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From May 2013, was so chuffed! I am sorry 4 my bad language!!!
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I'm a STARFISH!!!!!!!
My friend had like 5 cans of Pepsi and got reallyyyyy hyper
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I am only a beginner animator, but I worked hard on this and I hope you enjoyed the video.
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IM A STARFISH! | Welcome
New channel love my OG fans... Tweeeter: https://twitter.com/SirShibaYT
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Antony & the Johnsons - The Lake
Edgar Allan Poe The Lake. To —(1827) First appearing simply as “The Lake” in Poe’s 1827 collection Tamerlane and Other Poems, the amended title appeared in 1829 collected in Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. The poem is a celebration of loneliness and the thoughts inspired by a lake. For the 1845 collection The Raven and Other Poems, Poe reworked the first line (“In youth’s spring, it was my lot”) to “In spring of youth it was my lot.” In spring of youth it was my lot To haunt of the wide world a spot The which I could not love the less — So lovely was the loneliness Of a wild lake, with black rock bound, And the tall pines that towered around. But when the Night had thrown her pall Upon that spot, as upon all, And the mystic wind went by Murmuring in melody — Then — ah then I would awake To the terror of the lone lake. Yet that terror was not fright, But a tremulous delight — A feeling not the jewelled mine Could teach or bribe me to define — Nor Love — although the Love were thine. Death was in that poisonous wave, And in its gulf a fitting grave For him who thence could solace bring To his lone imagining — Whose solitary soul could make An Eden of that dim lake.
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I'm A Starfish!
Tj being..... Tj ^-^
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Antony & The Johnsons - You Are My Sister
Lyrics You are my sister, we were born So innocent, so full of need There were times we were friends but times I was so cruel Each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep I was so afraid of the night You seemed to move through the places that I feared You lived inside my world so softly Protected only by the kindness of your nature You are my sister And I love you May all of your dreams come true We felt so differently then So similar over the years The way we laugh the way we experience pain So many memories But theres nothing left to gain from remembering Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know You are my sister And I love you May all of your dreams come true I want this for you They're gonna come true (gonna come true) Poem Iam born in you as a picture held a canvas broken by time..where paint has dried from brushstrokes made without knowing yet hold you exactly in the form of your being it maybe different from mine yet I only see you in me and in time your skin is the canvas held tight my reflection lives in your light my birth is in your death each in each other so as I walk you are with me held in my love I am imprinted in you.
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Kristof - Back Into The Coffins
From the Album: The Oracle Download: https://kristof.bandcamp.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lampkristof Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kristoflamp/ Twitter :https://twitter.com/kristoflamp Contact: [email protected] LYRICS It was July and it's September Flowers turning into this yellow that you love It was July and it's December The room is getting really cold Let's take a walk And I promise you That we'll be back into the coffins before the sun comes out It was July but now it's April memory still talks we are nothing rather than bones and soul
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Antony and the Johnsons - You Are My Sister -
You are my sister, we were born So innocent, so full of need There were times we were friends but times I was so cruel Each night I'd ask for you to watch me as I sleep I was so afraid of the night You seemed to move through the places that I feared You lived inside my world so softly Protected only by the kindness of your nature You are my sister And I love you May all of your dreams come true We felt so differently then So similar over the years The way we laugh the way we experience pain So many memories But theres nothing left to gain from remembering Faces and worlds that no one else will ever know You are my sister And I love you May all of your dreams come true I want this for you They're gonna come true (gonna come true)
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Enneri Blaka Live.mpg
Enneri Blaka live best of on a mix of Welcome to Pornocracy Pour fêter cette nouvelle année,histoire de vous mettre l'eau à la bouche, un petit mix de notre Album à paraître sur un best of des images d' Enneri Blaka en live... Fonky!!
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antony and the johnsons : the lake
from the ep the lake , 2003 copyright belongs to rough trade and the edgar allen poe estate * * lyrics derived from the edgar allen poe poem of the same name in youth's spring , it was my lot to haunt of the wide earth a spot to which I could not love the less so lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake , with black rock bound and the tall trees that towered around but when the night had thrown her pall upon that spot as upon all and the wind would pass me by in its stilly melody my infant spirit would awake to the terror of the lone lake yet that terror was not fright but a tremulous delight and a feeling undefined springing from a darkened mind death was in that poisoned wave and in its gulf a fitting grave for him who thence could solace bring to his dark imagining whose wildering thought could even make an eden of that dim lake but when the night had thrown her pall upon that spot as upon all and the wind would pass me by in its still melody my infant spirit would awake to the terror of the lone lake springing from a darkened mind so lovely was the loneliness in youth's spring , it was my lot in its stilly melody an eden of that dim lake lone, lone, lonely...
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Art Is A Consequence - Moments (David Garfit Remix)
Art Is A Consequence - Moments (David Garfit Remix) - STR021 - Straight Music Release date: 26/06/2012 Download: http://smarturl.it/STR021
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Antony and the Johnsons - (2009) - Daylight and the Sun
Artist: Antony and the Johnsons Album: The Crying Light Release Date: 2009 Label: Secretly Canadian The black-and-white image of legendary Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno that adorns the cover of The Crying Light, the third full-length by Antony and the Johnsons, seems to offer a view of a being enveloped in both ecstasy and agony -- or does it? The songs contained here offer something else: a glimpse of a universe beyond the pale of vision, seen only by the individual experiencing it. Antony Hegarty recorded and considered 25 songs for inclusion on The Crying Light, before settling on ten. The Johnsons are the inimitable cellist Julia Kent, Thomas Bartlett, Maxim Moston, Rob Moose, Jeff Langston, Parker Kindred, Doug Wieselman, and Will Holshouser. The additional orchestra includes Greg Cohen, Suzy Perelman, Tim Albright, and Lisa Albrecht, to name a few. Hegarty and composer Nico Muhly did the string arrangements. The Crying Light preoccupies itself with very different concerns than either of its predecessors. Whereas the material on I Am a Bird Now focused on sadness -- grasped and projected -- and in some cases real redemption, these songs look at a larger universe as reflected in the mirror of the individual. The natural world, the vast landscape of interconnectivity with all things, seems to be the primary focus on which the individual protagonists focus their gazes. That doesn't mean that the viewpoint of the singer is necessarily more optimistic. If anything, the truth offered here, and there is plenty of it, is acceptance. Musically, the softness and restrained textural lushness -- always propelled by the intimate, mysterious, exploring piano of Hegarty -- is highlighted by his voice that bears the traces of every heartbreak ever confessed, every quiet yet desperate hope ever held, and each prayer whispered to an unknown and unknowable God. Neo-classical underpinnings are entwined lovingly with broken pop songs and secretive after-hours cabaret poems. Check the opener, "Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground." The piano and cello fall together as one slow dancer, alone in the spotlight, keeping memory as time: "In the garden, with my mother/I stole a flower/With my mother, in her power/I chose a flower/I saw six eyes glistening in my womb/I felt you calling me in the gloom/Rest assured your love is pure...." The power of Mother Nature as it echoes inside the individual with all of its power and impersonal tenderness is embraced, accepted for what it teaches as well as what it offers. Elsewhere, on the gorgeous chamber pop of "Epilepsy Is Dancing," terror, power, and beauty are wrapped as one entity: "Epilepsy is dancing/She's the Christ now departing/And I'm finding my rhythm/As I twist in the snow...Cut me in quadrants/Leave me in the corner/Oh now it's passing/Oh now I'm dancing." Curse and blessing, sacrament and damnation. Other standouts, including the utterly gorgeous, elliptical "One Dove" and the single "Another World," reflect similar themes, though always from the projection of the most hidden flicker that seeks union with a larger illumination. Certainly this is spiritual, but it is not limited to that because it also exists in the physical world. Death is the constant undercurrent, but it's not so much morbid as another shade of the verdant universe. "Kiss My Name" is the hinge track, in waltz time with lovely reeds and violins, skittering with a drum kit -- it is both an anthem of love to life itself and a self-penned epitaph in advance. Whatever hopes you held in the aftermath of I Am a Bird Now, they have been exponentially exceeded in poetry, music, and honesty here.
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The Lake - Antony and The Johnsons (español)
Interpretación de esta canción, The Lake. Traducción al español. Tema basado en un poema de Edgar A. Poe, llamado también The Lake.
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Hecate - Wait in Chains
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[4x16] Antony and the Johnsons - Hope There's Someone
No copyright infringement intended. Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/mysterytolife
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Mark Wills - Don't Laugh At Me
Music video by Mark Wills performing Don't Laugh At Me. (C) 1998 Mercury Records
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❦ Mysteries Of Love ❦ ANTONY
VISUAL POEM People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. For this little video clip I used snippets from my previous short films. Sometimes these characters appear in my dreams. - Emotional purification to steer clear of a broken heart. Music: Antony & the Johnsons Material & Patterns taken from: "After eight"/"Doch wenn es Abend wird" 2004 "Johannes´Passion" 2005 "4.,Freundgasse" 2007 "schwarzweiss" 2007 "Lifestory" 2009 edited by Jasmina Hajdany
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Forgiveness - Elisa feat. Antony
Due anime speciali... Im lost and scared to live this life I thought id always be strong This rage this dark side i dont want to see Lays there... Lays there lays there There on the bottom inside Looking lost like a child But i know that youre mine We only need Forgiveness our key to the world Forgiveness im frightened to deserve Forgiveness all that we need Its forgiveness i am not sure i know It was the love untaught Trapped in your mind So empty with me A silent stone that struck my heart While i looked for a sign a sign You felt the pain You felt the fear But you chose not to see Made it your destiny, Is it time for Forgiveness... For we have paid Forgiveness is our key to the world Forgiveness for the love untaught Its forgiveness ill be... Waiting for Forgiveness... For we have paid Forgiveness is our key to the world Forgiveness for the love untaught Its forgiveness ill be... Waiting for
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Lonely Cripple  Song
Lyrics were written by Rylan Boutin Music was written by Garrett McElderry tell us what you think and rate. thanks :)
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björk + antony hegarty : dull flame of desire
dull flam of desire - björk from the album volta [2007] track 3 - written by : björk | lyrics taken from russian poem by fyodor tyutchev | produced by : björk | all rights belong to one little indian records + björk [no copyright infringement intended] all rights reserved lyrics : i love your eyes my dear their splendid sparkling fire when suddenly you raise them so to cast a swift , embracing glance like lightning flashing in the sky but there's a charm that is greater still when my love's eyes are lowered when all is fired by passion's kiss and through the downcast lashes i see the dull flame of desire
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.The cloud of unknowing. Current 93
http://copticcat.greedbag.com/buy/of-ruine-or-some-blazing-starre-0/ http://www.last.fm/music/Current+93/Of+Ruine+Or+Some+Blazing+Starre Lyrics: And then when then I die I feel I shall say I have not understood I have not understood any of this My eyes are still coaldark I have not understood Around and in my eyes the tiny flecks Of swirling crippled confused lights And to my heart I will whisper Softly quietly "There is no death there is no death" (And goodbye to you all) Under the gorgon grinned arches Of London's great vaults I have not understood Under the sunpuckered roofs Of Kathmandu I have not understood Along the soulstoned streets Of Lower And of Higher Germanie I have not understood Leipzig: blackeyed pain and loss: she I have not understood In Clare near I the empty lakes are open in the distance And too close is the famineretchingroad All these are ghosts There I have not understood (In the Heart of the Wood Oh there I have understood) I rested at the temple of Great Black Time -- Her And did not understand Though animalbled fleshmarbled rivers ran in Her honour His buckled body in blood Returns to the prebirth poise Spreadeagled like starfish -- There in His eyes: Incomprehension mute pain disbelief what Blood there meant sorrow trickles there This I could not understand I bend the pages of yet another book And in its lines Great Black Lines I have not understood Please gramercy pray for me And oh goodbye sweetestheart The wind roars in the nearness And there in my heart And all the clouds are spiralling towards us Descent indeed to the centre of it all Skipping lightly and lying truly This we shall understand I hope... We bent humped trees The great ones -- there On the lapped shore Dai Ichi There also I do not know This is all unknowable And as the dust covers My empty eyes You shall read in these foolish gapes Oh that I have not understood (But if you look for the stag and cross conjoined there on my arm look there There I have understood very well.) Now you are all fading All fading As my age creeps on As This Age stumbles on Fires in the earth Fires in the sky Fires in our hearts Fires everywhere The black eyes Already blacken And this I have not understood Not peace But a sword This and He Unfortunately I have understood Under the bowered greenwood tree When first I lay Bright starre with Thee Under the velvet branches dear When sun and moon both came so near Under the starlit open dome Under the starsharp pointed lights Under the starloved greeny earth When first I wanted to hold You And all the world halfdead and halflive Spat into my mouth Bluesea bitterwater And I am almost dead And I have not understood Under the rain and teeth of gods Under the pain and sleeping liddy eyes Under the brokkèd wetful heaven If you are there If you are there If you are there Then I am singing with my eyes If you are there I own just the video.
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If It Be Your Will (Antony Hegarty's cover of Leonard Cohen's song)
Antony and the Johnsons make this magnificent cover of Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will". Included in the tribute DVD "I'm Your Man". With hard-coded English subtitles and without Cohen's words.
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The Raven  -Poem Project (Max A, Thiago H, Anthony B)
Poem Project for Onions 4a English All credit goes to Max Atkinson, Thiago Honma, and Anthony Bernardi
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Antony and The Johnsons / Bjork / Philip Glass - Flétta and The Four Seasons
Antony and The Johnsons feat. Bjork - "Flétta" mashed with a loop from Philip Glass - Movement II of "The American Four Seasons" Both songs in their original form are incredible. I recommend listening to each separately instead of this.
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Pipe Choir - Lights Up
Lights Up by the indie rock band Pipe Choir. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Free Download: https://soundcloud.com/pipe-choir/lights-up-by-pipe-choir Artist website: http://www.michaeljbostwick.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pipechoir Twitter: https://twitter.com/pipechoir Pipe Choir is a musical project founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Michael Bostwick in 1990. Michael Bostwick is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. His most notable projects include Pipe Choir, D.I.O.D.E. and The Marian Circle Drum Brigade, whose songs are entirely written performed and produced by Bostwick. He is also the author of earth2earth I, a collection of drawings and poems. He was born and raised in Fairview Park, Ohio. Michael Bostwick currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife Kelley. While performing with various groups, Technical Black (1985-1987), Rotary Ten (1985-1988), Thumper Incorporated (1990-1993), Slo Bob (1994-1999) and Morticia's Chair (1998-2002), Bostwick continued to regularly write, record, and perform Pipe Choir music. The song "Savior" was originally recorded in the spring of 1990 and was the first song written and recorded by Bostwick exclusively for Pipe Choir. The moderate radio success of "Savior" provided enough fuel to keep the project active for the next 20 years. By the year 2002, Pipe Choir started to become less of a side project, and more of a full time operation. In 2004, Bostwick began to shed his peripheral musical commitments, and focus all of his creative energy on Pipe Choir. In 2007 Bostwick began to release soundtrack music under the name Dreams In Over Drive Eternal (D.I.O.D.E.). In 2010 Bostwick introduced his second side project The Marian Circle Drum Brigade (M Circle).
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The Happy Train
A train that was supposed to take 26 hours ended up taking 35, plus 7 more at the train station. We went... a little crazy. *** No alcohol was used while making this... unless you count the migrant workers across from us who drank 14 shots.
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Stop Motion Animation 2 - JellyStar
My second stop motion animation ever, with Rhiannon voicing the star, and me voicing the jellyfish. Enjoy :)
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Beautifully Complicated - Amanda Kravat
A wonderful song from a wonderful singer...
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Im lost and scared to live this life I thought Id always be strong This rage this dark side I dont want to see lays there... lays there lays there... There on the bottom inside looking lost like a child but I know that youre mine we only need... Forgiveness our key to the world Forgiveness Im frightened to deserve Forgiveness all that we need its Forgiveness I am not sure I know... It was the love untaught trapped in your mind so empty with me... A silent stone that struck my heart while I looked for a sign a sign... You felt the pain you felt the fear but you chose not to see made it your destiny, is it time for... Forgiveness... for we have paid Forgiveness is our key to the world Forgiveness for the love untaught Its Forgiveness Ill be... waiting for... Forgiveness... for we have paid Forgiveness is our key to the world Forgiveness for the love untaught Its Forgiveness Ill be... waiting for...
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Lucia listening to her Antony and the Johnsons CD
This is what happens when Lucia listens to Antony and the Johnsons, What Can I Do? get sebastian milej's "poems of exile" at your local bookseller before it goes out of print Apr.'09!!!
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Cu și despre cerșetorul de cafea  Emil Brumaru
Difuzat la emisiunea Vocile Iașiului din 6 august 2013
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Anthony Horowitz -- Goldfish
Me and my goldfish went swimming with sharks...
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Elda din vrede, syster! The poem in english: Demolish instead of rebuild, build new, build more. Not homes but hotels, rooms with comfy beds if you got the money: won the lottery or got a fancy job that's not very hard but manly and you're cocky as well. You talk louder than everyone else, correct wrongs and blame others. You act like you own your partner when your going on charter, hotel with a pool in sunny Grand Canaria, or Tanzania, a safari would be cool: unless it's too dangerous, the lions might eat you; if you don't eat them first. The human race IS superior, no one can deny that even though our arguments are better but you can never defend your shit-face opinions of law and order, we take risks and we will bring you down. You might think I'm small, smaller than you at least and I bet you think you can take me down but FUCK YOU AND EVERYONE LIKE YOU you can as well go to hell because last time I checked, they're waiting for you down there Bush Hitler and Thatcher will soon welcome you, hug you and put salt in the wounds of your soul that the oppression you've caused have given you. Year after year your soars have become deeper and infected all while you've used up the resources of the Earth. You used to believe in something better, now your acting on habits: purchasing food, liquor and sex with the magnet strip of your Visa, comfort before justice, it's nice and dandy with a slimmed down body and a nasty dick in my face; you're not listening to my protests but I DON'T WANT TO. There's nothing WRONG with me, I just don't want my hands on your body, maybe your dick between my teeth: the blood pumping and squirting out everywhere; and there you thought you would get to squirt in me but I put hard against hard and bite your flesh-bone until you beg for mercy. But I'm just thinking of all the times that I've asked your advice out of fear that if I decide for myself, take my own initiatives and act upon them, you wouldn't accept me: because I've thought wrong, decided wrong and done wrong while you, all your life have decided for yourself and thus forced the rest of us into corners of insecurity and so called "wrong doings". But that's all over now. Now your lying here bleeding to death as the biting accelerates: your screams echo between the walls in the room where you thought you would get into my pants, just as was going to bed. And I was just about to pull my pants down: for pity's sake; poor you who's hard without ejaculating; as if I've not missed out on an orgasm every time I've been horny. Extremely dull and totally fucked up, I HATE IT. As I was saying: In hell they're holding a spot for you, my friend, so now when you're heart stopped beating: you can finally take it.
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The Rhyme Along - Hip Hop Karaoke LA - 02.19.11 - Otha Fish performed by J.Wandag
From our event at Mountain Bar in Chinatown, February 19, 2011. The Rhyme Along is a monthly event in Los Angeles featuring Hip Hop Karaoke Videos from the Golden Era, Classics, Nu & Tru-Skool. http://www.therhymealong.com
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Lanfear  Another Golden Rage
From Lanfear's album: Another Golden Rage 2006. I do not own the rights to this song or to the photos presented.
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TV SMITH 'The day we caught the big fish' Hull 13 July 08
TV Smith doing one he said was appropriate to be played in a Port ! Off The Immortal Rich album ( I think !) TV has been solo artist and acoustic politico strummer for a long time now, but he was of course frontman for 70s Punk band, The ADVERTS. There is of course a growing punk into folk crossover.
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Flying Circus Pub - Last Of the Famous
Melodie "proprie" :) Versuri: 1. The city lights reflecting in your make-up Like fading visions of a mirror game, You make me miss the strokes you never gave me So don't pretend a minor threat could be the same. 2. Tonight i need a truck full of ice, But i get a snowflake on my ear You play the game with a lost-and-found dice 'cause you know the ace of spades was never by my side. refren: Don't dispair,there is enough nothing for both of us, Remember even dying has a dead end x2 3. Dear Life,disgusting casino dealer, When did my luck 7 became 13? Don't worry old friend,cheating still fits me So no need for guidence for the hazard in between. Don't dispair,there is enough nothing for both of us, Remember even dying has a dead end x2
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my mind
Words by Leonard Cohen. From "Beautiful Losers". Read by Leonard Cohen.
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Chloe Dzubilo Memorial @ Judson Church
3.12.2011 New York Remembers Chloe Dzubilo, Trans Rebel with a Cause On Saturday a packed church said goodbye to Chloe Dzubilo, the fierce, iconic transgender activist, punk rocker, and former Housing Works client who died in February. It was a ceremony fit for an individual known widely for kicking convention and embracing glamour. Men dressed as greek gods tended the entrance to the sanctuary at Judson Memorial Church in New York City; a sea of glitter covered the altar; and a pair of winged gold horses flanked the stage. "Chloe, we are here today to raise you up, so that future generations will learn what you did on their behalf," said long-time friend Viva Ruiz, dressed in flowing white. "It is fitting that we elevate one who refused to be quiet, and who in the darkest places kept all her torches blazing." Read the post: housingworks.org/blogs/detail/chloe-dzubilo-memorial/ Credit: Julie Turkewitz//Housing Works
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Feminism & Prostitution: Faux Pas
By rubbleofempires AKA everything4every1 Part 4 in a series on prostitution from a radical feminist perspective. Feminism & Prostitution... http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=9F1C8FB094FAED74 I have a new channel... http://www.youtube.com/user/rubbleofempires StarvingFlame is a collab channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/starvingflame
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Muse Black Holes And Revelations- Assassin
Assassin from the album Black Holes And Revelations by Muse
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Will Alexander reads at Skylight Books, 10-11-09
From "The Bedouin Ark" (Published in THE SRI LANKAN LOXODROME, 2009) Repetition as de-existence as condoned & re-spun vapour which continues to post-exist as mirages across an ark as lucid underwater scent an ark with its compression of oars with its one simultaneous ascent over & above the simultaneous movement its obliterated form where the body of the captain reappears & disappears eruptive with schisms & salts eruptive with cobias blanquillos & starfish extrinsic & solstitial to any fore-warned destination to any leprosy or rupture or fragment an ark at the same time betrayed & withdrawn through an index of phantoms like a squall beneath a stunning alabaster tide invigoured by pre-existing persons within its hull spawned by a runic simoom calendric by "fields of gnarled lava" predacious orange-brown spider crabs feeding in diametrical coldness the ark now again visible to itself amidst volcanic flamelets fanning anonymous blades of crushing underwater jade the wind around its hull a void of pusillanimous optometry a shell of scorched bottoms a mechanics exponentially concussive like a solitary benzene or an earthquake phylum or a riddled scorpion typhoon because this ark captained by scaleless ghosts scripting their foundations from methane from a sound with a stinging pottery of nerves like murmurs from a hatchet well scribbling maps inducing subtractive protein on chemosynthetic shock waves of vertigo so in the depths a bioluminescence a void a glassy conduit of ore a propulsive cilia a whiplike Chimaera the captain scripting these events in a geomantic log concerning the brackish flare from his burning central body a body below creatrix waters a body below the simulation of the trilobites so that there constantly exists a smokeless anti-existence which seemingly enshrouds a multiple quantity or a glare much in the form of a stock nucleic food stock like a summed explosive strife which is the "terra incognita" the fearful archaeology of fate the ark failing to illumine its former maritime amniotic by means of any purposeful or magic diorthosis or any of the perplexing tonics of salinity or by the gorgonian as former body by persona be the pelvic whale or the caudal dolphin the body of the captain a blank indeterminate ether a smoldering solstice phantom a soma beyond the depth of his former viewing range...
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SSS7- Quenya is NOT a country in Africa...
I could never learn Elvish...
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TV Smith -  big fish - live Kafe44 Stockholm
TV Smith live Kafe44 Stockholm 2008.03.23 låt 6 The day we caught the big fish
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"My friend" - Voice and Poetry by Ellom - Directed  by Sebastian Wesman
"My friend" Voice and Poetry: Ellom http://www.ellom.net/ Model: Anneli Kõressaar Sound engineer: Grete Schneider Music composer and film director: Sebastian Wesman www.sebastianwesman.com
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The Miserable Rich perform "Tramps" at Dingwalls, Camden on 4 December 2011
The Miserable Rich perform "Tramps" at Dingwalls, Camden, London, on 4 December 2011
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