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Evochron Legacy Mining Guide Part 1
Watch now: "An enemy divided [Escalation Campaign] Ashes of the Singularity Let's Play Part 7" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAUtSNfQAMw -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Subscribe! ➜ http://bit.ly/MudPigArmy This Evochron Legacy Mining Guide will prepare you for mining, show you how to mine and how to make profit from mining. // About channel: You love Video Games? Me too! I share my passion by creating Let's Play, Guides, Reviews and News video's on YouTube for good old games and new game alike. I have a huge interest in space sim's, i.e. Wing Commander, and games with a Sci-Fi theme, including FPS and Strategy. I'm also branching out to try other genres. Anyone say zombies? I upload video's everyday and will continue to do so until the day the earth stand's still, or run out of video games to cover! The "centaurianmudpig title" video uses audio from ➜ http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ Music: "Dangerous" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ➜ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Long Note Two" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ➜ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Star Citizen Asset Exploration! (AC 12.4) - incl. Mining Base, Asteroid Hangar, Space Assets +more
Assets staged and recorded in the CryEngine 3.6.4 SDK. Thanks for all the kind comments! I'm really glad people liked it! Do not hesitate to write me if you have any questions or want to get in contact! :)
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Evochron Legacy - Ice Planet Mission and Improving Our Ship!
In this episode we visit an Ice Planet on a mission to collect water for the space station! Also we improve the weapons, jump drive and cargo slots on our ship! Thank you for watching, please like and subscribe and have a very nice day :)
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Elite Dangerous - A close encounter with Dustball
Elite Dangerous beta 1.0 This was as close as I could get to Dustball (a moon orbiting Maher Prime in the I-Boötes system). Full atmospheric flight and planetary landings will eventually be part of Elite Dangerous via an expansion.
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Delayed Gratification of Real-Time Strategy Games [RTS Podcast Highlights]
Ashes designer Callum McCole and his RTS panel discuss how the delayed gratification of RTS games presents a design challenge. Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M8mRlHPqxY ** Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/Stardock_on_Facebook Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/Stardock_on_Twitter * * * Find us on http://Twitch.tv/stardock Streaming live all your favorite games and more!
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THAT WAS CLOSE - Elite Dangerous 1.06
Grazing on a star.
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Elite Dangerous - Planet Pew
Elite: Dangerous - In this transmission I continue to surf the 10,000 light year long neutron star field that I found in my last transmission, leading to an amazing discovery in a nearby nebula. ELITE: DANGEROUS 400 BILLION STAR SYSTEMS. INFINITE FREEDOM. BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL Take control of your own starship in a cutthroat galaxy. In the year 3300, across the vast expanse of an epic, full-scale recreation of our Milky Way, interstellar rivalries flare as galactic superpowers fight proxy wars. Some may know you as an ally; others will call you a pirate, a bounty hunter, a smuggler, an explorer, an assassin, a hero... Fly alone or with friends, fight for a cause or go it alone; your actions change the galaxy around you in an ever unfolding story. Start with a small starship and a few credits, and do whatever it takes to get the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to stand among the ranks of the Elite. Elite Dangerous is a sandbox game, but not like Minecraft, set in the future of our galaxy. http://www.elitedangerous.com/ Elite Dangerous: Horizons soon in 2016! A New Season Of Expansions Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a new season of major gameplay expansions for Elite Dangerous, beginning with Planetary Landings across the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Elite Dangerous: Horizons will continue to introduce new features and gameplay as the season continues into 2016, enriching the Elite Dangerous experience with new activities and new ways to play. See my previous transmissions for, amongst other things: Elite Dangerous Review, Elite Dangerous Tutorial, Elite Dangerous Trailer, Elite Dangerous Black Hole, Elite Dangerous CQC, Elite Dangerous Mining, Elite Dangerous Beginners Guide, Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunting, Elite Dangerous Asp Exploration, Elite Dangerous combat, Elite Dangerous piracy, Elite Dangerous docking, Elite Dangerous dogfight, Elite Dangerous exploration, Elite Dangerous earth, Elite Dangerous flight assist off, Elite Dangerous Gameplay, Elite Dangerous getting started guide, Elite Dangerous Interdiction, Elite Dangerous Let's Play, Elite Dangerous Mining, Elite Dangerous Neutron Stars, Elite Dangerous New Ships, Elite Dangerous Nebula, Elite Dangerous pvp, Elite Dangerous Walkthroughs and much more! And when Elite Dangerous Horizons arrives soon hopefully: Elite Dangerous Planet Landing, Elite Dangerous Xbox One, Elite Dangerous Imperial Ship reviews such as the Imperial Eagle, Imperial Clipper, Federal Ship reviews such as the Federal Assault Ship, Vulture and the Federal Fer de Lance, Elite Dangerous smuggling, Investigation into the Elite Dangerous unknown artefact, Elite Dangerous Powerplay undermining, Elite Dangerous wings and more! Music used: by Jens Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/pitch-black https://machinimasound.com/music/fire-within https://machinimasound.com/music/end-game https://machinimasound.com/music/escape-from-the-temple https://machinimasound.com/music/ecstatic wave licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Visit http://www.radiosidewinder.com for great music and chat whilst you travel through the galaxy! Broadcasting 24/7 across the Universe! Radio Sidewinder is a free fan run, unofficial radio station for Elite Dangerous commanders. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a mix of ambient, electro, techno and space themed music to complement and entertain your adventures. It includes Elite Dangerous related news, jingles, ads and in-game information.
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Star Citizen Pledge Guide: Episode 1.1: Exploration
Get a 5000 Credit Bonus When Pledging! Use Referral Code: STAR-KWZC-4P7G Star Citizen Pledge Guide Welcome to SCPG Episode 1.1, the Exploration episode of my web series breaking down the ins and outs of pledging for Chris Roberts' fantastic new Space Sim, Star Citizen - the most successful crowdsourced project ever! If you are considering pledging for the game and are interested in the exploration play style, or just in seeing what ships there are on offer, then this guide is for you. In each episode of SCPG, we take a look at pledging for Star Citizen ships from the perspective of a certain play style. In this episode I show you what's on offer in the way of ships dedicated to Exploration, including ships suitable for scouting, charting jump points, salvaging derelict spaceships and even exploring new worlds! Game Packages & Standalone Ships RSI Aurora MR Game Package: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Aurora-MR Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/rsi-aurora/Aurora-MR Origin Jumpworks 315p Game Package: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/315p Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/origin-300/315p MISC Freelancer DUR Game Package: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Freelancer-DUR Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/misc-freelancer/Freelancer-DUR Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C-Tracker Game Package: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Hornet-F7C-R-Tracker Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/anvil-hornet/F7C-R-Hornet-Tracker RSI Constellation Aquila Game Package: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Constellation-Aquila Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/rsi-constellation/Constellation-Aquila Anvil Aerospace Carrack Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/carrack/Carrack Aegis Dynamics Reclaimer Standalone Ship: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/reclaimer/Reclaimer I want to thank Chris Roberts, CIG and Co. for making this amazing game: https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd As well as: Nichole “Batgirl” D’Angelo from Star Citizen Addicts Anonymous https://www.youtube.com/user/StarCitizenAA The Cast of Star Cast https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPWDUZyJ7-Fjf4fipAOPGgonrnNXAFshN Tactical Advance https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1EW1I7nEteoroWh4X5gkudPgjGu_UtXl Fortnightly Frontier Dr. Hawk of Star Citizen FM https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgimkV2pizV2Y0biZw-iqJ9-C06Z5uLUx Galactic Inquiry https://www.youtube.com/user/GalacticInquiry The Hull Truth https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRomanticsWB And all the other wonderful SC fans producing the shows, podcasts and content that inspired me to contribute to the SC community. Star Citizen, Squadron 42 ©2012-2014 Cloud Imperium Games. The film clips used in this episode were used with permission from CIG and/or captured by the creator using Open Broadcaster Software. Original music by Caden L Welborn, taken from the Unofficial Star Citizen Soundtrack. The Tracks were: 1. Squadron 42 2. Star Citizen Opening & Main Theme 3. Humanity Check out his soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/caden-l-welborn Logo redesigned from the Star Citizen logo by WTFOSAURUS http://www.twitch.tv/wtfosaurus I used Quintero's awesome Exploration thread in my research, a mega effort to consolidate all known information about exploration in one place. Check it out here: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/38624/exploring-exploration-in-star-citizen-what-we-know-so-far/p1
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Entropia 2011-10-10 22-48-54-67.avi
Privateer Warping 10/10/11 Calypso - Next Island
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Space Exploration Agency - #001 - New Goals
The Space Exploration Agency was founded! This episode presents the first goals of the new agency. Kerbal Space Program, developed by SQUAD, is a realistic space simulation game that allows you to build your own spacecrafts and subsequently to launch them into space. If you are interested in the game, you can buy it or download a demo version at: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ Intro & outro music: "Take a Chance" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Entropy - Gameplay Commentary - Ep 34
Entropy - Gameplay Commentary Episode 34 - Entropy sci-fi open-universe MMO on Steam. Early access! Thanks for watching, liking, subscribing. Entropy Playthrough Entropy Playthrough Commentary Entropy Early Access Entropy Gameplay Entropy Gameplay Walkthrough Entropy Gameplay Commentary Entropy Walkthrough Entropy Walkthrough Commentary Entropy Commentary Entropy Part 1
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Asteroids: Outpost full tailer - PC
http://www.gamezplay.org - Independent games channel - The sandbox, open world, multiplayer shooter is a dramatic reboot of the 1979 arcade classic. Set in the distant future, Asteroids: Outpost updates the asteroid-blasting action of the original by putting players in the role of deep-space miners, harvesting rare ore and expanding their bases, while protecting themselves from deadly asteroid showers and claim jumpers. To commemorate the original release of Asteroids in 1979, Asteroids: Outpost is discounted 34 percent to $19.79 for a limited time. Key gameplay features available at the Early Access launch include: · Tool & Weapon Crafting – Using tech and ore, gamers craft upgrades to their tools to create advanced weapons. · Base-Building & Degradation – Serving as both a player’s mining headquarters and home, bases are easily built in a square grid pattern by crafting and connecting modular pieces. · Asteroid Showers – Recurring showers of smaller asteroids represent both a source of wealth and a deadly threat, as players must shoot down incoming projectiles to defend their claims and harvest components from the fallen rock. · Resource Gathering – Mine the asteroid’s surface or scavenge bases and crash sites to gather resources required to craft and upgrade materials. · Terrain Exploration – Utilize in-game suits and vehicles to explore the lunar terrain and search complex landscapes featuring craters, boulders, cliffs and valleys, crystal formations, lava flows, gas plumes, and more. · Attacking & Looting – Bases include resource refining equipment and storage areas that are susceptible to looting, meaning players not only need to protect the precious resources they’ve collected but they also have the opportunity to seek out and loot nearby bases.
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Empyrion - Planetary Approach (Uncut Footage)
This uncut gameplay footage shows the first version of the planetary approach and space-planet transition integrated into Empyrion without loading screen! Alpha release scheduled for Q2 2015 on Steam Early Access. Pre-order available now: http://empyriongame.com/pre-order Empyrion - Galactic Survival is a 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers. The game uniquely combines elements from space simulations, construction games, survival games and ego-shooters. The game is currently under development by Eleon Game Studios. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpyrionGame Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmpyrionGame Official website: http://empyriongame.com Credits: Atmospheric entry effect, landing gear and cockpit by "The Modding Asylum". Soundtrack by Rich Douglas (www.richdouglas.net).
Wurm Unlimited - Tutorial - Episode 110, Part 1 - Tour of Raynstorms Tutorial Islands!!
Welcome to "Episode 110, Part 1" of my "Wurm unlimited" "Tutorial" series. In this episode, I take a look at what has been keeping Raynstorm busy. I also incorrectly say this is episode 111, getting ahead of myself. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it for you. :o)
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Phobos " Demo" - Indie Game - I'm so scared!
This was an enjoyable game, I'm so glad was able to play it on my non beastly gaming Laptop ;0) PHOBOS is a first person survival horror game set in a futuristic space station. You take on the role of an employee for Phobos Mining Inc. – an asteroid mining corporation based on the planet Mars. After having been on a survey mission flyby of Mars' two moons for several weeks, return to the space station, but to your surprise everyone seems to be missing. As you explore the abandoned hallways of the space station, you get an unnerving feeling something is watching you from the darkness… Having no weapons, you must use your wits to survive. This game was created by two Masters students, a Dutch guy and an Irish guy from the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland! Phobos: http://emeraldliongames.itch.io/phobos PC Gamer, Playstation 2, 3 & 4 Gamer.... https://www.facebook.com/Sh... https://twitter.com/ShadowZia http://shadowzia.tumblr.com/ www.twitch.tv/shadowzia/profil­e Music Channel: Zia Tunez; https://www.youtube.com/use... ┈┈┈┈┈┈▕▔╲┈┈┈┈┈┈ ┈------;0)-------┈▏▕┈---------­--- ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈▏▕▂▂▂┈┈┈ ▂▂▂▂▂▂╱┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈ ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈ ▉▉▉▉▉┈┈┈▕▂▂▂▏┈┈ ▔▔▔▔▔▔╲▂▕▂▂▂▏┈┈ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: " Slenderman - The Wrong Place - Creepy " ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awjo_5B3ujI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Elite Dangerous #035 German Deutsch Let's Play - Aufstieg, Schiff perfektionieren, Waffen testen
Wie spielen Elite Dangerous, eine Weltraum-Wirtschafts-Kampfsimulation. Elite basiert auf unserem Sonnensystem und unser erste großes Ziel ist, unsere Sonne - Sol - und damit auch die Erde zu besuchen. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYzKJExcAs9rN2PCZr7X4d-Y7RE7_hkwo
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STELLARHUB Space Station Simulation Game - Let's Play Gameplay - Ep 6 - WHEN PIRATES ATTACK!
New Simulation Game 2017 StellarHub - It's Stellar and you build Hubs! Release Date 19 Aug 2017 Stellarhub is a new space strategy simulation game where you act as the Captain of a space station. You must assemble your station from various modules (med bay, crew quarters, lounge deck, greenhouse, etc.) and manage your crew to fulfill several tasks ranging from command, construction, extraction of resources, research and trade. http://store.steampowered.com/app/672860/StellarHub/ Support Skye on Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/skyestorme Humble Bundles (Big Discounts On Games) ► https://www.humblebundle.com?partner=skyestormegaming Chrono.gg (Big Discounts On Games) ► https://chrono.gg/skyestorme (Use the link above to see today's offer. A new game on offer every 24 hours!) Skyes Video Schedule ► http://skyestorme.com/video-schedule/ Skyes Merchandise (EU) ► http://skyestorme.spreadshirt.co.uk/ Skyes Merchandise (US) ► http://skyestorme.spreadshirt.com/ Skyes Website ► http://skyestorme.com Skye on Youtube ► http://bit.ly/2azhPSP Skye on Twitch ► http://www.twitch.tv/skyestorme Skye on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/xSkyestormex Skyes PC Spec ------------------------ CPU: Intel i7-4790k @4 GHz RAM: 16GB GPU: MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB GDDR5X Music: End Titles Tobu - Candyland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIrCDAV3EgI Tobu SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/7obu
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Shattered Horizon "Raid On Moondust"
Shattered Horizon is the highly anticipated first game from Futuremark Games Studio that immerses you in the cold reality of combat in space like no other game before. This multiplayer first-person shooter is played entirely in zero gravity. A catastrophic explosion on the Moon has filled near-Earth space with billions of tons of rocky debris. The first trailer for Shattered Horizon to show in-game footage, this new video shows two players working together to take control of an asteroid being mined in near-Earth space. Players use rocket packs to fly freely through space and can land on any surface, surprising opponents by attacking from unexpected angles. Official website: http://www.shatteredhorizon.com Facebook: http://bit.ly/FGSonFB Twitter: http://twitter.com/futuremarkgames Steam Group: http://bit.ly/SHonSteam
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Elite Dangerous - Space Truckers S2 E5 - My Top 10 Old Video Games
Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous Space Truckers! Let's chit chat while I do some trade runs, mining, or other crap. lol Any topics you want to talk about leave them in the comment section. Elite Dangerous Manual: http://bit.ly/1rFOAlQ Elite Dangerous Station Services Overview: http://bit.ly/1ttX7nE Elite Dangerous - How to Dock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFkZdohIW8Y Elite Dangerous - How to Trade (w Slopeys): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxqLO4pRZoE == Connect with me == Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/nethervvoid Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nethervvoid Twitch.tv livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/dungeongurunet Games Platform In Legend of Zelda Nintendo 1 Ultima Online PC 2 Everquest PC 3 Neverwinter Nights PC 4 Warcraft PC 5 World of Warcraft PC 6 Diablo 2 PC 7 Elevator Action Arcade 8 Final Fantasy 2 Super Nintendo 9 Carnage Heart Playstation 10 Civ 2 PC HM Vanguard PC HM Gauntlet Arcade Spy Hunter Arcade 1942 Arcade Paperboy Arcade Pitfall Atari 2600 Berzerk Atari 5200 Joust Atari 5200 Keystone Kapers Atari 5200 Moon Patrol Atari 5200 Hand held football game Hand Held Sim City Nintendo Metroid Nintendo Might and Magic 3 Nintendo Faxanadu Nintendo Final Fantasy 1 Super Nintendo Super Mario Bros 2 Super Nintendo Diablo 1 Playstation Armored Core Playstation Panzer General Playstation EVE PC Planetside 1 PC Lord of the Realm 2 PC Sim City 2000 PC Shadowbane PC Oregon Trail PC Dofus PC War Online PC Elite Dangerous is a space simulator MMO. You can trade, pirate, mine, etc. Check it out here. http://www.elitedangerous.com/
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New Planet Found! by CFV Asteroid Mining Corp
IF YOU LOVE SPACE, SUBSCRIBE TO ME NOW PLEASE! click subscribe on top of this video. We are hiring for a deep space exploration crew and asteroid miners. We need all types of job classes.
Space Dealer Online: Explore, Trade and Build - Video Trailer
Space Dealer: Explore, Trade and Build to gra przeglądarkowa dla każdego fana kosmosu! Przemierzaj niezliczone planety i galaktyki w poszukiwaniu najlepszych rynków zbytu! Handluj i przemycaj towary, realizuj zlecenia i misje specjalne, walcz z piratami, eksploruj przestrzeń wokół planet, kupuj nowe, lepsze moduły do swojego statku gwiezdnego, zdobywaj trofea, rozwijaj postać pilota, stwórz lub dołącz do Korporacji Międzygalaktycznych i graj razem z innymi graczami! Zarejestruj się za darmo i graj - www.space-dealer.com
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Entropy MMO - How to Reload Weapons
Entropy - Steam Early Access MMO - How to Reload Weapons Show you how to buy and reload ammo for your weapons in entropy, its a common question for people who have just started the game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/255500/ Entropy is an open-universe science fiction MMO with a strong focus on freeform gameplay and large-scale space combat. Explore a hostile galaxy filled with over a hundred solar systems, each completely explorable, where you can hunt, trade, mine and salvage in order to survive. In Entropy, you can play the way you want, and take part in shaping a universe where you, the players, are in control. Key features Massively multiplayer Space Combat Entropy finally delivers a true dogfighting experience in an MMO environment. Experience the thrill of skill-based combat set against a massively multiplayer arena, where up to a hundred simultaneous players per instance can fight for supremacy. Dynamic Trade Economics is the engine that drives the universe of Entropy, and a good knowledge of supply and demand can make you a fortune. Whether you play the market and trade between different stations, transporting goods across star systems crawling with pirates, mine rich asteroids or loot ancient relics, there are many routes to riches. Customisation A deep character development system allows you to customize yours skills and ship modules to be the best possible pilot in the role that you want to play. Offensive, defensive and passive abilities allow you to customise your approach to combat and survival. Add to this a deep avatar creator with infinite variations, and you have a game intent on making each player unique and specialised. Exploration Entropy already has 120 explorable star systems that can be interacted with on three different gameplay levels. The Galaxy map allows you to plot routes across the galaxy, through safe or hostile territory. The System map is where you travel between locations, hunt down players with valuable loot, and discover Sectors containing rich mining fields and ancient derelicts. These Sectors are the 3D levels in which the action will take place. Many sectors are permanent features of a system, but there are also dynamic Sectors that will only appear through persistent exploration. Entropy is a true MMO - not just an arena shooter or a single-player game with added online functionality. You can interact with thousands of other players - some friendly, many hostile. Your actions will shape and influence the persistent universe. Early Access Founders program Entropy's Founders program is designed to benefit our early adopters by providing a range of benefits, including a generous amount of starting funds and no character or stat resets prior to the full launch. Other benefits include exclusive character creation assets, ships, skins and increased character slots. There are no Microtransactions in the Entropy Early Access, so when buy the game, you get the game, whatever the package. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up Subscribe to my channel for daily videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=watchwithwaddy All video, sounds and artwork © Artplant and Jagex Games Studio
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The Top 5 Reasons to be Interested in Star Citizen (Alpha Boot Camp #0)
This is the first in a series of videos we're releasing to educate Citizens of all the relevant information we know so far. This episode focuses on selling the concept of the game, and future episodes will discuss specific systems/mechanics in more detail. The Alpha Boot Camp series is built as a companion to the Tales of Citizens podcast. Watch Alpha Boot Camp #X, then listen to episode #X of Tales of Citizens to hear insightful, entertaining discussion about the topic. This way we do not have to go over basic information on the podcast, leaving more time for in depth analysis. More information: http://www.TalesOfShow.com You can find the audio podcast feed here: http://talesofshow.com/toc?format=rss
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X Rebirth 3.0 Beta "what is new"
X Rebirth 3.0 beta. What can we expect. I am showing some of the new features. I have some mods installed, but what you see in this video are all new features in X rebirth 3.0. Also I show a little about the new dlc The Teladi Outpost. (more to come) I hope you like it, but this is my first spoken video, so sorry about my bad English sometimes. (Tips are welcome) Info about all changes can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/2870/discussions/0/613941122593288671/ Info about the game: http://www.egosoft.com http://store.steampowered.com/app/2870
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MMO Review: TERA Open Beta
Tera is a beautiful looking game. The Graphic are more beautiful than most MMORPGS out there at the moment. Tera has an unique combat style. It's a very action based combat, rather than the hotkey set-up. This makes the standard go kill X number of these mobs more fun. From what I saw of the quest, they are dull and repetive. Most are either go kill this mob, or go gather these materials. Races: The game has 7 different races. Some unique to the game. The races are as follows; Human, Castanic, Aman, Popori, Elin, Baraka, and High Elves. Classes: You have 8 different classes in this MMO. Warrior, Lancer, Slayer, Berserker, Sorcerer, Archer, Priest, and Mystic. Each class has different diffculties to play them. Seeing how you have to aim your shots, archer will be harder to play than a Slayer (who all it does is swing it's sword in a general direction) Gathering: It wouldn't be the same if an MMO didn't have resources and materials in the world for you to collect. This game has then as well. All you have to do, is go up to the material and press the F key,(or any key you have bounded to the action key.) From what I saw there's a varity of different resources to collect, from mining ore, to collecting essences. Mounts: You get your first mount at level 11, Which only takes a couple hours of play to get to if your following the quest line. Final Thoughts: I think TERA is a perfectly fine MMO, that people can sink a lot of hours into. Will it be a WoW killer? I'm not sure. The end game is suppose to be different than just raids, But this game should do perfectly well on its own.
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Tradução Evochron Mercenary pt br
Tradução (não oficial) do jogo espacial Evochron Mercenary para português do Brasil.
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Star Conflict - Combat Reconnaissance - Easter Mining Station (25/06/13) - PvP
Star Conflict gameplay by Captain Skeen! Managed a overall win too, loving this setup.
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Elite: Dangerous - Kerrash Landing #95
Elite: Dangerous - Kerrash Landing #95 Cmdr. Psykokow joins me tonight as I frolic about exploring and mining. NOTE: Sorry, still trying to recover the last few minutes due to a copyright claim :( twitch,games,justin.tv,Elite: Dangerous (Video Game),Video Game (Industry),Landing,elite,dangerous,frontier,developments,beta,gameplay,kerrash,crash,landing,game,community,explore,galaxy,commander,Premium,Star,Space,hires,high,resolution,Quality,Industry (Organization Sector),standard,co-op,multiplayer,online,teamwork,Video Game Culture,lave,radio Watch me crash live at http://twitch.tv/kerrashlanding Follow on: https://twitter.com/Kerrrash For more info on the game see: http://www.elitedangerous.com Kerrash Landing was created using assets and imagery from Elite: Dangerous, with the permission of Frontier Developments plc, for non-commercial purposes. It is not endorsed by nor reflects the views or opinions of Frontier Developments and no employee of Frontier Developments was involved in the making of it.
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X: Rebirth 3.0b gameplay
Capital destruction in Albion, a small dogfight in DeVries and a demo of how a Xenon K should not be taken for granted.
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Spaceforce - Rogue Universe new trailer
A new trailer showing the PC game Spaceforce - Rogue Universe.
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Star citizen Alternate hangar lighting Example
Typing the r_ssao = 1 command in the hangar module console will bring up alternate hangar lighting. Worth a look, especially with the avenger. Credit goes to tjbalpha47 link: www.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/23gkex/if_you_enable_r_ssao_in_the_console_commands_you/
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Elite Dangerous   Landing
Just a quick video to show how to approach a planet and station for landing. On the station, not possible to land on planets, yet. Don't forget to also watch (and play) the official tutorials. :-)
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EVE Online Tyrannis Expansion - PC - official video game preview trailer HD
Tyrannis expands the universe of EVE Online in ways never before imaginable. Within New Eden, pilots will now be able to descend on planets, construct colonies and harvest their hidden treasures. Beyond New Eden lies EVE Gate, a central portal for the EVE community to interact, organize and communicate even when they are not in game. Tyrannis introduces new platforms and new technology, setting the stage for even bigger things to come. EVE Online's 13th expansion is due on May 18th. www.eveonline.com/tyrannis/ Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to http://www.youtube.com/MrPlayerism2 - Rapid firing the latest game news, trailers, screens and art that true players don't wanna miss out on.
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Star Citizen - Pirate Booty, Cutlass landed with loot
I took some of the objects from Star Citizen and placed them around a landed Cutlass to show a pirate surveying his loot haul after going out raiding. I love the amazing amount of detail on these models, even the parts of the engines and powerplants that people won't normally see are highly detailed. This game is going to be breathtakingly beautiful when it's released. DISCLAIMER: This video is just me messing around in CryENGINE's free editor and is not an official part of the game. Also, this is my first attempt at making a video, hope some enjoy it.
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Let's Play Elite Dangerous, Gameplay Deutsch #025 - Dragons of Tepertsi
******Elite Dangerous****** Hier erhältlich: - Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/359320/ - Offizielle Website: https://www.elitedangerous.com/ Evil Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Qk8ZNbLVFkMI-bK09KlqcvBYVC6oT6D Mein CMDR Name: DEATHREAPER616 Danke fürs Zusehen!
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Game review   Drifter Gameplay Trailer PS4    PREMIERE GAME AND PLAY
News, reviews, previews, screenshots, movies, message boards, FAQs, game guides, and downloads for computer and console video games. The most trusted reviews of adventure games on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and console platforms. Previews, Trailers & Top Games. Real gamers bring you hands-on reviews, playing tips, guides, walkthroughs and buying advice for video games on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC and more. Upgrade your old desktop to a gaming PC for the ultimate entertainment experience. Check out our comprehensive side-by-side review of the best gaming
Star Citizen Free Flight Bug
As I landed my Super Hornet and pulled out my pistol and shot at the front of the cockpit the ship got destroyed, most of the times you will die too and you have to respawn but I found a bug where I could still move. What came up to my mind? Let's head for the planet! Didn't come close but atleast I found another bug for the Bugsmashers!
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Star Citizen First Flight
First flight...Hell yeah...
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Star Citizen Hangar launch Discount Orion 300i
After many attempt finally got into the hangar. STAR-YNY4-KH65 The Star Citizen Recruitment Program allows you to invite friends to join the Star Citizen Project. Anyone registering with your personal code will automatically get 5,000 UEC to spend in Voyager Direct, and whenever one of your recruits becomes an active player by purchasing a Game Package (with minimum value of $40 USD), you will get a Recruitment Point. These Points unlock rewards automatically.
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12   Finalização e teste   Starmade construção nave básica
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/103194553349449 Servidor Brasil ComiteNerd Site: www.comitenerd.com.br Baixe de graça: http://www.star-made.org/download.starmade Endereço do servidor:
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Entropy Gameplay - Getting Started (Part 2)
This is the first Video that we have done like this so please show your support by LIKING and SHARING! :) This game has a slow start but really picks up once you get going.
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Love sitting in it, I can't wait to fly it! Star Citizen 4800x900 TH2GO http://www.matrox.com/ https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ http://www.cloudimperiumgames.com/
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RE #99 1/2 - Star Citizen, The Walking Dead, Of Orcs and Men
0:00 Star Citizen 15:26 The Walking Dead Episode 4 21:14 Spec Ops: The Line 24:04 Of Orcs and Men Der Random Encounter ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Spielepodcast, in dem Tom (GIGA) und Leo (kann nicht bis 100 zählen) über die News der Spieleszene reden, Neuankündigungen diskutieren und frisch erschienene Spiele besprechen und bewerten. Blog: http://www.randomencounter.de/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/_geekmythology Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RandomEncounter iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/geek-mythologys-random-encounter/id380955925 "random encounter" game games gaming gameplay cinematic podcast german deutsch "lets play" trailer teaser review preview demo pc ps3 xbox wii sony microsoft nintendo "star citizen" "chris roberts" "wing commander" "freelancer" "walking dead" episode "episode 4" telltale "of orcs and men" orcs men "spec ops the line" "spec ops" test gamestar" "game one"
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Elite Dangerous Horizons B5 - 2.5 earth-mass planet approach, landing, and takeoff
Or instead of takeoff, "escape" would be a better term. In the outpost approach, I'm almost continually having to thrust upwards with my ventral thrusters. Me *slamming* into the docking pad was the result of ever-so-slightly tapping the "thrust down" button. If you have good headphones, you can hear the hull of my ship creaking under the stresses as I'm flying around above the outpost. At least flying away from this ridiculous planet was pretty, though.
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Elite: Dangerous - First Flight
Fab's first flight in the initial alpha build of Elite: Dangerous
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ELITE DANGEROUS | Missionen zu stark geschwächt? | LET'S PLAY #349
Hey Leute und Herzlich Willkommen :) Viel Spaß beim anschauen meines Videos. Hier geht's zu meinen Playlists: https://www.youtube.com/user/Afenishakur/playlists
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