.0 Thanks and best regards from, Alauddin Ansari
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Flash Wave Animation Tutorial
Download it - http://www.developphp.com/video/Flash/Continuous-Wave-Tutorial Learn Flash wave animation techniques.
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Bubble effect in Flash AS2 - Flash Tutorials by Alauddin Ansari
Hi! Look below for whole action script. This is very simple way to make Bubbles in Flash with Action Script. AS2:- i = 1; color = 0x000000; this.createEmptyMovieClip("mymc",1); this.onMouseMove = function() { a = mymc.attachMovie("bubble","mc"+i, i+1); a._x = _xmouse; a._y = _ymouse; a._xscale = a._yscale = ( Math.random() * 80) + 20; myColor = new Color(a); myColor.setRGB(color); color += 0x123456; i++; }
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Adobe flash tutorial-Water Drops
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2D game flash progress
this is just a progress of my 2d animation game.,
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flash making waves
^-^ I love my fatty
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Flash Buttons in Animate (formerly Flash Professional) are symbols that contain four frames. Each frame of a button symbol represents a different state for the button: Up, Over, Down, and Hit. These states determine how a button visually behaves when the mouse is rolled over it or when the user clicks the button. This document explains how to create basic and advanced buttons.
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Create Rain Effect In Flash
This tutorial explains about how to create Rain Effect in Flash. I hope you Enjoy watching this Video! This is done using ActionScript 2.0(AS 2.0). SUBSCRIBE For More Videos! For Source File, Click Here:- http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/92339095/file.html If you have any doubts you can ask me!
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Flash Tutorial Type What You See
When this game is started the player will be shown text. It can be a single letter, a punctuation mark, a word or a complete sentence. The player then types what she has seen. If she is correct 100 points will go towards the score. If she is not correct -50 from the score. A correct response advances to the next word/letter.
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Custom Cursor - Flash Tutorial
First Flash Tutorial How to set a custom cursor for your flash movies Code: Mouse.hide(); newCursor.startDrag(true);
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Adding interactivity to your buttons in Flash
Adding interactivity to your buttons in Flash. Use the snippets panel to add the basic code. Use the Actions window to modify the details. Recorded 11-08-2010
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Use ActionScript Libraries
In this demo, we will learn how to use ActionScript libraries in Adobe Flash CS6.
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Advanced Flash Class interactive animation part 1 from 09132011
Advanced Flash Class interactive animation part 1 from 09132011
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72 curser effects
this is a vid of 72 curser effects
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Flash Animation Tutorial - Flag Animation with Flash
In this tutorial, you will get introduced to the basics of fabric animation by creating an animated Flag. As in the Fire tutorial, you will learn to utilize the Shape Tween and Shape Hints facilities to achieve a very realistic Flag Waving effect.
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Flash bottle Animation
Flash animation step by step
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7  How to Use Save Panels in Adobe Flash CS4 Sinhala HD
See Website: http://www.npcmaster.com/ See Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/npcmastercom/836379363092167 See Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LyjNswGyh9SwaVgTc_gfA/feed
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membuat pilihan musik dengan adobe flas cs 06
membuat pilihan musik dengan adobe flas cs 06
Flash Tutorial: Creating Fire Effects Very Quickly
Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/19vzAMH Subscribe to my cartoon channel: http://bit.ly/IdXnWN In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create fire animation very quickly and easily using the "Deco Tool".
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creating a custom game cursor in Flash
Sinhala Flash Game making Tutorial
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[Hindi] How to create 2D flash Game Tutorial - Part 1
Doston ye video ek tutorial hai, agar ap bhi chahte hai game create kaise karte hai sikhna to is video ko dekhein or janein ki kaisi script or tools ka use kiya jata hai kaise logics ka use kiya jata hai... [Hindi] How to create 2D flash Game Tutorial - Part 1 #Howto #Game #Animation #FlashGames #PCGames @Buzz2DayTech Software Used : Macromedia Flash 8.0 Programming Used: Action Script 2.0 ____________________________________________________________ Character Coding/Script : onClipEvent (load) { var ground:MovieClip = _root.ground; var grav:Number = 0; var gravity:Number = 2; var speed:Number = 7; var maxJump:Number = -12; var touchingGround:Boolean = false; } onClipEvent (enterFrame) { _y += grav; grav += gravity; while (ground.hitTest(_x, _y, true)) { _y -= gravity; grav = 0; } if (ground.hitTest(_x, _y+5, true)) { touchingGround = true; } else { touchingGround = false; } if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)) { _x += speed; } if (Key.isDown(Key.LEFT)) { _x -= speed; } if (Key.isDown(Key.UP) && touchingGround) { grav = maxJump; } if (ground.hitTest(_x+(_width/2), _y-(_height/2), true)) { _x -= speed; } if (ground.hitTest(_x-(_width/2), _y-(_height/2), true)) { _x += speed; } if (ground.hitTest(_x, _y-(height), true)) { grav = 3; } } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Script in Notepad File: https://goo.gl/CDxrqo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch Part-2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsVUMb9Eqns Watch Other Videos Also : How to create game using notepad : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeRHh2wXpLc&t=17s How to create software: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlvaluIWB8Q&t=557s How to Create analogue Clock using Flash Animation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE1O18MYr5M&t=1s Description: #Buzz2Day Tech ►► Join Facebook Group for your Queries: https://www.facebook.com/groups/b2dtech/ Social Media: Subscribe ► https://goo.gl/YWVPKH Facebook ► https://goo.gl/P4pq8q Twitter ► https://goo.gl/vl7Nj5 Instagram ► https://goo.gl/0Uuqr8 Google+ ►https://goo.gl/S0JNlq
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snow effect in flash
snow effect in flash guys
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Flash reflection Guide
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Masking using Action-script 2.0
Create a Beautiful masking effect using flash action script 2.0. its takes less than three minutes to create. for more tutorials visit http://flash-hunters.blogspot.com
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A walk on the beach
Flash background scrolling/Camera test XD
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Flash Game | Walkthrough | Water Buboy | Ep. 1 - nice physics you got there
Remember to like, comment and subscribe if you enjoy my content. Playin someWater Buboy
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http://activeden.net/item/mouse-effects/128999?ref=Bedros This is a very easy to update mouse effects pack , a mouse-particle Generator , written in Flash CS3 by using Actionscript 3.0. if you want to change/update the particles' graphics , you must open Flash CS3 or higher... Possibilites are endless , you can combine different particles with each other , with a very little effort you may have some very different particle effects.
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First Flash Animation
A small project i had to do for class. Animated the character in Flash CS3 and brought it into After Effects CS3 to add the background, snow and sound effects.
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Flash 8:Let object Move and Jump
Code link: http://rapidshare.com/files/147776553/Flash_8_code.txt.html
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Bullseyes. Adobe Flash Animation
CSV1D Flash
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Zanzlanz - Reality [Original Trance]
Here's my trance track, "Reality" with a fancy visualizer too! Enjoy! Details below :3 Download/Donate: Bandcamp: http://zanzlanz.bandcamp.com/track/reality SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zanzlanz/reality ~~~~ Visualizer ~~~~ The visualizer was made in Flash AS3. I edited the original visualizer, which was in my Plaza music video: Plaza: https://youtu.be/X5EJUpaas6k CamStudio wasn't working well with me this time, and the visualizer was off-sync with the music, so I had to keep correcting it when editing. That's why sometimes it will seem off-beat, or glitch. When running the visualizer, however, it ran perfectly fine ;D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ Music ~~~~ Download/Donate: Bandcamp: http://zanzlanz.bandcamp.com/track/reality SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zanzlanz/reality If you would like to use this music, you must clearly credit me and the track! Thanks! The music was created in FL Studio. I recorded the birds in my back yard! The original plan was to use them for sound effects in a game, but I decided to make this track first xD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All content for this video was created and produced by myself.
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การสร้างน้ำไหล Flash Cs3 ด้วย Action Script
การสร้างน้ำไหล Flash Cs3 ด้วย Action Script ซึ่งท่านสามารถโหลด Script ตัวอย่างได้ที่นี้เลยครับ /** * Realistic Water & Wave Effect * * Version: 1.0 * Author: Philip Radvan * URL: http://www.freeactionscript.com */ import flash.display.*; import flash.geom.*; import flash.filters.*; createWater(water_mc); /** * Create Water Function * usage: createWater(myWaterMovieClip); */ function createWater(target:MovieClip):Void { target.counter = 1; target.pt = new Point(0, 0); target.mpoint = new Point(0, 0); target.myBitmap = new BitmapData(target._width, target._height, false, 0); target.myDispl = new DisplacementMapFilter(target.myBitmap, target.mpoint, 10, 2, 10, 15, "clamp"); target.myList = new Array(); target.myList.push(target.myDispl); target.filters = target.myList; target.onEnterFrame = function() { filterList = target.filters; offset = new Array(); offset[1] = new Object(); offset[1].x = target.counter; offset[1].y = target.counter/8; target.myBitmap.perlinNoise(45,5,3,50,true,false,7,true,offset); filterList.mapBitmap = target.myBitmap; target.filters = filterList; target.counter++; }; }
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Falling Leaf Animation using Adobe Flash ( with ESubs )
In this tutorial you will learn how to create an animated falling leaf using adobe flash - Adobe Flash Basic Tutorial For more tutorials don’t forget to visit my channel. http://www.youtube.com/c/UshaGopivlog Please SUBSCRIBE to my CHANNEL for UPDATES http://www.youtube.com/c/UshaGopivlog Thanks for Watching ….:)
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3 Olas
Animación Flash / Audio: Joaquín Segade
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「火の島」-Over Fire Island-
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How to change the cursor
You can make your own cursor in Flash. It's simple.
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Seema Kishanchandani Tutorial - How to Create a Login Form and Slide Show in MacroMedia Flash
1. Create an application which follows a hierarchy as below: Scene 1: Accepts User Name and Password. If they are correct then traverse them to next scene/file. Scene 2: It has 2 options (Animals and birds). As the option is selected we traverse them to next scene. Scene 3: According to the selected option display slide show of images for it. Each and every scene should contain back and home buttons.
How to Convert .SWF to GIF
More than 50 audio books for learning, including bestsellers! http://app.appsflyer.com/id575898357?pid=egoryoutube Follow this detailed step by step guide to learn how to convert a swf file into gif format. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ In this tutorial, we will teach you how to Convert .swf To Gif. We will teach you how to import a swf file and then save it as a gif in this tutorial.   Step 1 -- Import to Stage option Follow this step by step guide to learn how to Convert .swf To Gif. First of all, go to the start menu and from there, open adobe flash professional. In the Flash program, go to the "file" tab and under import, select the "import to stage" option. You can always use the "ctrl+r" shortcut key.   Step 2 -- Import window In the import window, select the swf file that you want to convert. After you have selected the file, click on the open button. This is the file that will be converted from .swf to gif.   Step 3 -- Preview swf file Once done, press the "enter" key on your keyboard in order to preview the swf file.   Step 4 -- Export Movie Once you are done with the preview, go to the file tab and under export, select the "export movie" option.   Step 5 -- Change file type In the Export Movie window, type the name of the file that you are going to save. Make sure that the file type is GIF. Once you are done, click on the save button. In this manner, the .swf will be turned into GIF.   Step 6 -- Export GIF settings As a result, the export windows avi settings window will appear on your screen. Over here, you can change the height or the width. Click on the ok button to start the exporting process.   Step 7 -- View GIF Once it has been completed, go to the location where the file was saved and open it. You'd see your gif file in motion.
Flash Animation Presentation
Created At Bedi Creative
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Web Design | Adobe Flash Animation Tutorial : Flash Animation Tutorial: Shape Tweening
Have a peek at this exciting video : Shapes can be tweened in Adobe Flash using keyboard shortcuts to create a simple animation. Change the shapes of an animation using the tips in this free video tutorial on Flash animation from a professional web designer. Expert: Joseph Wilkins Bio: Joseph Wilkins is the owner of Pro-Creative, a graphic design and advertising agency. He has worked in the multimedia industry for more than a decade and has been using Flash since version 3. Filmmaker: joseph wilkins 2011 http://trustseo.com Miami Web Designs Thanks to the first uploader of this video was expertvillage
FLASH TUTORIAL: how to make ground reflection (stickman reflection)
in this tutorial you will see how to make the reflection on your stickman
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Simple Truck Animation Adobe Animate 2017
Simple Truck Animation Adobe Animate 2017
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Tutorial:: How to do the snow effect or particle world in sony vegas 8/9
teach you guys how to do this effect.
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