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New tactics to stop coal seam gas exploration
Victorian farmers are closely watching an unprecedented legal challenge to mining exploration in NSW.
Victoria announces temporary fracking moratorium
Energy Minister Michael O'Brien has announced a moratorium on any further approvals for fracking in coal seam gas unil a national aproach is decided.
Gas Manufacture (1959)
In this 16mm film made in Melbourne Victoria, we are shown how town gas is made from coal. The steps shown in manufacture take us from mining coal, transporting it to the gas plant, roasting the coal and cleaning the extracted gas, and finally mixing the coal gas with other types of gas for distribution to home and industry. The various uses of gas are outlined. Made by Herschells Films 1959.
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NSW farmers split over Santos' coal seam gas expansion
Energy company Santos has been looking to develop a coal seam gas-field in the Pilliga State Forest near Narrabri in NSW. But as the state government investigates the company's Environmental Impact Statement, the project faces fierce opposition from environmentalists and activist groups, concerned about environmental impacts. Read more here: http://ab.co/2ocfu7Q
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Coal Seam Gas - The Facts - October 2013
Dr. Gavin M. Mudd (Monash University) & Mark Ogge (The Australia Institute) Coal Seam Gas (CSG) extraction involves unconventional techniques to extract gas from coal deposits that are otherwise difficult or impossible to exploit. These new techniques and the challenges posed by them were discussed by Mark Ogge and Dr. Gavin Mudd. This included an overview of the CSG industry, what the infrastructure looks like, the scale of this infrastructure and the economic impacts of mining booms including gas. Both speakers have an in-depth knowledge of the topic. Dr. Gavin M. Mudd is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University. Gavin holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering awarded in 2001 from the Victoria University of Technology. Mark Ogge is a researcher and public engagement officer with the Canberra based think tank, The Australia Institute. He was previously a director of Beyond Zero Emissions.
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11 Coal Seam Gas Mining Protest Callout
Anti Van Park Rally / South Precinct Tourism Development. 9-10-11. Victoria Park, Cabarita Beach / Bogangar, NSW. More info; http://www.cabaritabeach.org/Cabarita_Beach_Residents_Association/Welcome.html Video by Duke Albada
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I'm Just Like You - Coal & Gas Free Victoria
Check out http://coalandgasfreevic.org/ to find out how you can join the fight to make Victoria coal and gasfield free.
Renewed interest in coal exploration
Victoria is facing a new wave of applications to explore for coal and coal seam gas.
Poisoning Pilliga
Pilliga Forest, in central NSW between Coonabarabran and Narrabri, has been fracked for nearly 15 years. There are already over 50 wells and 500 more are planned. Because of its isolation, the gas miners have literally been getting away with murder. Wildlife has been decimated, the forest devastated and local farm water supplies rendered useless and poisonous. There are huge areas where the wells have been closed for over 10 years that will no longer grow anything. A dangerous bacteria, sulphate reducing bacteria, which should never be on the surface, has been flushed up by the fracking process and is now replicating in the sun's ultra violet rays. We don't know what damage this is causing for the long term but it is very evident that it is causing great problems for the environment. It also serves little use to our economy because the gas companies don't even pay royalties until 5 years after production begins. The mining companies claim this is all exploratory and therefore not liable for payment. We have made this movie to bear witness to the horrors that have been inflicted on this beautiful part of Australia and to raise awareness of the dangers of CSG. Please share this movie and talk to your friends and relatives about the devastation CSG is causing our communities. Get out and see Pilliga before the beauty is all gone. Convince the politicians to protect our community from the ravages of coal seam gas.
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Cam Walker - Community campaigning against coal and gas in Victoria
Cam Walker begins his talk on the movement against coal and gas in Victoria (0.45). He points out that Victoria is in a good position to fight coal and gas because the industry is not established yet (2.10) before going into detail on the way coal and gas exploration is developing in Victoria (3.00). He shares how they are framing their campaign to get people involved (6.30) and explains why they do not address renewables (8.00). He explains how farmers’ views on wind farms might change (9.30) without pressure from activists. He states that so far they are winning (12.00) and concludes by stating that environmental justice within this issue is complicated (12.25). He finishes by sharing a story about how those seemingly on opposite sides of the issue can be united by concern for the environment in rural areas where their livelihoods depend on it (15.10).
EPA investigates coal seam leak in Sydney
The Environmental Protection Authority is investigating after a white, frothy liquid was found leaking from a coal seam gas mining site in Camden in south-west Sydney.
Coonamble Community Rallies against Coal Seam Gas
A community used to fighting drought, is in its biggest battle yet. This time with Big Mining Companies and the NSW government to protect its most vital resource - water. Over 500 landholders, farmers, families and long-time residents from across Coonamble Shire in northwest NSW, came together this past Saturday in the town of Coonamble, to raise awareness of the major environmental effects coal seam gas (CSG) exploration, taking place in the region by mining giant Santos, can have on the community. CSG is a dangerous mining tactic that could pollute, deplete and contaminate the Great Artesian Basin, the only reliable source of fresh water throughout much of inland Australia that supplies residents, many of whom run working farms, with clean drinking water. The organizing committee went door-to-door to survey landholders and residents across over one million hectares and found an overwhelming consensus. Over 96% of those surveyed voted against coal seam gas mines due to the the damaging effects it could have to the area's water table. Mining companies worldwide have always claimed minimal potential damage to water supplies and natural aquifers. However, recently it was revealed that water leakage from a Santos water storage pond contaminated an aquifer in nearby Pilliga with uranium, at 20x over the recommended safe drinking water level. Also, recently Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner signed a "memorandum of understanding" with the company to accelerate the Pilliga project, guaranteeing a decision on its future by January 23 2015, next year. This has become a major issues and over 200 communities across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland have declared themselves, "gas field free."The time for these local residents to garner support and stop the massive lobbying machine companies like Santos and others have over the local community needs is now. Learn more at http://www.lockthegate.org.au/. Journalist: Chloe Raines
lare Victoria Gas Field Free - The Best Documentary Ever
From country to city, thousands of people came together in Melbourne on 20th t, to demand a state wide ban on all unconventional gas mining. Heres what . With the state inquiry into unconventional gas coming to a close we need to make our message clearer than ever before, that unconventional gas will never be . On the 7th of Moriac, Mt Moriac, Paraparap and Freshwater Creek declared themselves Gasfield Free, bringing the number of towns declared in . Check out to find out how you can join the fight to make Victoria coal and gasfield free.
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Coal mining in Bacchus Marsh. Is it worth the risk?
Bacchus Marsh locals are concerned, and with good reason. Mantle Mining have an Exploration License (EL) which includes Bacchus Marsh and 386 km2 of the surrounding area. This license is for both open cut and coal seam gas mining with an estimated 1-2 billion tonnes of coal targeted for export. Join our community where we look at the risks, the issues and the people of beautiful Bacchus Marsh. http://www.mooraboolmeg.org.au http://quitcoal.org.au Production Company: Bender Film http://benderfilm.com/ Directed by Jacqueline Bender Producer: Natasha Mills Camera operator: Robert Bender Editors: Robert Bender and Jacqueline Bender Sound post production: Peter J Mills Music composed and performed by Peter J Mills Photos courtesy of Lock the Gate
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Digging Up Flooded Pittsburgh Seam Coal
CAT breaks and loads coal from the Pittsburgh Coal seam in Frostburg, MD. The shiny surface to the left of the excavator is water from abandoned and flooded mine workings in the Pittsburgh (Big Vein) Coal seam.
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Christine Milne on coal seam gas, fracking, new coal mining and the National Party
Christine Milne speaks in the Senate on coal seam gas, fracking, new coal mining and the National Party
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Richard Di Natale coal seam gas speech
Senator Di Natale made a speech on 22 September in support of the Landholders' Right to Refuse (Coal Seam Gas) Bill 2011, on behalf of Victorian communities.
A RIVER ON FIRE! Gas explodes from Australian river near fracking site.
A RIVER ON FIRE! Gas explodes from Australian river near fracking site. I was shocked by force of the explosion when I tested whether gas boiling through the Condamine River, Qld was flammable. So much gas is bubbling through the river that it held a huge flame. There has been concern that fracking and extraction of coal seam gas could cause gas to migrate through the rock. Not only is it polluting the river and air, but methane is an extremely potent heat trapping gas. Fugitive emissions from the unconventional gas industry could be a major contributor to climate change and make gas as dirty as burning coal. Gas first started bubbling though the river shortly after the coal seam gas industry took off in the Chinchilla area. Since then the volume of gas bubbling through the river has massively increased and has spread along the river. You can see stakes in the river bank were the Queensland Government has marked each gas seep. You can also see pipework near the river where Origin Energy has installed for monitoring the gas bubbling through the river. Thanks to John Jenkyn for taking me up the river in his tinnie. He's a champion!
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Gippsland Is Precious on The Project (2/5/13)
For over 100 years, Gippsland has been the beef and dairy heartland of Victoria, producing 23% of Australia's milk as well as some of the best beef in the country. Farming is one of the biggest employers in the region, especially within the food manufacturing industry. Coal Seam Gas (CSG) threatens all of this. The Project tonight looked at the Coal Seam Gas mining industry, and used footage from our doco 'Gippsland Is Precious'. Here's their report.
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Is Coal Seam Gas worth the risk?  The backlash to a billion dollar industry.
Billions of dollars are being invested in the coal seam gas industry but it's increasingly facing a public backlash. Now the industry has launched a campaign to put its side of the story.
Counting The Cost Of Australia’s Coal Rush
Catalyst: Coal Dust - How the consequences of Australia's coal boom are choking the population of Newcastle, New South Wales Subscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures Go to the Journeyman Science playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlGSlkijht5iXbPX7d_oTP47c9C3kArQ0 Australia is among the world’s largest coal producers and exporters – not something to brag about when you account for the worrying health consequences in port cities such as Newcastle. Since the mining boom in the late 1990s, respiratory diseases such as asthma have been climbing sharply, largely attributed to dust particulates given off in the extraction and transportation of coal. Mark Horstman heads to Newcastle, New South Wales, and investigates the efforts that are underway to identify harmful concentrations of coal dust particulates. ABC Australia - Ref 6284 Journeyman Pictures brings you highlights from the cutting-edge science series, ‘Catalyst’, produced by our long-term content partners at ABC Australia. Every day we’ll upload a new episode that takes you to the heart of the most intriguing and relevant science-related stories of the day, transforming your perspective of the issues shaping our world.
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It's time for a Victorian Gas Ban
The Victorian Premier will make a decision this week about the future of risky gas drilling in Victoria. Half of the members of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the matter recommended a permanent gas ban. More than 72 communities in Victoria have declared themselves ‘gasfield free’, but the gas industry is throwing their weight around and trying to get a decision to allow invasive gasfields across the state. Everything hangs in the balance! Add your voice at this crucial moment to protect Victoria. Send an email [email protected] - remember to make changes to the subject line and text to put it in your own words - or ring the office of the Premier directly (03) 9651 5000. Sheep video: Byaduk, Branxholme and Wallacedale Gasfield Free. Interviews: http://coalandgasfreevic.org/
Gas Rush Australia - The Ecocide of Country
Multi-national companies are slicing and dicing our country with no regard or respect for our natural environment, our food security or our people. The CSIRO says it could take 300 years or more to repair the damage done to aquifers in some regions. We're told there will be just 3.5 million tons of salt produced out of 700 coal seam gas wells. The pile of salt will be 11km long 30m wide 10m high. There is currently no known solution of what to do with the salt. - They have 40,000 wells planned for QLD alone, they are underway in most states and territorys. Farmers are being dispossessed of their land, their rights stripped away. Huge tracts of prime agricultural land is being sold to mining companies, never to be used for farming again. Entire farming towns are being bought and demolished, the war memorial moved away.. Our nations food security is at risk. BTEX in Queensland, Farms lost, gas leaks in NSW, destruction of environmental and cultural treasures in WA, NSW, QLD Aboriginal rock art in WA, 30,000 years+ old, destroyed, moved with bulldozers, making way for the Pluto gas processsing plant. People are being set upon by riot police while peacefully protesting the rape of sacred land at James Price Point in WA. Australians are standing up across the country and saying NO GAS! So where the bloody hell are you?
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Fracking ban in Victoria, Australia
Communities from all across the state of Victoria in Australia came together to campaign against fracking. This led to a state wide fracking ban; one of the robust bans in the world. Chloe Aldenhoven from FoE Australia relates how they obtained this victory.
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Threats of Coal Seam Gas in Residential Estates
Scott Collins from the Western Downs Alliance addresses the People's Assembly on the 4th August at Queensland Parliament House. The protest action brought together farmers, environmentalists, rural and urban folk from across the state in a display of solidarity against coal and gas mining. Mr Collins outlines the health and environmental risks of coal seam gas, and the potential for catastrophic disasters from situating methane mining near people's homes.
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Vote Compass: Australians oppose any relaxation of CSG restrictions
A growing number of Australians are against any easing of restrictions on the coal seam gas (CSG) industry, Vote Compass data reveals. Two-thirds of voters say they oppose easing restrictions on CSG exploration, compared to just over half when the same question was asked during the 2013 federal election. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-06-02/vote-compass-coal-seam-gas-csg/7467884
Christine Milne:  The Greens Say NO to Coal Seam Gas
The Greens are the only major party saying NO to Coal Seam Gas.At the Federal campaign launch for the seat of Richmond Christine congratulates the Northern Rivers for being a beacon and leading example in the campaign against coal seam gas mining. She emphasises that The Greens are no longer just pushing for a 'moratorium' on 'fracking' but for a ban on coal seam gas mining.
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Stop coal seam gas, don't take the gamble!
Don't take the gamble on coal seam gas. Vote 1, Roger Thorrowgood for the senate. Stop coal seam gas.
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GIPPSLAND 'FARMERS AGAINST FRACKING Sunday, 18th August 2013, Melbourne
coronet with me https://www.facebook.com/paradigmimagesphotography Farmers march up Swanston Street Gippslanders in costumes and holding signs This afternoon, hundreds of Gippsland farmers and locals travelled to Melbourne to present Senator Greg Barber with signatures calling for a ban on new coal and unconventional gas mining in Victoria. In an unusual alliance that reflects an Australia-wide movement against the expansion of coal and gas mining on prime agricultural land; Gippsland farmers, business owners and local people marched alongside Melbournians from City Square to the State Library. The crowd of 1000, carrying yellow 'Lock the Gate' triangles, also brought fresh produce from their farms to highlight the value of Gippsland's food production. Chloe Aldenhoven from the Melbourne-based group Quit Coal said, "The fact that people from Melbourne are also joining this fight shows how much our farms and our water are valued in Australia." The crowd, rallying under the 'Farmers Against Fracking' banner, presented the signatures to Senator Barber, who will table them in Victorian Parliament on Tuesday. Protestors were joined by MC Rod Quantock, and speakers including potato farmer Tanya Brown and primary school teacher, daughter of dairy farmers, Kirra Boulton. Ms Boulton of Seaspray said that, "The spirit of cooperation and support among our Gippsland communities in fighting this threat is phenomenal". Farmers and Gippsland locals made the trip today after growing concerns that Energy Minister Kotsiras will not follow through on his promise to consult locals over the controversial proposed mining in the farming region. Coal Seam Gas and other unconventional gas mining poses a number of risks to food and water security that are of paramount importance to the survival of farming communities. The rally followed a 600 strong celebration recently held in the small coastal town of Seaspray, where 98% of the community voted to keep the town coal and gas free. Seaspray sheep farmer Trevor Flint, who has also worked in the gas industry, says "I don't want to live in a gasfield, I've worked in the gas industry, people don't understand, they don't know what they are playing with. If my stock gets contaminated and I can't sell it, where do we go from there, what do we do then? We don't want this dangerous industry here, we don't want this anywhere in Victoria," he said. Under current legislation, exploration licenses are issued on farmland and farmers have little say over whether or not mining goes ahead on their land. When: Sunday 18th August 2013, 1pm Where: City Square before marching up Swanston Street to the State Library
VAGO - Unconventional Gas: Managing Risks and Impacts
Victorian Auditor-General's Report on Unconventional Gas: Managing Risks and Impacts, tabled 19 August 2015. The intent of this audit is to apprise policy makers so they can make decisions that balance economic benefits with environmental and social impacts, and give due regard to the strengths and weaknesses of our current regulatory regime. It presents objective findings and recommendations to inform the final decision of government so that it can be made in the best interests of the Victorian community rather than individual stakeholders.
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CSG protesters learning lessons from Qld experience
Victoria and NSW concerned over exploration licenses.
Don't industrialise the Liverpool Plains with CSG and mining
This is the productive agricultural region of north west NSW. Right now it is under threat by licences to drill for coal seam gas and mine for coal. But the community has stepped up and road by road are declaring their towns gasfield and mining free, to protect the land and water from inappropriate mining.
Thousands bring CSG protest to NSW Parliament
A passionate crowd of thousands has marched on NSW Parliament in Sydney in protest of coal seam gas mining plans.
Greens Senator Richard Di Natale says No Fracking Way in Victoria
When I attend community meetings near my home town in places such as Winchelsea, I see farmers, teachers, families and business owners united in their opposition to fracking. I thank you for the vigour with which you are defending the environment and your agricultural land and assure you that when it comes to opposing unconventional gas mining in Victoria, the Greens will continue to stand with you.
Human Sign to Stop Coal Seam Gas - WIN News May 30 2011
Coverage of the 3000+ people, human sign to Stop Coal Seam Gas on Austinmer beach, NSW, Australia on May 29th 2011.
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No New Coal Rally June 28 at Parliament House
An unique combination of politicians, concerned grandmothers, mining magnates and environmental activists met on Thursday, June 28 at 12:30pm on the steps of Parliament House. Speakers were opposing new coal projects, including a brown coal export industry, which would triple Victoria's contribution to greenhouse gas pollution. The star of the event was Twiggy Palmcock, representing "the forgotten voices of mining magnates". He argued that all coal is good coal, and offered to dig coal mines in a bowl shape for the "Greenie farmers from Bacchus Marsh". Mr Palmcock stated that "The real people who are suffering are honest toiling billionaires like me. These mining and carbon taxes are just tearing mining billionaire families apart." Other (less satirical) speakers included Mr Don Nardella, MP for Melton, who was supporting the people of Bacchus March for "doing it really tough" in fighting Mantle Mining whose shares have gone "through the roof" because they have found coal. One speaker, Katie, a resident of Bacchus Marsh, told the 200+ person crowd that "New coal in Victoria is unsustainable and unethical." Environmental activist groups such as Quit Coal, Friends of the Earth, Environment Victoria, and Greenpeace staged the event. The newest co-sponsor was a group of concerned citizens from No New Coal Bacchus Marsh, "I am stepping outside of my comfort zone by being here", stated wheat and barley farmer Kate Tubbs, "I've just been looking into the health issues involved with coal dust and it's horrific." Environment Victoria Campaign Director Mark Wakeham was quick to point out the irony that Energy technology company HRL has frozen plans for a $1.2 billion coal gasification plant at Morwell just after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) decided HRL could build the plant to its preferred 600 megawatt capacity. The VCAT ruling reversed a 300MW restriction by the Environment Protection Authority, but insisted that the federal government must first buy out and close an old station in exchange. HRL's project documents explain that the hybrid plant -- the first of its type in Australia at a commercial scale -- would run on synthetic gas derived from brown coal using new technology. The HRL design first dries out the brown coal, then gasifies it before mixing it with piped-in natural gas. Its greenhouse gas emissions would be 30 percent less than existing brown coal-fired power stations in Victoria's Latrobe Valley, about the same as a modern black coal plant or open-cycle gas-fired station. The Federal and State governments has set up partial funding of HRL's proposed new coal power station. The total of $150 million will support HRL in using experimental technology to dry and export brown coal. A Sydney Morning Herald article quotes Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson stating the government's funding agreement with the company would stand until the end of June. That article also explains that Paul Welfare, general manager with HRL subsidiary Dual Gas, said the tribunal judgment "effectively put the future of the project in the hands of the Australian government...It is unclear what it means for the future of Victoria's Latrobe Valley." In 2011 Australia's big four banks all announced that they were not involved in HRL's project. In October 2011 a number of international banks declared that they too would not finance the proposed power station, with HSBC indicating that HRL was too polluting for them to invest in. No New Coal rally organiser made the point of the rally clear: "We're calling on Bacchus Marsh to be protected from coal mining, we're calling on Gippsland and the rest of our state to be protected from coal seam gas." Funding for the project is not supported by Victorians -- A recent Newspoll survey in Victoria found that two-thirds of Victorian supported reallocating the $100 million earmarked for the HRL power station to support renewable energy. The rally ended at 1:30 with a rather catchy chat: "Coal, don't dig it, leave it in the ground it's time to get with it." Only time will tell if the Baillieu government will join in the growing chorus.
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Origin signs $90b gas export contract
Origin Energy has signed a coal seam gas export contract that could be worth about $90 billion.
Voices from the Gaslands - Neil's story - CSG and fracking in Australia
In 2009 QGC bulldozed part of an ancient cultural heritage site to put in a coal seam gas well. The site was well documented and had been described by Archeologists as being thousands of years old. It was an unusual and well preserved Bora Ring that was highly regarded by members of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. The landholder had fenced the site off to stop cattle from trampling the unique stone arrangements. Traditional custodian Neil Stanley was a regular visitor to the site and looked after the special place. But QGC moved in on the site, cleared a swathe of land and drilled a gas well in the middle of the culturally significant Bora Ring. Neil Stanley describes the destruction as being like drilling a gas well in the centre of the Vatican. The destruction illustrates how not even a well documented culturally significant site is off limits to the gas companies in their quest to extract every whiff of CSG from Queensland. Fracking and the unconventional gas industry has badly affected his life.
Ch 10 - coal seam gas well leak
Ch 10 - coal seam gas well leak
Citizens of Geelong outraged over fracking threat
Citizens of Geelong are outraged to find out that the oil and gas company Lakes Oil is coming to the region. The company acquired an exploration license for 'tight gas', a kind of 'unconventional' gas. This exploration is likely to involve the controversial fracking (hydraulic fracturing) technique which is known to contaminate aquifers with toxic chemicals. The license currently covers the outskirts of Geelong at Waurn Ponds, as well as taking in Anglesea, Torquay, and vast tracts of farmland in-between. The company has not been willing to reveal when they will start the drilling, or where, but rumours have spread that they could begin test drilling and exploration as early as January 2014. Upon hearing this, an unlikely mix of local farmers, fishermen, tradesmen, civil servants, teachers, doctors, artists, students, and parents from Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast have begun preparing for the arrival of 'the frackers'. Three action groups have emerged in the last few weeks, taking inspiration from the methods which have been used in Gippsland and New South Wales to keep the fracking companies out. In these places, one community after the next has declared itself 'Coal and Unconventional Gas Free' after surveying their communities and finding over 95 percent of residents support keeping coal and gas companies out. "After hearing about the exploration license over Geelong and surrounds, we made contact with people from farming communities in Gippsland who have already had bad encounters with Lakes Oil and are coming together to drive them out. We've seen what fracking has done to communities in Queensland and across the USA. We can't risk that kind of contamination happening here," said Frack Free Geelong group member, Anthony Gleeson These new groups in the Geelong area are also linking with an international movement against the process of 'fracking', which has devastated communities across the world. October the 19th was a global day of action calling for a ban on fracking. Groups from 200 cities in 25 different countries participated. At Geelong's waterfront a group of concerned citizens joined them to demand that the current moratorium on fracking in Victoria is strengthened into an outright ban on all types of fracking. The moratorium only applies to Shale Gas whereas Coal Seam Gas mining could start at any time. "There are no regulations in place to make sure some of the safety standards that exist, exist in Victoria," said Associate Professor Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University's expert on environmental property and natural resource management: "Striking a balance between farming and coal seam gas mining will be difficult. The intersection between mining and agriculture, and in particular the impact that coal seam gas mining will have upon food security, is a major concern." The action comes in the wake of the release of a report by Peter Reith, recommending the state government lift the current moratorium on fracking as soon as possible. "Fracking is not part of anyone's vision for a clean energy future for Geelong. We thought we were safe under the moratorium against fracking. But with the Reith report, we can now see that this will no longer be the case. The Napthine government is keen to step up the drilling for gas, and Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane is saying that companies should extract 'every molecule' of gas to boost exports and supply the domestic market. In addition, Geelong City Council is keen on expanding the city's port for fossil fuel exports. What this means is that we must take bolder steps as individuals to protect our land and our future," said Anthony Gleeson. "These are our choices: Do you want healthy jobs, or unhealthy jobs? Do you want clean drinking water, or water contaminated with toxic chemicals? Do you want farmland for food production, or do we want to see it raped? Do we want to continue business as usual and suffer the impacts of runaway climate change? Or do we want to move into a job-rich clean energy future?" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For more information see: » www.globalfrackdown.org » www.facebook.com/FrackFreeGeelong » www.climatesafety.info/frackfree Audio recordings: » Speakers at a meeting in Geelong on 24 September 2013: http://climatesafety.info/?p=4663 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FRACK FREE GEELONG REGION www.facebook.com/FrackFreeGeelong www.facebook.com/FrackFreeBellarine www.facebook.com/FrackFreeSurfCoast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Coal Seam Gas Song
The Coal Seam Gas Song – unkle cyril Strum: DU UDD Intro: [C///][F///][G7///][C///] 1st note C for chorus E for verse Chorus [C]You know what we [F]gotta do, we gotta [G7]stop coal seam [C]gas [C]You know [F]that it's true, we gotta [G7]stop coal seam [C]gas [C]Coal seam gas means [F]frackin', [G7]Coal seam gas means [C]crackin', [C]All the rocks be[F]neath us and Re[G7]leasing coal seam [C]gas. Chorus [C]Methane, contami[F]nation, [G7]In the water [C]beds, Hy[C]draulic fractures [F]leaking, [G7]Ugly gas well[C]heads. Chorus [C]Bubbling rivers, [F]flaming water, [G7]Fracking fluid poll[C]ution. [C]Mining in [F]water catchments [G7]Is no sol[C]ution. Chorus x 2 Get fracked!
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Environmental Justice in Australia
Peter Martin, Southern Highlands Coal Action Group.
Keep us fresh! Coal and Gas Free Communities
https://www.givenow.com.au/coalandgasfreevic Our grassroots campaign across Victoria to protect our land, water, food supply, health and communities from the impacts of the invasive unconventional gas industry has so far been incredibly successful. Community members across Victoria have stood up for and protected their town, making Victoria a leader and a beacon of hope in the struggle against invasive gas fields. 61 communities have declared themselves coal and gas free so far, and many more are to come. A government inquiry threatens to green light the unconventional gas industry by early 2016 - help us fight to keep Victoria gasfield free! Make your tax deductible donation before end of financial year 30 June: https://www.givenow.com.au/coalandgasfreevic http://www.coalandgasfreevic.org Music: Alialujah Choir 'Tell Me (Instrumental)'
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Farmland Not Gaslands Trailer
Any party approving onshore gas drilling will have to fight the community every step of the way… Melbourne Premiere (Followed by expert panel discussion) Date: Thurs 11th Sept 6.30pm Venue: Kino Cinemas, Collins Place, 45 Collins St, Melbourne CBD Tickets: $19 adult, $15 concession Buy them at: www.effm.org.au Gippsland Premiere Date: Saturday 13th Sept 6.30pm Venue: Sale Cinema, 50 Cunninghame st, Sale Tickets: $15 for sale at the door All profits go towards supporting communities threatened by unconventional gas in rural Victoria. Facebook Page: Farmland Not Gaslands
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Metgasco desecrates Aboriginal flag during Drew Hutton speech at Doubtful Creek
Shortly before he was arrested (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrVAU8PEoog) Drew Hutton addressed the community blockade of coal seam gas company Metgasco's proposed drilling site at Doubtful Creek near Kyogle, Northern Rivers NSW on 7 February 2013. At the exact moment that he reminds the assembled crowd to adhere to principles of non-violence (6.01), a Metgasco bulldozer under police supervision destroys the tripod that barred the entrance to the Eden Creek State Forest (currently closed to the public) providing access to the intended drilling site. Failure to first remove the prominently displayed Aboriginal flag was an inflammatory and disrespectful gesture. In spite of this extreme provocation everyone maintained their dignity and commitment to fighting the scourge of coal seam gas mining through means of non-violent civil disobedience. Although the event is distressing to witness it is a powerful symbol of the disregard and contempt for community and country that is displayed by state and federal authorities in relation to coal seam gas mining. This was further highlighted later in the day when an ambulance sent to a person in need of medical attention was made to wait while the convoy of gas drilling equipment was given right of way by police: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfh38WA9fjo To get involved in the struggle to free the Northern Rivers from the coal seam gas industry visit: http://www.csgfreenorthernrivers.org/ UPDATE, March 2013: On 13 March 2013 Metgasco announced that it was suspending all coal seam gas mining activity in the Northern Rivers. They could not withstand the might of a people united to protect their air, land & water. The war against coal seam gas mining continues, but we in the Northern Rivers are celebrating a great victory. We are now CSG free. UPDATE, October 2013: Last month a disastrous federal election result (attributable in part to interference with our democracy via biased media reporting) brought the Liberal/National coalition to power. Within a short time the new federal resources minister was talking about making the development of the coal seam gas industry in NSW a priority of the new government. Metgasco has taken this 'change in the regulatory environment' as their cue to announce that they intend to recommence their drilling program. This is in spite of the fact that all candidates for the federal seat of Page (in which Metgasco operates), including the successful National Party candidate, campaigned as being opposed to the development of a CSG industry in the Northern Rivers. This is because all candidates knew that the overwhelming majority are passionately opposed to it. People in distant places seem to think they can make decisions that will damage our beautiful region and the health of our children for profit. They have no idea what they are up against. The battle to save our precious water, air and earth continues. The united communities of the Northern Rivers are up for the fight. We simply have too much to lose. UPDATE 2016: After the 2014 Bentley Blockade successfully prevented Metgasco from drilling, in December 2015 the company's shareholders voted to accepted an offer from the NSW government to pack up and leave the Northern Rivers in exchange for 25 million dollars. They have taken the money and run, and Northern Rivers residents can finally breathe easy knowing we have won our freedom from the destructive and dangerous coal seam gas mining industry.
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Manly Stands Up! Join us on Sunday 1 March
Where do you stand on coal and coal seam gas mining? Support GetUp! Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/1rVCqWw On Sunday March 1st, ahead of the 2015 NSW state election, hundreds of volunteers will come together to survey every house in Manly to find out where people in the Premier's own electorate stand on coal and coal seam gas (CSG) mining. Be part of the action at www.manlystandsup.org/survey For more about GetUp Australia visit: www.getup.org.au To donate to GetUp Australia visit: https://www.getup.org.au/donate Follow GetUp Australia here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GetUpAustralia Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetUp Instagram: http://instagram.com/getup_australia
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Morwell deserves answers
Sign the petition: https://www.getup.org.au/morwell-deserves-answers Morwell residents are crying out for an inquiry into the long-term health impact of the Hazelwood Mine fire, but so far they haven't been heard. Please watch this video and then share it as widely as you can to give Morwell's 14,000 residents the voice they deserve.
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Jeremy Buckingham MP NSW Greens Speaking at Casula, Sydney Feb 2013 against CSG
Handheld (shaky) video from my phone of Jeremy Buckingham (Greens) speaking at the rally aimed at Barry O'Farrell and his approval of Coal Seam Gas Mining in South Western Sydney and NSW. 13th Feb 2013 (unedited)
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