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Topic described here are: Multimedia datamining Ubiquitous datamining Distributed datamining Spatial datamining Time series datamining Text mining Video mining Image mining Audio mining multimedia issues Submitted by: A. Vaishnavi II Msc cs A 175214141
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Top 10 Global Current Trends in Data Mining 2018
Top 10 Global #Data #Mining trends and predictions 2018 - #Outsourcebigdata provide suggestions for the data mining outsourcing industry, worldwide latest global mining industry overview and mining technology predictions to watch in 2018. To check hottest #dataminingtrends to be aware of in 2018, subscribe our channel at https://goo.gl/znWAEF Follow Us: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OutsourceBigData Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/outsourcebigdata/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/OBigdata LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/outsource-bigdata/ Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/+Outsourcebigdata Pinterest - https://in.pinterest.com/outsourcebigdata/ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/OutsourceBigData/videos For more detail about data mining future trends contact: https://outsourcebigdata.com outsource data, outsource data entry, outsource data mining
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Top 10 Trends In Data Science | Eduonix
Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured, similar to data mining. Data Science is spreading its roots gradually and becoming a hot topic of discussion everywhere. We have made a detailed video, which will tell you about all the recent trends which are going around in Data Science and if you're planning to choose your career in DS you will get a clearer idea about your path. We hope you like this video. The top trends mentioned in the video are: 1. Internet of Things (IoT) 2. Artificial Intelligence 3. Augmented Reality 4. Hyper Personalisation 5. Graph Analytics 6. Machine Intelligence 7. Agile Data Science 8. Behavioral Analytics 9. Journey Sciences 10. The Experience Economy Don't forget to check our new project on Data Science Foundational Program on Kickstarter. This program incorporates everything from beginner-level concepts to real-world implementation along with 4 courses, 2 e-books, Interview preparation guide, multiple labs, numerous practice tests and much more. Read more - https://kck.st/2CuIkay Thank you for watching! We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to hit the ‘like’ button and ‘subscribe’ to ‘Eduonix Learning Solutions’ for regular updates. https://goo.gl/BCmVLG Follow Eduonix on other social networks: ■ Facebook: https://goo.gl/ZqRVjS ■ Twitter: https://goo.gl/oRDaji ■ Google+: https://goo.gl/mfPaxx ■ Instagram: https://goo.gl/7f5DUC | @eduonix ■ Linkedin: https://goo.gl/9LLmmJ ■ Pinterest: https://goo.gl/PczPjp
Future Trends of Data Mining - Max BPO
The leading trend of data mining services has opened a new market altogether across the globe. Some of the most important data mining trends for the future. Click here for more details: https://www.maxbpooutsourcing.com/outsource-data-mining-services.html
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What future for Big Data mining?
Policymakers are showing growing interest for real-time analysis of public opinion and Big Data. From finance to political campaigners, social media have become a primary source of information, especially when it comes to understanding public opinion trends. However, the potential of social media still needs to be fully exploited. With the explosion of structured and unstructured Big Data, the ability to harness information has become paramount for those who want to successfully use information originating from social media. On the regulatory side, the European Commission wants to promote the data-driven economy as part of its Digital Single Market strategy. The strategy includes better online access and digitalisation as a driver for growth.
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15 Hot Trending PHD Research Topics in Data Mining 2018
15 Hot Trending Data Mining Research Topics 2018 1. Medical Data Mining 2. Education Data Mining 3. Data Mining with Cloud Computing 4. Efficiency of Data Mining Algorithms 5. Signal Processing 6. Social Media Analytics 7. Data Mining in Medical Science 8. Government Domain 9. Financial Data Analysis 10. Financial Accounting Fraud Detection 11. Customer Analysis 12. Financial Growth Analysis using Data Mining 13. Data Mining and IOT 14. Data Mining for Counter-Terrorism Key Research Application Fields: • Crisp-DM • Oracle Data mining • Web Mining • Open NN • Data Warehousing • Text Mining WHY YOU NEED TO OUTSOURCE TO PhD Assistance: a) Unlimited revisions b) 24/7 Admin Support c) Plagiarism Generate d) Best Possible Turnaround time e) Access to High qualified technical coordinators and expertise f) Support: Skype, Live Chat, Phone, Email Contact us: India: +91 8754446690 UK: +44-1143520021 Email: [email protected] Visit Webpage: https://goo.gl/HwJgqQ Visit Website: http://www.phdassistance.com
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Data Mining (Introduction for Business Students)
This short revision video introduces the concept of data mining. Data mining is the process of analysing data from different perspectives and summarising it into useful information, including discovery of previously unknown interesting patterns, unusual records or dependencies. There are many potential business benefits from effective data mining, including: Identifying previously unseen relationships between business data sets Better predicting future trends & behaviours Extract commercial (e.g. performance insights) from big data sets Generating actionable strategies built on data insights (e.g. positioning and targeting for market segments) Data mining is a particularly powerful series of techniques to support marketing competitiveness. Examples include: Sales forecasting: analysing when customers bought to predict when they will buy again Database marketing: examining customer purchasing patterns and looking at the demographics and psychographics of customers to build predictive profiles Market segmentation: a classic use of data mining, using data to break down a market into meaningful segments like age, income, occupation or gender E-commerce basket analysis: using mined data to predict future customer behavior by past performance, including purchases and preferences
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Challenges and Current Trends of Big Data Technologies: Part 1
Introduction Enterprise Data Landscape Overview Characteristics of Big Data Big Data Adoption Challenges Current Trends in Big Data Technologies Conclusions
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The Future Of Data Mining
The future of data mining depends on predictive statistics. The technological advancement enhancements in details exploration since 2000 have been truly Darwinian and show guarantee of combining and backing around predictive statistics.
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Data Mining trends and research frontiers
LC01_DM_GSLC13122018_2001609594_Muhammad Iqbal Sali Alparisi Anggota Kelompok 2001609594 ------- Muhammad Iqbal Sali A 2001610280 ------- Bagas Kuncoro 2001614663 ------- Achmad Rafii Syafran 2001616946 ------- Raditya Ayu Wirastari 2001618636 ------- Danny Hudi Pomo
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Data Mining Applications
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Current Trends in Database
This is a video presentation for Current Trends in Information Technology. In Quezon City Polytechnic University-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Data mining  harvesting and analytics. ( All you  need to know)
There is a whirlwind of videos and info on this but none that explained it properly to me. I went online and found out everything I needed to know about the data breaches and the implications of those breaches! I provided some links below in case you wish to educate yourself on whats happening with YOUR data! https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-data-analytics-and-data-mining-1 https://www.connotate.com/are-you-screen-scraping-or-data-mining/ http://searchdatamanagement.techtarget.com/definition/data-scrubbing What is the difference between data warehousing and data mining? The main difference between data warehousing and data mining is that data warehousing is the process of compiling and organizing data into one common database, whereas data mining is the process of extracting meaningful data from that database.
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-- Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
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Datamining for design and manufacturing
1.Data processing 2.Verification 3.Regression 4.Classification 5.Clusturing 6.Assoiation 7.Sequential pattern 8.Model visualisation 9.Deviation analysis 10.Datamining in product design and development 11.examples 12.datamining in manufacturing 13.enabling technology for datamining
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Challenges and Current Trends of Big Data Technologies: Part 2
Big Data Technology Stack Big Data Adoption Challenges Current Trends in Big Data Technologies Conclusions
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Data Warehouses Intro: Trends & landscape | The Daily Segment
Kicking off our series on the data warehouse landscape, we discuss some of the underlying trends in computing and infrastructure and the effects they’re having in the industry.
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Data Mining Trends and Research Frontiers - Kelompok Bo Cuan Gpp
Video Presentasi Data Mining Trends and Research Frontiers Kelompok Bo Cuan Gpp
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Text Analytics with R | How to get Trends data from Twitter | Twitter Data Mining
In this text analytics with R Tutorial, I have talked about how you can get the trends data from twitter to understand the trend for the current day and accordingly you can design the campaign or strategy for communication on twitter. Taking the twitter trends data in R is specially helpful because in that case you can easily create the timeline of trend and get some greater insights about how the trends are changing and what you as a campaigner or communication strategist need to design your strategy. Text analytics with R,how to get trends data from twitter,twitter data mining,twitter trends in R,caputring twitter data in R,getting twitter trends in R,learn twitter text mining in R,twitter trends database in R,how to get twitter trend data in R,Analyzing twitter trends in R,analyzing twitter data in R,creating twitter trends database,twitter in R,r twitter,r with twitter,twitter with R,r tutorial,learning R Programming,beginners tutorial for R
Trends 2018 - Data analytics
Samuel Asarnoj, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development - HID Global. HID Global’s 2018 Top Trends 5 of 5 -- Data analytics will drive risk-based intelligence for predictive models and new capabilities
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Top Trends of Data and Analytics in 2018 @ TestOrigen
As organizations change into data-driven enterprises means data and analytics techniques needed to start delivering value to the companies. So, here we present you top 5 data & analytics trends to watch in the upcoming months ahead in 2018. Data Analytics can be exceptionally terrifying yet are essential in designing and planning your site. Together with social, predictive analytics and related data trends have developed as core business disruptors in this digital era. As organizations started the move from being data-generating to data-powered associations in 2017, big data and analytics turned into the focal point of gravity for many organizations. In this running year 2018, these latest trends in data analytics need to begin conveying values. Therefore, in this video, you will see the analytics tools and big data technologies that will drive business analytics techniques in the year ahead. Moreover, for more details, you can contact us at the given below links http://testorigen.com/about-us/ http://testorigen.com/services/ http://testorigen.com/contact-us-for-testing-services/ Also, don’t forget to like, comment, share the video if you really find it helpful and do subscribe our channel for more interesting videos.
Big Data Trends and Best Practices
An expert in Big Data discusses key data analytics trends and also provides best practices for companies seeking to improve their data mining.
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【TOSHIBA】「Data mining」Productivity improvement at the manufacturing site
Using Artificial Intelligence--or AI--to analyze “Big Data”and automatically identify the causes of manufacturing failures. Productivity improves dramatically.
Get Latest Data Mining Thesis Topics -9041262727
Get latest data mining thesis topics for m.tech and phd students . we are provides thesis projects, topics and writing papers . if you want thesis projects so you can contact to our experts . we are provides you proper guidance with projects . call our experts on this no : +91 9041262727 , e-mail: [email protected] , Just click in the following link and Read more about cloud computing thesis topics https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/data-mining-thesis-topics-list-91-90412-62727-e2matrix-research Thanks & Regards E2Matrix http://www.e2matrix.com/ Follow us on Social Media https://www.facebook.com/E2MatrixTrainingAndResearchInstitute/?ref=settings https://twitter.com/e2matrix_lab https://www.instagram.com/e2matrixresearch/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/e2matrix-research-lab/
Text and Data Mining  - November 2017
“TDM is any automated analytical technique aiming to analyze text and data in digital form in order to generate information such as patterns, trends, and correlations.” --European Commission
Recent Trends in Big Data Analysis and Data Blending
A short video on Big Data and Data Blending, moderated by Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist, O'Reilly Media, and Program Director of Strata + Hadoop World. Ben interviews Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera, and George Mathew, President and COO of Alteryx as they discuss how data analysts are getting more value out of Hadoop.
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Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Path? Become a big Data Engineer in 2018
Check out my latest Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCrrLdxEXtA Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Path? Become a big Data Engineer in 2018. Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career Path? Hello guys my name is Daniel and you are watching beginner tuts and in this video, we are going to talk about why big data analytics is the best career path? If you’re looking for an amazing career option in information technology and don’t know anything about this industry, then this video can help you become a big data analytics engineer. The Average salary of a big data engineer is 100,000 annually… That’s right guys. 100 grand a year. Now you must be wondering, what the heck is big data?? Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application software is too weak to deal with them. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. The Great White is considered to be the King of the Ocean. This is because the great White is on top of its game. Imagine if you could be on top of the game in the ocean of Big Data! Big Data is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve whatever data is being generated, for the fear of missing out on something important. There is a huge amount of data floating around. What we do with it is all that matters right now. This is why Big Data Analytics is in the frontiers of IT. Big Data Analytics has become crucial as it aids in improving business, decision makings and providing the biggest edge over the competitors. This applies for organizations as well as professionals in the Analytics domain. For professionals, who are skilled in Big Data Analytics, there is an ocean of opportunities out there. . Why Big Data Analytics is the Best Career move? If you are still not convinced by the fact that Big Data Analytics is one of the hottest skills, here are 5 more reasons for you to see the big picture. 1. Soaring Demand for Analytics Professionals: Jeanne Harris, senior executive at Accenture Institute for High Performance, has stressed the significance of analytics professionals by saying, “…data is useless without the skill to analyze it.” There are more job opportunities in Big Data management and Analytics than there were last year and many IT professionals are prepared to invest time and money for the training. The job trend graph for Big Data Analytics, from Indeed.com, proves that there is a growing trend for it and as a result there is a steady increase in the number of job opportunities. The current demand for qualified data professionals is just the beginning. Srikanth, the Bangalore-based cofounder and CEO of CA headquartered Fractal Analytics states: “In the next few years, the size of the analytics market will evolve to at least one-thirds of the global IT market from the current one-tenths”. Technology professionals who are experienced in Analytics are in high demand as organizations are looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data. The number of job postings related to Analytics in Indeed and Dice has increased substantially over the last 12 months. Other job sites are showing similar patterns as well. This apparent surge is due to the increased number of organizations implementing Analytics and thereby looking for Analytics professionals. In a study by QuinStreet Inc., it was found that the trend of implementing Big Data Analytics is zooming and is considered to be a high priority among U.S. businesses. A majority of the organizations are in the process of implementing it or actively planning to add this feature within the next two years. 2. Huge Job Opportunities & Meeting the Skill Gap: The demand for Analytics skill is going up steadily but there is a huge deficit on the supply side. This is happening globally and is not restricted to any part of geography. In spite of Big Data Analytics being a ‘Hot’ job, there is still a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to shortage of required skill. A McKinsey Global Institute study states that the US will face a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers and analysts who can understand and make decisions using Big Data by 2018. According to Srikanth, co-founder and CEO of Fractal Analytics, there are two types of talent deficits: Data Scientists, who can perform analytics and Analytics Consultant, who can understand and use data. The talent supply for these job title, especially Data Scientists is extremely scarce and the demand is huge. 3. Salary Aspects: Strong demand for Data Analytics skills is boosting the wages for qualified professionals and making Big Data pay big bucks for the right skill. This phenomenon is being seen globally where countries like Australia and the U.K are witnessing this ‘Moolah Marathon’.
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Can Big Data Analysis Swing a Political Election? [IT: The Big Idea Edition]
As nearly everything in our lives transitions from the real to the digital world, the more those things can -- and are -- being tracked. Every like, tweet, search and swipe ours is a piece of that digital data mosaic that makes up our online life. But with that massive amount of information, companies, advertisers and now political campaigns are gaining a big advantage. Andrew Brust is the senior director of market, strategy, and intelligence at Datameer, a big data analytics platform that helps clients analyze and interpret large volumes of information. He said the platform can look for patterns and correlations among what people like, do, and buy. For years, broad information like age, gender, race, and income would form the basis of how individuals were profiled -- demographic data. But now thanks to the wealth of online information companies and political campaigns are able to use a new method: psychographics All that public online data -- the things you search for, the singers you like on Facebook, the church you attend -- contributes to where we stand on what's known as the OCEAN framework. OCEAN stands for openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. And based on those dimensions, the big five, companies can form a remarkably accurate profile of what drives an individual's behavior. "Clearly, demographics and geographics and economics will influence your world view. But equally important or more important are psychographics. That is an understanding of your personality. Cause it's personality that drives behavior. And behavior that obviously influences how you vote," Alexander Nix, the CEO of a company called Cambridge Analytica, said during a lecture at the 2016 Concordia Summit. Cambridge Analytica is a London-based data analytics firm used by Donald Trump in the 2016 election. The firm is co-owned by GOP mega-donor Rebecca Mercer. Steve Bannon, the president's chief strategist, sits on the company's board. "By having hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans undertake this survey, we were able to form a model to predict the personality of every single adult in the United States of America," Nix said in the lecture. He said Cambridge possesses 4,000 to 5,000 data points on every single adult in America. Cambridge said that from that trove of data it was able to identify the most persuadable voters and send them targeted messages at key times in order to move them to action. But this type of targeting, while effective, can raise red flags if left unchecked. "There are ways that this can be very creepy and very personalized," said Justin Cappos, a professor at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. "If a campaign is going and gathering specific people and let's say it finds out that you have had a child who was in the military and killed in action and they custom target an ad to you to try to really tug at your heart strings and use that as a mechanism to say 'Oh this other candidate is a bad person' or 'our candidate wouldn't allow this to happen or something' I think most people would find that very creepy." While Cambridge's website touts having provided the Trump campaign the "expertise and intelligence that helped win the White House," a recent investigation by BuzzFeed News cited interviews with 13 former employees said Cambridge's claim of propelling Trump to victory is "snake oil." Cambridge Analytica declined to be interviewed on camera. But in a statement on the BuzzFeed News article, it told Fox 5: "Cambridge Analytica has always stated on the record that it did not have the opportunity to dive deeply into their psychographic offering because there was not enough time." But with more personal information constantly entering the public domain and companies that are better and smarter about tracking it, in the next election the candidates might know a lot more about you than you do about them. --JOE TOOHEY
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Understand Data Mining | Free Audiobook
Understand Data Mining Visit http://satl.us/11/b01ctkpum6 to free listening to the full audiobook Format: Unabridged Written by: IntroBooks Release date: 3/11/2016 Duration: 33 mins Language: English Genre: science & technology, technology Contact me for any question: [email protected]
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Industry 4.0 is about automation,information,forecasting, data mining.
Industry 4.0 is about automation,information,forecasting, data mining. AI helps manufacturers upgrade not only in hardware but software in terms of algorithms forecasting, data mining, data gateway etc. #Tokenomous #Colorledger #Zoozbit #AIfund #blockchain #fintech #AI #STO #Techadvisory
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Dr. Namita Mittal - Data Mining and its Applications
Dr. Namita Mittal , Assistant Professor, MNIT, Jaipur(India) speaking at Biyani International Conference (BICON-2015 on 21 Sept. 2015).
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BIGDATA Online Class Introduction | Bigdata Current Trend 2019
Our next bigdata batch starts at DEC 21st. Whatsapp Group Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Bdfy6BVbiWeKn9z1JHQWZG Please Read the group's Description after joining. Java Basic Training in Tamil : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-MsnT-prgE&list=PLihCJJ6_IteGwDO1a1KhIJYtupwZ-Khwj Hadoop Learning in Tamil : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6Qv7pfQE4Y&list=PLihCJJ6_IteF7lRDmsgY2W39hFkak3UNB Spark Learning in Tamil : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ke_CQSSoFg&list=PLihCJJ6_IteGGMfdn4GX-DxuiN3mJOFFp Career Training : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqiBLFMtAGk&list=PLihCJJ6_IteHO9iLq0RnPhQz9sgRoQUT4 Course Feedback : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-dBXo6-pZc&list=PLihCJJ6_IteENBOrOtLppEL_qPmep74H3 For More : Whatsapp : +91 9619663272 Site : tamilboomi.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/tamilboomiofficial www.facebook.com/aruthecoach Email : [email protected] Twitter : www.twitter.com/aruthecoach
What are the major geospatial technology trends for 2019
As we move closer to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, new trends in geospatial technologies are expected to impact multiple sectors and foster path-breaking innovation. In 2019, new trends in geospatial technology would have an impact on multiple sectors.
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Learning From Data (Data Mining) Presentation
This video explain how data processes in machine and how the machine learn from human. Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Data Mining Information Technology Data Techniques Technology 2017 Machine Learning Human learning Data Process Algorithms Learning Algorithms Machine Learning Algorithms
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Multimedia in Data Mining
This video is upload for students . GRJ production link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCizX_IzlQae8ZR6IF9Q97wQ?view_as=subscriber Google + https://plus.google.com/105300367537019172023 Video URL https://youtu.be/jHGf97KyiOE
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Contact Best Phd Projects Visit us: http://www.phdprojects.org/ http://www.phdprojects.org/phd-research-topic-mobile-networking/
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Is The "10-Year Challenge" A Data Mining Trap?
#tbt #ThrowbackThursday If you're a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user, you may have participated in one of the latest and hottest fads by sharing a side-by-side comparison of a photo of yourself taken 10 years ago and one taken recently. If so, you are definitely not alone as millions of people have done this "challenge". Some folks are using photos they had not posted online before. But some tech experts are warning that the 10-year challenge might be a data mining ruse. They claim that this popular meme comparing the past and current pictures of people on social media could be a technique designed to capture a user’s personal data. Social media platforms, law enforcement, or other third parties could be using the so-called “10 Year Challenge” to secretly mine data to improve facial recognition and age progression algorithms. Experts warn that the meme could be innocent fun, or it could carry with it something more nefarious. The photo challenge gives Facebook "a perfect storm for machine learning," said Amy Webb, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business with an upcoming book about how artificial intelligence can manipulate humans. "It presented Facebook with a terrified opportunity to learn, to train their systems to better recognize small changes" in users' appearances, she told CBS News. WIRED writer Kate O'Neill even warns that insurance companies could end up hiking coverage costs for people who seem to be aging quickly. https://www.wired.com/story/facebook-10-year-meme-challenge/ Facebook, which also owns Instagram, dismissed this possibility and has stated that it did not start or instigate this challenge. “Facebook did not start this trend, and the meme uses photos that already exist on Facebook,” the company said. “Facebook gains nothing from this meme (besides reminding us of the questionable fashion trends of 2009). As a reminder, Facebook users can choose to turn facial recognition on or off at any time.” Is the "10 Year Challenge" really a privacy-invading scheme disguised as a meme? What say you?
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Analyzing Search Trends: The Database of Users' Intent
Social Analytics and Text Mining, Lecture of Mr. Yair Shimshoni, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Google Inc., "Analyzing Search Trends: The Database of Users' Intent" Data Mining for Business Intelligence - Bridging the Gap Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
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Mr Jesso Varghese Has successfully completed the Course on Data Science From Livewire Trivandrum.
Skills in Data Science Certification Course from Livewire imparts to grab a bright career as a Data Scientist. Enlighten the current trends in Data Analysis & Mining.
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Macro Trends in Banking - Part 1
This interactive workshop will explore current trends in commercial banking, with an emphasis on opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial development. Two areas of emphasis will be "social media" and "data mining/direct marketing." By Mr. Henry Doss, Executive-in-Residence, T2VC
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Richard De Veaux Presents "Data Mining: Fool's Gold? Or the Mother Lode?"
Richard De Veaux (Williams College) presents "Data Mining: Fool's Gold? Or the Mother Lode?" as part of the MAA Distinguished Lecture Series. This lecture was jointly sponsored with the American Statistical Association in celebration of Mathematics Awareness Month. http://maa.org/news/2012DL-DeVeaux.html The MAA, with the generous support of the NSA, is proud to present a series of public lectures. The series features some of the foremost experts within the field of mathematics, known for their ability to make current mathematical ideas accessible to non-specialists, and provides a fabulous and fun learning opportunity for both professionals and students, as well as anyone interested in learning more about current trends in mathematics and the relationship between mathematics and broader scientific, engineering and technological endeavors. Editing by John Travis
Dominik Slezak  |  Poland | Big Data Analysis and Data Mining  2015 | Conference Series LLC
2nd International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining November 30-December 01, 2015 San Antonio, USA Scientific Talk On: Knowledge Pit Platform for Modern Data Mining Competitions Click here for Abstract and Biography: http://datamining.conferenceseries.com/speaker/2015/dominik-slezak-university-of-warsaw-poland Conferenceseries LLC : http://www.conferenceseries.com Omics International : http://www.omicsonline.org/
Time Series Analysis in Python | Time Series Forecasting | Data Science with Python | Edureka
** Python Data Science Training : https://www.edureka.co/python ** This Edureka Video on Time Series Analysis n Python will give you all the information you need to do Time Series Analysis and Forecasting in Python. Below are the topics covered in this tutorial: 1. Why Time Series? 2. What is Time Series? 3. Components of Time Series 4. When not to use Time Series 5. What is Stationarity? 6. ARIMA Model 7. Demo: Forecast Future Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above. Machine Learning Tutorial Playlist: https://goo.gl/UxjTxm #timeseries #timeseriespython #machinelearningalgorithms - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - About the Course Edureka’s Course on Python helps you gain expertise in various machine learning algorithms such as regression, clustering, decision trees, random forest, Naïve Bayes and Q-Learning. Throughout the Python Certification Course, you’ll be solving real life case studies on Media, Healthcare, Social Media, Aviation, HR. During our Python Certification Training, our instructors will help you to: 1. Master the basic and advanced concepts of Python 2. Gain insight into the 'Roles' played by a Machine Learning Engineer 3. Automate data analysis using python 4. Gain expertise in machine learning using Python and build a Real Life Machine Learning application 5. Understand the supervised and unsupervised learning and concepts of Scikit-Learn 6. Explain Time Series and it’s related concepts 7. Perform Text Mining and Sentimental analysis 8. Gain expertise to handle business in future, living the present 9. Work on a Real Life Project on Big Data Analytics using Python and gain Hands on Project Experience - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Why learn Python? Programmers love Python because of how fast and easy it is to use. Python cuts development time in half with its simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature. Debugging your programs is a breeze in Python with its built in debugger. Using Python makes Programmers more productive and their programs ultimately better. Python continues to be a favorite option for data scientists who use it for building and using Machine learning applications and other scientific computations. Python runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS and has been ported to Java and .NET virtual machines. Python is free to use, even for the commercial products, because of its OSI-approved open source license. Python has evolved as the most preferred Language for Data Analytics and the increasing search trends on python also indicates that Python is the next "Big Thing" and a must for Professionals in the Data Analytics domain. For more information, Please write back to us at [email protected] or call us at IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll free). Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edureka_learning/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edurekaIN/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/edurekain LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edureka
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Weka data mining tutorial
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