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Immersive Technologies - IM360 Mining Training Simulator
Redefining Simulator Based Training for Mining The IM360 has been specifically designed for machine equipment operator training in surface, underground hard rock and underground soft rock mining environments. It delivers cutting edge technologies which dramatically increase realism to a level not previously seen by the underground mining industry. It ensures our customers have the world's best simulation solution to drive optimization and business improvements. Featuring Immersive Technologies' world first RealMove™ technology, operators can freely walk around the mine and equipment, allowing for realistic training for Red Zone avoidance, proximity sensor training, prestart and walk around. When coupled with Immersive Technologies removable motion platform, the IM360 offers high frequency motion cues for seated machines, aligning operator movement with display upon the uninterrupted High Definition 360° display. Original Equipment Manufacturers, MSHA guidelines, and industry best practice are tightly integrated within the Advanced Equipment Simulators. This attention to detail, flexibility, and fidelity gives trainees more in depth machine knowledge and delivers rapid, correct and effective learning and assessment for your operation's needs.
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Underground mine 3D design example
This video demonstrates the benefits of a mine layout design in three dimensions (3D) with services installed. The design is done with AutoDesk RevIt. The software does bill of materials, collision detection (between installed equipment and services), walk throughs enabling the viewer to see the final product before any equipment gets installed under ground. A great way to save costs by under or overdesign drifts, under or overestimating materials used, etc.
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Industrial Video: Underground Mining
Industrial Video: Underground Mining of Oldenburg mining equipment. © Mark Davis/CommercialIndustrialPhotographer.com. 1-256-355-1504.
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AutoMine Tele Remote
AutoMine™ Tele-Remote is a smart solution for single-loader teleoperation and the entry-level package to Sandvik’s industry-leading AutoMine™ offering. The product includes several smart features that make remote loader operation effortless.
Norscot Cat AD45B & R1700G LHD Mining Machines
This review takes a look at two underground mining machines released by Norscot in 1:50 scale. The AD45B underground articulated dump truck and the R1700G LHD underground mining loader.
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Used Tamrock Jumbo Boomer underground Mining  drill rig  for sale Monomatic
This video show you an used http://www.ito-germany.com/for-sale/tamrock underground Mining Machine Tamrock HS 105 Monomatic ready for shipping in 40 feet container to Vietnam. - Tamrock HS105C - Tamrock Minimatic - Underground Equipment - Dandvik Tamrock Jumbo Boomer for sale - We buy used Tamrock Drill rig - We rent Atlas Copco 282 Jumbo Boomer - Mining Equipment Tamrock H207 Minimatic wanted Images Tamrock Mining Equipment: http://images.ito-germany.de/gallery/Tunnelbaumaschinen-zu-verkaufen-Bilder-Galerie/1-Tamrock.jpg#thumb-87322 Sandvik Underground drill rig http://images.ito-germany.de/gallery/Tunnelbaumaschinen-zu-verkaufen-Bilder-Galerie/Mining-Eupiment.jpg#thumb-87330 Tunneling Equipment for sale Hydropowerplant Jumbo Boomer: Used Equipment for Mining Wanted: JUMBO PERFORACION, CICLO DE PERFORACION EN MINERIA, 3 Boom Jumbo, jumbo perforando frente pascualama tamrock DD420, operar una JUMBO, DD310 Mining Jumbo, Sandvik DD420 Mining Jumbo,Tuneladora, Dulcinea, una de la mayores tuneladoras del mundo, Atlas Copco Diamec MCR, Atlas Copco Smarter Quarrying, Atlas Copco Boomer M2C facedrill, PERFORADORA , Refurbished Jumbo - Atlas Copco 282, Sandvik Tamrock DS410 Rock Bolter,DS510 Rock Bolter, Sandvik DD530 Mining Jumbo for sale ,Tunnel Construction , Hydropower plant used for sale, Gold Mining Suriname, Ancient Tunnels, Tunneling Equipment Turkey, Sandvik Tünel Delici,Perun underground Mining,Tunneling Jumbo Training Simulator
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DD420 Mining Jumbo
Sandvik DD420 is high performance twin-boom jumbo for up to 60 m² headings. Sandvik DD410 is a single boom version of the same product.
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Underground Mining in Vulcan
The solutions for underground mining in Vulcan allow 3D mine design and modeling with options specially tailored for underground mines. Now with the addition of new tools that will be available in the next version of Vulcan engineers can make informed decisions more efficiently for long-term planning and detailed design tasks, with the advantage of having everything integrated on the same platform in Vulcan.
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Paus 853 S8 Mining Scaler with NPK GH2TS Hydraulic Hammer - Scaling Underground Mine Roof
Paus 853 roof scaling, taking down loose material in an underground mine. Roof scaling in an underground mine is an ongoing process. Paus mining scalers help ensure roof & pillar safety. Paus scaler models are available with maximum vertical reach from 20 to 32 feet. For more information about Paus underground scaling machines, please visit: http://www.npkce.com/
Underground Mining Loader R1600G 3D Model From CreativeCrash.com
Underground Mining Loader R1600G 3D Model From CreativeCrash.com http://www.creativecrash.com/marketplace/3d-models/vehicle/heavy-vehicle/c/underground-mining-loader-r1600g-3d-model This model works in Maya, XSI, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Solidworks, Sketchup, Lightwave, Softimage and any software that supports .3ds, .fbx and .obj. Ready to render and royalty free.
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Used Jumbo Boomer Tamrock H207 Minimatic used for sale Tunneling Equipment
Under Ground Mining Equipment for sale. Used Tamrock Jumbo Boomer http://www.ito-germany.com/sandvik-tamrock-h-207-minimatic-used-for-sale-h205 Manlift and Drill Rig in one Machine. - Manufacture Sandvik Tamrock - Type Tamrock H207 M Minimatic - Year 1996 - Diesel and Electric drive - Working platform Tamrock H207 D - Used for Hydropower Tunneling project - Colour Tamrock Sandvik Jumbo Boomer orange - Deutz Diesl engine http://www.ito-germany.com/for-sale/tamrock-axera http://www.ito-germany.com/for-sale/tamrock We by used Underground Mining Equipment from Sandvik , Tamrcok, Atlas Copco, GHH, Mine Master low profile underground drill rig, Atlas Copco 282 rocket Boomer, Atlas Copco L2C Rocket Boomer, Sandvik Alexa drill rig, Tamrock T11 Axera 315, Sandvik Jumbo drill 316. We also by used Scooptram LHD Atlas Copco Toro , GHH, Paus, Shopf, Images Tamrock Jumbo Boomer for sale: http://images.ito-germany.de/gallery/Sandvik-Tamrock-Minimatik-H-207-used-205-for%20sale-Images-gal/Tamrock-minimatic-207.jpg http://images.ito-germany.de/gallery/Sandvik-Tamrock-Minimatik-H-207-used-205-for%20sale-Images-gal/Boomer-H-126-xn.jpg Under ground Mining Equipment for sale: JUMBO PERFORACION, CICLO DE PERFORACION EN MINERIA, 3 Boom Jumbo, jumbo perforando frente pascualama tamrock DD420, operar una JUMBO, DD310 Mining Jumbo, Sandvik DD420 Mining Jumbo,Tuneladora, Dulcinea, una de la mayores tuneladoras del mundo, Atlas Copco Diamec MCR, Atlas Copco Smarter Quarrying, Atlas Copco Boomer M2C facedrill, PERFORADORA , Refurbished Jumbo - Atlas Copco 282, Sandvik Tamrock DS410 Rock Bolter,DS510 Rock Bolter, Sandvik DD530 Mining Jumbo for sale ,Tunnel Construction , Hydropower plant used for sale, Gold Mining Suriname, Ancient Tunnels, Tunneling Equipment Turkey, Sandvik Tünel Delici,Perun underground Mining,Tunneling Jumbo Training Simulator
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Underground mine captured by 3DLM
Underground mine captured by 3DLM with a vehicle based mobile mapping system. Point spacing is about 10mm.
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Aker Wirth and Rio Tinto - Mobile Tunnel Miner (MTM) Full Version
Aker Wirth GmbH - Mobile Tunnel Miner Revolution in underground mining Together with Rio Tinto, one of the world's largest mining companies, Aker Wirth developed a new, innovative tunnel boring system for underground tunneling and mining and the Mobile Tunnel Miner (MTM). The machine concept combines the flexibility of a roadheader with the robustness of a tunnel boring machine. The knowledge gained from a previous version developed and tested already by Aker Wirth is also exploited. The self-propelled machine moves on a crawler and a walking mechanism and excavates rock with six powerful hydraulically actuated arms fitted with disc cutters. The muck is conveyed to the rear of the machine by a loading apron with loading disks and via a chain conveyor where it is loaded. This new tunneling system is part of Rio Tinto's Mine of the Future™ programme and will be tested in a full-scale trial at the Rio Tinto Northparkes copper mine in Australia this year. Performance The MTM 6 sets new standards in mining development. In comparison to drill and blast, the MTM 6 is designed to more than double current performance with a potential tunneling rate of of 10 m per day. Energy efficiency With undercutting technology, the MTM 6 is especially efficient with tunneling in hard rock (up to max. 300 MPa). The considerably lower tensile strength of the rock when compared to compressive strength is exploited in this respect. The roller cutters are positioned at a slight angle to the cutter arms, thus undercutting the rock and removing pieces about the size of the palm of a hand. The energy required for undercutting is about half that used for conventional disc cutters on traditional tunnel boring machines. Flexibility & mobility The Mobile Tunnel Miner 6 is able to cut rectangular or horseshoe-shaped cross-sections in addition to circular tunnels with a bore diameter of up to 6 m. This permits the direct boring of the desired tunnel shape, whereas the lower part of a round cross section usually needs to be backfilled where a conventional tunnel boring machine is used. With a flexible bore diameter of up to 6 m, the self-propelled Mobile Tunnel Miner can be used for a variety of applications. The machine is also an innovation in terms of its mobility: it can move flexibly forward using a walking mechanism and backward with a crawler. Thanks to several swivel joints, the turning radius of the 75 m long machine is only 30 m. This means it can master considerably tighter curves than a classic tunnel boring machine which has a turning radius of approximately 500 m under comparable conditions of use. Safety In contrast to drill and blast, which up until now has been the usual method employed in rock of this strength, tunneling with the MTM requires considerably less work from personnel at the tunnel face. The machine is operated from a central control cabin located on the machine itself. The high degree of automation minimises contact between personnel and both moving components and rock. Thanks to its flexibility, the MTM can be easily driven away from the tunnel face for maintenance purposes, which also contributes to the safety of operating personnel. "We will revolutionise safety and efficiency in underground mining with the new Mobile Tunnel Miner", says Einar Brønlund, CEO at Aker Wirth with absolute conviction. "This innovative technology will improve health, safety and environmental protection significantly and makes working conditions more attractive." About Aker Wirth Aker Wirth is one of the leading equipment suppliers, delivering core components for the oil and gas industry as well as mining and civil construction products for the industry. Since 1895, Aker Wirth has been supporting the establishment of a modern and efficient development of natural resources and infrastructure, promoting growth and improving the standard of living. In 2010 and 2011, Aker Wirth was awarded for an outstanding personnel management and in 2009 and 2011 for innovative products and solutions. Aker Wirth is a subsidiary of Aker Solutions AS, a provider of oilfield products, systems and services for customers for the oil and gas industry world-wide. Contact Aker Wirth GmbH | Kölner Str. 71-73 | 41812 Erkelenz | Germany | www.akersolutions.com/akerwirth
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Normet in Underground Mining and Tunnelling
Concrete spraying in Kittilae mine. Normet's Spraymec in action in Finnish mine with Normet engineers operating it. Normet produces solutions for demanding customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling. Normet develops, manufactures and markets equipment and vehicles for mining and underground construction and offers services for the maintenance and usage processes for the entire lifetime of the products. Normet Group is a global market leader in its business sector. Over 90 % of the production is exported. Normet employs 460 professionals worldwide. The turnover in 2009 totaled 90 million euros.
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Project Start 3D Underground Mining Simulation
ProjectStart Demo01 Interactive Underground Mine Simulator LHD Simulator Project in development made with Blender and Unity (First version) / Unreal Engine (Final version). Blueprint and C++ programming. LHD controlled by keyboard or Xbox360 gamepad. Creado por UMine Real Esteban Maldonado
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Coaltram CT08.wmv
Diversified Mining Services Coaltram CT08 Positioning an Underground Chock Trailer.
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rock drill underground mining
Coal mining drilling machine and strong power. Robust design and high performance. Contact us [email protected] or call +82 10 7478 5119.
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JOY Continuous Miners
This video show several clips of Joy Mining Machinery's continuous miner prodcuts in operation underground.
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Underground Mining Simulator Product Video
Available from http://www.flightstore.co.uk Product Code: SM9044
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Fletcher Model 3250RD High-Reach Scaler®
http://www.jhfletcher.com/products/scalers.html Heavy-duty boom reaches up to 50' to remove hazardous scale. Operator works from pressurized cab with rock guard. 360 degree upper chassis and pick rotation.
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Podzemna eksploatacija - Underground Mining
Rudarski Institut - Podzemna ekspolatacija Mining Institute - Underground Mining
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The Atlas Copco underground drilling rig training simulator
The Atlas Copco underground drilling rig training simulator has a complete Boomer cabin, with all functions fully integrated including RCS (Rig Constrol System). The training simulator is a part of the Atlas Copco Drill Master Program. For more information, see our website http://www.oryx.se/, or http://www.atlascopco.com/. For more information about the Atlas Copco Drill Master Program: http://www.atlascopco.com/drillmaster/. Also take a look at Atlas Copco youtube-channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AtlasCopc...
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Autonomous underground mining truck scanner
This video is about Autonomous Underground mining truck payload monitoring
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Continuous miner II specifications of continuous minersII Telugu Tech Niks
Continuous miner II specifications of continuous minersII Telugu Tech Niks. continuous miner cutting coal, continuous miner working, continuous miner operator, continuous miner animation, continuous miner simulator, continuous miner in india, continuous miner video, continuous miner remote control, continuous miner photos, continuous miner wikipedia, continuous miner, continuous miner cutting sequence, cat continuous miner, joy continuous miner, continuous miner machine, continuous miner picks, continuous miner pdf, continuous surface miner, the continuous miner, continuous miner underground, continuous miner videos
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Mining Simulation in Simio
Mining operation, 3D model - Real Mine Layout. For more info see www.setec.co.za
Ceenex mine modeling and simulation with Simio
Demonstration of some mining models developed by Ceenex, using the breakthrough Simio rapid modeling 3D discrete event simulation software. Models include pit mining, underground mining (vertical and decline operations), processing plant, haulage (rail and road) and port logistics. Modeling and simulation provide a means toward informed decision making, therein efficiently minimizing risk and effectively maximizing return on investment for the system being analyzed. For more information visit http://www.ceenex.com
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underground mining simulator 2011 demo
Contact Us For Help: http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html UNDERGROUND MINING SIMULATOR, Free Games UNDERGROUND MINING SIMULATOR FREE DOWNLOAD best pc games the best blog for latest and old version games all games are free for download mediafire games Underground Mining Simulator 2013 Demo, Stone(Ore) Crusher underground mining simulator 2011 demo Crusher South Africa . mine Can Buy Various High Quality 2014 New designed underground coal mine equipment . Sep 11, Mining Weekly, 3D simulation software package for mine Mining Weekly. http://www.miningweekly.com/article/3d, simulation, software, package, for, mine, ventilation, 2011, 10, 14 underground mining simulator 2011 underground mining simulator 2011 is an international consulting and brokerage company born out of its founders’ drive to identify new and better trading Ventsim, 3D Mine Ventilation Simulation Software The Ultimate Mine Ventilation Design Solution. Ventsim? is an underground mine ventilation simulation software package designed to model and simulate ventilation Real, time 3D Mining simulation and visualization with Mycosm Real, time 3D Mining simulation and visualization with Mycosm. Accurate real, time 3D mine site environments with the visual realism and interactivity of current Mining Simulators & Virtual Training Rick Longstaff of Vista Training, a training solutions provider, says simulators are intended to provide convincing examples of many commonly encountered equipment University of Alaska buys mining simulator, MINING.com The University of Alaska has acquired a Thoroughtec simulator to help students train in its underground mining program, reports Mineweb. The University of Alaska Excalibur Underground Mining Simulator, Price Comparison Find the best price for Excalibur Underground Mining Simulator in Games & Consoles. Available from £2.50, sold by 2 retailers. mining machinery simulators south africa, ZME Product List. what is procedure for calculating the coal flow in a mill; cement mill maintenance ppt presentation; coal mining interview questions and answers pdf Mining Simulator, BNamericas Visa. Visa Inc. operates retail electronic payments network worldwide. It facilitates global commerce through the transfer of value and information among financial Extra Play, Underground Mining Simulator 2011 (PC CD Underground Mining Simulator 2011 (PC CD) at a low price; get free Release Day Delivery on eligible orders. See reviews & details on a wide selection of PC Gold Mining Simulator 2012 Demo, Protable Plant UNDERGROUND MINING SIMULATOR DEMO DOWNLOAD. FIFA 12 vs PES 2012. .. underground mining simulator 2011; gold mining download simulator 2013; ? Contact us. Archives/underground Mining Simulator Demo Archives/underground Mining Simulator Demo. Request a quotation. Simply complete the form below, click submit, Underground Mining, BNamericas Underground mining is needed when the mineralization occurs below the surface and is confined to veins, fault zones or beds. In Latin America, one of the major World of Subways Vol. 3 London Underground, RELOADED Demo Demo Download All business software Demo Download plus Tutorials and Tips for Designers and Bloggers. Truck Training on Your Computer, Mining Technology I’ve never been much for PC gaming, especially the shoot em up games, but I must confess I have a few racing games that I play every now and then. Immersive Technologies demonstrates underground mining In joint participation with Barminco Australia, Immersive Technologies demonstrated its unique UG360 simulator at the 2011 AusIMM Underground Operators Conference. Underground Mining Simulator 2011 Tpb, Protable Plant Underground Mining Simulator 2011 Torrent ? Daleide.com. Underground Mining Simulator 2011 Torrent. ? demo underground mining simulator Oyu Tolgoi uses ThoroughTec mining simulators for operator ThoroughTec has announced that the Rio Tinto Limited project in Mongolia, Oyu Tolgoi, will be using their Cybermine mining simulators to enhance operator skill Underground Mining Simulator 2011 screenshots (PC Underground Mining Simulator 2011. PC. Simulation. PC. Game Info Images 5. total number of screenshots: 5, last update: 26 March 2012, Excalibur Publishing Limited Gold Mining Simulator Game, Shanghai Stone Crushing Equipment Gold Mining Simulator Game Features. ABOUT US SBM is a global company with products sold to more than 70 countries in the world SBM mining euipments would satisfy you Construction, Simulator, Download I have Construction Simulator 2012 Mac version.I have completed the school mission.Is that the last level?When I start the next mission ,it is the same school th
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Shotcrete in a Mine - REED LOVA Gunite Machine
REED LOVA model gunite machine is being used here with super sacks of King Packaged Materials in a mine. This LOVA is skid mounted, and was purchased with an optional "Bulk Bag Adapter". REED Gunite Machines (dry-process shotcrete) are used in mines all over the world. www.REEDpumps.com
Building a Mine: From Planning and Power to Machines and Support
When Stornoway’s Renard diamond mine began its production ramp-up in July 2016, it was ahead of schedule and under budget. Stornoway gives credit to the many partnerships that were essential to this achievement — from the local First Nations Cree community and government entities, to local construction crews, and to Caterpillar and Cat dealer Hewitt Equipment Ltd. Hewitt worked with Stornoway long before equipment ever arrived — optimizing the mine set-up, developing a solution to power the remote site with a set of Cat generator sets, finding the right mix of trucks and loaders, and ensuring logistics and support are in place to ensure the availability of its Cat equipment.
Mine shaft logistics simulation toolkit
Illustration of the Ceenex mine simulation toolkit utilized to model mine logistics. The video demonstrate configuration of a multi-level underground mine shaft system and decline conveyor train. Developed in Gensym G2.
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AutoMine Surface Drilling
AutoMine™ Surface Drilling offers high drilling productivity and equipment utilization for Sandvik i-series drill rigs from the safety of a remote operation center. One operator can control a fleet of drill rigs, and the package includes 3D drilling navigation to maximize blast accuracy and mine efficiency. Drill more holes in less time, while significantly improving safety and drilling performance.
Cat® Rotary Drills: Performance, Support & Technology
Cat® Rotary Drills offer the performance and technology you need to keep your mine productive — and our dealers offer the service and support to keep them running. Hear how the Cat MD6420B has helped customers make their mines more productive and efficient.
Mining Simulation with Optimization
http://mosimtec.com/ An example mining simulation model demonstrating an embedded optimization model for blending stockpiles. A blend optimizer is required to identify which stockpiles should be used to create a consistent composite feed for the processing plant or furnace. --- This simulation model represents a mine where ore is generated from surface or underground operations and enters a series of equipment until metal is recovered and transported. This type of model runs on user-defined inputs where output data; including statistics on throughput, inventory, utilization, and recovery; can be easily exported to the user in graphical and numerical form. Using the data generated from the model, the decision-maker can understand how their mine is expected to perform. A model of this type can answer questions such as “How will maintenance affect the system?”, “How will the attributes of ore coming out of the mines; such as grade, carbon-content and sulfides; affect equipment utilization, throughput, and inventory?”, “Can a change in equipment and storage configuration improve the system?”, and “Can other mathematical tools, such as optimization, be used to improve a process and increase upfront metal recovery?” Ore enters the system in surface and underground operations where each slug of ore is assigned attributes, such as grade and carbon-content, based on a user-defined mine plan. Ore goes through a series of equipment before it is transported to processing operations where it enters one of many stockpiles, waiting for pyrometallurgical processing. For each blending cycle, ore is taken out of the stockpiles to feed processing operations. How the ore is blended across the stockpiles will affect equipment performance and metal recovery. In this demo model, the user has the ability to turn on a blending optimizer. When the optimizer is turned on, the stockpile attributes; including weight, grade, and carbon-content; are analyzed to create the optimal blend of ore. Integrating this optimizing algorithm into a simulation model is extremely useful because this blending technique can be easily tested in the virtual mine over varying periods of time with a variety of constraints and scenarios. Its effects on equipment performance, throughput, and metal recovery can be evaluated before the blending optimizer is implemented in a real mine. With a simulation model, business decisions can be made based on the output data by testing different scenarios and input parameters. Simulation models are also necessary to test optimization algorithms and other tools so their effects on the system can be anticipated before they are implemented in a real mine.
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Next Level Mining Simulation
A mining simulation with serious gaming technologies. A project developed by the Virtual Reality Group at the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.
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Caterpillar and Minetec Shine a Light on Underground Operations
Caterpillar is partnering with industry-leading technology developer Minetec to bring asset tracking, production tracking, task management and more to the GPS-deprived underground mining industry. Learn more about this partnership, and how it can help you make your underground operation safer, more efficient and more productive.
Sen Begich UAS Mine Center Mine Sim March 2012small.wmv
Sen. Mark Begich tours the mine training center at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, Sunday. Begich drove the simulated haul truck and spoke with students of Juneau's high school mining program.
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McDowell Equipment - MTI CJ240 Underground 2 Boom Electric Hydraulic Jumbo Drill
MTI CJ240 Underground 2 Boom Electric Hydraulic Jumbo Drill Head on over to our webpage for more information! http://www.bmcdowell.com/mcdowell-mining-division-jumbo-drills/235-mti-underground-2-boom-electric-hydraulic-jumbo-drill-cj240-b20-613 SERIAL # OF MACHINE: MAKE OF ENGINE: DEUTZ F6L912 ENGINE SERIAL #: MAKE OF TRANS: MODEL OF TRANS: FRONT AXLES: JOHN DEERE 12000 TEAMATE REAR AXLES: FORD 64 STYLE OF SERVICE BRAKES: POSI STYLE OF PARK BRAKES: TIRE SIZE: 10.00X20 LH FRONT % _10_ LR% _20_ RR% _10_ RF% _20_ REMARKS ON TIRES: MAKE OF ATTACHMENT: MODEL OF ATTACHMENT: 2X HC80 DRILLS DETAILS OF ATTACHMENT: 904 HRS/ 1756 HRS, FULL ROLL OF CABLE DETAILS OF OVERALL CONDITION: COMPLETE MACHINE OAL 46' OAW 7'8" OAH 7' APPROX WT # TONS: 30-35 TON
Surface Mining Grader - Training Simulator (5DT - Fifth Dimension Technologies)
This simulator develops the Skills of a Grader operator. Skills are developed progressively by subjecting the trainee to general, specific and emergency Training Scenarios. All operator errors are recorded and reported. Find out more at http://www.5dt.com/
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Simulator Stories - Sasol (5DT - Fifth Dimension Technologies)
Sasol Secunda is a coal production mine that has been in production since 1950. Their relationship with 5DT started in 1999 when they ordered the first Continuous Miner simulator, and they are now currently on their fourth generation simulators. The objective of the simulators here is to maintain all the standards of the mine as the 5DT simulators also create competent operators that meet Sasol's operational excellence standards. By using the simulators as a part of their training program, Sasol Secunda was able to increase uptime by 15% and production by 26%. The simulators also contributed to the reduction of dust on their coal face by 64%. The simulators are now also included as a part of the recruitment process by testing new learners to establish whether they have the potential to be developed into competent machine operators. "Sasol bought the simulators in order to take out coal safely and productively. By accomplishing these goals, the simulators are saving lives, reducing downtime on machines as well as reaching production targets." - Hendrik Venter, Lead Practitioner Learner, Sasol Secunda Sasol Secunda`s vision is to have safer and more productive competent operators. Find out more at http://www.5dt.com/
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McDowell Equipment - Tamrock Toro 450 Underground Loader
Tamrock Toro 450 Underground Loader Head on over to our website for more information! http://www.bmcdowell.com/mcdowell-mining-division-underground-loaders/100-sandvik-tamrock-underground-loader-toro-450-b10-681 SERIAL # 2504 5027 JUNE 2005 MAKE OF ENGINE: DDEC ENGINE SERIAL #: DDEC MAKE OF TRANS: CLARK MODEL OF TRANS: MAKE OF AXLES: CLARK MODEL OF AXLES: STYLE OF SERVICE BRAKES: POSI STYLE OF PARK BRAKES: TIRE SIZE: 26.5X25 LH FRONT % _70_____ LR% ___60________ RR% ___10________ RF ____75__________ REMARKS ON TIRES: ALL HOLD AIR MAKE OF ATTACHMENT: MODEL OF ATTACHMENT: DETAILS OF ATTACHMENT: BUCKET FAIR, LIP 50% DETAILS OF OVERALL CONDITION: OAL 34'6" OAW 9'8" OAH 7'5" APPOX WT # TONS: 40 TON
Mining industries Skellefteå
The region holds one of the most mineralized mining districts in the world, and the Skellefteå area is brimming with highly competitive expertise in this field. A majority of Sweden’s academic and professional units is present here, along with a number of world-class producers specializing in mining equipment, machinery and software. But despite the fact that the mining industry is well developed, there is still room to expand as only some 20% of the mineral resources are currently exploited.
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Strategic shift
The East Kundana Joint Venture (EKJV) includes four producing underground ore bodies: Raleigh, Rubicon, Hornet and Pegasus. Northern Star acquired 51 percent ownership of the operations in March 2014 and has since been ramping up production with help from a new fleet of efficient equipment.
Joy hybrid drive loaders (18HD and 22HD)
Learn more about our 18HD and 22HD hybrid loaders, featuring our SR hybrid drives.
Remote Control Technologies (RCT) Guidance Simulator.mp4
Video capture of RCT's Guidance Simulator, performing a simulation of the Teleremote Guidance System for a 3D model of a Caterpillar R2900G. The RCT Control Master Guidance System is designed for use with underground loaders in mining applications. Please visit http://www.rct.net.au for more information.
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