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Copper mining in Arizona Top # 7 Facts
Copper mining in Arizona Top # 7 Facts
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The legacy of copper mining in Arizona
Arizona produces more copper than any other state. This brief history shows how Arizona's copper mining built a state and changed a nation.
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Exploring a future record setting copper mine
Located 70-miles east of Phoenix is the town of Superior, and what one day will be the largest most productive copper mine in the United States. The only problem is the rich ore deposit is buried 7,000 feet underground. The owners of the mine haven't even started mining yet because they have to get to it first.
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Copper Mines Arizona, USA
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Arizona Silver and Copper Mining
Adventure short preview. :) subscribe,comment,like
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The declining price of copper: impact on Arizona mining with Nyal Niemuth
Arizona Mining Review: 1/28/15, episode 25, part 2
Save Oak Flat, Arizona From Resolution Copper
In December, 2014 the Southeast AZ Land Exchange Act was signed into law. This bill spells destruction for Oak Flat, a National Forest campground and scenic area in Arizona. President Eisenhower set aside Oak Flat to be preserved from mining in 1955. Yet "thanks" to the underhanded work of Arizona representatives such as John McCain and Ann Kirkpatrick, this landscape including Gaan Canyon and Apache Leap is now threatened by Resolution Copper, which intends to burrow 1.5 miles below for billions in copper. This area in the Tonto National Forest is a sacred site for the San Carlos Apache Tribe which has held ceremonies here for centuries. Also beloved by climbers and hikers, Oak Flat and adjacent Gaan Canyon (aka Devil's Canyon on maps) contain an endangered Sonoran Desert riparian forest with year-round running water. Although jobs and riches for Arizona are promised by Resolution Copper, the fact remains that zero royalties on the copper will be paid to the US taxpayers, unlike oil and coal companies that must pay royalties. Job estimates have inflated wildly over the past seven years. The public remains largely opposed to this project which would send billions of dollars in American wealth overseas while Arizona is slated to earn a pittance in the form of temporary jobs. Certain side effects include contaminated water, a permanently destroyed landscape, and health issues from waste rock. This massive tailings pile is proposed for a location adjacent to the Superstition Mountain Wilderness Area. A majority of Arizona's citizens favor the idea of granting national monument status to provide permanent protection to this area. Please contact your representative about Oak Flat. Visit www.AzMiningReform.org for more information. Facebook: "Saving Oak Flat Campground" and "Apache Stronghold". ~ March 2016 Update: In a small victory for Oak Flat in the Tonto National Forest, the Obama administration decided to add Oak Flat to the National Historic Register. This adds more layers of requirements to Resolution Copper's plans, and makes it more difficult to mine. However, fuller protection in the form of a national monument is still needed. Naovember 2015 Update: Senators Bernie Sanders and original co-sponsor Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and others, introduced the Senate companion of the Save Oak Flat Act. June 2015 Update: Rep Raul Grijalva introduces the "Save Oak Flat" bill in Congress. January 2015 Update: Oak Flat's fate is in doubt with the passing of the Southeast AZ Land Exchange Act in the final vote of the 2014 Congress. The possibility of saving Oak Flat from destruction may reside with President Obama and his executive authority to protect public land. Ownership of Oak Flat remains with the USA at least for now. A White House petition asking the President to veto the bill reached the required 100k signatures in less than 1 month. The White House stated that the Obama Administration opposes the land exchange yet is willing to "work with Resolution Copper" to try to preserve Oak Flat. It may be possible for the President to establish an Oak Flat National Monument via the Antiquities Act if enough public support arises. December 2014 Update: Rep. John McCain, Paul Gosar, and Ann Kirkpatrick attached the Oak Flat Resolution Copper bill to the "must pass" defense spending bill (NDAA). This is an undemocratic maneuver, however legal, which completely bypassed Apache beliefs and public debate on this public land transfer to Rio Tinto (the parent mining company). The Tonto National Forest has nominated Oak Flat for inclusion on the National Historic Register. August 2013 update: Resolution Copper funds a recall election and ousts Superior Councilwoman Kiki Peralta because she opposed the land exchange at Oak Flat. Her replacement is an employee for a copper-related business who supports the land exchange. June 2013: Former AZ Representative Rick Renzi (R) was indicted on 17 counts of fraud and other charges stemming from his involvement with Resolution Copper. The charges were raised after Renzi offered Resolution Copper his support in the early 2000s for the land exchange involving Oak Flat. April 2013 Update: The Superior Town Council voted to officially oppose Resolution Copper. Feb. 2013 update: U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) submitted a new land exchange bill to attempt to privatize Oak Flat, AZ for Resolution Copper. She has joined forces with the entire Republican delegation in AZ including Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who co-sponsored this latest bill with Kirkpatrick. No other democrats in AZ support Kirkpatrick in her pro-mining stance when it comes to this federally-protected recreation area. "A Not-So-Simple Exchange: Why Arizona's Oak Flat Deserves Continued Protection From Copper Mining" by Blue Frog Productions. © 2012 Blue Frog, LLC All Rights Reserved Contact: [email protected]
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Some return to work at Arizona mine after explosions
Some workers returned to a Miami, AZ mine after molten copper overflowed, sparking explosions Wednesday night.
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A Look Inside Freeport McMoran | a Copper company
This video was created for a film competition about manufacturing companies run by the Eastern Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. It was the EAMA's 3rd Annual Student Video Competition and my classmates, marketing teacher and students, and I had the fun and unique opportunity to go inside a manufacturing company to see how they had evolved over the years and discover why it's a good field to work in. EAMA’s goal is to educate students, teachers, and parents about the manufacturing industry by pairing high school teams with local manufacturers to create videos that demonstrate robotics, automation, LEAN concepts and new technologies used at local companies. Equipment: Camera - Canon t5i Lens - Sigma 17-50mm 2.8 Mic - BY-M1 lav mic
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Mining Copper
Views of the Open Pit Freeport McMoRan Mine in Morenci, eastern Arizona. Mining copper, molybdenum, gold. Giant Caterpillar trucks each haul 200+ tons of ore bearing rock to be processed. Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep are often seen in the area. Music is "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmau5 and I have no rights to the music but if you like it you can purchase it on iTunes and other sources. Video by iPhone, still photos by Canon, all my images.
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VLOG: Bisbee 🌵 Turquoise Mining  ⛏️ District
Check out my blog post here for some resources related to the Bisbee area and to comment :) : http://www.HibiscusMoonCrystalAcademy.com
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Copper Mining
Copper Mining
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Globe Resident talks importance of copper mining
A local Globe, Arizona resident describes the role of copper in the community and across the nation. From electronics to the cars we drive, copper impacts our everyday lives. He goes on to say that the Resolution Copper Mining project is a stimulus for the local, state and national economy. Help us secure Arizona's future. Visit "Speak Up" to tell your family, friends and leaders that you support the Resolution Copper Project. http://resolutioncopper.com/speak-up/
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Freeport McMoran Copper Acid leak Clifton, AZ
Hello All, This is not meant to be disparaging of FMI (Freeport McMoran) in Clifton Arizona. It is meant to show that regardless of any sort of effort to provide safety and controls, human error does occur. Observations from visiting the area, Nov 2, 2008 are below. Again, these are personal perceptions and observations accompanied by photographs taken by me and one of my neighbors and video to show the potential impact of a mine in a mountainous area above a town. One slideshow: http://s482.photobucket.com/albums/rr189/VailCoronaAZ/Freeport%20McMoran%20Sulfuric%20Acid%20Spill/?albumview=slideshow Second slideshow: http://s388.photobucket.com/albums/oo325/NoMiningOff83/FMI%20Leak%20%2011-02-08/?albumview=slideshow 1. Upward of 100 contractors and construction vehicles removing soil and debris from the creek or channel from the "top" of 191 at the curve near the mine to the bridge where Chase Creek meets the San Francisco River. 2. Some areas were not being actively worked on, but others had quite a bit of activity. What I noticed in the area towards the mine, just outside of Clifton was an area that was perhaps a "river walk" ? with concrete benches and perhaps tables? I am not completely sure as it was full of large dirt haulers and loading machines. 3. There was a Bighorn Sheep crossing sign on 191 at the approximate area. 4. We were told to get off the Bridge by contractors, just south of an old Sonic by a U Haul place. We were crossing it so that was our intention. It was the second time we had been told to leave a public area that was not cordoned off. When were standing there for a brief moment our eyes and throat were burning. Maybe our tolerance is not built up to that sort of thing. 5.The distance of 2 miles is probably accurate from the dam to the San Francisco River. Someone can Google earth it. 6. If that substance did not hit the San Fransisco River it is a miracle. Where the picture was taken of the men digging with shovels wearing masks and shown in the paper, it is literally just a bridge span and half away. 7. We spoke with a city official who said the spill was 100 thousand gallons plus of Sulfuric acid, 100 gallons of some other chemical he could not remember the same of. He said we could take pictures as long as we did not cause a safety hazard. We were followed by subcontractor trucks but at no time were we ever in or near an active cordoned off area or construction vehicles. 8. There are homes and businesses all along Chase Creek past the Uhaul place and a daycare center too. 9. Here's the thing. It is OBVIOUS FMI has spent millions working with a subcontractor to get rid of toxic materials and to rebuild the hills where the old smelter stood. It is also apparent from the "river walk" there has been an attempt to revegetate and so forth. 10. Something? human error? has caused all of that to go down the tubes. Even if the materials themselves are not an issue (and I am not saying one way or another) those diesel trucks idle, leak oil and run over embankments. 11. There will be increased sedimentation into the San Francisco River (which you can see happens already in the pictures). 12. When we were there we saw one environmental vehicle and it was game and fish parked at the hotel. 13. The whole length of the creek was taped off with safety tape, but most had either fallen down or was still being put up. 14. The way to handle the situation yesterday when we were there was to send an FMI employee to talk to us about what they were doing to make things right. If they had had been open and not had contractors following us around in trucks when were doing nothing wrong it would have made us feel things were more in good faith.
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Swansea Ghost Town | Old Defunct Copper Mining Town | Arizona | USA.
Swansea is a Ghost Town in La Paz County in the U.S. state of Arizona. It was settled around 1909 in what was then the Arizona Territory. It served as a mining town as well as a location for processing and smelting the copper ore taken from the nearby mines. For a Better experience, turn on Subtitles and Translations. Swansea Arizona - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swansea,_Arizona Follow American Ghost Towns on Twitter - https://twitter.com/USAGhostTowns Follow me on Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111916074221126532435/+AmericanGhostTownsUSA All my Video's - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOO0S6n6v01GENe1Z3RhLB60ojgfDH5vd About my Channel. Welcome to my channel, the OFFICIAL home of American Ghost Towns, I make video's about Ghost Towns in America and other parts of the world, with the HISTORY and FACTS about these towns. Also video's about Travel and People. Don't Forget to Like, Share and Subscribe here - https://www.youtube.com/c/AmericanGhostTownsUSA Thanks for visiting.
Mayor of Miami Arizona talks Impacts of Copper Mining
Miami, Arizona Mayor Jesus Canizales has seen the impact mining has on his community and state. Here, he asks for help and explains what his community can expect if the Resolution Copper Mining project and the mine move forward. Help us secure Arizona's future. Visit "Speak Up" to tell your family, friends and leaders that you support the Resolution Copper Project. http://resolutioncopper.com/speak-up/
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Unusual Abandoned Copper Mine In The Nevada Desert - Part 1
Exploring this abandoned copper mine gives one a good sense for how a mole’s life must feel… The side of the hill we’re exploring in this video looked like a series of molehills on someone’s lawn and the network of drifts underground must approximate the warren of tunnels connecting molehills. There are certain mines that never seem to disappoint us and copper mines and tungsten mines certainly stand strong in that category. Eventual disappointment is, of course, inevitable, but we have had very good success with abandoned mines that mined these minerals so far. The most documentation I could find on this mine dates back to around World War I and so that was presumably the peak in production for this historic site. Obviously, some activity has taken place since then. However, this appears to be more on the scale of tests and sampling. We did not see any evidence of actual mining taking place within at least the past several decades. I read later that the large shaft I tossed the rock down has three different drift levels running off of it. This series has two parts and in the second part, you’ll see something that I think is rather unusual… In fact, I have never seen anything like it before at any of the other mines we have visited. Even the limited records available on this mine mention this feature. So, it did not just get my attention, but that of professionals as well. Music provided by ツ https://goo.gl/98QLLw ***** All of these videos are uploaded in HD, so adjust those settings to ramp up the quality! It really does make a difference… You can click here for the full playlist of abandoned mines: https://goo.gl/TEKq9L Thanks for watching! ***** Growing up in California’s “Gold Rush Country” made it easy to take all of the history around us for granted. However, abandoned mine sites have a lot working against them – nature, vandals, scrappers and various government agencies… The old prospectors and miners that used to roam our lonely mountains and toil away deep underground are disappearing quickly as well. These losses finally caught our attention and we felt compelled to make an effort to document as many of the ghost towns and abandoned mines that we could before that niche of our history is gone forever. But, you know what? We enjoy doing it! This is exploring history firsthand – bushwhacking down steep canyons and over rough mountains, figuring out the techniques the miners used and the equipment they worked with, seeing the innovations they came up with, discovering lost mines that no one has been in for a century, wandering through ghost towns where the only sound is the wind... These journeys allow a feeling of connection to a time when the world was a very different place. And I’d love to think that in some small way we are paying tribute to those hardy miners that worked these mines before we were even born. So, yes, in short, we are adit addicts… I hope you’ll join us on these adventures! #ExploringAbandonedMines #MineExploring #AbandonedMines #UndergroundMineExploring
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The Story of Copper, silent film
The story of copper, silent film from the national archives. Shows mining methods. Reel 1 dramatizes a prospector's discovery of copper in Alaska. He finds a sponsor, stakes a claim, and begins a small mine. Reel 2, copper is mined at Kennecott, Alaska. Shows a quarry mine at Bisbee, Arizona, an open pit mine at Ruth, Nevada, and a pit mine at Jerome, Alaska. Reel 3 shows glacier mining in Alaska and shrinkage stop mining in Arizona. Reel 4 shows the filled stope method in Michigan; and the horizontal cut and fill method at Jerome; and vein mining at Butte, Montana. Reel 5 shows quarry mining in Bingham Canyon, Utah, scenes of a mining town.
Mine closure will affect UA students
The recently announced closure of Freeport-McMoRan's Sierrita location will have an effect on some University of Arizona students.
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How Do You Mine Copper?
The traditional method used at most mines involves the ore being broken and brought to the surface for crushing. The ore is then ground finely before the copper-bearing sulphide minerals are concentrated by a flotation process which separates the grains of ore mineral from the waste material, or gangue. The conversion copper minerals and ores are found in both igneous sedimentary rocks. Feb 19, 2017 while the copper market is gaining momentum, it a good time to look at mining champions in terms of grade ore production capacity world's 20 largest mines accounted for over 8. Googleusercontent search. Wikipedia wiki copper_extraction url? Q webcache. Jul 17, 2014 mined from open pits, copper ore must be crushed as part of the process that occurs between extraction and production. The resolution copper deposit lies more than a mile beneath the surface. Mining of copper ores is carried out using one two methods about 80. Copper, its occurrence, and usewhat is copper? Copper a chemical element in the periodic table with symbol cu (from latin word cuprum, copper (cu) has cultural significance as it was first metal used by man (probably early 7000 bc). Copper mineral fact sheets australian mines atlas. Copper mineral fact sheets australian mines atlasinnovations introduction to copper mining & extractionfrom ore coppercopper and processing everything you need know. Since 1910 and still enjoys that distinction, producing approximately 64. It is these areas which are mined today because they contain definite records have been found of the working copper mines on sinai peninsula about 3800 bce, and discovery crucibles at indicates what you need to know underground mining. The most viable way to recover nov 5, 2013 chile, the world's largest copper producing country, hosts six of 10 mines in world, while remaining four are located arizona has led production u. Copper mining outlook and xrf thermo fisher scientific. After the ore is crushed, it's roasted, which helps to convert sulfides oxides copper processing a complicated process that begins with mining of (less than 1. Copper extraction refers to the methods used obtaining copper from its ores. The chino open pit copper mine in new mexico. The mining process at copper mountain mine youtube. Copper ore official terraria wiki. Copper mining and refining (redox) youtube. Million metric tonnes in 2014. Neolithic man mined native copper and used it as a nov 3, 2012this page explains the production route taken from ore containing rock to final product that is highest purity commercial metal in existence wide variety of applications essential modern living. Copper mining and processing of copper ores what is copper? mineral fact sheets australian mines atlas. Using today's compact mining equipment, copper ore is extracted from the mine. Copper mining and production european copper institutehow works resolution. Copper extraction wikipedia en. Chalcopyrite specimen from huaron mine, peru. The 10 biggest copper mi
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Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine Tour by Sami's * Sami's American Gem Collection
Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to offer the tour of a lifetime! In Fact Phoenix Magazine named Sami's Mine Tour #6 on their top 100 "Bucket List" things to do in Arizona. This is an exclusive trip, and seats are very limited. Twice a year, Sami Fine Jewelry invites gem lovers to experience the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst mine. If you go on this trip, you will get up close and personal with the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. Guests will travel to the mine by helicopter, and once there, will get to meet the owner of the mine, Kurt Cavano, along with the miners. The miners will take you inside the mine to show you how they extract our local beauty. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, then you are also invited to try mining on your own. Souvenir stones will also be given to all attendees. This is an amazing trip that you won't want to miss! For more information call 480-837-8168. We are proud to be the founder of Sami's American Collection. Featuring gemstones that are "born" in the USA! All American Gem Collection pieces are one of a kind and created with gems that are mined right here in America. Some of the gems includes, Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst, Arizona Peridot, Arizona Anthill Garnet, Montana Sapphire, California Tourmaline, North Carolina Garnet, North Carolina Ruby, Oregon Sunstone, Colorado Aquamarine, and more! To learn about our Sami's American Gem Collection go to https://www.samifinejewelry.com/american-gems/
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Gran Skrea Online: How to find Copper ore LvL 10 Mining Req
show few spot how to find Copper ore streaming gran skrea online at https://www.twitch.tv/swecookie
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Richard Adkerson CEO Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
CEO Richard Adkerson discusses the global Copper market, and how the recent economic recession has affected Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold. How did the recession affect Freeport's global markets? Copper, which is our primary product, but all of our products actually, is sold on the basis of a globally set price. When the financial meltdown occurred in the second half of 2008, it had a dramatic effect on copper prices and the prices of other commodities that we produce. ...
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EPISODE 11: An extended episode featuring a complete underground explore of the immense abandoned 100-year-old Dorchester Copper Mine in Dorchester, New Brunswick. We are a group of Abandoned Mine explorers in Nova Scotia, who will be bringing you highlights of our underground adventures. (MORE INFO BELOW) Abandoned Mine Hunting is somewhat of a cross between the hobby of urban exploration, caving (spelunking), and history enthusiast. If this is your kind of thing, be sure to subscribe so you will always be informed of each new episode. IF YOU KNOW OF AN ABANDONED MINE, we'd love to hear from you. Send a private message. We may just come and do an explore and episode featuring your site ! Future episodes will involve everything from the smallest discoveries, to deep underground explores. ** Please be sure to watch in 720p60 HD ** We shoot and publish in 60 frames per second, taking advantage of YouTube's new 720p60 offering. SPECIAL NOTE: While this type of exploration is almost always kilometers back in deep forest, it cannot always be guaranteed that the land we are hiking is public (Crown). These forgotten old mines/claims are almost always over 100 years old. It is also common that most mine workings have some kind of natural cave-in covering their mouth, after nearly a century of erosion. So some explores may involve preparation of clearing that cave-in, and/or dealing with letting spring water (flooding) out of the adits. These facts, along with the inherent danger of abandoned mines, force us to remain anonymous. We are responsible for our own risks & actions (not yours), but be clear we are not promoting this activity. Only showing you what we do. As with any typical Urban Exploration type channel, our faces and commentary will always be masked. If you are seeing an Episode, it means we are already month(s) finished with that site and never going back. The delay is intentional, as nothing shown here will be in realtime. It cannot be stressed enough - abandoned mines can pose a ton of lethal threats. *We are not kids looking for kicks* Keep in mind that our group is made up of responsible adults, each with specific skills, and cross-Canada experience with over 75+ mine walks. Most 10 times larger and deeper than will ever be found in Nova Scotia! Specific research is always done beforehand. Required equipment and backups are a must. While it is indeed possible to safely spelunk an abandoned mine, DO NOT ENTER A MINE without being experienced, or going with an experienced explorer. If you don't know what you're doing, STAY OUT STAY ALIVE is the best policy.
KERR MINES Copperstone Gold Mine KER:TSX Investor Tour
Copperstone mine is a high-grade, fully-permitted gold deposit located in mining-friendly western Arizona. Having historically produced ~500,000 ounces of gold, Copperstone contains existing infrastructure which reduces investment requirements and speeds up the timeline to production. A pathway to 1 Million oz's of gold. Company Presentation: http://kerrmines.com/wp-content/uploads/Kerr-Mines-Corporate-Presentation-February-2018.pdf Fact Sheet: http://kerrmines.com/wp-content/uploads/Kerr-Mines-Fact-Sheet-Q1-2018.pdf
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Copper Chopper
Paul Yaffe's Copper Chopper Year Built: 2011 Basis for Build: This amazing Copper Chopper was commissioned by the state of Arizona to serve as official mascot for the Arizona Centennial Celebration. Paul, along with country music superstar Dierks Bentley, led a procession of over 6,000 motorcycles along a route through the streets of Phoenix, which ended at the Arizona State Capitol and served as the finale to the state’s 100-year birthday. Little Known Fact: All the copper used in the creation of the Copper Chopper was actually mined in Arizona and donated for the project by Freeport-McMoran mining company.
USING LAKES TO MAP ANCIENT COPPER MINING, by Dr. David P. Pompeani, at the Copper and Culture Conference on Prehistoric Metal Working in the Lake Superior Region August 7, 2015, Houghton, Michigan.
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Driving past the Phelps Dodge Copper Mine Tailings, Ajo to Why, Arizona Drive, GOPR6900
Driving past the Phelps Dodge Copper Mine Tailings, Ajo to Why, Arizona Drive, 14 July 2015, AZ SR 85, GOPR6900
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EPISODE 41: Scant information could be found about this well-hidden mine, back in the forests of Guysborough County... but the visit was well worth the effort. A gorgeous riverside setting, and spooky little Nova Scotian abandoned mine. (MORE INFO BELOW) We are a group of Abandoned Mine explorers in Nova Scotia. Abandoned Mine Hunting is somewhat of a cross between the hobby of urban exploration, caving (spelunking), and history enthusiast. If this is your kind of thing, be sure to subscribe so you will always be informed of each new episode. IF YOU KNOW OF AN ABANDONED MINE IN ATLANTIC CANADA, we'd love to hear from you. Send a private message. We may just come and do an explore and episode featuring your site ! ** BEST VIEWED using the YouTube app on a full size SmartTV ** SPECIAL NOTE: While this type of exploration is almost always kilometers back in deep forest, it cannot always be guaranteed that the land we are hiking is public (Crown). These forgotten old mines/claims are almost always over 100 years old. It is also common that most mine workings have some kind of natural cave-in covering their mouth, after nearly a century of erosion. So some explores may involve preparation of clearing that cave-in, and/or dealing with letting spring water (flooding) out of the adits. These facts, along with the inherent danger of abandoned mines, force us to remain anonymous. We are responsible for our own risks & actions (not yours), but be clear we are not promoting this activity. Only showing you what we do. As with any typical Urban Exploration type channel, our faces and commentary will always be masked. If you are seeing an Episode, it means we are already weeks or month(s) finished with that site and never going back. The delay is intentional, as nothing shown here will be in realtime. It cannot be stressed enough - abandoned mines or mine sites can pose a ton of lethal threats. *We are not kids looking for kicks* Keep in mind that our group is made up of responsible adults, each with specific skills, and cross-Canada experience with over 100+ mine walks. Most 10 times larger and deeper than will ever be found in Nova Scotia! Specific research is always done beforehand. Required equipment and backups are a must. While it is indeed possible to safely explore an abandoned mine, DO NOT ENTER A MINE without being experienced, or going with an experienced explorer. If you don't know what you're doing, STAY OUT STAY ALIVE is the best policy. #ExploringAbandonedMines #MineExploring #AbandonedMines
30 workers trapped in Arizona-owned mine
The mine is operated by Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold based in Phoenix.
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Crown Prince - Arizona - 2016
Contrary to what made it into this video, this claim boasts a veritable cornucopia of historic structures, as well as large gold deposits and some interesting mystery ores. Like so many other mines, it is very secluded, however it is also only about 13 miles from civilization.
Bisbee, AZ  Looking Back   Episode one, Beyond Mining
In episode 1, residents of Bisbee in 1983 discuss the present and future following the mine closure. Other historical facts are also presented.
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US Mines & Mineral Resources: "United States: A Ten Talent Nation" 1922 American Motion Picture
Geology & Earth Sciences playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL33B1A9216BB65F7A more at http://scitech.quickfound.net Good overview of mining and mineral resources in the US as of 1922, with many nice film clips and lots of statistics. Reupload of a previously uploaded film with improved video & sound. Originally a public domain film from the Library of Congress Prelinger Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and one-pass brightness-contrast-color correction & mild video noise reduction applied. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining Wikipedia license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth from an orebody, lode, vein, seam, or reef, which forms the mineralized package of economic interest to the miner. Ores recovered by mining include metals, coal and oil shale, gemstones, limestone, and dimension stone, rock salt and potash, gravel, and clay. Mining is required to obtain any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes, or created artificially in a laboratory or factory. Mining in a wider sense includes extraction of any non-renewable resource such as petroleum, natural gas, or even water. Mining of stone and metal has been done since pre-historic times. Modern mining processes involve prospecting for ore bodies, analysis of the profit potential of a proposed mine, extraction of the desired materials, and final reclamation of the land after the mine is closed. The nature of mining processes creates a potential negative impact on the environment both during the mining operations and for years after the mine is closed. This impact has led to most of the world's nations adopting regulations to moderate the negative effects of mining operations. Safety has long been a concern as well, and modern practices have improved safety in mines significantly... Mining in the United States became prevalent in the 19th century, and the General Mining Act of 1872 was passed to encourage mining of federal lands. As with the California Gold Rush in the mid 19th century, mining for minerals and precious metals, along with ranching, was a driving factor in the Westward Expansion to the Pacific coast. With the exploration of the West, mining camps were established and "expressed a distinctive spirit, an enduring legacy to the new nation;" Gold Rushers would experience the same problems as the Land Rushers of the transient West that preceded them. Aided by railroads, many traveled West for work opportunities in mining. Western cities such as Denver and Sacramento originated as mining towns. As new areas were explored, it was usually the gold (placer and then load) and then silver that were taken first, with other metals often waiting for railroads or canals. Coarse gold dust and nuggets do not require smelting, is easy to identify and is easily transported. Modern period In the early 20th century, the gold and silver rush to the western United States also stimulated mining for base metals such as copper, lead, and iron as well as coal. Areas in modern Montana, Utah, Arizona, and later Alaska became predominate suppliers of copper to the world, which was increasingly demanding copper for electrical and households goods. Canada's mining industry grew more slowly than the United States due to limitations in transportation, capital, and U.S. competition; Ontario was the major producer of the early 20th century with nickel, copper, and gold. Meanwhile, Australia experienced the Australian gold rushes and by the 1850s was producing 40% of the world's gold, followed by the establishment of large mines such as the Mount Morgan Mine, which ran for nearly a hundred years, Broken Hill ore deposit (one of the largest zinc-lead ore deposits), and iron ore mines at Iron Knob. After declines in production, another boom in mining occurred in the 1960s and in the 21st century Australia remains a major world mineral producer. Into the 21st century, a globalized mining industry of large multinational corporations has arisen. Peak minerals and environmental impacts have also become a concern. Different elements, particularly rare earth minerals, have begun to increase in demand as a result of new technologies...
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We Find Copper Ore
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Turkey Draw Gold Mining Claim for sale on Turkey Creek Prescott AZ
www.minedata.us Product Details: This Unpatented Mining claim is set in the beautiful area of Prescott AZ near Pine Flat. You are surrounded by pine trees, mountians and streams. The Access to this claim is very easy! it is only about 1000 feet off the Senator HWY heading south out of Prescott. There is also a dirt road that can be used as direct access to all parts of the claim. A Truck or vehicle with plenty of clearance is recommended and obviously there is a walking path where you can park directly off of Senator HWY and simply walk into the claim carrying your mining equipment or using a small cart. There are several close amenities such as hotels gas stations and shopping centers within just 15 miles from the claim. Production History: This is a silver-gold-lead-copper mining area located about 20 miles SE of Prescott in the vicinity of upper Turkey Creek, South of Big Bug Mesa. Essentially from the town of Goodwin to a point near Turkey Creek station on the railroad line to Crown King. The rocks of the district are mainly Yavapai Schist of sedimentary origin, intruded on the East and West by Bradshaw Granite, and on the South by the monzonite-porphyry stock of Battle Flat. There are also historical gold finds in the washes, tributaries, benches and tailings. There are several gold mines in this area that produced large quantities of gold along with several surface/placer deposits that can still be worked all over the property including an ancient riverbed that is currently covered with a large metal lid and a fence around it. What we found while testing: Water flows about 6-8 months out of the year depending on how much snow the Bradshaw mountains receive during the winter. We tested the hill sides and the center of the wash, we ran 3 buckets of material and found a minimum of 1 color per pan up to 18 colors per pan! Larger nuggets and pickers are found all the time on Turkey Creek. Also additional information concerning finds in this area can be found in nugget hunting and prospecting forums. Information concerning your purchase: You are purchasing (1) one placer mining claim, owned and located by MineData LLC. This purchase is for all interest in the claim. The claim have been examined and documented by professional mineral field surveyors. They have verified the information and potential mineral content of the site. The claim is as represented and documented above. Each Placer claim measures 1320ft by 660ft or 20.00 acres, unless otherwise noted. The claim has been verified and recorded with the Arizona BLM and Yavapai county recorders office. For more information on this, please contact the Arizona BLM on their website. This mining claim gives the owner full control of the minerals and ownership of all minerals and gems on the claim for as long as the purchaser maintains ownership. Ownership is retained by annual maintenance assessments of $155 per claim or by the Small miner paperwork when you have 10 or fewer claims in a year, plus a small recording fee to the BLM and the County Recorders office. These fees are per claim, per year. This claim has been paid in full until September 1st of 2018. Binding and Legal notes: The claim has been staked according to state law to include all of the mines and land as pictured. MineData LLC. has placed all stakes on all corners as required by law. The claim(s) has been described professionally and according to the BLM. They have been measured, staked and validated by professional Mineral and Mining Claim Surveyors. Ownership of this placer claim gives the registered owner full control and ownership of all locatable minerals that may be located on the claim. The sale of this claim(s) does not constitute any speculative investment or security. MineData LLC. is not selling any stocks, shares, securities or any sort of speculative investment. The sale of this claim and the information contained therein does not imply or guarantee values, assay reports, or future earnings. MineData LLC. makes no guarantees, neither written nor implied of any past, present or future value or mineral content. The sale of this claim does not account for any land or access issues that may arise. MineData LLC. recommends that all buyers make all efforts to inform themselves on the interests and legalities of mining claims prior to any purchase of mining claims. MineData LLC. is available via phone or email during normal business hours. Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. The MineData LLC. team is knowledgeable and competent to answer any questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us. (928) 499-7228
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Community helping Sierrita Mine workers
Community helping Sierrita Mine workers
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Freeport-McMoRan - Earnings
Mining isn't the most forgiving business. http://www.fcx.com You can follow Wall Street Breakdown on Twitter at: https://mobile.twitter.com/WallStreetBD Please leave a Like and Subscribe to the channel for all the latest News.
Freeport-McMoRan Top # 5 Facts
Freeport-McMoRan Top # 5 Facts
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Pictures of copper without mining
Now chatting: http://www.leawaysschool.com/solution.html Contact Us: http://www.leawaysschool.com pictures of gold-copper sulphides - SCMMining gt; Ore Process gt; pictures of gold-copper sulphides; How do i separate gold from sulphides without using chemicals or beneficiation equipment used in copper mining; New technology to process copper without smelting copper-mining area of the Northern Cape that will make use of a new low-power South African-developed technology that is able to process stranded copper ore quot;Copper Miningquot; 鈥?Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress Tags 187; quot;Copper Miningquot; The Nomadic Life. Road Trip to Bisbee Copper mining was the big draw in Bisbee beginning in the late 1880鈥檚 until 1975, when the mine Welcome to the Copper Country Reflections web site! Michigan Copper Country and mining history. Welcome to the Copper Country Reflections web site! as these lead to new pictures. Pictures Of Aluminium Sulphate Grinding Factories Mining . pictures of aluminium sulphate grinding factories. crusher and grinding mill Read more. aluminium sulphate grinding machine for copper sulphate pictures of crushed copper ore - Mineral Processing Equipment Manufacturer Copper (Cu) Facts, information, pictures COPPER MINING, Part II A huge copper boulder on the Ontonagon River, said by Alexander Henry (the first white man to mining machinery pictures Mining pictures past and present that depict For example, mining for copper at the surface of the Michigan Upper Peninsula appears to have started as pictures of crushed copper ore pictures of copper ore crushing manchnes Natural gold ore pictures of copper ore crushing manchnes is one of the Iron Ore Mining, gt; pictures of crushed copper ore. historic copper mining machines ZME Crusher In addition tohistoric copper mining machines, we also sell crusher Pictures Shutterstock. Copper mine stock photos, vectors and illustrations from pictures of copper tailings technology Solution for ore mining 187; pictures of copper tailings technology; and pictures about Copper copper processing plant pictures. copper mining and processing 1867 DAVIDSON COPPER MINING CO BALTIMORE N. CAROLINA COMPANY STOCK CERTIFICATE 1867 DAVIDSON COPPER MINING CO LARGER AND PERHAPS BETTER QUALITY PICTURES Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express Copper Mining and Smelting 1949 Viking Pictures 11min - Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, Copper Mining and Smelting 1949 Viking Pictures 11min Copper Mining and Refining copper quarry The mineral native Copper information and pictures Copper SCM copper mining and cannot be used in any way without the written approval of Copper Copper Mining Pollution Photos of copper ore is Preview Image Photos: 1 : Copper Mining Pollution pictures: copyright and may not be used or copied in any way without prior permission History of copper mining: - Timna - ancient copper mines In this park are remains of an ancient Egyptian copper mining industry, including workshops, furnaces and the mining in Timna has been suspended and Great Lakes Copper Research Great Lakes Copper was founded in 1999 and is registered with the State of Michigan. mining, trading, crafting, and use of copper; (without fee). 7. Copper mining in Arizona - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Copper mining in Arizona, a state of the United States, has been a major However, the remote desert loion made mining generally uneconomic without onsite copper ore pictures - ww1.psui.cn/Alan Copper mining. copper ore pictures Our high tech modern society would simply not be possible without the use of copper Copper mining industry Stock Photos and Images. 774 Copper mining industry Progress in the Copper Mining Industry stock image. flooded church in toxic red polluted lake due to copper mining, stock photos. Underground mine tunnel, Copper Country Road Trips: Copper Mining sites in the Upper Peninsula of Copper Country Road Trips has been updated filled with This is a guidebook to the copper mining history of the Keweenaw Peninsula. pictures, historical Copper: Aurubis Copper is a metal that can be recycled as often as required without Recycling does not just save the energy that would be needed for mining The Aurubis Copper
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Welcome to Exploring Abandoned Mines!
Travel far back in time to remote locations and explore historic abandoned mines. We use the latest technology get far underground safely and explore deep flooded mines. We will show you the methods and machines that provided the raw materials that started the industrial revolution 120 years ago!
Silver mine in Tombstone, AZ
100 ft below the ground ya son of a bitch! This was the Good Enough Mine Tour in Tombstone. Lot's of fun! Chef recommends!
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The Day The Mine Closed - [2002]
During our workshops in San Manuel the major theme that arose was the fact that 3 years ago the local copper mine was closed causing the majority of the local people to lose their jobs and livelihoods. This quick edit documentary was made with Raquel & Abe working alongside Nirit & Jon.
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Turquoise Mine Run
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A minefield of protest over Apache ‘sacred’ land - Highlight
Subscribe to our channel http://bit.ly/AJSubscribe The Stream looks at controversy surrounding a proposed copper mine in Arizona. Joining the programme were: Roger Featherstone, Pete Rios, Rick Grinnell and Vernelda Grant. For more, watch the full show: http://bit.ly/1DXfdWP At Al Jazeera English, we focus on people and events that affect people's lives. We bring topics to light that often go under-reported, listening to all sides of the story and giving a 'voice to the voiceless.' Reaching more than 270 million households in over 140 countries across the globe, our viewers trust Al Jazeera English to keep them informed, inspired, and entertained. Our impartial, fact-based reporting wins worldwide praise and respect. It is our unique brand of journalism that the world has come to rely on. We are reshaping global media and constantly working to strengthen our reputation as one of the world's most respected news and current affairs channels. Social Media links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera Instagram: https://instagram.com/aljazeera/?ref=... Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajenglish Website: http://www.aljazeera.com/ google+: https://plus.google.com/+aljazeera/posts
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Uranium Mining
Vanessa Barchfield reports that the Trump Administration is reconsidering an Obama-era initiative that banned uranium mining in Northern Arizona, and some of the concerns it raises in Coconino County.
Safford Mine small blast
Small blast at Freeport McMoRan's Safford Mine
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