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Hays 2016 Resources and Mining Salary Guide Webinar
What will change and what will stay the same for resources and mining employers and workers in 2016? Get the first look at the 2016 Hays Salary Guide results with Hays VP Jackie Burns as she shares insights and advice for navigating the Canadian job market. How will competition, salaries, and other recruitment trends change in your industry and region?
Hays 2014 Salary Guide Webinar - Resources & Mining
Hays 2014 Salary Guide provides insights into market trends, recruitment and retention and compensation and benefits. This webinar provides further insight into the resources and mining industry, providing a three year analysis on the labour market, and employers recruitment plans for 2014.
Resources and Mining 2015 Salary Guide Webinar
In this webinar Hays Canada President Rowan O’Grady shares insights into the Resources and Mining job market from the 2015 Salary Guide including salary trends, which skills are in high demand, and how employers are addressing skill shortages.
Hays Hiring Series: Interview Techniques for Employers
Finding the right person to fill your jobs is challenging, no matter the industry or sector. Whether accounting and finance, construction and property, IT or resources and mining, from a surplus of candidates to candidate short markets, finding the person that is the right fit and has the right skills is difficult in today's competitive job market. This video is meant to assist you, the employer, to help make your interview process more efficient, saving you time and money. The interview techniques listed in this short video will help you get to know the person you are interviewing, enabling you to make a more informed decision when ready to hire.
Hays Hiring Series: Defining Your Recruitment Needs for Employers
At Hays, we see employers hire staff to fill an immediate need. This however leads to quick decisions, and sometimes the wrong recruit. We at Hays, always tell our clients, that to effectively recruit, you must define your recruitment needs. Looking at the work at hand, what projects you have underway, who (what type of person) will make the best impact on your team - which are just some of the points that must be considered when wanting to hire someone for long-term. At Hays we encourage employers to look to both permanent and temporary recruitment solutions. By effectively defining your recruitment needs, you will then have a clear picture of exactly what the role/work entails and who you need to fill the vacancy. Watch this short video on how to 'define your recruitment needs'. Whether you're recruiting for construction and property, accounting and finance, IT, or resources and mining - taking the time to know who the person is you need to fill your jobs will help you hire someone that will have a lasting impact.
Resources & Mining Labour Market - 2015
The Resources & Mining industry is starting to bounce back after a slow couple of years. See how market confidence is impacting employers plans to recruit and increase business activity. Key findings from the Hays 2015 Salary Guide.
Hays WA answering your job questions
In this video State Regional Director Chris Kent is answering questions related to your job search, CV writing and social media presence.
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Mining Jobs TV Episode 3 - Unskilled & Entry Level Mining Jobs
http://www.miningjobs.tv Mining Jobs TV is a FREE online TV channel presenting regular episodes that discuss mining jobs and tips to help you to secure a job in the mining industry. MiningJobsTV is powered by http://www.miningresumes.com 1300 737 863. Video by http://www.smallbusinessvideo.com.au
Working at Hays
Hays is the world's leading specialist recruitment company, and fastest growing in North America. Working for Hays means growth, reward and fun. For more information about opportunities with Hays contact [email protected]
Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide - Canada
Hays Oil & Gas launches the 2015 Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide. This guide will help you and your organisation gain insight into hiring trends, labour market news and compensation plans across the sector's business areas to help build effective recruitment strategies. Make sure you're offering attractive and competitive compensation packages to better target and secure the right talent for your business.
Hays Featured Employer: Morton Salt
Hays is proud to be working with one of North America's leading employers in the resources and mining industry, Morton Salt. For more information on the job opportunities visit www.hays.ca/MortonSalt.
Hays 2016 Salary Guide Webinar
Get the first look at the 2016 Hays Salary Guide report as Hays Canada President Rowan O’Grady shares insights and advice for navigating the Canadian job market. How will competition, salaries, and other recruitment trends change in your industry and region?
Hays 2013 Canadian Natural Resources Industry Market Overview
Hays is a global leader in oil and gas and resources and mining. As a leader Hays produces industry leading publications including an Oil and Gas global salary guide, partnering with Oil and Gas Job Search and an Oil and Gas Resources and Mining salary guide, partnering with Rigzone. Due to the global reach of Hays Specialist Recruitment, we are able to provide this type of advice and insight to our customers. This video provides insight into the Canadian natural resources job market for 2013, providing insight to both employers and job seekers to where there is growing demand, the strength of the industry and what skills are in demand.
HAYS Recruitment Market Update - Active Sectors
Nick Deligiannis - Managing Director, Hays Australia & New Zealand discusses the growth within financial markets and the demand for skills in trades and labour. The banking jobs market is growing and in particular there is demand for experienced candidates in the business banking and lending markets. Certainly there has been a slowdown in the resources and mining sector, but the production and maintenance programs are ongoing and Hays has seen continued demand for trades and labour staff over the recent months and see that continuing through to 2014.
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Hays explains the 2015 jobs market, and where the opportunities lie
Anne-Marie Walsh, senior consultant at Hays Recruitment, sees a lot of activity in programming jobs, but data science is the buzz area of 2015. The growth in multinationals operating in Ireland, running mounds of data through their Irish offices, means more and more people are needed to make sense of all this information. Business knowledge, too, is very important to employers. No longer can candidates rely on one skill, everybody needs to think big and plan for progression. You can read more here http://www.siliconrepublic.com/careers/item/41329-hays-explains-the-2015/ For more information about siliconrepublic http://www.siliconrepublic.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/siliconrepublic Facebook https://www.facebook.com/siliconrepublic
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Recruitment Insights - Canadian Labour Market - 2015
Canada faces a competitive market to recruit due to the skills shortage. Learn key insights into what the skills shortage actually mean to employers bottom line and recruitment plans. Findings based on the Hays 2015 Salary Guide.
DNA of a Construction Leader Webinar
Are you looking to become a leader in the construction industry or are you looking to hire the next great leader for your organization? This video provides aspiring construction professionals insight into achieving career goals in becoming a VP of Construction. This webinar provides some of the key findings from the report and should be used by both construction professionals and employers as a guide along the career path.
Hays in Australia & New Zealand
We opened in Australia in 1976 and today we are the leading recruitment business in the country with world class conversion rates and excellent brand awareness. In terms of net fees, we are bigger than the second, third, fourth and fifth competitors in the market added together and we occupy the number one market position in every state and every specialism. Conditions in Australia were tougher over FY13, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland with their exposure to the mining sector. New South Wales and Victoria were, and remain, more stable. However, not withstanding the challenges in the market there today, as well as the impact of currency headwinds on our reported profits, in the next three to five years we fully expect our Australian & NZ business to continue to make a significant contribution to Group profits.
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Hays Hiring Series: How-to Attract the Right Candidate for Employers
The Canadian job market is incredibly competitive, no matter the industry or sector. Sectors such as accounting and finance although more professionals available for work, finding the right fit is a challenge and then there are those industries that are candidate short such as construction and property, IT, resources and mining etc. Spending the necessary time to think about how you are going to recruit and attract the right professionals for your business is a necessary step in aiming to hire the ideal person for your job vacancy. Watch this short video by Hays on how to attract the right candidate and as an employer you'll be more successful in your recruitment process.
Hays Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide 2016 - Canada Webinar
Hays Oil and Gas are proud to launch the 7th annual, industry-leading Oil & Gas Global Salary Guide 2016. Hear exclusive insights and recommendations on the Canadian oil and gas market from Neil Gascoigne, Global Business Development Manager for Hays Oil & Gas.
Hays UK & Ireland
We entered our home market of the UK & Ireland in 1969 and today we are the leading pure-play specialist recruiter in what is arguably the world's most mature and competitive market. At peak, net fees out of the UK business totalled over £450m but since then we have seen a sharp correction. In the year to June 2013 were down more than 50% from peak at £222m. Despite that though, and critically, we returned to overall net fee growth in the first 6 months of 2013, and delivered growth of 8% in the three months to September. Through the actions we have taken on cost, as well as our focus on driving productivity and efficiencies throughout the business, we returned the UK business to profitability in the last financial year. Our focus is now very much on getting to the next milestone of £20m profit. Our high level of confidence in achieving this means we see the UK business as having the biggest upside profit potential across the Group for the next two years.
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Career Skills from Hays
Realise your potential. Sign up to Career Skills from Hays today and benefit from interactive training, insightful career advice and impressive interview techniques to secure the job you've been searching for. http://careerskills.hays.com/
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Hays Hiring Series: Effective Interview Structure for Employers
Employers tell us, Hays, that they have little time to spend on going through a thorough interview process. With competing priorities and work pressures, sometimes just getting someone to fill the job vacancy seems like the best solution. However, taking the necessary time to recruit, enabling you to find the right person, can actually save you time and money in the long run. To help our employers, we have created this best practice on how to structure an interview. By following the advice in this short video, you'll be able to effectively structure your interview, enabling you to effectively gather the necessary information you need to get to know the candidate. This structure applies to all industries and sectors, accounting and finance, IT, construction and property etc, and is an effective tool for all employers and hiring manager.s
Detour Gold - Careers Video
JOIN OUR TEAM! A DYNAMIC CAREER AWAITS! Detour Gold Corporation, a Canadian gold mining exploration and development company, is currently looking for highly talented, motivated individuals to fill a variety of positions for their Detour Lake mine, currently under construction and located in northeastern Ontario. Detour Lake will be Canada's largest gold mine and boasts a projected mine life of + 20 years. There are over 1,200 contractors and Detour Gold employees working hard to complete the construction phase during 2012. Ramping up to operations, Detour Gold will transition from contract workers to over 500 permanent employees. The Company is now actively recruiting to fill a range of positions in a variety of disciplines. Detour Gold is an employer of choice and is an equal employment opportunity employer. Detour Gold strives to maximize local employment with priority hiring from Aboriginal communities and municipalities in the Cochrane region. As an employee at Detour Lake you will benefit from:  Competitive compensation packages  Great work schedule - one week in / one week out  Newly constructed mine camp with en-suite rooms - your "home away from home"  Skill development and career growth opportunities  Long mine life Interested in joining the Detour Gold team? Check the careers page frequently at www.detourgold.com/careers to view the list of available positions and to submit your resume. If you do not see a posting listed on the site, you are encouraged to submit your resume and cover letter to the Human Resources department at [email protected] Due to the large volume of applicants, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
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Hays West and Wales - Join us
Hays is the world's leading specialist recruiter and the UK's largest recruitment company. Here in the South West & Wales, Devon & Cornwall region we are passionate about creating and maintaining a great place to work. Our people and the environment in which we work have been crucial to our continued growth and success, so if you are interested in learning more about a challenging and rewarding career in recruitment with us, we want to hear from you.
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Recruiting & Hiring Trends for HR
Tara Haskett of ERC discusses the talent shortage, recruiting and hiring challenges in 2013, new recruiting methods, and trends for 2014. Subscribe NOW to ERC's Channel: http://bit.ly/1keMmHA Find ERC: http://www.yourerc.com/ Email Subscribe: http://pages.yourerc.com/Email_Contact.html Connect with ERC on Social Media! Follow ERC: https://twitter.com/ConnectWithERC Like ERC: https://www.facebook.com/yourERC Add ERC on Google+: https://www.google.com/+Yourerc Follow ERC on Pinterest at: http://www.pinterest.com/yourerc/ Follow ERC on LinkedIn at: http://www.linkedin.com/company/erc_2 Connect with NorthCoast 99 at: Learn about NorthCoast 99: http://www.northcoast99.org/ Follow NorthCoast 99 : https://twitter.com/northcoast99 NorthCoast 99 Blog: http://www.northcoast99.org/blog NorthCoast 99 Event Photos: http://www.nc99event.com/ ERC helps employers build better workplaces. Our mission is to make a positive impact every day at work, with our customers and in the community. We're sharing videos from experts in the HR community, ideas on building great workplaces, and sneak peeks inside the culture of ERC. ERC Membership Tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLa9bRpjsgA&list=PLcWKUhZhgT1sBoL_zG_VUUqj3YjyBukSD
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In this video I have just finished my first day at my new job and I share with you some information and advice on how you can easily and quickly find a (backpacker) job in Perth and elsewhere when travelling in Australia. I also share some information about a budget-friendly hostel here that could be a starting-point for you to network when you arrive in Perth. It has free wifi, computers, and telephone use to call employers. Using resources such as job agencies is a good way to get started and earn money while you are looking for more permanent or long-term employment. I used an agency called Job Shop and was offered to start a job with a company the next day. Watch the video to find out how to get started. Thanks for watching! HOW TO FIND FARM JOBS IN AUSTRALIA: https://youtu.be/8tEUwTTNjKY LINKS AND RESOURCES: Tax File Number: https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/ The Job Shop: https://www.thejobshop.com.au/ Banjos Backpackers Hostel: http://www.banjosbackpackers.com.au/ JOB AGENCIES: 'Skilled': http://www.skilled.com.au/ 'Hays': http://www.hays.com.au/ 'Flexi Staff': http://flexistaff.com.au/ 'Perth Recruitment': http://www.perthrecruit.com.au/ 'Pinnacle': http://www.pinnaclepeople.com.au/ SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/thehuntertravellerchannel BECOME A PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/thehuntertraveller LET'S CONNECT https://www.facebook.com/thehuntertraveller https://www.instagram.com/thehuntertraveller https://twitter.com/TheHunterTravlr https://www.pinterest.com/huntertraveller https://plus.google.com/+TheHunterTravellerChannel TUNES Track Pomade by Silent Partner licensed under the Creative Commons Act: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/ Source: YouTube Editor TECHNICAL STUFF Camera: Samsung Galaxy Tablet Video Editor: YouTube Editor
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Peter Cosgrove talks Recruitment Trends at NRF Conference 2013
http://www.cpl.ie NRF President and Cpl ICT Director, Peter Cosgrove talks about the current trends in domestic and global recruitment at the NRF Annual Conference 2013 in Citywest Hotel.
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Mining Your Future - Episode 3 (season 2)
Mining Your Future is a fun TV mini-series exploring careers in today's mining industry with host @MaggieDorf
The Mining Industry Needs Young Workers From All Backgrounds
The mining industry needs young workers to replace its ageing workforce, says Leanne Hall, Vice President of Human Resources at Noront Resources. With a 40% retirement rate and new deposits being discovered regularly, thousands of additional workers will be needed each year by mining employers to meet anticipated Canadian production targets to the year 2016. For more information on careers in mining, please visit: TalentEgg's Focus on Mining http://talentegg.ca/focus/mining Explore For More http://acareerinmining.ca Mining Industry Human Resources Council http://mihr.ca
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Neil Nixon - Case Study | Worldwide Recruitment Solutions
Neil (Lead consultant for South Africa) speaks about his experiences with Mining, Petro-Chemical and other Natural Resource industries. http://www.worldwide-rs.com/jobs-in-africa
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Canadian 2014 Labour Market Overview
Hays is the leading specialist recruitment company worldwide. This video provides an overview of the Canadian labour market, based on the key findings from the 2014 Hays Salary Guide. Learn about key trends in compensation, benefits and recruitment in Canada's most dominant industries and sectors such as IT, Accounting & Finance, Construction and Property and Human Resources.
Canada 2015 Salary Guide Webinar
In this webinar Hays Canada President Rowan O’Grady shares insights into the Canadian job market from the 2015 Salary Guide including salary trends, trends in different regions and industries, and how employers are addressing skill shortages.
Hiring requirements and available talent for Canadian mining 2013-2023 - Atlantic
Atlantic Region Learn about: - National mining economic overview - Mining labour market trends and how this impacts HR - Forecasted hiring requirements for Canada, and for mining's subsectors - What the gap analysis between the mining industry's hiring requirements and available talent means - Trends and highlights in your region
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Recruitment Presentation - Change Your Life with Mining, Oil, and Gas
Whitham Media Australia recently produced 'Change Your Life, with Mining, Oil and Gas'; a short video presentation for SACOME, DMITRE and RESA. The video promotes careers in the Mining Oil and Gas Industry, and was designed for various recruitment initiatives implemented by these organisations. We ran with the theme '#LivingTheDream'. Let us know what you think of the finished product!
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Property & Facilities Management Labour Market - 2015
The Property & Facilities Management industry is booming in Canada, along with the Construction industry. Learn key findings from the 2015 Salary Guide and get insights into recruitment and retention plans, and compensation, benefit and hiring trends and forecasts.
Desk Side Market Update 2015 - Banking and Financial Services
Watch this video about the banking and financial sector in Ontario and gain valuable insight to help you plan your recruitment or career seeking plans. At Hays, we pride ourselves on being experts, providing expert insight and advice to help you make the right decision for your career and business. We power the world of work.
Hays March 2013
Agents Promo
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Fly In Fly Out Program - Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL)
For information about Canadian Natural career opportunities and to apply online go to: http://www.cnrl-careers.com For the convenience of our employees, Canadian Natural is pleased to offer a fully operational on-site airport and camp accommodations at the Horizon Oil Sands, located 70 km north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. FLY IN / FLY OUT (FIFO) ALLOWANCE: As a participant in the company sponsored FIFO program, you will be eligible to receive a FIFO allowance of 10% of your base salary paid on each bi-weekly pay. Private Charter flight departures offered from: Calgary, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Private Charter flights offer: In flight service (meals, snacks and drinks) Friendly and helpful staff Small airport for quick and convenient departures & arrivals Horizon Oil Sands is an exciting part of our growth, located on leases just north of Fort McMurray, Alberta in the Athabasca region. Operations are expanding with project spending forecasted at approximately $2 - 2.5 billion each year for the next several years. Horizon includes a surface oil sands mining and bitumen extraction plant, complimented by on-site bitumen upgrading with associated infrastructure to produce high quality SCO. http://www.cnrl.com http://www.cnrl.com/operations/north-america/horizon-oil-sands http://www.cnrl.com/corporate-responsibility/environment/ http://www.cnrl.com/working-together/oil-sands-mining/ AT CANADIAN NATURAL, WE ARE PROUD OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR PEOPLE At Canadian Natural we believe our employees are the key to unlocking asset potential. As one of the largest independent crude oil and natural gas producers in the world, our balanced mix of natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, in situ oil sands production and oil sands mining creates opportunity for people who want to be part of a challenging and competitive industry. Join our team as we continue to create value through innovation by "doing it right" with fun and integrity in North America, the North Sea, and Offshore Africa.
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Recruitment Lab Tech and Tech Supervisor
Recruitment Lab Tech and tech Supervisor Website link :- http://purbabardhaman.gov.in/burdwan/for_citizen/employment_news.php Website link :- https://www.wbhealth.gov.in/pages/career
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Top mining bosses see pay rise despite sector woes,  Investec finds
Jeremy Wrathall, Investec’s head of natural resources, says executive pay at world’s largest mining companies is failing to reflect the sector downturn and recent performance levels. His comments follow the release of the 2015 REM Report, which reviewed executive remuneration across the world’s top 100 miners listed on the New York, NASDAQ ,London, Australian, Toronto and Johannesburg stock exchanges. The study also outlines some of the key issues facing company boards given the downturn that has occurred in commodity markets. Median total pay rose during 2014, despite sector woes. The 20 highest paid CEO’s in the sector are paid in excess of US$3.99mln, with UK based executives receiving the most.
Construction Labour Market - 2015
Get leading insights into recruiting and retaining top professionals in Canada's construction industry, based on Hays Canada's 2015 Salary Guide. Learn about compensation, and benefit trends and challenges both candidates and employers are facing.
Compensation Insights - Canadian Labour Market - 2015
Based on the 2015 Hays Canada Salary Guide, this video provides insights into compensation trends for the year ahead. Use this insight to make strategic decisions with your salary offerings in order to attract and retain today's top talent.
Recruiters Care the Mostest
A recruiter interviewing a candidate while surfing on Myspace...just a typical day in the life.
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New salary offer for Lonmin mine workers
Management at Lonmin Platinum has tabled a second, improved offer to striking mine workers...more on the story...http://ow.ly/dIMJi
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Hays leadership development and Corporate Social Responsibility - Part 3
In this third video in the series, Hays leadership development participants and the Head of Fund Raising at the Children's Hospital Westmead (in NSW, Australia) talk about how they have worked together on a key strategic issue.
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The New Conquistadors: Canadian Mining Companies Battle for Panama's Natural Resources
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/panama-canada-gold-copper-mining-protests-environmental-destruction "The New Conquistadors," a documentary produced through a collaboration between the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the CBC News, explores the battle between the Canadian companies and local communities in Panama. As Canadian mining companies seek to expand their presence in Central America, some Panama's indigenous peoples and peasant farmers worry that the mining could lead to deforestation, polluted water supply and the displacement of local communities—including the Ngobe people, Panama's largest indigenous group. The plan to unearth billions of dollars worth of precious metals is a boon for these Panamanian communities, according to the mining companies; they bring jobs and economic development to the developing countries. But for the peasant farmers and indigenous peoples, the rewards aren't worth sacrificing the environment. "The New Conquistadors" will air on CBC on June 18, 2012. This report is part of Pulitzer Center-sponsored project "Panama: The Canadian Conquistadors" (http://bit.ly/Kj4Qnm).
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Job Seeker Websites - Start Today
Go to: http://my10kbusinessplan.com Job Seeker Websites - Start Today The Top 50 Job Hunting Sites for Job-Seekers, 1-10 | Quintessential www.livecareer.com/quintessential/top-50-sites JobTarget. The focus of JobTarget is to make recruiting simple. CareerJet. A job search engine that helps users find jobs in 90 countries. Craigslist. A compilation of local classifieds and forums for jobseekers. FlexJobs. Glassdoor. Jooble. Recruit.net. Trovit. Top 10 Best Websites For Jobs - The Balance www.thebalance.com Job Listings › Best Job Websites job seeker websites Here's information on the best job search sites, starting with Indeed (the #1 job site) and continuing in alphabetical order. Indeed.com (#1 Job Site) indeed.com. CareerBuilder.com. CareerBuilder.com. Dice.com. Dice.com. Glassdoor.com. Glassdoor.com. Idealist.com. Image Copyright Idealist.com. LinkedIn.com. LinkUp.com. CareerBuilder www.careerbuilder.com/ Find the right job. Right now. Search. Location. Recent Searches. No Recent Searches. Add your resume and let your next job find you. Add Your Resume Job Seeker Websites - Start Today 10 Best Job Search Websites | Robert Half www.roberthalf.com/job-seekers/career.../job...tips/10-best-job-search-websites One of the most common ways today's job seekers uncover employment opportunities is by using online sources. There are hundreds of job boards, both The 10 Best Websites For Your Career – Forbes www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/.../the-10-best-websites-for-your-caree. Sep 14, 2012 - Today we're launching our first-ever list of 75 websites for your career. ... to zero in on those that offer the best tools and advice for job seekers job seeker websites job seeker websites Top Five Career Websites For Women Job Seekers – Forbes www.forbes.com/sites/ruchikatulshyan/.../top-5-career-websites-for-women-jobseeker. Mar 4, 2016 - More women are graduating from U.S. colleges than ever before . . . but many end up being disenchanted with their jobs, or leaving Job Seeker Websites - Start Today 43 Best Job Search Websites 2016 | Career Sherpa careersherpa.net/43-best-job-search-websites-2016/ Jan 19, 2016 - Welcome to this year's list of the best job search websites for 2016. ... because I don't support companies that take advantage of job seekers. 50+ Best Websites For Job Search 2017 | Career Sherpa careersherpa.net/50-best-websites-for-job-search-2017/ Jan 31, 2017 - It is a compilation of resources I've been recommended to job seekers. My criteria for selecting these sites is based on three things: the sites job seeker websites Why Every Job Seeker Needs A Personal Website - Business Insider www.businessinsider.com/job-seekers-need-personal-website-2015-1 Jan 14, 2015 - If you're trying to land a new job this year, a personal website could be your secret weapon. "It's one of the best ways to take a personal brand Top 50 Best Job Search Sites - Big Interview Job Seeker Websites - Start Today Searches related to job seeker websites best job posting sites for employers top job search websites best online job sites best job search sites 2016 most popular job site best work from home sites best job search sites 2017 government job websites https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcCYYtXUn2w

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