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TGDG Applied earth modelling mini-symposium: Better Targeting Using 3D Exploration All Sessions
Click a link in this video to watch one of the recorded talks that were part of the Applied earth modelling mini-symposium on Better targets through 3D exploration hosted by the Toronto Geological Discussion Group on Nov. 21, 2013. Ian MacLeod (Geosoft) Applied earth modelling: reducing risk in exploration targeting Alan King (Geoscience North) 3D modelling, data integration, and analysis: the keys to enhanced exploration Bruce McMonnies (BEM Geoscience Inc.) Multi-disciplinary 3D data integration project at Snow Lake (Chisel Basin) Bill Pearson (Coastal Gold) Enhanced exploration targeting at Hope Brook, Newfoundland:Application of multi-disciplinary industry academic investigations John McGaughey (Mira Geoscience) Discovery through 3D targeting: case study successes from regional to in-mine
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California is the Golden State. In 1849, thousands of miners rushed to the Sierra foothills to strike it rich. Today, gold mining is a dying industry, but one gold mining company has managed to stay in business. The Original Sixteen to One Mine has produces more than one million ounces of gold. It’s also the oldest gold mining company in America. "We are standing outside the richest concentration of gold in the world." mine president Mike Miller said. "The Sixteen to One Mine is located in the little town of Alleghany in Sierra County, and it's been operating since 1911. Most of California's Gold originates from a 200-mile quartz vein that spans from Plumas County to Mariposa County. The Sixteen to One Mine has only explored a fraction of it. “We really are the last mining company in the Sierra gold belt.” Miller said. For some strange geological reason, gold particles in the Sierra quartz vein is purer than most other gold deposits. Miller said that means the company doesn't need to use a chemical to process it, and it also fetches a higher price. In the early 1990s, the Sixteen to One Mine hit a rough patch. Gold was hard to fine until miners started using metal detectors. In 1993, they struck a vein that produced $1 million worth of gold in one shift. “It was one of the most exciting days here at the mine.” Miller said. The metal detector idea may have saved the mine, but these days there is another threat to the industry. “California regulators are getting out of hand," Miller explained. Regulations for the mining industry started growing in 1975 with the introduction of the Surface Mine and Reclamation Act. It was created to protect the environment, but over the years Miller said other government agencies littered the mining industry with so many new rules that miners are having a tough time mining. "We need to be regulated but, we need to be fairly regulated and it hasn't been fair." Miller said. He added that more than a dozen different agencies can monitor mining. The Sixteen to One Mine is currently under review from water regulators. Another law could stop production at the mine, but Miller is an optimist. Work at the Sixteen to One Mine is never ending. Only 20 percent of the rock has been explored. In fact, most of the gold veins in the foothills have not been explored. California gold miners have been through than 150 years of struggles. Miller hopes that regulators will take a closer look at those struggles so that California gold miners live on.
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Nevadaville, Colorado
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What Is Groundwater?
This lighthearted animation tells the story of groundwater: where it is, where it comes from, and where it goes. Learn more about this video: http://ow.ly/vcFiU
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Ian Wright and Peter Doolin - Christchurch City Council
Christchurch City Council: "Our changing environment - the risks and challenges of living with natural hazards" A free community forum - Saturday 15 March, 2014 Dr Ian Wright, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Christchurch City Council Ian is a geologist with more than 25 years of scientific and management experience in the diverse field of engineering, marine and coastal geology, environmental and mining geology, geophysics and geotechnics. He specialises in coastal engineering geology including; site investigations, slope stability assessments, liquefaction assessments, geohazard risk assessment, coastal and estuarine dynamics and coastal zone management. Through his role at the Christchurch City Council, Ian works with GNS Science and local geotechnical experts on geohazards in the Port Hills. He is involved in reviewing the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan Review. Peter Doolin, Port Hills Project Programme Manager, Christchurch City Council With a legal background and extensive experience working on local and central government projects, Peter has worked on the Port Hills land stability project for the Christchurch City Council since May 2012.
Red Star Gold - Unga Gold Project, Alaska
Red Star Gold - Unga Gold Project, Alaska Redstar Gold Drilling Expands High-Grade Gold Mineralization 100 Metres Along Strike; Discovers Ginguro-style Breccia Vein in Footwall at Unga Project, Alaska
BRN Gena Adams September 6 2016
Beaver Fever Friday - Football
In New Hampshire once again, but this time we went to the geologic site called Sculptured rocks, freezing cold water but extremely beautiful and fun. Sorry if the clips jump around a bit. I wanted to make sure I got all the good ones in.
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Jock Bell Interview - Jamaica Raw
Interview with geologist Jock Bell. He talks about the importance of pure, clean water and especially water from hot springs. Living Food Films is a project of Vision Earth Society. We create documentary films about people who choose a raw and living food diet for better health and longevity. Visit us at http://VisionEarth.org
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Small earthquarke rattles RI overnight
Reports of a 2.3 magnitude earthquake struck Providence near the Cranston line early Wednesday morning, according to The United States Geological Survey.
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2010 August Mining Ruins near Breckenridge
2010 August Mining Ruins near Breckenridge
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Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, Groton NH
Sculptured Rocks Natural Area, which spans 272 acres, is a unique example of nature's powerful yet delicate artistry. The Cockermouth River carved a narrow canyon in bedrock on its way to Newfound Lake, beginning as the last ice age drew to a close. Nature used grains of sand suspended in the current to carve the walls of the canyon into curious shapes and create potholes in the bedrock. http://thoughts-drp.blogspot.com/
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Goldschmidt 2015
Goldschmidt2015 will be the 25th Goldschmidt conference, and to celebrate it we are returning to beautiful Prague, the same venue as Goldschmidt2011.
This is How I Roll (take 3)
A little time-lapse video made on Nevada's Soldier Meadows Road in the Black Rock Desert. The song is called, "In Flight," and it's written and recorded by my good friends in FreeVerse from Little Rock, Arkansas.
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Newcrest Unearthed: The Gold Within. Story by Tara Garrood.
A series of stories of Newcrest Mining employees, produced in association with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.
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Ohio Dormant Minerals Act - Part 2
In Part 2 of our series on the Ohio Dormant Minerals Act, our attorneys discuss the critical questions at issue in Walker v. Noon as well as two other oil and gas cases before the Ohio Supreme Court.
sccl e&m exam updates
https://youtu.be/dHtU8yWIDWU #StudySmartTutorial #singreni coaliaries This video is for all those who are desperately waiting for Sccl exam for MT e&m post notified in October 2017 THANK YOU!
NT Resources Week Highlights 2014 - Informa
Over 1500 people attended NT Resources Week 2014 in Darwin that was sponsored by ConocoPhillips, INPEX, eni, Santos, McKay Drilling and many more. Connect with us: Web: http://www.ntresourcesweek.com.au Linkedin: http://www.ntresourcesweek.com.au/linkedin Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ntresourceweek #ntrw Blog: http://www.informaaustralia.wordpress.com
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KU paleontology team working to bring a T. rex home
The University of Kansas is acquiring a Tyrannosaurus rex and funding the dig through crowdsourcing. KU paleontologist David Burnham and a team are spending most of July at Montana's Hell Creek Formation to continue to uncover the iconic dinosaur. Fifteen percent of the T. rex has already been uncovered and more are being excavated daily on this year's dig. Video by Jill Toyoshiba, Montana dig site photos and video courtesy David Burnham.
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Gold King Mine & ASU CubeSat Mission & Childhood Hunger
The Gold King Mine spill dumped three million gallons of contaminated water down the Animus River in Colorado. Geologist Brian Gootee will tell us more. Arizona State University has been selected by NASA to design, build and operate a CubeSat mission. ASU geologist Craig Hardgrove will tell us more. The Arizona Fair Share Education Fund released a new report. Chris Destiche will tell us more.
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FM15 Press Conference   Changing lake temperatures on six continents
More than 60 scientists have contributed to the largest study yet of changing lake temperatures around the world. Speakers will discuss their findings, which have implications for freshwater supplies and ecosystems across the planet. Participants: Catherine O’Reilly, Associate Professor of Geology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, U.S.A.; Simon Hook, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, U.S.A.; Stephanie Hampton, Professor and Director, Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, U.S.A.
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NALCO – Recruitment Notification 2017,trainee jobs through GATE, Exam dates & results
Latest NALCO - National Aluminum Company Limited Recruitment Notification 2017. Apply today for Jobs & Careers at NALCO – Trainee jobs recruitment through GATE. The Govt jobs and Employment News channel from Freshersworld.com – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit http://www.freshersworld.com/nalco-recruitment-jobs/4444164?src=Youtube for detailed job information, recruitment notification, eligibility criteria, application form, general dates, exam results of NALCO – National Aluminum Company Limited National Aluminum Company Limited was incorporated in 1981. It is the largest aluminum producer in Asia. If you find a vacancy in NALCO, you need to apply through online. The NALCO selection process is as follows. After successful application submission through the form in the official site, an acknowledgment email would be sent to the candidate within 24 hours. The NALCO selection team would review the resume and if your resume meets all the requirements mentioned in the job advertisement, the NALCO recruiter would call you for a telephonic interview. After the telephonic interview, the candidate would be given a date for the NALCO recruitment interview process. The interpersonal skills would be tested and if needed, the candidate would be subjected to written test and group discussion and if selected, the original documents would be verified and the candidate would be offered the employment offer. The graduate positions or trainee positions that are usually filled by engineering candidates and other graduates are taken based on the GATE score. Those who are applying for jobs in NALCO through GATE should perform sufficiently in the other selection tests and interviews too. Adequate GATE score is not alone enough. The trainee positions are filled only through GATE scores. The medical positions in NALCO are selected based on the UPSC test. Those who have attended the Union Public Service Commission test can apply for the medical positions. Other than the NALCO recruitment for engineers, there are a lot of different positions that are filled by non-engineering students too. System and information technology related jobs are focused on diploma and science students. The geology, mining and material related jobs are focused on graduates and science candidates. The NALCO recruitment for MBA candidates happens in departments like finance, marketing, sales, HR and other administrative departments. The candidates have to stay in touch with the official site to know about the vacancies in NALCO. Else, candidates can register with Freshersworld where the upcoming vacancies would be posted along with the candidate criteria and selection process. For those who want to prepare for the written test of NALCO, there would be materials Visit Preparation and placement tips for NALCO jobs at : http://placement.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube - - ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
Creation Seminar 2 Garden Of Eden Dr. Kent Hovind (With Subtitles)
Creation Seminar 2 Garden Of Eden Dr. Kent Hovind (With Subtitles) (You can translate the captions into your own language) The second of the Creation Seminar series by Dr. Kent Hovind. This seminar covers the Pre-Flood Earth. Introduction: 0:57 Why is the Gap Theory not Biblical: 7:27 Why is the Day Age Theory also not Biblical: 21:15 What the Garden of Eden was like? What was different about that original creation that we are not seeing today? Why did people live to be 900 years old before the flood came?: 26:43 The deceptions and hoaxes of Evolution like the truth that the Nebraska man, Piltdown man, Neanderthal man, Cro-magnon man, Australopithecus africanus, Australopithecus afarensis or 'Lucy', Peking man, Homo erectus or Java man are all fakes! With National Geographic and the Smithsonian museum at the forefront propagating the lies: 56:46 Was there ever a Stone Age in the Bible? What about Prehistoric or Pre-flood Animals? Did Dinosaurs live together with Humans?: 1:13:48 Pre-flood and Prehistoric artifacts: 1:28:46 Cancer cure, Hidden secrets and the Pharmaceutical conspiracy: 1:31:57 How can you take God's promise that He is going to restore the Earth like it used to be? New Heaven and New Earth: 1:43:13 Please pray for Dr. Hovind who has been incarcerated for standing on God's side. Please Link Dr. Hovind's videos on facebook, twitter, everywhere, tell your friends and family the truth. Links recommended in this Seminar, http://www.avpublications.com/avnew/home.html http://vitaminb17.com/ http://www.worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/ http://www.hacres.com/ https://www.apricotpower.com/ http://www.nu-gen.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_deer http://creation.com/the-lion-that-wouldnt-eat-meat Creation Science Evangelism: http://www.creationtoday.org/ The Bible And Health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFW8N5wyYys Science and The Bible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fb57xI4dQk&list=PLOO3qLy97ctkfAEGhLM3Ma7RXXYlBSaKA What is the Age of the Earth?: http://wp.me/p4CB1L-gK Modern Technology Which the Bible Predicted Would Be Invented!!: http://wp.me/p4CB1L-MY Does God Exist? Did Science Just Discovered God?: http://wp.me/p4CB1L-Lx How to Become a Christian?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCSUKIhjevo&index=1&list=PLOO3qLy97ctljyMIHhDkXYld81bRf6zKl My Website: http://planetzion.wordpress.com/ My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/theplanetzion Creation Seminar 3 Dinosaurs and the Bible (With Subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWCIFsvVAcI
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N.C. water controversy pits residents against utility
The state of North Carolina says at least 152 wells near Duke Energy's coal ash pits failed to meet water standards. As a result residents have been told not to drink the water. But Duke Energy has told the residents they're not responsible for any issues with the well water. Mark Strassmann reports on the controversy.
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2007 CSC South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Electric Handling
2007 CSC South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Electric Handling
SNN Straight Talk, Guest Mark Lackey on Uranium
Today's topic: uranium, which has had price recovery of US$8.00/lb this year. Every week Pat Bolland, host of Straight Talk mid-day on Sun News Network, speaks with Mark Lackey, CHF Capital Markets' Executive VP, to discuss commodities and stock picks. Known for his own plain spoken "straight talk", Mark has been a frequent guest on BNN Television as well, and a contributing sector expert to Streetwise Report's The Gold Report and The Energy Report. Follow @CHFCapMarkets on Twitter; visit www.chfcapital.com.
1.7 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Parts Of New Jersey
A small, 1.7 magnitude earthquake shook parts of New Jersey, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
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Roi and the Secret People - alt/vid ARIZONA (live)
pre release for the upcoming RSP limited edition record Truck Stop Sushi. Availabe at www.roiandthesecretpeople.com
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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Tour
Sorry about the shakeness. There are times that I just point to the sky. Not all of the time but once in a while I get people on YouTube who would talk crap and call me names. I would block that person if they want to start something with me. Common curdiousdy, respect me and I'll respect you. Even if I talk funny and you guys don't understand, I make videos for fun. I do have a disability but it will not stop me from making videos. The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is located in Rapid City, South Daokta. You can get a degree in engineering, meteorology, geology and more
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[4] The Facebook of Wall Street and the Uranium Bull Market
Erin and Bob stack up JP Morgan's recent losses and compare them to their 2008 bailouts. Then Erin talks to the founder of SumZero, Divya Narendra, to see who "Likes" this latest social media foray into the investment world. Also, with the help of Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist at Casey Research (http://www.caseyresearch.com), Bob explores the future of nuclear power in light of the Fukishima disaster. check us out on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BoomBustRT Follow us @ http://twitter.com/ErinAde http://twitter.com/EnglishPI
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Zoology Club: Makeup Tutorial
On this installment of THE LOOK, tweens give a makeup tutorial from an evolutionary perspective. Zoology Club is Kelsey Rodgers and Stephanie Pace. Kelsey shoots and edits. Our channel: http://www.youtube.com/zoologyclub Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zoologyclubzk Kelsey's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kelsocks Stephanie's Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stephaniep92 ZK twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zoologyclubzk This video was produced by talented people who were trained at The New Movement in Austin, TX. If you want to do what they do, take our classes and see our shows @ TNMComedy.com ----------------- HEY! CLICK THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON UP THERE! If you don't, you won't be instantly alerted when we make new comedy. ------------------ We have other Youtube channels, too! Check them out and SUBSCRIBE! http://www.youtube.com/user/TNMComedy http://www.youtube.com/user/thetommywishow http://www.youtube.com/user/Terp2it ------------------ FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Brock: http://twitter.com/studio8 Chris: http://twitter.com/christrew Our comedy theaters: http://twitter.com/TNM_Austin & http://twitter.com/TNM_Nola ------------------- FAN us on FACEBOOK! http://facebook.com/studio8 http://www.facebook.com/learncomedy ------------------- OUR WEBSITES! http://www.studio8.net http://www.tnmcomedy.com --------------------------------------------------- Hey! We're expanding our theater in New Orleans! If you'd like to support something awesome in the comedy universe, you can donate to our Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trew/a-bigger-better-home-for-the-new-orleans-comedy-sc
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SMG's LiquidThread: Tips for Branded Content Creation at CES
SMG's LiquidThread: Tips for Branded Content Creation at CES from Beet.TV. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Beet.TV on Blip! http://blip.tv/beettv/watch LAS VEGAS -- Know your audience and give them the content and stories they want. Thatapos;s the advice for brands as they approach next-generation storytelling, says Brent Poer, President of LiquidThread, the content creation division of SMG North America, during an interview with Beet.TVapos;s Ashley Swartz at the Consumer Electronics Show. Stay rooted in the audience and think of them first, he advises. Aso, brands shouldnapos;t be afraid of conflict as they approach this venue because then the brand can be at the center of the resolution. "Social is powering the next-generation of the oral tradition," he adds. For more insight into best practices for content creation across devices, check out this video interview. Ashley Swartz is a principal of the New York-based consultancy Furious Minds. She is a regular contributor to Beet.TV-Daisy WhitneyEditorapos;s Note: This segment has been produced as part of a series of coverage of CES sponsored by SMG, Starcom MediaVest Group See all episodes of Beet.TV http://blip.tv/beettv#EpisodeArchive Visit Beet.TV's series page http://blip.tv/beettv
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OSCARS SO GOLD champion of this endeavor
ReCon goes live exploring the Academy Awards of 2016 in a follow-up to OSCARS SO GOLD til the bitter end http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10cy-s3Dvxc Everyone's a winner as Leonardo DiCaprio wins best actor, all films hinting at New World Order Agendas, Talent Agencies or Alphabet agencies? TMZ as CIA, Black-sploitation hits the Oscars with host Chris Rock and a fight the power end credits montage, and Ali G if the glove don't fit you must... Look out VP Joe Biden might be creeping behind you and whispering #OscarsSoWhite Don't be a sucker (1947) Cultural Tolerance and Understanding Overcomes Racism & Ignorance 1940s https://youtu.be/puW9kMWLgjI COMPLEX Chris Rock Opens the Oscars (2016) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5_gVOnxgyM
Black Hills Corp Recruits  South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Students
Black Hills Corp testimonial regarding hiring South Dakota School of Mines and Technology students.
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2017 South Dakota School of Mines #RMACkickoff Carpool Karaoke
South Dakota School of Mines Football: DE EJ DeVeaux, WR Isaiah Manley & SS Blake Stone take on "Closer" in the 2017 edition of the RMAC Carpool Karaoke. *** THE VEHICLE WAS NOT IN MOTION DURING THE VIDEO*** *** WE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE MUSIC*** ***NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED*** - "CLOSER'" -THE CHAINSMOKERS
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National Land Cover Database 2011 - Status and Plans
http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/806 A presentation by Dr. Collin Homer, USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science Center (EROS), reporting the current status, future plans, and applications examples of the National Land Cover Database 2011 (NLCD 2011). The data in NLCD 2011 are completely integrated with those of previous versions. Fourteen product suites now harmonize and integrate land cover change across the conterminous United States through 2001, 2006, and 2011.
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Wwe Smackdown 1/11/13 Spoilers
SmackDown opens with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Punk has Rock's college football jersey. Punk says the stadium The Rock played college football at (the Orange Dome) is gone and the WWE that The Rock used to wrestle for is gone too. At the Royal Rumble, Punk is going to show The Rock that you can never go home. The Rock comes out. Rock talks about his college football days. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes come out. They say they are going to be champions soon and The Rock doesn't deserve this time. Rock says Cody has a dead caterpillar on his lip and makes fun of his lisp. Sandow has a wager for The Rock. Sandow says if Rock can answer 3 questions, he can stay. If not he leaves. Rock says bring it. Question 1 -- who was the 19th US president. Rock says Rutherford B Hayes, bitch. Cody asks what movie won Best Picture in 1993. Rock says Schindlers List & he's right again. Question 3 -- Rock says now it's his turn to ask a question. What happens when you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with its lowest form. Sandow says that's easy -- you get Rock Bottom. Rock grabs him and gives him a Rock Bottom! Cody gets in Rock's face and gets a spine buster and then a People's Elbow. Lilian Garcia introduces SmackDown General Manager Booker T. Booker announces Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton and that The Rock will be in this very ring tonight. Also Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio. Show comes out and confronts Booker. He gets a microphone and says his match with Del Rio is because Booker T has a personal vendetta against him. Big Show says Del Rio is only getting the match because they're in Miami and Del Rio is Latino. He says there are no more Latino heroes, no more Irish heroes, no Viper heroes. Del Rio runs out and attacks Big Show and clears him out of the ring. Loud chant for Del Rio. Backstage segment with Booker, Rhodes and Sandow. It is announced that Antonio Cesaro will be at the Royal Rumble. Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro is next. Cesaro comes out with the US flag. As Orton was in control and getting ready to hit the RKO, The Shield ran down and destroyed Orton & hit the 3-man power bomb. Big Show vs. Del Rio for later tonight will be a Last Man Standing match. Matt Striker interviews Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre backstage about the Rumble. They said they have a score to settle with Sheamus tonight. Aj Lee and Dolph Ziggler def. Natalya and The Great Khali Sheamus def. 3MB Team Hell No def. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil. Last-Man-Standing match for the Worldheavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show Del Rio hits Big Show with the steal steps 3 times and then puts him through an announce table, the ref counts to ten. The new Worldheavyweight Champion; Alberto Del Rio
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SD Mines Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program
Listen to an informative session about the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology's Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Program. For more information, contact us at: [email protected]
ABC Action News Weekend Edition: Fossil Fest
Amazing fossils found right in our own backyards! Check out some of them with the president of the Tampa Bay Fossil Club who was our guest and check out the Fossil Fest!
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Greenbrier, Arkansas - Frack Quake - New Madrid Connection - Corporate Greed Trumps Life
**WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS EXPLICIT COMMENTARY** 2.4 magnitude earthquake 15 km from Greenbrier, Arkansas, United States about 18 hours ago UTC time: Sunday, November 05, 2017 23:49 PM Your time: Sunday, November 5 2017 4:49 PM Magnitude Type: md USGS page: M 2.4 - 14km NW of Greenbrier, Arkansas USGS status: Reviewed by a seismologist Reports from the public: 0 people It has been suggested that the earthquakes in this area are triggered by drilling activities associated with the exploration and production of shale gas in the Fayetteville Shale in northern Arkansas. Analysis of the swarm has found no link between this relatively shallow drilling and the earthquakes, but has instead suggested a link with deep waste disposal drilling similar to that identified at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal in the 1960s, and has led to a moratorium on such drilling being proposed covering an area of 1150 square miles. Deep wastewater well injection in Oklahoma results in over 5000 unnatural earthquakes annually. If similar practices have begun in earnest in Arkansas the effects on the New Madrid Seismic Zone are unknown. As we have seen in Oklahoma earthquakes are a result of this disgusting perpetual pollution and the last thing anyone needs is more earthquakes near New Madrid. Heads Up. https://earthquaketrack.com/us-ar-greenbrier/recent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy-Greenbrier_earthquake_swarm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:2010%E2%80%9311_Guy-Greenbrier_earthquake_swarm.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enola_earthquake_swarm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Madrid_Seismic_Zone Deep Injection Wells: How Drilling Waste Is Disposed Underground https://stateimpact.npr.org/pennsylvania/tag/deep-injection-well/ Please Visit Our Facebook Resources: Solar Shutdown: https://www.facebook.com/SolarShutdown/ Comet C/2017 K2 - Panstarrs: https://www.facebook.com/OppenheimerRanchProject/ Plasma Geology: https://www.facebook.com/Plasma-Geology-321021831434846/ Oppenheimer Ranch Project: An experiment in high alpine sustainability. https://www.facebook.com/oppenheimerranch/ Support our work on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/OppenheimerRanchProject Check Out Ice Age Farmer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI-Am0t4qQaP_Do9FwMWw3Q Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel if you enjoyed the content. Share this video with like-minded individuals.
Bomb Threats, Beer Goggles, Painted on Jeans | The Point with Ana Kasparian
Ana Kasparian, Jayar Jackson and Ben Mankiewicz discuss bomb threats, beer goggles, a woman who walked around with nothing but painted on jeans and much more. Topics include: Part 1: Girl Makes Two Bomb Threats For Crazy Reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTGLfaxqrZk&list=PLI78H8HSUNimE9JF4FRYs_ocMIFoCBIk0&index=2 Part 2: Women Beg the Pope To Let Them Marry Priests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdovBxGvWow&list=PLI78H8HSUNimE9JF4FRYs_ocMIFoCBIk0&index=2 Part 3: Spanx For Your Face! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4CUuwb0LI0&list=PLI78H8HSUNimE9JF4FRYs_ocMIFoCBIk0&index=3 Part 4: Proof That Beer Goggles Exist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZHVhfLQ6VM&index=4&list=PLI78H8HSUNimE9JF4FRYs_ocMIFoCBIk0 Part 5: This Woman Isn't Wearing Pants https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B366ya3oCyI&list=PLI78H8HSUNimE9JF4FRYs_ocMIFoCBIk0&index=5 Click to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Host: Ana Kasparian https://twitter.com/AnaKasparian Guests: Gina Grad: Host of The Pretty Good Podcast and The Gina Grad Show on iHeartRadio https://twitter.com/GinaGrad Sandra Daugherty: Sex educator and host of the Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast https://twitter.com/SexNerdSandra The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture.
Kaminak Gold Corp. (CVE:KAM) CEO Eira Thomas Speaks with ABN Newswire at VRIC 2014 Vancouver
Eira Thomas, President, CEO & Director is a Canadian geologist whose career in the mining industry spans more than 20 years. She served as a geologist with Aber Resources Ltd. (now Harry Winston Diamond Corporation) from 1992 to 1997, leading the field exploration team that discovered the Diavik Diamond Project pipes in the Northwest Territories in 1994 and 1995. She was promoted to Vice-President Exploration for Aber in 1997, a post she held for two years, and served on the Board of Directors from 1998 to 2006. Diavik became Canada's second diamond mine when it went into production in 2003. Ms. Thomas is currently a director of a number of other public companies and organizations, including Suncor Energy Inc., Dundee Precious Metals Inc., Strongbow Exploration Inc., Lucara Diamond Corp., the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the University of Toronto (U of T) Alumni Association, the Lassonde Advisory Board of the U of T, and she is a member of the U of T President's Internal Advisory Council. Previously, Ms. Thomas held the positions of President of Navigator Exploration Corporation, CEO and Director of Stornoway Ventures Limited, and President, CEO and Director of Stornoway Diamond Corporation. Kaminak Gold Corporation (CVE:KAM) is exploring the Coffee Gold Project, a high-grade oxidized gold project located in the emerging White Gold District of the Yukon Territory, Canada. Since 2010, Kaminak has drilled 16 separate and distinct gold discoveries and established a maiden National Instrument 43-101 Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate consisting of 64 million tonnes grading at 1.56 grams per tonne gold ("g/t Au) for 3,236,000 ounces of gold at a base case cut-off of 0.5g/t Au for Oxide and Transitional material and a 1g/t Au cut-off for Sulphide material.
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Jeff Weiner, Linkedin CEO on Microsoft HoloLens
Video uploaded for a Linkedin Pulse article.
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WHITENOISE : Skymall (an anti commercial for the Anthropocene)
Pre-order Ruins at https://blackboxtapes.bandcamp.com/album/whitenoise-ruins "Skymall" is the perfect kind of song one would hear on a car commercial. So we decided to invert the car commercial; now it is an advertisement for the death of mankind.
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