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Cryptographie - partie 6 : chiffrement RSA
Chapitre "Cryptographie" - Partie 6 : Le chiffrement RSA Plan : Calcul de la clé publique et de la clé privée ; Chiffrement du message ; Déchiffrement du message ; Algorithmes Exo7. Cours et exercices de mathématiques pour les étudiants. Retrouvez le polycopié sur http://exo7.emath.fr
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Cryptographie - partie 1 : chiffrement de César
Chapitre "Cryptographie" - Partie 1 : Le chiffrement de César Plan : César a dit... ; Des chiffres et des lettres ; Modulo ; Chiffrer et déchiffrer ; Espace des clés et attaque ; Algorithmes Exo7. Cours et exercices de mathématiques pour les étudiants. Retrouvez le polycopié sur http://exo7.emath.fr
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Introduction to Linux - Installation and the Terminal - bin 0x01
Installing Ubuntu Linux in a VM and introduction to the command-line. Join the discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/comments/3wup4b/0x01_introduction_to_linux_installation_and_the/ Ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop VMWare Player: https://www.vmware.com/products/player VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/ Everything is a file: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everything_is_a_file dotfiles: https://plus.google.com/+RobPikeTheHuman/posts/R58WgWwN9jp
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Exercise 1 Solutions
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Congruence • Les questions classiques en exercice + méthode • terminale S arithmétique • Spé maths
Objectifs: - connaitre les questions classiques qui tombent en exercice et qu'on peut traiter avec les congruences + la méthode pour les traiter. - trouver un reste dans une division euclidienne - montrer que ...est divisible par .... - résoudre des équations avec des entiers http://www.jaicompris.com/lycee/math/arithmetique/congruence-Z.php mathématiques - terminale S - arithmétique - spécialité maths
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Live CTF v2: The Hard Reboot (Episode 2)
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First Exploit! Buffer Overflow with Shellcode - bin 0x0E
We write our first real exploit to get root access. Solving stack5 from exploit-exercises.com with a simple Buffer Overflow and shellcode. Run into some problems (illegal instruction): https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/comments/54o705/found_what_i_think_is_a_slight_problem_in_the/ Join the discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/comments/44lnyb/0x0e_first_exploit_buffer_overflow_with_shellcode/ Stack Level 5: https://exploit-exercises.com/protostar/stack5/
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RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis
RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptanalysis by Adi Shamir, Eran Tromer, Daniel Genkin. Talk at Crypto 2014.
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2.2.1 Congruence mod n: Video
MIT 6.042J Mathematics for Computer Science, Spring 2015 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/6-042JS15 Instructor: Albert R. Meyer License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Cryptage symétrique/asymétrique | Darija
Cryptage symétrique/asymétrique | Darija
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Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?
Bitcoin explained from the viewpoint of inventing your own cryptocurrency. Videos like these made possible by patreon: https://patreon.com/3blue1brown Protocol Labs: https://protocol.ai/ Interested in contributing? https://protocol.ai/join/ Special thanks to the following patrons: http://3b1b.co/btc-thanks Some people have asked if this channel accepts contributions in cryptocurrency form as an alternative to Patreon. As you might guess, the answer is yes :). Here are the relevant addresses: ETH: 0x88Fd7a2e9e0E616a5610B8BE5d5090DC6Bd55c25 BTC: 1DV4dhXEVhGELmDnRppADyMcyZgGHnCNJ BCH: qrr82t07zzq5uqgek422s8wwf953jj25c53lqctlnw LTC: LNPY2HEWv8igGckwKrYPbh9yD28XH3sm32 Supplement video: https://youtu.be/S9JGmA5_unY Music by Vincent Rubinetti: https://soundcloud.com/vincerubinetti/heartbeat Here are a few other resources I'd recommend: Original Bitcoin paper: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf Block explorer: https://blockexplorer.com/ Blog post by Michael Nielsen: https://goo.gl/BW1RV3 (This is particularly good for understanding the details of what transactions look like, which is something this video did not cover) Video by CuriousInventor: https://youtu.be/Lx9zgZCMqXE Video by Anders Brownworth: https://youtu.be/_160oMzblY8 Ethereum white paper: https://goo.gl/XXZddT Music by Vince Rubinetti: https://vincerubinetti.bandcamp.com/album/the-music-of-3blue1brown ------------------ 3blue1brown is a channel about animating math, in all senses of the word animate. And you know the drill with YouTube, if you want to stay posted on new videos, subscribe, and click the bell to receive notifications (if you're into that). If you are new to this channel and want to see more, a good place to start is this playlist: http://3b1b.co/recommended Various social media stuffs: Website: https://www.3blue1brown.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/3Blue1Brown Patreon: https://patreon.com/3blue1brown Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3blue1brown Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/3Blue1Brown
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E-Signature Setup for Cash Practice  Software Auto-Debit System Receipts for ChiroTouch Users
Now you can gather your clients' signatures electronically! You can get Electronic Signatures from your clients now! This will work with touch screen monitors, any digital input pen/tablet, or even just your computer mouse! Now your Cash Practice® - ChiroTouch® integration just got even better! Learn more at http://CashPractice.com
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Ashkan Nikeghbali -- The Fascination of Mathematics (2012 WORLD.MINDS)
Ashkan Nikeghbali (University of Zurich) at 2012 WORLD.MINDS Annual Symposium -- The Fascination of Mathematics. Event curated by Rolf Dobelli
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Crypto101: De Vigenère à nos jours (Formation iTeam)
Cette formation dresse un court inventaire de la cryptographie à travers l'histoire cherchant à montrer l'évolution des problématiques, des menaces et des contraintes. Il s'agit d'une simple initiation à la cryptographie permettant de fournir à l'auditeur les clefs de compréhension du sujet. Les slides sont intégralement disponibles sur hhttps://pierre.dhuy.net/2015/conference-2015-crypto-101/ Merci à l'iTeam pour le montage et à l'ECE pour l'accès aux locaux. Cette vidéo est sous licence CC-by-sa, merci de respecter cette contrainte qui me permet de distribuer le contenu au mieux :)
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633 PKI Assignment help (Crypto Lab – Public-Key Cryptography and PKI)
Extract public key for verification: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10271197/openssl-how-to-extract-public-key Verify sign : https://raymii.org/s/tutorials/Sign_and_verify_text_files_to_public_keys_via_the_OpenSSL_Command_Line.html Encrpytion : http://askubuntu.com/questions/60712/how-do-i-quickly-encrypt-a-file-with-aes Measure time ; http://askubuntu.com/questions/53444/how-can-i-measure-the-execution-time-of-a-terminal-process Cpp files : (openssl sample code) http://www.cis.syr.edu/~wedu/seed/Labs_12.04/Crypto/Crypto_PublicKey/
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How do SIM Cards work? - SIMtrace
In this video we use SIMtrace to intercept the communication between the phone and SIM card to understand how that works. This is part 1 in a series introducing mobile security. Vadim Yanitskiy: https://twitter.com/axilirator Osmocom: https://osmocom.org/ -------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveOverflow Website: http://liveoverflow.com/ Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveOverflow/
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Matrix Payment Systems
Save money on B2B credit card processing with Matrix Virtual Terminal, a web based payment gateway for internet sales and phone orders of card swiped and mobile systems. Fast, secure, cost effective control of your processing fees. Commercial grade processing at the lowest interchange rates with allowed secure access. Utilize tracking history, email receipts, contact lists, tracking information and reporting data. A Business to Business streamlined Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Solution. Learn more at www.Matrix-PS.com or www.MatrixPaymentSystems.com Video by www.StoneCliffProductions.com
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Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo
This is a very basic visual introduction to the concepts behind a blockchain. We introduce the idea of an immutable ledger using an interactive web demo. Part 2 is here: https://youtu.be/xIDL_akeras If you are interested in playing with this on your own, it is available online at: http://anders.com/blockchain/ The code that runs this demo is also on GitHub: https://github.com/anders94/blockchain-demo I'm @anders94 on Twitter and @andersbrownworth on Steemit. Donations: BTC: 1K3NvcuZzVTueHW1qhkG2Cm3viRkh2EXJp ETH: 0x84a90e21d9d02e30ddcea56d618aa75ba90331ff ETC: 0xab75ad757c89fa33b92090193a797e6700769ef8
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Create an IPsec VPN tunnel using Packet Tracer - CCNA Security
http://danscourses.com - Learn how to create an IPsec VPN tunnel on Cisco routers using the Cisco IOS CLI. CCNA security topic. 1. Starting configurations for R1, ISP, and R3. Paste to global config mode : hostname R1 interface g0/1 ip address no shut interface g0/0 ip address no shut exit ip route hostname ISP interface g0/1 ip address no shut interface g0/0 ip address no shut exit hostname R3 interface g0/1 ip address no shut interface g0/0 ip address no shut exit ip route 2. Make sure routers have the security license enabled: license boot module c1900 technology-package securityk9 3. Configure IPsec on the routers at each end of the tunnel (R1 and R3) !R1 crypto isakmp policy 10 encryption aes 256 authentication pre-share group 5 ! crypto isakmp key secretkey address ! crypto ipsec transform-set R1-R3 esp-aes 256 esp-sha-hmac ! crypto map IPSEC-MAP 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer set pfs group5 set security-association lifetime seconds 86400 set transform-set R1-R3 match address 100 ! interface GigabitEthernet0/0 crypto map IPSEC-MAP ! access-list 100 permit ip !R3 crypto isakmp policy 10 encryption aes 256 authentication pre-share group 5 ! crypto isakmp key secretkey address ! crypto ipsec transform-set R3-R1 esp-aes 256 esp-sha-hmac ! crypto map IPSEC-MAP 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer set pfs group5 set security-association lifetime seconds 86400 set transform-set R3-R1 match address 100 ! interface GigabitEthernet0/0 crypto map IPSEC-MAP ! access-list 100 permit ip
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Harvard University Commencement 2017 Morning Exercises
The Morning Exercises at Harvard's 366th Commencement at Tercentenary Theatre on May 25, 2017. For more information, visit http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/topic/commencement-2017/.
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The Secret step-by-step Guide to learn Hacking
totally clickbait. but also not clickbait. I don't know where to start hacking, there is no guide to learn this stuff. But I hope you still have a plan now! How to learn hacking - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKXd9zW1OuI The ultimate guide, everything you need to know - https://google.com Stuff that looks cool: crypto challenges - https://cryptopals.com/ wargames - https://overthewire.org other exploit challenges - http://pwnable.kr/ basics of exploitation (+ my playlists) - https://exploit-exercises.com/protostar/ math puzzles with programming - https://projecteuler.net break ethereum smart contracts - https://ethernaut.zeppelin.solutions/ Try something new: create an android app - https://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html create a website with python - http://flask.pocoo.org/ do some nice animations - https://processing.org/tutorials/ make some LEDs blink - https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/HomePage Other Channels: GynvaelEN - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCkVMojdBWS-JtH7TliWkVg MurmusCTF - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUB9vOGEUpw7IKJRoR4PK-A MalwareAnalysisForHedgehogs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVFXrUwuWxNlm6UNZtBLJ-A hasherezade - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWVswPNgn5kutPNa5sprkg Colin Hardy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCND1KVdVt8A580SjdaS4cZg -------------------------------------- Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveOverflow Website: http://liveoverflow.com/ Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LiveOverflow/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveOverflow/
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matrice et évolution • suite • D'après sujet de BAC • spé maths • Terminale S 💡💡💡
Objectifs: - savoir traduire une situation à l'aide de suite et matrice - savoir calculer A^n - savoir étudier U(n+1)=AUn - comportement asymptotique de la suite de matrice: sa limite 💡💡💡: difficulté: normal type BAC http://jaicompris.com/lycee/math/matrice/matrice-suite.php terminale S - exercice type BAC - mathématiques
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Efficient, Secrecy-Preserving, Provably Correct Computation (and Some Cool Ap...
Google Tech Talks July, 21 2008 ABSTRACT Cryptography is now much more than keeping credit card numbers safe from packet sniffers and laptop thieves. We combine several advances in cryptography theory to construct a model of computation in which a third party securely performs computations for a set of parties who do not trust one another. These parties encrypt their inputs to a computation, then circulate the encrypted values. Our third party decrypts them, performs the computation and then issues correctness proofs of the results: we cryptographically "tie its hands" to do the right thing. In addition to this model of provably correct computation, we will discuss other techniques to control the information flow of secret data to and from the party, so even the third party cannot profitably abuse the secret data before or after it knows it during the computation. Finally, we will illustrate the power of these techniques in e-commerce, and our design decisions, through secure electronic auctions and securities exchanges. Speaker: Dc. Christopher Thorpe Dr. Christopher Thorpe is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who recently completed a Ph.D. in computer science from Harvard, advised by Michael Rabin and David Parkes. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., he led internationalization at Tellme Networks, after being the internationalization engineer for Yahoo!'s commerce properties and software engineer for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions. Chris joined Yahoo in 1998 when it acquired Viaweb as its Yahoo! Store property; Viaweb was founded by graduate students he knew as an undergraduate at Harvard. He also holds an A.B. from Harvard in Computer Science and Music.
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RSA - Practical Exam Information
Sandy VanderPol discusses what you can expect at the Realtime Systems Administrator practical exam.
Algorithme (1ere partie d'exercices(de base)) en darija
notre site : http://www.enjoy-studying.com partagez la video SVP, abonnez-vous et aimez notre page facebook pour plus de cours et d'exercices : https://www.facebook.com/enjoystudies notre groupe facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/enjoystudies
What is Pod Taxi ? India's first pod taxis soon in Gurgaon - Explained in Hindi - Current Affairs
Big #Diwali_Sale. Get upto 60% discount on Various Govt. Exams #Pendrive_Courses Click here - https://goo.gl/aTFK6Q or #Call_9580048004 or Start Live Chat Support - https://goo.gl/s68PZ1 UPSC/CSE 2019 - https://goo.gl/UrCD46 SSC & Bank - https://goo.gl/9LQ4Ai UPSC Optionals - https://goo.gl/rtmXRU State PSCs - https://goo.gl/FDB32q Defence Exams - https://goo.gl/UEmtRz SSC JE Exams - https://goo.gl/2WyU1Z RBI Grade B - https://goo.gl/PY32m6 NABARD Grade A - https://goo.gl/C6CzAL DMRC Exams - https://goo.gl/yDnvyf Insurance Exams - https://goo.gl/iLEFxf CLAT 2019 - https://goo.gl/Burjtj Railway Jobs - https://goo.gl/5KaL7h Teaching Jobs - https://goo.gl/q117TX UPSC Prelim 2019Test Series -https://goo.gl/zkCG51
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doremon hindi
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find relevant notes at-https://viden.io/
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La Magie des Maths de Prépa (1/2) - L'algèbre
Dans cette série, je propose de vous révéler la magie des mathématiques des classes préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles. Ce premier épisode porte sur l'algèbre. Voici le second : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRciHKXWneA. Visiter la chaîne francophone de Science4All :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0NCbj8CxzeCGIF6sODJ-7A Chapitre 1 - Al-Jabr (1:13) Chapitre 2 - La géométrie algébrique (12:11) Chapitre 3 - La théorie des nombres (17:51) Chapitre 4 - L'algèbre moderne (29:04) Chapitre 5 - L'algèbre linéaire (40:51) Aidez-moi à m'améliorer en remplissant le questionnaire suivant : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1asI9wJ1jrnMWjpWaO29XvORSIK-ZQD0G_Ivt5m-It5M/viewform?usp=send_form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1asI9wJ1jrnMWjpWaO29XvORSIK-ZQD0G_Ivt5m-It5M/viewanalytics Pour en savoir plus, allez-voir ces liens ! La magie de l'algèbre : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/algebra/ Ellipses, paraboles et hyperboles : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/ellipses-parabolas-hyperbolas/ Cryptographie et théorie des nombres : http://www.science4all.org/scottmckinney/cryptography-and-number-theory/ Cryptographie et physique quantique : http://www.science4all.org/scottmckinney/cryptography-and-quantum-physics/ P versus NP : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/pnp/ Théorie de Galois : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/galois-theory/ Relativité restreinte : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/spacetime-of-special-relativity/ Relativité générale : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/spacetime-of-general-relativity/ Algèbre linéaire : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/linear-algebra/ Programmation linéaire : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/linear-programming/ Physique quantique : http://www.science4all.org/le-nguyen-hoang/quantum-mechanics/ Merci à toutes les participantes concernées de près ou de loin par ce projet ! Musiques : Jason Shaw (http://www.audionautix.com/index.php) J. Lang, Snowflake, Admiral Bob, Onlymeith, Colab (http://dig.ccmixter.org) Chris Zabriskie, Kevin MacLeod (http://freemusicarchive.org)
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Java and MicroProfile on Azure: Building microservices in style - BRK3343
This session dives into the steps required to design, build, deploy, and orchestrate a cloud native microservice architecture using Java and Eclipse MicroProfile. We use Red Hat’s MicroProfile implementation known as Thorntail, optimized for deployment to OpenShift and integrated with Azure services. Hear from Microsoft and Red Hat experts how adopting Cloud Native open source projects and open standards, while making use of tools, APIs, and Java specifications that developers are already familiar with, can allow you to achieve superior productivity. This session includes an overview of MicroProfile and demonstrations of how to put it into practice in the cloud.
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CS50 2016 - Week 2 - Arrays
TOC 00:00:00 - Week 1 in Review 00:04:33 - Debugging 00:05:05 - buggy0 00:09:12 - buggy1 00:12:49 - buggy2 00:18:11 - buggy3 00:22:19 - debug50 00:29:04 - Rubber-Duck Debugging 00:31:46 - Problem Sets Overview 00:35:18 - Academic Honesty 00:39:07 - Puppies 00:39:58 - Cryptography 00:41:00 - Ralphie 00:44:21 - Secret-Key Cryptography 00:46:18 - Strings 00:48:06 - string0 00:57:35 - string1 01:01:20 - Typecasting 01:02:39 - ascii0 01:06:19 - ascii1 01:09:04 - capitalize0 01:12:41 - capitalize2 01:13:47 - man 01:16:31 - strlen 01:17:40 - More on Strings 01:22:49 - More on strlen 01:25:09 - Command-Line Arguments 01:26:53 - argv0 01:34:22 - argv1 01:36:35 - argv2 01:42:26 - exit 01:46:36 - Arrays in Summary 01:49:28 - Outro Explained Segments Debugging: http://youtu.be/KFw20grap2E Academic Honesty: http://youtu.be/nDKQiHs5cpI Secret-Key Cryptography: http://youtu.be/dRW1NElR-QY Strings: http://youtu.be/XLd2C9bF6_Q
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exercices python:  tester si un nombre est premier ou non
exercice corrigés en langage python
Exercice 1 (Nombres complexes) [00001]
Forme algébrique des nombres complexes : a+ib. Bonus (à 4'20'') : addition, multiplication, inverse. Exo7. Exercices de mathématiques pour les étudiants. Retrouvez la correction écrite sur http://exo7.emath.fr
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V-Key Mobile Application Security
V-Key has developed a breakthrough, one-of-a-kind technology that doesn't make providers of mission-critical applications have to chose between high security or a responsive mobile UX. That's because V-Key provides mobile application security by securing the apps, not the device--making data, mobile transactions, apps themselves secure. How? Learn more at www-v-key.com.
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- تطبيق مبدأ التشفير Cryptage  - مقدمة وإشارات -Python
أدخلت سابقا مقالة حول موضوع التشفير Cryptage أنصحكم بقراءة المقالة : achber.blogspot.com/2016/08/cryptage1.html و الآن سنقوم بتطبيق مبدأ التشفير باستعمال لغة البرمجة Python التمرين الذي سنعمل عليه هو جزء من المباراة الوطنية المشتركة CNC 2016 ** الدروس المستخدمة : les conditions les boucles boucle for chaine de caractere : str modulo % * تمارين محلولة بالشرح startimes ** # Python البرمجة للمبتدئين وأصحاب الأقسام التحضيرية تعلم لغة بايثون بالعربي بالنسبة للروابط فستجدونها هنا : http://achber.blogspot.com/2016/08/cnc2016-intro.html
SQLi to shell to binded port
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Crockford on JavaScript - Volume 1: The Early Years
Douglas Crockford puts the JavaScript programming language in its proper historical context, tracing the language's structure and conventions (and some of its quirks) back to their roots in the early decades of computer science.
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Maths 55
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CS50 2016 - Week 4 - Memory
TOC 00:00:00 - Week 3 in Review 00:03:24 - Strings are a Lie 00:04:20 - compare0 00:06:34 - copy0 00:10:05 - noswap 00:15:49 - Program Memory 00:17:35 - The Stack 00:22:15 - get_string() in Detail 00:31:05 - Pointer Fun Preview 00:31:29 - Taking Off the Training Wheels 00:32:05 - compare1 00:32:39 - char * 00:34:45 - strcmp 00:36:42 - copy1 00:37:02 - malloc 00:45:07 - Introducing Pointers 00:49:27 - swap 00:55:04 - Proverbial Lightbulb 00:56:05 - Pointer Arithmetic 00:56:18 - pointers 00:59:55 - Pointer Gotchas 01:03:06 - Pointer Fun with Binky 01:06:26 - Memory Leaks 01:07:02 - valgrind 01:07:30 - memory 01:14:42 - The Heap 01:16:01 - Types of Overflow 01:17:26 - Buffer Overflow 01:21:20 - The Stack in More Detail 01:26:53 - Zooming In 01:28:38 - Representing Images 01:31:04 - JPEG 01:32:11 - Hexadecimal 01:37:10 - BMP 01:40:24 - struct 01:42:19 - structs0 01:45:00 - structs1 01:47:55 - CSV 01:48:43 - Enhance 01:51:02 - Outro Explained Segments Strings Are a Lie: http://youtu.be/WPYs6AkQAec noswap: http://youtu.be/VHQ3mVsHRPo Taking Off the Training Wheels: http://youtu.be/vEdKciOW_ns Pointer Fun with Binky: http://youtu.be/u3YmNTSlHIk Memory Leaks, valgrind: http://youtu.be/z4QOYi6FXIo Buffer Overflow: http://youtu.be/YM9MiA9T8GI Representing Images: http://youtu.be/6ogNubwvXNg
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Star Trek Continues E04 "The White Iris"
Captain Kirk finds himself haunted by guilt from his past as the fate of an alien world hangs in the balance.
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(1/11) Fabriquer du hasard avec des conjectures d'informatique théorique
Pour pouvoir mener à bien des simulations sur des structures aléatoires, il est souhaitable de disposer d'une suite satisfaisant des propriétés a priori contradictoires: être aléatoire (pour que la simulation soit valide), et être engendrée par un processus déterministe, afin de pouvoir relancer son programme sur la même valeur pour le débugger par exemple. Nous verrons comment des travaux en cryptographie permettent de concilier ces deux objectifs a priori contradictoires en s'appuyant sur des conjectures d'informatique théoriques. Ces résultats reposent sur de jolies démonstrations mathématiques et d'intéressants arguments probabilistes que cet exposé passera en revue.
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What is congruence in hindi || Types of congruent
Congruent figures~ if two figures have exactly the same shape and size,they are said to be congruent Tags, congruence of triangles, congruence of triangles class 7th in hindi, congruence class 7, congruence of triangles class 7, congruence of triangles class 7th cbse, congruence modulo in hindi, congruence of triangles class 7th ncert, congruence and similarity of triangles, congruence classes, congruence of triangle in hindi, congruence, congruence modulo, congruence and similarity of triangles in hindi, congruence and inequalities of triangle, congruence and symmetry, congruence and incongruence, congruence and modulo, congruence and similarity, congruence and similarity gcse, congruence and triangles, congruence and constructions, congruence bias, congruence bias example, congruence basics, congruence bias psychology, congruence by sas, congruence body language, congruence bias definition, congruence bias meaning, congruence by hl, congruence les bons profs, congruence class 7th, congruence class 9, congruence chapter, congruence criteria, congruence classes in hindi, congruence chapter of class 7, congruence class 7 rs aggarwal, congruence criteria for triangles, congruence dit, congruence discrete math, congruence definition, congruence des triangles, congruence definition math, congruence definition psychology, congruence definition counselling, divisibilité et congruence, diffused congruence, tableau de congruence, congruence equation, congruence explained, congruence examples, congruence examples number theory, congruence explanation, congruence exponentiation, congruence equation solver, congruence equation examples, congruent exercise, congruence et divisibilité, congruence for class 7, congruence for kids, congruence formula, congruence figure in daily life, congruence fermat's little theorem, congruence flowchart, congruence for right triangles, congruent figures, triangle congruence foldable notes, criteria for congruence of triangles, congruence gcse maths, congruence geometry, congruence generator, congruence gcse, congruence grade 7, congruence grade 9, similarity and congruence gcse, goal congruence, geometry congruence and transformations, geometry triangle congruence proofs, congruence hindi, congruence how to pronounce, congruence hindi meaning, congruence hl, triangle congruence hl, hl congruence theorem, hegartymaths congruence, congruence in hindi, congruence in number theory, congruence in maths, congruence introduction, congruence in triangle, congruence in right triangles, congruence in psychology afosop, congruence in cryptography, congruence in psychology, congruence in overlapping triangles, rsd julien congruence, congruence jaicompris, congruence khan academy, congruence ka hindi, congruence modulo khan academy, congruence lesson, congruence lesson activities, linear congruence, linear congruence examples, linear congruence inverse, linear congruence theorem, hypotenuse leg congruence, ll congruence theorem, hl congruence theorem proof, hl congruence, hl congruence postulate of triangles, hl congruence property, hl congruence postulate, congruence modulo relation, congruence modulo n, congruence modulo m, congruence modulo relation on integers, congruence modulo m relation, congruence modulo n in hindi, congruence model, congruence math, congruence classes modulo m, congruence number theory, congruence number theory problems, congruence nlp, congruence negative numbers, congruence mod n, congruence of triangle class 9, congruence of triangles and inequalities in a triangle, congruence of triangles class 9th in hindi, congruence of class 7th, congruence of class 7, congruence properties, congruence proofs, congruence postulates, congruence psychology, congruence property of triangles, congruence pronunciation, congruence properties number theory, congruence project, congruence problems in number theory, congruence problems solutions, congruence questions and answers, quadratic congruence, congruence and quadrilaterals, congruence relation, congruence rule, congruence relation in hindi, congruence relation between integers, congruence rsd, congruence rules for triangles, congruence rs aggarwal class 7, congruence reasoning about triangles common core geometry, congruence rules for triangles in hindi, congruence relation modulo, congruence statements, congruence song, congruence solution, congruence sss sas asa rhs, congruence symbol, congruence sas and sss, congruence statements and corresponding parts, congruence system, congruence statements for triangles, congruence spe maths, congruence terminale s, congruence triangle, congruence theory, congruence test, congruence theorem, congruent triangles in hindi, congruent triangles class 7 in hindi, congruent triangles for class 7, congruent triangles rhs, congruent triangles properties, congruent triangles class 9 in hindi, congruence used in daily life, understanding congruence, simplifier une congruence, démontrer une congruence,
5/5min : Particule quantique dans un potentiel scalaire indépendant du temps
Par : Mustapha Katih, Faculté des Sciences, Tétouan, Maroc. En moins de cinq minutes.
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Portnox Unix Authentication through SSH.mov
Este video muestra los pasos necesarios para lograr autenticar dispositivos Unix utilizando el protocolo SSH. El mismo procedimiento puede ser utilizado para un amplio rango de dispositivos.
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16  system hacking system hacked Warning notification System Security Alert error message Screen
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SSH   Generate SSH key pair on Linux
Make sure to watch with Subtitles/CC turned ON. In this example, I am creating a key pair using RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) cryptosystem on Linux CentOS 7. Executing this command will provide you with a private key, which you should keep in your ".ssh" directory or on your USB, and with a public key, which, for example, you should add to your GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab account, or to your Linux VMs ".ssh/authorized_keys" file.
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Mod-01 Lec-03 Lecture-03 Biometrics
Biometrics by Prof. Phalguni Gupta, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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