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Installation Art - Resource Efficiency
Resource Efficiency Group 4 10 - LDS One man's waste is another man's gold. Why should we learn to value what we have and instead of throwing away what we consider "waste", learn to maximize its use and follow the 6 r's? In our project we decided to show what may and may not happen if we choose to practice resource efficiency and waste management. To show our resource efficiency, we decided to practice one of the 6 R's, recycling. Our installation art mainly consists of materials such as newspapers, illustration boards and paper cups that were supposed to be thrown away. Adding to that, we were also able to show resource efficiency by showing the possible results if the world did properly practice it. One side of our project shows the bad side and the other side shows the good side. If we continue to take from the environment without returning anything back with actions such as planting, we may add to pollution as shown with the factories and the destruction of nature itself. If we do however choose to take the good route, we will be able to maximize the use of our resources and save nature at the same time. Our waste turned into our gold. Resource efficiency may not be much in our eyes but if we all practice it, we will be able to save our environment and even have a more beautiful world. May this project help us to open the eyes of the people and teach them to effectively use and maximize the use of a certain object before throwing it away.
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