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EVE Online - Ghost Fitting The Bestower (Ship Fittings)
New series on ship fitting using the Ghost Fitting tool. New ship every episode.
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EVE Online - Industrialist Content Pack
https://secure.eveonline.com/contentpacks/ Battle rages across the universe, and there is no shortage of demand for a reliable crafter of ships and ammo. The Industrialist Content Pack gives you a foot in the door with the ship, skills, minerals, and blueprints to get started as a manufacturer of the machines of war. - Mine asteroid belts for ore containing valuable minerals. - Stockpile resources in your personal secure container anchored in space. - Manufacture weaponry to sell to players on the regional markets. - Build massive starships that will be used to change the course of history. The Industrialist Content Pack includes: - The Sigil industrial ship - A set of skillbooks and equipment to kit out and fly your ship - Ship and weaponry blueprints - Starter minerals : 500x Mexallon, 15,000 Pyerite, 15,000 Tritanium - Giant Secure Container for storage in space - Avatar apparel: male “Esquire” and female “Executor” coats (green/gold) Start playing EVE now: https://www.eveonline.com EVE Online: http://www.eveonline.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eveonline Twitter: @eveonline
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Hauling Into Low Sec - EVE Online
Transporting my mining frigate and equipment into low sec. The video goes over the microwarp/cloak trick as well as other precautions and ship fitting (Minmatar Wreathe) when traveling through low sec in an industrial ship. EVE Online Odyssey
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Eve Online - Bait Nereus - Flying Dangerous Alliance
Eve Online - Bait Nereus - Flying Dangerous Alliance Start your EVE Online journey below! https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=feb599fb-59a2-4d72-b5b5-13bdbe70cc9f&action=buddy
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