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Ridding the World of Ads
Jimmy explains how advertising evolved into "Sponsored Content".
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Jimmy valmer Nightmare
This what happens to that gege
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Jimmy Valmer in a hoodie. Cuz I can. (Speedpaint)
yES in the middle of the video my face is showing ;-; but I thought good ol Jim would look cute in a hoodie and it turned out semi bad.
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Angry asian Jimmy Volmer & Morgan Freeman play COD Advanced Warfare part 2
Me and some friends continue to troll the "Pros" of Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare....
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Ventura Experimentals - Learn A Lesson (Prod. by MarkusDied)
(Lyrics below, click "Show more") What up, ya fucks?? Here's one of the tracks from our newest album "The Forbidden Sector", which will be released at a later date. Lyrics: (J2DAOSH) Now a days rappers spit fire, Through their lyrics. Shit, I'm the initial spark, That creates and makes their spirits. Put 'em in place when they get near it. Alter fates to make them hear it. Break your face, so y'all best fear it. I'm drivin' the future of rap, So, I choose where to steer it. Yo, to all of those, That say that I, "ain't deep", Take your head outta your ass. Break away from all the sheep. Cuz when I speak, New world order is what I think. When all you think about, Is the next nut you bust in a cheek. You're weak as FUCK, DAWG!! Man, you're weak as a duck. That's uh, bitch made, with no legs, And lost all his luck. Time is up, You need to learn to think for yourself, Does being happy to you involve, Earning the love or the wealth. It ain't hard to tell. Shit, you swaggots are easy to read. Soft as can be, I just need to paper-cut you, To make you bleed. What you feed on, Is trashy, nasty ass sluts, Money and drugs, Violence that is so fake and such. I can't take much more. I'mma wreck all you whores. Slam your face in the door, Strangle you with the chord, I'm slayin' you with a sword. So, hate. Cuz I obliterate, I don't jump, I levitate. Your bitch-made ass is featherweight. I designate to resinate. I castrate, y'all just advocate. I open gates, because I'm so great. I irritate and I educate. I hate the pay and I hate the rates. You await my rapping traits. Y'all are bait my fishes ate. Bitch, suck my dick, and lick my taint!! (ApeX) Yo, My speech is sweeter, Than the other mother candy rappers. You lack astounding blast, While I attract hybristophiliacs. Oh no, where ya vocab at? I go pro, when I flow, And I toke that grass. Legendary, but the rappers vary. Mary Catherine Gallagher, super starvin' South Park's Marvin after sparkin' herb. Yo, I don't roll with the herd, Cheap sheep, But I purr with the cats, That be handlin' rap, A neat fleet. That just happen to be, The must have of that rappin' to beat. Foretold glory, force-feeding stories. So hoarse from all the roaring, An emporium open, For all the opium hoarding. My mouth tastes like flowers, So, I am no Edgar Allen Poet, Though I seem to show it, Between the grind of the grime and lines. It's so fine, livin' live. You should try it sometime. It's a vital element, The spell-written relevance. Love the smell of it, Equivalent to that of the shit, So don't spit, if you ain't feelin' it. And don't be givin' me this: "The early-bird catches the worm." For sure? Bitch, please, The second mouse gets the cheese. Respect to all the readers, But fuck all the fiends, That'll see us in the arenas. Get on your knees and please us. Previous to my release of erupting, Destructing, pummeling. Call it another brother, Hiroshima!! And that is AFTER I DEFEAT YA!! You're a stain to my name, I'll pop the cap that'll bleach ya. See ya in the special features, Findin' prize in disguise. Thriving from the strive, Obliged to guide, The mind-height reachers. High and mighty guys, Rhymin' diamond lines, With divine shine, But I am just a writing teacher. | | | What up to MarkusDied for the beat. And what up to T-Lo...