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Finding Giant Gold Nuggets in Australia
This image is what all prospectors hope for - but for most this is just a dream. Some fortunate few prospectors do strike lucky and our video shows some nice large nuggets being found.. Matt is a professional gold prospector with over 35 years experience in Western Australia. In this short video he describes his recent experience of using the Garrett ATX and shows you some of the large gold nuggets he has found in the period of just a few days in 2014. The nugget in the thumbnail is a cast of the 'Golden Eagle' nugget which was discovered at Larkinville, WA in 1931 and weighed 1135oz. With modern prospecting methods it's only a matter of time before another similar or even larger nugget is found.
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ATVs at Shamrock Mine
Tom and Don Tomlinson coming down the grade at Shamrock Mine on the Sierra Buttes
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Semi truck cruise
These trucks cruise Junction City, Oregon with all their lights lit up. Very cool!!
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ride royal blue trail 20 the mud hole
just some modded 4 wheelers going through some deep mud
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French Military News, 1960's - Film 17387
Graduation ceremonies at the Ecole Speciale Militaire at Saint-Cyr, France. Statue of Napoleon Bonaparte on horseback. Riders dressed in military uniform on horseback, riding in single file towards the camera. A reviewing stand in which military dignitaries are standing. A military jeep towing an outboard motorboat on land. Riders on horseback moving in a circle. A crowd in the stands, clapping. An exhibition of military stunts and exercises: a rider on horseback uses his lance to catch a hoop suspended from a pole; another rider uses his horse's head to pop a balloon. A crowd clapping. Riders on horseback on an exercise ground in front of stands of spectators. A man sitting atop a small donkey, which is walking slowly. Motorcyclists ride up ramps and through hoops of fire. Gymnasts vaulting a box-horse and tumbling; close-up of gymnasts clearing the box-horse. A martial arts demonstration. Men crawling along the ground under a low covering of barbed wire. A man running through a paper-fronted box. A man jumps off a raised wood plank into a pit, clearing a low brick wall in the air. Presentation of a flag to the graduating class of the military school, by a high-ranking officer. Front shot of young officers. A military band, Rows of marching graduates, their rifles held against their bodies and pointing up into the night sky. An interesting backlit shot of these graduates marching at night. Ouenza, Algeria (near the border with Tunisia). An iron ore excavation site. A panning shot looking down on men and machines at work, providing a panorama of the site. A panning shot, from the top to near the bottom, of a mining drill boring into the ground. Close-up of the drill as it methodically rises and then falls back deeper into the ground. Panning shot, from the top to the bottom (ground-level) of a machine which pumps water into the ground to cool the drilling mechanisms. An explosive being dropped into a hole. Men detonating explosives, and four shots of controlled explosions in the ground. A very large loading vehicle filling a truck with iron ore; shots of the vehicle's operator at work. The truck departs and travels through a dusty, dry landscape. Several close-up shots of its wheels. The truck dumping its load of ore into a pit. A vast loading area for iron ore transport. A train car filled with ore. A train, its cars filled with ore, passes by the camera. The camera turns to follow the back of the train as it goes past. Young men boarding an airplane. The propeller (not moving) of an airplane. Men getting into the plane. The propeller begins to move. Two young men looking out of an airplane window. Aerial shot of the ground. The cockpit and pilot, with instrument panel. Yong men alighting from an airplane. An aerial shot of the city of Algiers. A workshop, somewhere in Algeria. A sign: 'Les Artisans de Taearaoui'. People working with cement. The Department of Oran, Algeria. Military officers walking. Men working outside with machines. A young French soldier. A modern apartment block. A colonnaded white building: the camera shows the clocktower and a French flag flapping in the breeze, and then pans to ground level to show the colonnades. Children doing physical exercises: climbing a rope; jumping over a rope and into a sandpit; putting the shot. Young boys running into the sea, playing in the sand and the water. A volleyball net. Children in a classroom; the teacher and military officals sitting in the class. Buildings in Algeria. Algerian shepherds with (part of) their flock; the camera pans to the sheep. Members of a tent-dwelling tribe in the Algerian interior. Algerian children. A road sign: 'Nouder 9 1/2; Hamman 24; Marhoum 55; Bedeau 12'. A market scene, with men in white turban-like head coverings; close-ups of wares for sale. French military personnel walking through the market. Close-up of four French military personnel conversing amongst themselves. Young French men being offered tea by an Algerian. The Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of France. On board a warship. A man speaks into a hand-held microphone; cut to three men hurriedly jumping out of their hammocks on board the ship. Men running through a doorway and onto the ship's deck. Men rushing up a ladder and hurrying along the deck. the ship 's cannons pivoting in the direction of their target. Cannons firing out of the side of the ship. two men on deck, wearing masks and protective suits. We see one of them descending a hatch in the deck (the camera is placed below them, down the hatch). Head-shot of a man wearing a protective gas mask, with a hose for breathing.
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