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Unpacking Themida 2.x 64bit … Without Actually Unpacking -  REDUX!
Open Analysis Live! In this tutorial we show how to unpack a Themida 2.x 64bit PE file.... kind of : ) Instead of attacking the Themida protection directly we will demonstrate how a bad architecture decision to use process injection (runpe) made it easy to dump the unpacked PE. This video is a re-post of a video we made last week. In this video we use a sample that we built ourselves to mimic a common malware technique for demonstration purposes. The demo code was from is great demo repository maintained by @hasherezade https://github.com/hasherezade/demos. We build the sample using CMAKE and Visual Studio Express 2015 x64 compiler. More information about the commercial packer Themida and WinLicense can be found on the Oreans website here: https://www.oreans.com/themida.php The x64dbg debugger with Scylla can be downloaded here: https://x64dbg.com/#start PE-bear is one of our favorite PE manipulation tools (also from @hasherezade). It is no longer supported but you can still download a copy here https://hshrzd.wordpress.com/pe-bear/ Die - Detect it easy can be downloaded here: http://ntinfo.biz/index.html Feedback, questions, and suggestions are always welcome : ) Sergei https://twitter.com/herrcore Sean https://twitter.com/seanmw As always check out our tools, tutorials, and more content over at http://www.openanalysis.net
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How to Use QuickBMS to Extract & Unpack Game Files! (Tutorial)
► Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/seowhistleblower?sub_confirmation=1 ► Visit My Website: http://dsasmblr.com/blog/ ► Follow Me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/sn34kymofo In this video, I explain how to unpack/extract files from video games using a tool called QuickBMS. It's easy to use and has a great, active community surrounding it, so even if your game doesn't seem to be supported, you can likely get someone to create a script for you that will work! Please give this video a thumbs-up if you found it helpful and don't forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching! =)
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exe to doc склейщик криптор joiner cryptor (download free 2018)
OEBuilder_Cracked by Artist (download free 2018) уникальная сборка, криптор и генератор макросов для вшивания вашего загрузчика в файл doc. Очень удобно и понятно реализован софт, всем советую! Склеить exe c doc! Ссылка на яндекс диск:https://yadi.sk/d/q2OPMikUYVkz_Q пароль от архива:cracklab Archive password:cracklab Автор не несёт ответственности за вред причинённый приложениями, программами, информацией об уязвимостях т.д. Вся информация и файлы представлены в ознакомительных целях. Скачивая файл вы соглашаетесь с этими правилами. Поблагодарить автора от души можно на кошелёк BTC: 1JwZbSr6TfAbRtbvGQYJP7uUcftYbjX5y yadisk yadisk downloader yadisk links hack tools hack tool for pc hack tool coc hack tool kit kms hack tool soft free brute rdp rdp free best soft soft crack free install links tools 2018 new hack tool rat rms scaners
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Themida Unpack With Ollydbg - Themida Unpack Script - ForumDC.org
Themida Nasıl Unpacklenir ? How to Unpacking Themida ? http://forumdc.org Tarafından Çekilip Yüklenmiştir. Gerekli dosyaları forumumuzdan bulabilirsiniz.. You can download the required files from the forumdc.org --------------- Happy Reversing.. :)
How To Crack/Patch A Program - /w OllyDBG
Come check out my blog at: http://hotnoob.com to save the code, right click the code -) copy to executable -) all modifications. then in the new window, right click -) save file. --- checkout my new forums for Hackers and IT Professionals. http://itlevels.com --- http://vpn.hotnoob.com
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Hands On With Caviar's $4,400 'Tesla' Solar Charging iPhone X
Several months back, a crazy custom "Tesla" iPhone X with a built-in solar charger made headlines across the internet because of its unique design and its $4000+ price tag. We managed to get our hands on one of the Tesla iPhone X models, designed by custom iPhone maker Caviar, to test it out, and while this isn't something that most MacRumors readers are likely interested in buying, it's always interesting seeing one of these insanely expensive custom devices in person. Read more - https://www.macrumors.com/2018/11/27/caviar-solar-charging-iphone-x
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