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Amfire Mining Company sold to Rosebud Mining
Reported by: Jackalyn Kovac KITTANNING, Pa. -- A mining company operating in seven central Pennsylvania counties has changed hands. Amfire Mining was sold by Alpha Natural Resources to Rosebud Mining. But now, more than 400 employees are in limbo on whether they will still have a job with the company. On Tuesday, Alpha Natural Resources announced Amfire Mining Company was officially part of Rosebud Mining Company, completing a transaction that was first announced months ago. The $86 million deal includes ten mines and four preparation plants and loadouts in seven counties: Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Elk, Greene, Indiana and Somerset. A media spokesperson for Alpha Natural Resources said the deal was a good business practice because of Amfire's locations. Two of Alpha's affiliates continue to operate in Pennsylvania near Waynesburg, Green County, with more than 1,100 workers. The spokesperson said Amfire workers were given a WARN notice back in November, and they will likely have to reapply for their jobs with Rosebud. 6 News attempted to contact Rosebud executive vice president Jim Barker for comment, but he has not responded at this time.
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Fatal accident at Rosebud Mine
rosebud mine fatal and stocks
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Sale of Amfire Mining means changes for Portag
Reported by: Maria Miller PORTAGE, Pa. -- It's a story we've been following for a few months now: the sale of Latrobe-based Amfire Mining to Kittanning-based Rosebud mining, resulting in the layoffs of about 400 employees and idling of 12 sites in Clearfield, Centre, Elk, Somerset and Cambria Counties including a prep plant in Portage where company officials said Monday that changes are on the horizon
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Rosebud Mine Reclamation
Rosebud coal mine reclamation and working relationship with Montana DEQ.
Underground Coal Mining
A view from the drivers seat going into a mine where they use the room & pillar mining technique and another clip showing the longwall mining operation.
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Westmoreland Coal teetering on the brink
Westmoreland Coal teetering on the brink
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Take A Ride Into A Mine (CBS News)
Web Exclusive: Bob Simon is reporting this Sunday on the coal industry and some of the hazards miners face. As part of the report, "60 Minutes" went deep into a mine. Come along for the ride! (CBSNews.com)
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Rosebud coal mine to be sued by conservation groups
Rosebud coal mine to be sued by conservation groups
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Consol Energy - The Journey of Coal
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Salem MCK-GS Coal Auger
Ground level with two Salem Coal Augers in Alabama
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Amerikohl Company Overview HD.mov
Amerikohl Mining, Inc. has 3 divisions to their company. They are one of the leaders in Land Reclamation as well. This video is one of two that we have produced for them for their website and other online Branding efforts.
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Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen
PFSC’s Mission: To provide a statewide, united voice for the concerns of all sportsmen and conservationists; to insure their rights and interests are protected, and to protect and enhance the environment and our natural resources. Your support makes it possible for the Pennsylvania Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs to continue our conservation advocacy on behalf of Pennsylvania’s sportsmen and women, and ensures that we have the tools and resources needed to accomplish our missions effectively and efficiently. Stock footage provided by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.
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Seldom Seen Coal Mine in Patton PA
The Seldom Seen Mine is unique in that it represents, on a small scale, a relatively intact and complete site. The mine and site are small enough for the visitor to easily comprehend the entire process of mining and shipping coal. The site also possesses an excellent array of resources including original structures, a variety of equipment, and an underground tour.
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Westmoreland Coal declares bankruptcy
Westmoreland Coal declares bankruptcy
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Darr coal mine near van meter PA
Darr coal mine entrance. Dec 19 1907 the mine blew up killing 239 people
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Many job opportunities in Johnstown area for n
Reported by: Maria Miller JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- Other than the recent mining layoffs where approximately 400 people were let go by Amfire Mining after it was sold to Rosebud Mining, Johnstown Area Regional Industries, or JARI, said it's a promising new year in the Johnstown region when it comes to job opportunities ‚" one that's better than they've seen in a long time. "This year we're seeing an uptick in job opportunities which is really great," said Debi Balogh, workforce development director for JARI. Balogh is excited for 2015 and the opportunities the new year is already bringing to the Johnstown region. "The past couple of years we've been seeing layoffs in the end of the year, slow job growth at the beginning of the year," said Balogh. "This year actually, we are looking at job opportunities far beyond the beginning of this year." According to the state Department of Labor and Industry, the unemployment rate in Johnstown decreased 2.1 percent in 2014. A number JARI closely monitors as it works to bring more jobs to the region and help local companies grow. "So we're seeing not only is the unemployment rate down, but we're seeing a number of new jobs being created as well as other job openings that are coming, because some people that are retiring, other businesses are expanding," said Barogh. "Just a whole lot of other opportunities, jobs from anywhere that you could imagine." In fact, there are at least five major corporations in the region that are expanding and hiring new employees. And for many of the openings, previous experience isn't required. Local companies, especially those in manufacturing, need skilled laborers and will train you to join their team. "The people that know the industry are working in it," said Sean Koffman. "One of our efforts is going to be introducing them to it, because largely in our region for the last several decades, we've turned our back on manufacturing and the skilled trades. We don't know what they are, so part of our effort would be introducing these new people to that." "If you want to transition into re-employment, or if you want to just change jobs in general, or if you're underemployed and you want to get into a better position where you're making a higher pay, I would take advantage of those," said Balogh. To find out more information on the experience needed for some of these jobs, visit: Johnstown Area Regional Industries (JARI) 245 Market St. Suite 200 Johnstown, PA 15901-2910 814.535.8675 Cambria County CareerLink 445 Schoolhouse Road Johnstown, PA 15904 (814) 533-2493 Pennsylvania Job Gateway Riggs Industries JWF Industries TMS Health, a Xerox Company GapVax
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Fire in the hole
Miners use explosives to blast a coal seam at the Rosebud Mine in Colstrip - filmed by Michael Gallacher.
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Westmoreland Coal Company
Westmoreland Coal Company buildings erected in 1908. currently abandoned. No copyright or infringement to Blue October Sony or recording companies.
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Reclaimed Mine Land - Area C North
In this video I show a few examples of Montana native plants that can be found on the reclaimed parts of the Rosebud coal mine's Area C North. (Near Colstrip, MT.) The reclamation efforts at the Westmoreland Rosebud Mine are recognizably impressive! If you have never checked out the reclaimed lands around Colstrip, I encourage you to go out and do so! They are a prime example of environmental stewardship at it's best.
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Exploring a Bootleg Mine
Today we check out an old bootleg coal mine
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The Magee Mine Project (Ruins in Yukon, PA)
The Magee Mine Project Westmoreland Coal Company Yukon, PA Opened in 1908 by the Westmoreland Coal Company, the Magee Mine was once the largest independent producer of coal in all of Fayette, Westmoreland, and Allegheny Counties with more than 700,000 tons of coal produced in 1914 alone by a roster of 500 miners. The Magee Mine was named after James Magee, one of the original members of the Board of Directors for the Westmoreland Coal Company, and one of the founders and also on the first Board of Directors in the original Pennsylvania Railroad Charter. Although James Magee died in his home located in Philadelphia in 1878, his legacy continued through the Magee Mine. Westmoreland Coal Company suspended operations of the Magee Mine in 1954, however an article published in the Connellsville Courier on March 16, 1956 reported the mine to still be in operation by a Clarence B. Pletcher, and with a staff of only 7 miners was said to be producing 25 tons of coal per day. The buildings constructed of iron, brick, and sandstone still mostly exist, but are crumbling and the roofs are mostly, if not all gone. The large coal tipple that went above 5 tracks on a line of the Pennsylvania Railroad is gone, as well as the railways. Two elevated tramways that went from there to the mine portal, and one to the direction of the power house on the bank of the Big Sewickley Creek toward a large slag pile are also gone. The 2 slope portals to the underground workings of the Magee Mine are sealed. -------------------------------------------------- Website - http://www.urbexbyspike.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/urbexbyspike Twitter - http://twitter.com/urbexbyspike Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/urbexbyspike/ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/urbexbyspike
PA coal mine burning since 1962. Town is abandoned & buildings torn down.
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Lehigh Anthracite
Once the top rock is removed the dragline begins pulling raw coal to later be processed.
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Dad's story ; Coal Mines part 1
Pop-Pop's recounting of his days in the #Pennsylvania coal mines during the #depression
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Montana coal mine company files for bankruptcy
Montana coal mine company files for bankruptcy
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http://bestsolutions.cu.cc/bethesda-mining-company/ Bethesda Mining is a midsized coal mining company with 20 mines located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. The company operates deep mines as well as strip mines. Most of the coal mined is sold under contract, with excess production sold on the spot market. The coal mining industry, especially high-sulfur coal operations such as Bethesda, has been hard hit by environmental regulations. Recently, however, a combination of increased demand for coal and new pollution reduction technologies has led to an improved market demand for high sulfur coal. Bethesda has just been approached by Mid-Ohio Electric Company with a request to supply coal for its electric generators for the next four years. Bethesda Mining does not have enough excess capacity at its existing mines to guarantee the contract. The company is considering opening a strip mine in Ohio on 5,000 acres of land purchased 10 years ago for $5 million. Based on a recent appraisal, the company feels it could receive $4.5 million on an aftertax basis if it sold the land today. Strip mining is a process where the layers of topsoil above vein are removed and the exposed soil is removed. Some time ago, the company would simply remove the coil and leave the land in an unusable condition. Changes in the mining regulations now force the a company to reclaim the land; that is, when mining is completed, the land must be restored to near its original condition. The land can then be used for other purposes. Because it is currently operating at full capacity, Bethesda will need to purchase additional necessary equipment, which will cost $30 million. The equipment will be depreciated on a seven-year MACRS schedule. The contract runs for only four years. At that time the coal from the site will be entirely mined. The company feels that the equipment can be sold for 60 percent of its initial purchase price. However, Bethesda plans to open another strip mine at that time and will use the equipment at the new mine. The contract calls for the delivery of 500,000 tons of coal per year at a price of $35 per ton. Bethesda Mining feels that call production will be 550,000 tons, 625,000 tons, 710,000 tons, and 640,000 tons, respectively, over the next four years. The excess production will be sold in the spot market at an average of $40 per ton. Variable costs amount to $10 per ton, and fixed costs are $2,500,000 per year. The mine will require a net working capital investment of 3 percent of sales. The NWC will be built up in the year prior to sales. Bethesda will be responsible for reclaiming the land at termination of the mining. This will occur in year 5. The company uses an outside company for reclamation of all the company's strip mines. It is estimated the cost of reclamation will be $3 million. After the land is reclaimed, the company plans to denote the land to the state for use as a public park and recreation area. This will occur in year 6 and result in a charitable expense deduction of $5 million. Bethesda faces a 40 percent tax rate and has a 10 percent required return on new strip mine projects. Assume that a loss in any year will result in a tax credit. You have been approached by the president of the company with a request to analyze the project. Calculate the payback period, profitability index, net present value and internal rate of return for the new strip mine. Should Bethesda Mining take thecontract and open the mine?
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Seldom Seen Valley Mine tour, part 1
Video from the Nanty Glo Home Page: http://www.nantyglo.com, submitted by Jon Kennedy.
Seldom Seen Coal Mine in Patton PA
Coal mining reflects the independent spirit of the region's people. Many southwestern Pennsylvania mines were small family run operations such as Seldom Seen Mine. The mine was originally operated by mule haulage with the only electric piece of equipment being the pump. Around 1943 the first electric equipment, consisting of a locomotive w/storage battery, and a short wall cutter, was purchased and installed in the mine. The trolley system and conveyor system was installed in the late 1940's. Since the closing of production in 1963, The Seldom Seen Mine has become a Tourist Mine and is now part of the Path of Progress. Human Diaries is more than just stories of people’s lives, though. It’s a place for things such as helpful hints, safety information, prayers, money saving tips, artistic creations, connecting to others, and even notifications about freebies! Human Diaries is for all people of all ages – children have contributed their drawings, poems, and stories to Human Diaries, too! If you haven't subscribed to our channel please do by clicking "Subscribe" Now! You can also follow us on social media: Website: http://humandiaries.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HDiaries/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/humandiaries Instagram: https://instagram.com/humandiaries/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Humandiaries/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/human-diaries Rss Feed: http://humandiaries.com/feed/
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Rosebuds Christmas Party 2012
This is the Advance Group...
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Pinnacle Mine is idle, future is uncertain for hundreds of coal miners
2:00 Saturday, Oct. 6 2018 UPDATE: Bobby Bowman, President of United Mine Workers of America Local 1713 tells 59 News those working in Pinnacle Mine have not been laid off yet. He explained miners will lose their jobs in the coming weeks after the work of moving equipment is complete.
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Tour of Lackawanna Coal Mine
Starting our tour of Lackawanna Coal Mine near Scranton, PA
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Johnstown Cavemen pt.4
Rolling Mills Mine real niggas cave diving exploration. 07.07.13
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2016 Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation Awards
Assassins by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Nice and Easy by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ 5 Cents Back by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Bangladesh mine activists dump coal outside GCM meeting in London
Bangladesh mine activists dump coal outside GCM meeting in London Protester dressed as Santa Claus delivers sack in row over plans for mine in Phulbari, Banglades
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2018 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining National Award Winner - Peabody Big Sky Mine
Big Sky Mine Area B Rosebud County, Montana Big Sky Mine Area B was recognized for the creation of post-mining water sources in a eclaimed, semi-arid landscape. On-site monitoring between 2006 and 2011, has shown that water levels in the reclaimed area have risen between four and six feet. The site features stream channels and wetlands for use by livestock and wildlife. More Information at: https://www.osmre.gov/programs/awards/ActiveMineAwards.shtm
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Ashland Coal Mining Tour in Ashland,PA part 1
Please forgive me for the hearing and video quality. I took this video and the three others with my iPod.
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Lackawanna Coal Mine #2
Tour of the Lackawanna Coal Mines in Scranton, PA tryCicero.com www.grahamcomm.biz
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Canadian company buys PBS Coals
By: WJAC Web Staff TORONTO -- A Canadian coal company has purchased a Somerset County-based coal subsidiary for $60 million, according to a news release issued Tuesday. Corsa Coal Corp., based in Toronto, announced it has purchased PBS Coals in a $60 million cash transaction. "This acquisition is a perfect match for Corsa's strategic vision of building a low cost, premium-quality metallurgical coal producer. Corsa is now positioned with the asset base and financial flexibility required to capitalize on the company's ambitious growth plans," said Corbin Robertson III, Corsa's Chairman and Co-Founder of Quintana Capital Group, the largest shareholder of Corsa. PBS Coals has been owned by Russian-based Severstal since 2008. PBS includes 13 developed mines and two coal preparation plants. Three of the 13 mines are active. Corsa officials said the transaction should be completed by mid-August. There was no immediate information about the status of PBS employees regarding the sale announcement.
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Judge denies coal expansion in Montana
A federal judge has put the brakes on coal expansion in the Powder River Basin.
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Old Darr Mine Building
This is a video showing footage of an abandoned Darr Mine building. (Sorry about the shaky camera)
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The Old Eureka Department Store in Windber, PA - Haunted - Orbs
The Old Eureka Department Store in Windber, PA - Haunted - Orbs. This store opened in the late 1800's. It is now Petrunak's Clearance Outlet. Watch this video, you will see an orb at the end of the video come out of the top right corner of the video and follow me to the stairs. These were caught on the security camera system in the store. This only happens at certain times of the day. People say they usually smell cigar smoke upstairs and hear people walking upstairs in boots. Windber is an old coal mining town. Many buildings in the area are said to be haunted with verified experiences.
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Local coal leaders discuss coal market, economy and sustainability
By: Melanie Gillespie and WJAC Web Staff SOMERSET, Pa. -- It is an industry that has built Western Pennsylvania's jobs and economy. The coal mines have been around for decades, but it's a market that's diminishing. Pennsylvania Coal Alliance met with local coal leaders Tuesday to talk about the production's potential and future sustainability. "People don't realize, in Pennsylvania, 80 percent of all coal goes to power generation," Pennsylvania Coal Alliance CEO John Pippy said. Coal is a market that is changing by the minute. Local companies, like PBS Coals, started laying off in 2012 with 255 workers out of a job. One year later, 134 more coal miners were out of work. Pippy said the local economy could take a huge hit if the local mines idle for good. "The businesses and the coal industry pay a lot of money to the infrastructure. They pay a lot to the schools, it's a lot to run this beautiful building and that could go away," Pippy said. Jamie Stilley is Vice President of Amerikohl Aggregates. He, too, said the local economy is strengthened by coal production. "It's jobs, it's wealth creation," Stilley said. Local coal executives and the alliance said Tuesday that coal's biggest opponent is the federal government. "Regulatory rules are being proposed by the EPA that would regulate CO2 to a level that is not achievable with current technology," Pippy said. Stilley said his company has seen it first hand. "Over the past couple years we've seen the federal government, more recently, inspecting us, oversight, to the point that even the state and DEP, which has primacy, to regulate us are frustrated," Pippy said. Pippy said the coal industry has to look towards the future and legislators to sustain. "Denmark, Australia, they tried this model and it didn't work because the numbers don't add up," Pippy said. "If you don't have enough electricity and you have a higher demand, the cost rises. We're trying to find that middle ground and if we get our elected officials, specifically in Washington to sit down at a table and map out a strategy where you take incremental steps, then I think it's a win-win."
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Redhat to Retire – Careers at GMS
Current employee discussing his career as a coal miner with GMS Mine Repair.
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Montana coal mine owner gets extension on loan payments
Westmoreland Coal Co. announced Friday it has obtained a loan extension through Monday.
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63 miners remembered 75 years after deadly explosion
By: Maria Miller PORTAGE, Pa. -- It was July 15, 1940, when methane gas filled the Sonman Mine, in Portage, Cambria County, trapping 63 men inside for hours before they eventually died. On Wednesday, 75 years to the day, the community gathered together to remember their sacrifices and honor their memory. "They died very slowly. They were trapped inside the mine," said the Rev. James Spontak, pastor at St. Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church, in Portage. "The air supply was cut off as a result of the explosion." Seventy five years after of one of the worst mining disasters in Cambria County history, the Portage community came together Wednesday to remember the 63 lives lost in the explosion at the Sonman Mine. "It was a very dramatic impact on the community and of course the loss of life and the many families that were impacted by the explosion," said Spontak. That impact can be seen in pictures and video from the Portage Station Museum. The decades-old black -and-white photos show hundreds of people in the small town gathering after a rescue effort became a recovery mission. "Some of them wrote notes to their family, and one even wrote his will," said Spontak. "They had the time to be aware of what was happening until eventually they expired. Probably about 5 that afternoon, most by that time had died and their bodies were later brought out." The females of those miners said they knew the risks of working underground, but for many it was the only way to pay the bills and a job that needed to be done. It's a sacrifice reflected upon and still remembered 75 years later. "(It's because of) those who went through the difficulties and risks that allows us to be the community we are today," Spontak said. "Also our nation benefited so much from their work and contributions." Pictures, artifacts and an entire documentary about the explosion can be seen at the Portage Station Museum. A monument honoring all of the lives lost is at the Crichton McCormick Park, in Portage.
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After Decades, Dirty Power Plant To Get Clean
Three years ago, the operators of one of the nation's dirtiest coal-fired power plants warned of "immediate and devastating" consequences from the Obama administration's push to clean up pollution from coal. Faced with cutting sulfur dioxide pollution blowing into downwind states by 80 percent in less than a year, lawyers for EME Homer City Generation L.P. sued the Environmental Protection Agency to block the rule, saying it would cause it grave harm and bring a painful spike in electricity bills. Instead, the massive western Pennsylvania power plant is expected in a few years to turn from one of the worst polluters in the country to a model for how coal-fired power plants can slash pollution. http://news.yahoo.com/decades-dirty-power-plant-clean-182516084--politics.html http://www.wochit.com
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Hoffman Lutheran Church Oral History - Somerset County, PA
Recorded in 1998, digitized for the 200th anniversary of the church. Memories from parishioners date back to 1912 and cover the great depression, WW2, weddings, and festivals.
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