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ML #5 - Open Source Tools for Data Science
The original live broadcast lost audio momentarily. That audio is now available in this version. This chat will focus on the most practical tools to get you started with data science and healthcare.ai. Which tools are best for data analysis. Which tools are best for machine learning. Which tools enable team collaboration. Which tools let you work on open-source code.
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Parser and Lexer — How to Create a Compiler part 1/5 — Converting text into an Abstract Syntax Tree
In this tool-assisted education video I create a parser in C++ for a B-like programming language using GNU Bison. For the lexicographical analysis, a lexer is generated using re2c. This is part of a multi-episode series. In the next video, we will focus on optimization. Downloads: — https://github.com/bisqwit/compiler_series/tree/master/ep1 All the material associated with this episode can be downloaded here. Acknowledgements: — Picture: Processors :: Jason Rogers — Music¹: Aryol :: The Strategy Continues :: Kyohei Sada (converted into MIDI and played through OPL3 emulation through homebrew software) — Music²: Star Ocean :: Past Days :: Motoi Sakuraba (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music³: Rockman & Forte :: Museum :: Kirikiri-Chan and others (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁴: Famicom Tantei Club Part II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shōjo :: Dean’s Room :: Kenji Yamamoto (SPC-OPL3 conversion), original composition: Bach's Invention № 15 — Music⁵: Aryol :: Arrest :: Kyohei Sada (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁶: Ren & Stimpy Show : Fire Dogs :: Main Theme :: Martin Gwynn Jones and others (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁷: Aryol :: Warmup :: Kyohei Sada (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁸: Energy Breaker :: Golden-Colored Wind :: Yukio Nakajima (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — Music⁹: Wonder Project J :: House :: Akihiko Mori (SPC-OPL3 conversion) — SFX: Mostly from YouTube Audio Library. Some are recorded from video games like The Guardian Legend, Lunar Ball, and Super Mario All-Stars. ¹ 00:37, ² 02:46 & 39:26, ³ 10:10, ⁴ 16:06, ⁵ 27:18, ⁶ 37:20, ⁷ 38:58 & 45:58, ⁸ 49:00, ⁹ 50:40 My links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealBisqwit Liberapay: https://liberapay.com/Bisqwit Steady: https://steadyhq.com/en/bisqwit Patreon: https://patreon.com/Bisqwit (Other options at https://bisqwit.iki.fi/donate.html) Twitch: https://twitch.tv/RealBisqwit Homepage: https://iki.fi/bisqwit/ You can contribute subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=eF9qWbuQLuw or to any of my videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UCKTehwyGCKF-b2wo0RKwrcg ---Rant--- [9:35 PM] Bisqwit: Now uploading to YouTube. Within about 24 hours I will know if the rogue AI at YouTube slams the “limited or no advertising" stamp into it, or not. Actually, I only know if it does so *when* it does it. Then, I need to wait an additional 25 hours for YouTube staff to manually review it and clear the flag. If the flag does not appear, then it is possible that the bot just has not scanned it yet and I need to wait longer. Premature publication could mean that the bot will mark it after it has already been published, and then I will not receive any revenue for the first spike of views. It used to be 18 hours (since uploading that the bot does its evil deeds), but nowadays YT recommends waiting just 3 hours. We will see, we will see. #Bisqwit #Compiler #Tutorial
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Microsoft Visio 2016 - Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]*
Get into a new Way of Learning Microsoft Visio Professional 2016. Visio 2016 getting started, basics. MORE at https://theskillsfactory.com/ Full Guide here: http://bit.ly/microsoftoffice2016 Enable SUBTITLES if you have trouble at understanding the narration. Leave feedback if you can! Welcome to The Skills Factory™! Enter into a New Way of Learning the most famous products worldwide. SUBSCRIBE to start learning anything you need in less than 20 minutes. We love you ♥
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UML Use Case Diagram Tutorial
Learn how to make Use Case Diagrams in this tutorial. Both beginners and intermediate UML diagrammers will find all the necessary training and examples on systems, actors, use cases, and include and extend relationships. UML Use Case Diagrams show a system or application; then they show the people, organizations, or other systems that interact with it; and finally, they show a basic flow of what the system or application does. This tutorial explains the four main characteristics of Use Case Diagrams: systems, actors, use cases, and relationships. A system is whatever you’re developing. It could be a website, a software component, a business process, an app, or any number of other things. You represent a system with a rectangle. The next aspect of Use Case Diagrams are actors. An actor is going to be someone or something that uses our system to achieve a goal, and they're represented by a stick figure. Use Cases are elements that really start to describe what the system does. They're depicted with an oval shape and they represent an action that accomplishes some sort of task within the system. The final element in Use Case Diagrams are relationships, which show how actors and use cases interact with each other. There are different types of relationships (like association, include, extend, and generalization) that are represented by varying types of lines and arrows. —— Learn more and sign up: http://www.lucidchart.com Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucidchart Twitter: https://twitter.com/lucidchart Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucidchart LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lucidsoftware
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Edit Shape Points and How to Use Connectors | Microsoft Word 2016 Drawing Tools Tutorial
In this Microsoft Word 2016 Drawing / Shapes Tools tutorial, you will learn how to use Edit Shape Points and Line Connectors. Edit Shapes is very much useful when you need modify the design of a predefined shapes or shapes that you have created by yourself by using Free Form. Connectors are useful when you need to draw a flow chart. In Microsoft Word, you can draw Canvas first and can then insert new shapes within Canvas and can later use Line Connectors to design a flow chart. Information also applies to the following versions of Microsoft Word : Word 2003 Word 2007 Word 2010 Word 2013 Check Out My Other Works ======================== Top 40 PowerPoint Animation Tutorials, That You Might Haven't Seen Before https://youtu.be/sz4PpIpzoQ8 Watch More Motion Graphics in PowerPoint Tutorials : https://goo.gl/7ujIsn For More Animated Motion Backgrounds : https://goo.gl/dk5pjk Watch More Animated Loaders and Spinners : https://goo.gl/P1Py0r For Kinetic Typographic and Advanced Text Animation in PowerPoint : https://goo.gl/b3fuys For More Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial Videos Visit @ https://goo.gl/4aJGnP Watch Best How To and Tips and Tricks Videos @ https://goo.gl/qzrP13 Watch Excel 2016 Tutorials @ https://goo.gl/CDgCaL Watch Word 2016 Tutorials @ https://goo.gl/zZx9Bk Watch More PowerPoint 2016 Tutorials @ https://goo.gl/YSFjgt Subscribe Us @ http://www.youtube.com/theteacher Like Us @ http://www.facebook.com/bemyteacher Circle Us on Google Plus @ http://www.google.com/+theteacher Visit Us @ http://www.theteacherpoint.blogspot.com Presented By The Teacher
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YOLO Object Detection (TensorFlow tutorial)
You Only Look Once - this object detection algorithm is currently the state of the art, outperforming R-CNN and it's variants. I'll go into some different object detection algorithm improvements over the years, then dive into YOLO theory and a programmatic implementation using Tensorflow! Code for this video: https://github.com/llSourcell/YOLO_Object_Detection Please Subscribe! And like. And comment. That's what keeps me going. Want more inspiration & education? Follow me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirajraval Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology More learning resources: https://pjreddie.com/darknet/yolo/ https://timebutt.github.io/static/how-to-train-yolov2-to-detect-custom-objects/ http://machinethink.net/blog/object-detection-with-yolo/ https://github.com/pjreddie/darknet/wiki/YOLO:-Real-Time-Object-Detection https://github.com/KleinYuan/easy-yolo https://medium.com/@xslittlegrass/almost-real-time-vehicle-detection-using-yolo-da0f016b43de https://medium.com/diaryofawannapreneur/yolo-you-only-look-once-for-object-detection-explained-6f80ea7aaa1e Join us in the Wizards Slack channel: http://wizards.herokuapp.com/ And please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3191693 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sirajraval/ Signup for my newsletter for exciting updates in the field of AI: https://goo.gl/FZzJ5w Hit the Join button above to sign up to become a member of my channel for access to exclusive content!
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Extract Text from image OCR using Google Vision API in Android Studio
In this video we have used the google vision Api using OCR concepts in Android Studio. If you like the video please like share and subscribe! Visit my blog: http://q.gs/EXdPv
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Excel VBA Introduction Part 47 - Browsing to Websites and Scraping a Web Page
If you'd like to help fund Wise Owl's conversion of tea and biscuits into quality training videos you can click this link https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/donate?t=1 to make a donation. Thanks for watching! You can buy our Introduction to Excel VBA book here https://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-gould/introduction-to-excel-vba/paperback/product-23301058.html By Andrew Gould Download files here https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/videos/excelvba/scraping-web-pages.htm https://www.wiseowl.co.uk - Scraping a web page in VBA involves getting a reference to an HTML document and then processing its elements to extract the useful parts and write them to another location in a readable format. This video shows you how to do that using both Internet Explorer and basic XML HTTP requests. You'll learn a bit about the Document Object Model, as well as how to identify HTML elements by name and by tag type. You'll also see how to loop through various collections of HTML elements and their children using an example involving exchange rate tables. Visit www.wiseowl.co.uk for more online training resources in Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio and more
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5 Steps to Draw a Sequence Diagram
This video will show you how to draw a UML sequence diagram in 5 steps. We will walk through an example of withdrawing money from an ATM. The sequence diagram will visually describe the object interactions and the order in which they occur during the process. Draw Sequence Diagram Create Message http://youtu.be/rE6s02_cD7E Visual Paradigm https://www.visual-paradigm.com/ Sequence Diagram https://www.visual-paradigm.com/features/uml-tool/#sequence-diagram Reversing Java code to sequence diagram https://www.visual-paradigm.com/features/code-engineering-tools/#reverse-sequence-diagram When reversing Java code to sequence diagram, why can't I select an operation? http://knowhow.visual-paradigm.com/?p=2936
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Creating Network and Rack Diagrams with Microsoft Visio 2013 | Universal Class
Creating Network and Rack Diagrams with Microsoft Visio 2013
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Visio Data Visualizer: Automatically create process diagrams from Excel data
Learn how a process analyst can import data from Excel directly into Visio to generate process diagrams easily. Process steps are captured in a process map Excel template and then using Visio, you can automatically create a process diagram. Each Visio template has an associated Excel workbook used to convert process data into a flowchart in Visio. You can also use your own custom Excel template, specify mappings in the template wizard and automatically create the diagram. Once you create the flow chart, you can add, edit, or delete rows in Excel, and then refresh the diagram from Visio. Links: Visio: http://msft.social/tIdBWw Visio Features: http://msft.social/4We8xe
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How to Set Up Python in Visual Studio Code on Windows 10
In this video I am going to show How to Set Up Python Development environment in Visual Studio Code in windows 10. I am also going to show ow to debug your python code using vs code. This process will also cover How to Install Python and Visual Studio Code for Windows 10. -------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Data Analytics with R Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2rSKHNP DevOps Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2T5P6bQ AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2PRHDeF Python Certification Training for Data Science - http://bit.ly/2BB3PV8 Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EKbwMK AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow - http://bit.ly/2AeIHUR Big Data Hadoop Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2ReOl31 AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EJhXjk Selenium Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2BFrfZs Tableau Training & Certification - http://bit.ly/2rODzSK Linux Administration Certification Training-http://bit.ly/2Gy9GQH ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter
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Data Modeling in Visio 2013
Data modeling in Visio 2013 is very different from data modeling in Visio 2010. In this video, Dr. Soper provides a brief tutorial on how to create entity-relationship diagrams (ERDs) using Visio 2013. Topics covered in the tutorial include creating entities, attributes, primary keys, foreign keys, and relationships between tables using crow's foot symbols.
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Keith Urban - Parallel Line (Lyric Video)
Purchase Keith Urban’s latest music: http://umgn.us/keithurbanpurchase Stream the latest from Keith Urban: http://umgn.us/keithurbanstream Sign up to receive email updates from Keith Urban: http://umgn.us/keithurbanupdates Website: http://keithurban.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keithurban Instagram: http://instagram.com/KeithUrban Twitter: https://twitter.com/keithurban Music video by Keith Urban performing Parallel Line. (C) 2018 Hit Red Records under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/rJY5zk
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Visio: Using the Database Wizard to Connect Excel Data to Visio Shapes
For a guide to this video please see http://www.bluepecantraining.com/portfolio/connecting-your-visio-drawing-to-an-excel-database-in-visio-standard/ Visio allows you to connect data such as Excel data to shapes in a drawing. The Database Wizard allows is available in all the versions of Visio, even Visio Standard.
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Visio 2013 - Database DIagram (Crows Foot Notation)
This video demonstrates using Crow's Foot Notation to create a database diagram using MS Visio 2013.
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Dive into the world of data-driven operation intelligence with Microsoft Visio Excel - BRK3351
With Visio, make data more understandable by presenting it visually. Easily connect Visio diagrams to popular data sources stored in other applications and sources. Visio opens a whole new dimension by integrating with other powerful tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel, for adding real-world visualizations to your diagram to gain operational insights.
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1.2.1 BI Tools and Processes
This video describes the basic components of business intelligence, including data mining, data cleansing, multidimensional modeling, OLAP cubes, and data marts.
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Algorithm using Flowchart and Pseudo code Level 1 Flowchart
Algorithm using Flowchart and Pseudo code Level 1 Flowchart By: Yusuf Shakeel http://www.dyclassroom.com/flowchart/introduction 0:05 Things we will learn 0:21 Level 0:28 Level 1 Flowchart 0:33 Important terms 0:37 Procedure 0:45 Algorithm 0:54 Flowchart 1:00 Pseudo code 1:08 Answer this simple question 1:14 How will you log into your facebook account 1:30 Next question 1:32 Write an algorithm to log into your facebook account 1:44 Algorithm to log in to facebook account in simple English 2:06 Writing Algorithm 2:14 Flowchart 2:16 There are 6 basic symbols that are commonly used in Flowchart 2:20 Terminal 2:27 Input/Output 2:35 Process 2:42 Decision 2:52 Connector 3:00 Control Flow 3:06 All the 6 symbols 3:13 Flowchart rules 3:25 Flowchart exercise 3:28 Add 10 and 20 4:00 Another exercise 4:03 Find the sum of 5 numbers 4:34 Another exercise 4:35 Print Hello World 10 times 5:06 Another exercise 5:07 Draw a flowchart to log in to facebook account 5:26 Note! End of Level 1 Related Videos Algorithm Flowchart and Pseudo code Level 1 Flowchart http://youtu.be/vOEN65nm4YU Level 2 Important Programming Concepts http://youtu.be/kwA3M8YxNk4 Level 3 Pseudo code http://youtu.be/r1BpraNa2Zc
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Computer Vision: Crash Course Computer Science #35
Today we’re going to talk about how computers see. We’ve long known that our digital cameras and smartphones can take incredibly detailed images, but taking pictures is not quite the same thing. For the past half-century, computer scientists have been working to help our computing devices understand the imagery they capture, leading to advancements everywhere, from tracking hands and whole bodies, biometrics to unlock our phones, and eventually giving autonomous cars the ability to understand their surroundings. Check out Origin of Everything here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiB8h9jD2Mlxx96ZFnGDSJw Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: http://youtube.com/pbsdigitalstudios Want to know more about Carrie Anne? https://about.me/carrieannephilbin The Latest from PBS Digital Studios: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1mtdjDVOoOqJzeaJAV15Tq0tZ1vKj7ZV Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrash... Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse Tumblr - http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Support Crash Course on Patreon: http://patreon.com/crashcourse CC Kids: http://www.youtube.com/crashcoursekids
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BackSync Visio Addin
Backward data synchronization of Visio and external data source: http://unmanagedvisio.com/products/backsync-backward-visio-data-synchronization/
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How to Export Data From a Project in Microsoft Project 2016
Get the complete 18-hour Project 2016 Beginner to Expert course here ► https://www.simonsezit.com/course-category/project/ During this Microsoft Project 2016 advanced training tutorial video, we will show you how to export data from Project by copying and pasting a data, link, or picture to a document, and by using the Save As option. Checkout some of our other training on YouTube: Project 2016 advanced training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3ijsaeOSiLehF1bquXCxmHv Project 2016 beginner training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3g_ABHdUU7RoGJJm-YFr4_Y Excel 2016 training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3hFUdlWMkTLZL-Fr3oRGN35 VBA for Excel tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3hWRi0mgxdyWkT0QaYKuBGZ Visio 2013 for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3jpAwkTGD6hGNxF8ML_FfsF SharePoint 2013 training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3jloGuvewOe0Iv1EE2POKge Stay in touch: SimonSezIT.com: http://www.simonsezit.com/ StreamSkill.com: http://streamskill.com/ YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/foiItB Facebook: http://on.fb.me/14m8Rwl Twitter: http://bit.ly/177EU5J Google+: http://bit.ly/11JbHdb If you enjoyed the video, please give a "thumbs up" and subscribe to the channel ;-) Hello again and welcome back to our course on Project 2016 Advanced. In the preceding section we looked at importing data into Project and in this section we’re going to do the opposite. We’re going to export data from Project. I’m primarily concerned here with exporting data so that it can be used as data in another application. But I will briefly touch on a couple of cases where we are exporting data in a form where it can’t be manipulated, such as in the form of an image. Let’s start with what is probably the most utilitarian of all the ways and that is copy and paste. Now the extent to which copy and paste is effective depends on what you are pasting the data into. Let’s start with Microsoft Word and what I’m going to do is to copy a part of a plan into a Word document. So I’m using version 17 of the website project. I’ve made a selection within the table there and I’m just going to copy that to the clipboard using the Copy command on the ribbon. Now I’m going to switch back into Word and do a Paste. And you can see the pasted detail from the plan. Now in doing this what Word has done is to do a reasonably good job of representing not only the style of this part of the table but also things like the indentation of the text to reflect the structure of the project, the formatting of the individual lines, bold text, etcetera, and the alignment of the text within the columns Duration, Start, Finish, etcetera. So because Word is pretty good at that sort of thing it makes a pretty good job of it. Now let me do the same thing into Notepad. So I’m starting a new Notepad document. I’m going to do a Paste here as well. Now when I paste into Notepad I still get the data but I’ve lost a lot of the structure. I’ve lost things like the bolding of the text and of course I’ve lost the alignment as well. Now it may be that I’m using Notepad to create a text file in order to interchange this data with another system. Text files, CSV files, etcetera often use for interchange. But it’s important to understand that when you do that you do lose a certain amount of the information from the source and in particular you will almost always lose things like styling information and every often alignment, etcetera. However in this particular case the presence of the tab characters that you can’t currently see does mean that it should be possible to successfully import this data into another application. So let me close Notepad for the moment and I’m going to undo the Paste into Word and I’m going to do the Paste into Word differently. Sorry, we couldn't fit the entire video transcription here since YouTube only allows 5000 characters.
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Download and Install Visual Studio 2017 RC  (Community Edition)
In this video we will see Download and Install Visual Studio Community 2017 RC. Visual Studio Community 2017 RC is a free, fully featured, and extensible IDE for individual developers, open source projects, education and academic research. You can create applications for Android, iOS, Windows and the web. Visual Studio 2017 recently released by Microsoft in mid of November 2016 and came with new and exciting features and legacy that Visual Studio earned in past years of ruling Microsoft focused technologies like .Net and ASP. -------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Data Analytics with R Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2rSKHNP DevOps Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2T5P6bQ AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2PRHDeF Python Certification Training for Data Science - http://bit.ly/2BB3PV8 Java, J2EE & SOA Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EKbwMK AI & Deep Learning with TensorFlow - http://bit.ly/2AeIHUR Big Data Hadoop Certification Training- http://bit.ly/2ReOl31 AWS Architect Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2EJhXjk Selenium Certification Training - http://bit.ly/2BFrfZs Tableau Training & Certification - http://bit.ly/2rODzSK Linux Administration Certification Training-http://bit.ly/2Gy9GQH ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter
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How to build Interactive Excel Dashboards
Download file used in the video with step by step instructions and links to more tutorials: https://www.myonlinetraininghub.com/workbook-downloads In this video you will learn how to create an interactive dashboard from scratch using the built in Excel tools. No add-ins or VBA/Macros. Just plain Excel. Applies to Excel 2007 onward for Windows & Excel 2016 onward for Mac. Subscribe to my free newsletter and get my 100 Tips & Tricks eBook here: https://www.myonlinetraininghub.com/sign-up-for-100-excel-tips-and-tricks
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Visio Roadmap - Now and Beyond - BRK1046
Visio is constantly investing in the latest technologies to make diagramming easier and more impactful —and will continue to do so going forward. Join the Visio team to learn more about how your organization can achieve digital transformation with Microsoft Visio's fast-paced innovations and exciting future roadmap.
Views: 426 Microsoft Ignite
An introduction to Conceptual Modelling - Part 1: Information modelling
We would like to hear from you! Please spare few minutes to answer a short #dariahTeach SURVEY on the use and effectiveness of videos as pedagogical tools at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/dariahTeach. This video is part of the #dariahTeach platform (http://teach.dariah.eu), an open-source, community-driven platform for high quality teaching and training materials for the digital arts and humanities. It is part of the workshop An introduction to Conceptual Modelling. This video features Panos Constantopoulos (Athens University of Economics and Business & Digital Curation Unit, Athena Research Centre) teaching about conceptual models and classes with a focus on information modelling. Visit our platform at http://teach.dariah.eu to take our courses and workshops.
Views: 1690 #dariah Teach
Story Driven Modeling with Fujaba: Turning Scenarios into Automated Tests
Google Tech Talks June, 4 2008 ABSTRACT Story Driven Modeling (SDM) is a systematic software development approach based on scencario analysis on model level. Usual text book approaches start with the derivation of a domain level class diagram from textual requirements specifications. This does not work. Class diagrams structure programs not your domain. Thus SDM proposes to analyse requirements with the help of usage scenarios. These scenarios are elaborated into a flip book of object diagrams that models how the runtime data of the desired application shall be organized. The Fujaba UML tool supports the modeling with such story boards and as a result it generates automatic JUnit tests that setup the modeled scenario, invoke the described functionality and compare the resulting object structure with the object diagram modeled in the initial scenario. The talk will present this approach with a live demo of the approach on a simple example. Speaker: Albert Zundorf
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SSRS 2016 - Comparing Report Builder with SQL Server Data Tools
If you'd like to help fund Wise Owl's conversion of tea and biscuits into quality training videos, you can click this link https://www.wiseowl.co.uk/donate?t=1 to make a donation. Thanks for watching! By Andrew Gould https://www.wiseowl.co.uk - If you're confused by whether to use Report Builder or SQL Server Data Tools to create your Reporting Services reports, this video might help you to work out which product to choose. You'll see a side-by-side comparison of creating a report from the very beginning, all the way through to deploying it to a report server using both pieces of software. Along the way we'll point out the major differences between the two applications, along with the pros and cons of each. Visit www.wiseowl.co.uk for more online training resources in Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, Integration Services, ASP.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Visio and more
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ISYS + eDiscovery
eDiscovery is becoming increasingly important in the context of civil litigation. Implementing an appropriate e-discovery capability is critical to the long-term viability of any organization -- particularly larger ones that face a greater chance of being involved in legal action. An effective eDiscovery solution will deliver a clear ROI wherever people need to review, monitor or manage documents—reducing review costs and capturing every piece of relevant intelligence. Historically, eDiscovery software vendors have typically been forced to choose between Oracle's Outside In and Autonomy's Keyview in sourcing the required text extraction and rendering technology. Lacking any viable alternatives, many vendors have had to put up with aging technology, inconsistent service and support, and less than desirable commercial terms. But now eDiscovery vendors have a genuine and better alternative. ISYS Document Filters technology offers companies a class-leading and proven alternative to Open Source applications and commercial solutions from Oracle and Autonomy. Unlike other providers, we continue to invest heavily in development and innovation, working closely with customers to deliver leading-edge technology that reflect users' needs. Technology that: • Performs 2-3 times faster than the competition • Supports multiple platforms • Includes Hundreds of common and legacy file, email, container and archive formats -- including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, WordPerfect, AutoCAD and Visio • Extracts even previously hidden content from a file -- and renders it all in high definition. Today, ISYS powers more than 16,000 enterprise customers worldwide and many of the biggest software vendors, including SAP , Sybase, EMC, HP, Reveal, Equivio and many other eDiscovery and Legal ISVs. Our software is supported by flexible licensing terms, superior customer service and a customized Migration Program that make switching to ISYS straightforward, seamless and secure. No wonder so many companies have decided to upgrade to ISYS. Isn't it time you got the technology, service and support you deserve?
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iPhone Xs Max Teardown - Is there any Thermal Cooling?
Huge thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! To start your free 30 day trial, and get your free audio book click here: https://www.audible.com/jerryrig/ or text the word jerryrig to 500-500 This brand new iPhone Xs Max, is ready to be torn down and opened up. Lets review it together from the inside. Apple has always tried to keep people out of their iPhones, but that has never stopped us before. Its time to see how repairable this new iPhone Xs Max is. What parts can be replaced, and what components of the iPhone Xs should be avoided? In this iPhone Xs teardown video I show how I remove the screen, the battery, the charging port, as well as the Sandwiched motherboard. We get to find out if Apple has included any thermal cooling inside of the phone for their processor. Awesome Smartphone Tool Kit: http://amzn.to/2DURcr7 Green Pry tool: http://amzn.to/1Tu57pI Metal phone opening tool: http://amzn.to/1WdOFv0 Get FREE Tesla super charging with my link: https://ts.la/zack10701 The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/2p7GtkX The Lens I used for this video: http://amzn.to/1QOXDw2 Wide angle lens: http://amzn.to/2qiYM4u And this Metabones adapter: http://amzn.to/2iZ67Ty This is the drone I use: http://amzn.to/2joH00G Music is from HERE:  http://share.epidemicsound.com/pcGGf *Follow me for updates!* Instagram: http://instagram.com/zacksjerryrig Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1U4bQqv Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZacksJerryRig Snapchat: http://bit.ly/1UAb2Fq GooglePlus: https://bit.ly/1YyKice TO SEND ME STUFF: See my P.0. Box on my 'About page': https://www.youtube.com/user/JerryRigEverything/about JerryRigEverything assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. JerryRigEverything recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, expensive electronics, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of JerryRigEverything, no information contained in this video shall create any express or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not JerryRigEverything. Only attempt your own repairs if you can accept personal responsibility for the results, whether they are good or bad.
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How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes
Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor Steven have an inspiring conversation about entrepreneurship and leadership. Learn how to build your vision from the ground up by making the most of your God-given opportunities.
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Vision: API and Cloud AutoML (Cloud Next '18)
If you have the data, but not enough time and/or expertise to build your own ML model, you are not alone. Many enterprises are bootstrapped for people who can build custom ML models. This is why we, at Google Cloud, have created a tool to make ML more accessible to developers through simple transfer learning. In this session, we will demonstrate Cloud AutoML Vision, a service that makes it faster and easier to create custom ML models for image recognition. Its drag-and-drop interface lets you easily upload images, train and manage models, and then deploy those trained models directly on Google Cloud. Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Machine Learning & AI sessions here → http://bit.ly/2zGKfcg Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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Power BI Announcements from MS Data Insights Summit comming this Autumn 2017 -#5 One2Many Series
In today's video, we will talk about all the exciting announcements made by Microsoft during the MS Data Insight Summit. Here they are if you want to skip right to them: 00:55 New Licensing model 01:42 Power BI Lite idea: https://ideas.powerbi.com/forums/265200-power-bi-ideas/suggestions/19202278-power-bi-lite-license 02:32 Power BI on premise generally available NEW FEATURES 03:29 New Drill down functionality in Power BI 04:20 New algorithms to understand changes in data 05:02 New visualization UK National trust 07:02 MS Visio custom visual for Power BI 08:31 Interactive R visuals 09:02 PowerApps custom visual for Power BI 09:51 What if analysis in Power BI 10:52 M is officially called M!!! Yipieee :) Looking for a download file? Go to our Download Center: https://curbal.com/donwload-center SUBSCRIBE to learn more about Power and Excel BI! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ7UhloHSA4wAqPzyi6TOkw?sub_confirmation=1 Our PLAYLISTS: - Join our DAX Fridays! Series: https://goo.gl/FtUWUX - Power BI dashboards for beginners: https://goo.gl/9YzyDP - Power BI Tips & Tricks: https://goo.gl/H6kUbP - Power Bi and Google Analytics: https://goo.gl/ZNsY8l ABOUT CURBAL: Website: http://www.curbal.com Contact us: http://www.curbal.com/contact ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ If you feel that any of the videos, downloads, blog posts that I have created have been useful to you and you want to help me keep on going, here you can do a small donation to support my work and keep the channel running: https://curbal.com/product/sponsor-me Many thanks in advance! ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? SUGGESTIONS? You’ll find me here: ► Twitter: @curbalen, @ruthpozuelo ► Google +: https://goo.gl/rvIBDP ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/bME2sB #ONE2MANY #CURBAL #POWERBI #MVP ► Linkedin: https://goo.gl/3VW6Ky
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10 Awesome SEO Plugins for Wordpress
Wordpress can often seem complicated but it is actually fairly limited when it comes to options for search engine optimisation. Thankfully, as an open-source platform, a wide variety of plugins are available that add huge functionality for making sure your website performs in search engines. Optimising your Wordpress website is simple when utilising several popular SEO plugins. One of the most important functionalities that we get from these plugins is the ability to add/edit meta data. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, author information, rich snippets, cards, images, and anything else that you might want search engines and social platforms to know about your content. With these plugins you can also access the backend and technical elements of your website such as the robots.txt file and the htaccess file, which control how both users and crawlers access your site. Depending on the structure of your site, these can be used to leverage SEO opportunities, such as de-indexing unimportant content to avoid authority dilution, or redirecting an expired link to a live equivalent. Several plugins allow you to automatically create a list of URL’s you want you search engines to crawl. This is called a sitemap. This lets search engines know how often URLs are to be re-crawled and can be used to determine which links are broken. Plugins can be used to easily address site speed, rather than having to manually edit backend files. For example, WP Super Cache can be used to store resources in the browser that the user has previously downloaded, negating the need to download them every time they visit the site/page. For more information on the most useful Wordpress plugins, and how they can be used effectively, visit (http://www.koozai.com/blog/search-marketing/seo-basics-for-wordpress/) Feel free to check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: http://www.koozai.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/koozai https://twitter.com/koozai
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APIANT Training - Assembly Editor - Session 1
Assembly Editor Training (Session 1) Duration: 1 Hour Assembly Editor Interface Catalog (searches) Search for text in Modules & Assemblies, notes Sharing & Saving Assemblies Tags Tagging an Assembly Community & Mine Tabs Info Area and the Stream Inspector Two ways to get to the Stream Inspector Module Tool Tips Quick Picks (adding, removing, etc.) Modules 5 Most commonly used Modules in API Integration Scenario (Purpose, example of use). HTTP Transaction Module HTTP Multipart Post Module OAuth Transaction Module URL Builder Module Wire Connector Module Parameter Modules Module Colors / Types Module characteristics (how to interact with them) Working with XML Documents XML Parsing on APIANT Assemblies Saving, autosave and making public Versioning Wires Using SDKs Assembly Editor Guide Mechanics of building an Assembly Using Loop Modules in Assemblies Service Assembly (Apps) OAuth Service Assembly System API Keys Trigger Assemblies Working with token based APIs using Mutex Running/testing Assemblies Double clicking a Module Turning Modules on and off Actions (sample: Upload a photo to 500px) Actions that emit data Action example CM Telecom: Validate a Phone Number Triggers - Polling New Records Trigger - Updated Data Subassemblies Nested Subassemblies Input & Output modules
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Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (30th Anniversary Celebration) (Remastered Widescreen)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (30th Anniversary Celebration) (Remastered Widescreen) Not Widescreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COiKXMmMhL4 NMJHD : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPUONV6ZuCPPCxQU9irUWew SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/newmichaeljackson
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ETL Testing Training Tutorial Part 2 - ETL Testing Introduction Overview - BigClasses
For ETL Testing online training course details visit:- https://bigclasses.com/etl-testing-online-training.html, call: +91 800 811 4040 ETL stands for Extract Transformation and Load, It collect the different source data from Heterogeneous System and Transform the data into Data warehouse. At the Time of Transformation, Data will first transforms to the Staging Table. Based on Business rules the data is mapped into target table, this process manually mapped and configured using ETL Tool ETL will not transforms the Duplicate data The speed of Data Transformation process will be based on the Source and Target Data ware House. We need to consider the OLAP (Online Analytic Processing) Structure as Data warehouse Model Source data consists of XML,Flat file. We need to set the validation at time of data transformation like 'Avoid the 'NULL' values in the table, validate the data type as using Tiny int instead of integer .etc Based on the user requirement, ETL process starts. For regular Updates on ETL Testing Online Training please like our page:- Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/bigclasses/ Twitter:- https://twitter.com/bigclasses LinkedIn:- https://www.linkedin.com/company/bigclasses Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Bigclassesonlinetraining ETL Testing Course Page:- https://bigclasses.com/etl-testing-online-training.html Contact us: - India +91 800 811 4040 USA +1 732 325 1626 Email us at: - [email protected]
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Application Platform -- SNA and Map
In our 2.0 release, Palantir takes the concept of Enterprise solutions to the next level with its customizable Application Platform. The Platform allows organizations to extend their experience with distinct user applications. Organizations can embed applications within Palantir, running the application as if it were a pre-existing package in the Application Platform. For an enterprise with large investments in existing software applications, Palantir's Application Platform becomes an invaluable asset to increase the returns on those previous investments. As with embedded applications, Palantir also allows custom 'helpers' to support applications within the platform. The Platform already comes pre-packaged with existing helpers like a histogram that bins objects on property types. These helpers add to the power of embedded applications and can operate across applications. Both applications and their helpers easily integrate with the Application Platform utilizing Palantir's extensive Application, Helper, EEWS, and AuthWS APIs. These interfaces leverage an enterprise's investments where tools developed by customers, integrators, or Palantir can help with virtually any mission.
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pi Demo- BI Platform
'pi' is a Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform from ProGen that helps organizations convert raw data into insights in form of Interactive Dashboards and Analytical Reports.
Mariah Carey - Vision Of Love (Official Video)
Mariah Carey's official music video for 'Vision of Love'. Click to listen to Mariah Carey on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareySpotify?IQid=MCareyVoL As featured on Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareyGHiTunes?IQid=MCareyVoL Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MCVisionOfLovePlay?IQid=MCareyVoL Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareyGHaz?IQid=MCareyVoL More from Mariah Carey We Belong Together: https://youtu.be/0habxsuXW4g Touch My Body: https://youtu.be/9b8erWuBA44 Angels Cry: https://youtu.be/DyGNfbKkMVE More great ultimate 90s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate90?IQid=MCareyVoL Follow Mariah Carey Website: http://www.mariahcarey.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariahcarey Twitter: https://twitter.com/MariahCarey Instagram: https://instagram.com/mariahcarey/ Subscribe to Mariah Carey on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MariahCareySub?IQid=MCareyVoL --------- Lyrics: Treated me kind Sweet destiny Carried me through desperation To the one that was waiting for me It took so long Still I believed Somehow the one that I needed Would find me eventually I had a vision of love And it was all that you've given to me Prayed through the nights Felt so alone Suffered from alienation Carried the weight on my own Had to be strong So I believed And now I know I've succeded In finding the place I conceived I had a vision of love And it was all that you've given to me I had a vision of love And it was all that you've given me I've realized a dream And I visualized The love that came to be Feel so alive I'm so thankful that I've received The answer that heaven Has sent down to me #MariahCarey #VisionOfLove #Vevo
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Fritzing Tutorial-3  | Components of Fritzing | Bangla |
This tutorial discuss about various types of components of fritzing software.All kinds of software are provides by fritzing authority.And also discuss to add library on simulation design. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fritzing is nothing but open source tool for anybody Teach,Share and Simulate their prototype of Electronic parts and Projects. It Helps to design Schematic and provides parts which can be added to very professional looking of a electronic circuit Diagram.It also provide a portion for PCB design.And also for Simulation. Basically It Provides all parts of Electronic Projects like LED, Resistor , wire , Bulb , Arduino , PIC micro , Sensor , Core , Mine , Point , Trib ,. Transistor , Diode , Arduino all item , Lcd and also many other parts.Basically it provides 1000+ electronic parts .When Schematic it anybody can easily customize those parts easily.Mean parts size, all value, design and also something that.And automatic it design into PCB footprint.So It’s a easy way to design your electronic Project. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Others Tutorial Link : Fritzing Tutorial 1 - http://bit.ly/2M5fOO9 Fritzing Tutorial 2 - http://bit.ly/2NSfDax Fritzing Tutorial 3 - http://bit.ly/2oOiN4m Fritzing Tutorial 4 - http://bit.ly/2NWg5ES Fritzing Tutorial 5 - http://bit.ly/2M5YWXt Fritzing Tutorial 6 - https://bit.ly/2oMYGDm Fritzing Tutorial 7 - https://bit.ly/2wOiMlo Fritzing Tutorial 8 - https://bit.ly/2M4Hfre Fritzing Tutorial 9 - https://bit.ly/2M0iFb3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Alert: For Bangladeshi Contents: This channel may use some copyrighted materials without specific authorization of the owner but contents used here falls under the “Fair Use” as described in The Copyright Act 2000 Law No. 28 of the year 2000 of Bangladesh under Chapter 6, Section 36 and Chapter 13 Section 72. According to that law allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social Link: Twitter :- https://twitter.com/sanjoy_biswaas GitHub :- https://github.com/Sanjoy-Biswaas Pinterest :- https://www.pinterest.com/sanjoy_biswas/ Website :- https://iamsanjoy.wordpress.com/ Website :- https://engineers-planet.wixsite.com/... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #fritzingtutorial #electronicproject #schematicsolve
watch: HACKER CAUGHT ON CAMERA https://goo.gl/oqXh6i --~-- ▶ Explore Abandoned Hacker Town https://youtu.be/4xqnqztY6jo ▶ Chad Wild Clay Marathon - https://goo.gl/lCIh5f ▶ Play CHAD's Video Game Free https://qkq5h.app.goo.gl/chad ▶ CWC Shirts & Backpacks - http://bit.ly/CHADmerch After we FOUND ABANDONED TREASURE CHEST HIDDEN UNDERGROUND w/ SECRET MAP (Treasure Hunt Adventure Challenge) and FOUND HAUNTED TREASURE CHEST Exploring ABANDONED DESERT Mystery Box Unboxing Challenge Haul we found an old cassette in the abandoned treasure chest we dug up underground. There's a secret hidden message on it that is really creepy and might be a code to a conspiracy. But that's just one of my conspiracy theories. Could it be haunted with a ghost from 3am or the pond monster that's pranking the sharer fam? We used ninja weapons and spy gadgets to solve the puzzle and clues. We asked Papa Jake, our friend who made the FORTNITE NERF HIDE AND SEEK CHALLENGE 📦⛏ In The Worlds Biggest Box Fort!! video if he was the hacker. He said no because he is underwater in a filled pool. Maybe it's Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer or Team Edge? Eventually, a map found on the cassette led us to an abandoned ghost town. We hope we can find hidden treasure or an abandoned safe again. Thank you for watching my family friendly kid's comedy videos in 2018! Watch my friend's amazing YouTube Videos: Morgz - We Caught the CREEPY CLOWN & What Happened will Shock You... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWpDYIlGIkg Stephen Sharer - NERF RIVAL PAINT WAR!! (SIS VS BRO) https://youtu.be/HbBOm2gyxT4 DanTDM - REALISTIC BALDI!!! ** scary warning ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F6Vyg6zG6Y Papa Jake - FORTNITE NERF HIDE AND SEEK CHALLENGE 📦⛏ In The Worlds Biggest Box Fort!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFxlg9FaZcc Carter Sharer - DROPPING HOVERBOARD 45FT!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPCkbhaPEcM I'm Chad Wild Clay and you can hang with me here: ▶ http://twitter.com/chadwildclay ▶ https://instagram.com/chadwildclay ▶ http://www.youtube.com/user/chadwildclay ▶ http://plus.google.com/+chadwildclay ▶ http://www.facebook.com/chadwildclay ▶ https://open.spotify.com/artist/48TS8a0wo5yMUbcAsEQ7Zd Help Translate my videos into another language so others can enjoy - http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCwaNuezahYT3BOjfXsne2mg&tab=2 Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here http://share.epidemicsound.com/mDVsZ Other royalty free music used is from NoCopyrightSounds. Details can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10F-_OtQafDEMMHNzyIRSGsPPyu7GY7cCBR1fhSHFpGE/edit?usp=sharing?usp=sharing
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Background: This is a brief video introduction to map elements - the pieces that make up informative maps. I discuss the components of a map and illustrate their uses across several different maps. This introduction discusses map figure headings (in place of titles), north arrows, scale bars, points of interest or land marks, and map legends. I review several map examples and compare and contrast map elements choices and map aesthetics. This video is intended as a primer on the topic and as a guide for map making for the course GEO4938/GEO6938: GIS FOR DISEASE ECOLOGY in the Medical Geography Program, Department of Geography, University of Florida. CORRECTION: The word Aesthetics is misspelled on the first and last text slides in the slide show (copy/paste lead to double error). The word is correctly spelled in the CC. Will update the slides at a later date.
Using The Conceptual Cohesion Of Classes For Oosystems
High cohesion is a desirable property of software as it positively impacts understanding, reuse, and maintenance. Currently proposed measures for cohesion in Object-Oriented (OO) software reflect particular interpretations of cohesion and capture different aspects of it. Existing approaches are largely based on using the structural information from the source code, such as attribute references, in methods to measure cohesion. This paper proposes a new measure for the cohesion of classes in OO software systems based on the analysis of the unstructured information embedded in the source code, such as comments and identifiers. The measure, named the Conceptual Cohesion of Classes (C3), is inspired by the mechanisms used to measure textual coherence in cognitive psychology and computational linguistics. This paper presents the principles and the technology that stand behind the C3 measure. A large case study on three open source software systems is presented which compares the new measure with an extensive set of existing metrics and uses them to construct models that predict software faults. The case study shows that the novel measure captures different aspects of class cohesion compared to any of the existing cohesion measures. In addition, combining C3 with existing structural cohesion metrics proves to be a better predictor of faulty classes when compared to different combinations of structural cohesion metrics.
Generating Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structures for Fast Keyword Search
Title: Generating Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structures for Fast Keyword Search - IEEE PROJECT 2015 Abstract:Existing semantically secure public-key searchable encryption schemes take search time linear with the total number of the ciphertexts. This makes retrieval from large-scale databases prohibitive. To alleviate this problem, this paper proposes Searchable Public-Key Ciphertexts with Hidden Structures (SPCHS) for keyword search as fast as possible without sacrificing semantic security of the encrypted keywords. In SPCHS, all keyword-searchable ciphertexts are structured by hidden relations, and with the search trapdoor corresponding to a keyword, the minimum information of the relations is disclosed to a search algorithm as the guidance to find all matching ciphertexts efficiently. We construct a SPCHS scheme from scratch in which the ciphertexts have a hidden star-like structure. We prove our scheme to be semantically secure in the Random Oracle (RO) model. The search complexity of our scheme is dependent on the actual number of the ciphertexts containing the queried keyword, rather than the number of all ciphertexts. Finally, we present a generic SPCHS construction from anonymous identity-based encryption and collision-free full-identity malleable Identity-Based Key Encapsulation Mechanism (IBKEM) with anonymity. We illustrate two collision-free full-identity malleable IBKEM instances, which are semantically secure and anonymous, respectively, in the RO and standard models. The latter instance enables us to construct an SPCHS scheme with semantic security in the standard model. MICANS INFOTECH We Develop Final Year Projects in IEEE, ANDROID, BIGDATA, HADOOP, WEKA, NS2, NS3, VLSI, MATLAB, MECHANICAL, CIVIL. You can DOWNLOAD Basepaper and Abstract from our website http://www.micansinfotech.com/ Watch 2015-2016 Project Videos… IEEE 2015-2016 JAVA PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#CS-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 DOTNET PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#CS-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 NS2 PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#NS2-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 NS3 PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#NS2-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 MATLAB PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#MATLAB-IEEE IEEE 2015-2016 VLSI PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEOS-2015-2016.html#VLSI-IEEE Application Projects Videos… APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html PHP PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#PHP DOTNET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html ASP.NET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#ASP-APPLICATION VB.NET APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#VB_NET C# APPLICATION PROJECTS: http://www.micansinfotech.com/VIDEO-APPLICATION-PROJECT.html#CSHARP Output Videos… IEEE PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTgsK0GU0obcXKVaQsMAlAg/videos NS2 PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS-GYmNKbWSNLdcqxXcr_mw/videos NS3 PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBzmrzd3VxQWRulpZzA90Dw MATLAB PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK0ZyBsBUtan75ESp7Jqtmg/videos VLSI PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0tzjvy9CGKa7zFvi6y3VQ/videos IEEE JAVA PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCmROz5TcZp_GXby_yCAnw/videos IEEE DOTNET PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCmROz5TcZp_GXby_yCAnw/videos APPLICATION PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVO9JhBXLFCwXtGamLUxrOw/videos PHP PROJECTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVO9JhBXLFCwXtGamLUxrOw/videos MICANS INFOTECH Senthilkumar B.Tech Director Micans Infotech Phone No: +91-9003628940 CORPORATE OFFICE #8, 100 Feet Road, At Indira Gandhi Square Opp to Hotel Aboorva PUDUCHERRY, INDIA +91 90036 28940 BRANCH OFFICE 798-C, Nehruji Road, I Floor Opp to Rice Committee VILLUPURAM, INDIA +91 94435 11725 URL: www.micansinfotech.com MICANS INFOTECH offers Projects in CSE ,IT, EEE, ECE, MECH , MCA. MPHILL , BSC, in various domains JAVA ,PHP, DOT NET , ANDROID , MATLAB , NS2 , EMBEDDED , VLSI , APPLICATION PROJECTS , IEEE PROJECTS. CALL : +91 90036 28940 +91 94435 11725 [email protected] WWW.MICANSINFOTECH.COM COMPANY PROJECTS, INTERNSHIP TRAINING, MECHANICAL PROJECTS, ANSYS PROJECTS, CAD PROJECTS, CAE PROJECTS, DESIGN PROJECTS, CIVIL PROJECTS, IEEE MCA PROJECTS, IEEE M.TECH PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS IN PONDY, IEEE PROJECTS, EMBEDDED PROJECTS, ECE PROJECTS PONDICHERRY, DIPLOMA PROJECTS, FABRICATION PROJECTS, IEEE PROJECTS CSE, IEEE PROJECTS CHENNAI, IEEE PROJECTS CUDDALORE, IEEE PROJECTS VILLUPURAM, IEEE PROJECTS IN PONDICHERRY, PROJECT DEVELOPMENT
Import WSRR documents with the WSRR plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio - VS 4/6
This demonstration shows how to download a WebSphere Service Registry and Repository document from the WSRR server to the Visual Studio IDE, using the WSRR plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio. The postings on this channel are our own and don't necessarily represent IBM's positions, strategies or opinions.
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02062019 Gamasutra: Pavel Shylenok's Blog - Effective Game Design: Software Challeng
#game information about: Game, important part, ’ s, simple runner, Dragon Age, ” scale, industry needs, professional tools, IDEs, professional software, i e, Adobe Autodesk, specific tools, game design, videogame designers, different workarounds, main challenge, 'game design, example dialogues, diagram-like layout, game library database, storage character ’ s data, images storage level maps, visuals etc, possible variations, non-linear dialogues, entire game, Well, stickers others, Visio-like, flow charts, Big companies, specific project needs —, indie studios, ’ t, don ’ t need, appealing games, game designers, Tools, category don ’ t, tools aren ’ t, common games, ’ s, unique project, ’ s, software options, suitable game design tools, Mind Maps, project mind map, Right, current project, Rise, Colonies, game database, Megabytes, text data, ’ s, ’ m, Mind, additional issue, Desktop, software choices, FreeMind, big mind maps, UI, professional use, mind maps, i e menu layout, game studios, Wiki, i e, Atlassian Confluence MediaWiki, ’ s, good choice, ’ t, Copy-Paste, Additionally, character dialogues, different dialogue handlers, Unity, Asset Store, suitable assets, project ’ s needs, Software, Twinery, didn ’ t work, specific usage, Twinery, standalone interactive stories, extra properties, entire game structure, ’ t, graph builder application, Microsoft Visio, game design tasks, ’ ve, Articy Draft, visual environment solution, ’ d, golden hammer, silver bullet, initial impression, promo website, quick look, Rise, Colonies, project level editing, ’ s, specific tool, Microsoft Excel, free counterparts, LibreOffice, initial level design, grid projects, typical level, CSV, intermediate format, software solutions, creative process, right tools, ’ s, custom tools, i e level editors, in-game announcement, Marvel Avengers, TinyCo, February, TinyCo, innovative games, parent company, Jam, Jam, TinyCo, development partnership, Disney, new studio, Canada, new deals, unknown number, December, reallocate resources, global business, Gamasutra Job, video game industry, Location, Raleigh, Carolina Imangi Studios, Game, Artist positions, environment character 3D generalist 2D/concept, visual assets, Run, Depending, environments characters concepts animations and/or, VFX, Imangi Studios, mobile games, ideal candidate, strong portfolio, mobile games space, DUTIES QUALIFICATIONS, Apply, Whether, Gamasutra Job, game developers, Gamasutra, Job, video game industry, Looking, new job, talent Post jobs, German computer graphics graduate student, Christoph Schied, open-source version, Quake II, Vulkan, dynamic illumination, great example, GitHub, video analysis, Digital Foundry According, Schied, Quake II, Q2VKPT, Quake II, Vulkan Path Tracing, Vulkan, Quake II, Q2VKPT, expensive methods, movie industry, Schied, project 's website, game scenes, complex interplay, soft shadows glossy material appearances, reflections everywhere, real world, Traditional, coarse real-time raster approximations, comparable resolution
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Microsoft’s Power Map updated in September 2014  Filtering and Custom Maps
Web: www.epcgroup.net | E-mail: [email protected] | Phone: (888) 381-9725 | Blog: blog.epcgroup.net: Twitter: @epcgroup Note: This video is property of Microsoft and/or was co-produced with Microsoft. * SharePoint Server 2013 Consulting, Office 365 Consulting, Hybrid Office 365, Hybrid SharePoint 2013,Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint 2007: Review, Architecture Development, Planning, Configuration & Implementations, Upgrades, Global Initiatives, Training, Custom Branding and Responsive Web Design (RWD) * Health Check & Assessments (Roadmap Preparation to Upgrade to 2013 or 2010) - Including Custom Code & Solution Review * Enterprise Content Management Systems based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Office 365 Hybrid Cloud (Both On-premises and cloud) * Enterprise Metadata Design, Taxonomy | Retention Schedule Dev | Disposition Workflow, and Records Management | eDiscovery | Microsoft Exchange 2013 Migration \ Integration | Roadmap, Requirements Gathering, Planning, Designing & Performing the Actual Implementation * Best Practices Consulting on SharePoint 2013, Office 365, SharePoint 2010, 2007 | EPC Group has completed over 900+ initiatives * Intranet, Knowledge Management, Internet & Extranet-Facing as Well as Mobility (BYOD Roadmap), Cloud, Hybrid, and Cross-Browser | Cross-Platform Solutions for SharePoint 2013 with Proven Past-performance *Upgrades or Migrations of Existing Deployments or Other LOB Systems (Documentum, LiveLink, FileNet, SAP) * Custom Apps, Feature, Master Pages, Web Parts, Security Model, Usability (UI) & Workflow Development (Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013) * Migration Initiatives to SharePoint 2013 \ Office 365 and those organizations with both on-premises and cloud assets for a SharePoint Hybrid Architecture and Deployment * Key Performance Indicators, Dashboard & Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions (PerformancePoint 2013, SQL Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014, BI, KPIs, PowerPivot, Scorecards, Big Data) and Power BI * Experts in Global \ Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Hardware Configuration & Disaster Recovery (Global performance considerations) * Tailored SharePoint "in the trenches" Training on SharePoint 2013, 2010, 2007, Office 365 * Support Contracts (Ongoing Support your Organization's 2013, 2010, or 2007 Implementations) * .NET Development, Custom applications, BizTalk Server experts * Project Server 2013, 2010, and 2007 Implementations * SharePoint Roadmap & Governance Development: 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months (Steering Committee & Code Review Board Development) * EPC Group's HybridCloudAdvisor.com - Navigating the Ever Changing World of the Hybrid Cloud to include SLA development & consulting services | advisory | best practices around PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, VDI, Windows Azure, AWS as well as security, compliance & and regulatory issues facing cloud and Hybrid Cloud deployments throughout the globe. * Corporate Change Management & End User Empowerment Strategies With over 15 years of experience, EPC Group delivers time tested SharePoint methodologies that ensure success within your organization. Engagement with EPC Group carries unique offerings and knowledge. Currently having implemented over 900+ SharePoint \ Office 365 Hybrid engagements and is an industry recognized expert in Business Intelligence (BI), custom application development, BYOD, Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Information Security and global infrastructure & governance design. EPC Group will be releasing our 3rd SharePoint book in August of 2013 by SAMS Publishing titled, "SharePoint 2013 Field Guide: Advice from the Consulting Trenches" which is like having a team of Senior SharePoint 2013 \ Office 365 consultants by your side at each turn as you implement this new powerful and game changing software platform within your organization. SharePoint 2013 Field Guide: Advice from the Consulting Trenches will guide you through all areas of a SharePoint 2013 \ Office 365 initiative from the initial whiteboarding of the overall solutions to accounting for what your organization currently has deployed. It will assist you in developing a roadmap & detailed step-by-step implementation plan & will also cover implementation best practices, content management & records management methodologies, initial SharePoint 2013 development best practices as well as mobility planning. SharePoint 2013, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Consulting, Microsoft SharePoint consulting, Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SharePoint Consulting Firm, SharePoint 2010 Consulting, Hybrid Cloud Consulting, Hybrid SharePoint, SharePoint ECM Consulting, SharePoint branding firm, SharePoint, Response Web Design (RWD), SharePoint branding experts, ECM experts, Errin O'Connor, EPC Group, EPC Group.net, Hybrid Cloud Advisor, Project Server Consulting, BYOD, SharePoint 2013 Field Guide
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GEGL -- a graph based image processing and compositing engine
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