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AGL Energy buys vineyards for CSG production
The conflict between landholders and miners over coal seam gas has taken a new turn with AGL Energy buying up vineyards in the NSW Hunter Valley.
AGL Security Gloucester Frack site
AGL and Halliburton hydraulic fracturing the Gloucester Vally oct 27th 2014
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AGL Camden CSG health problems
AGL has agreed to close down their Camden coal seam gas wells by 2023. This will not help the families suffering health effects such as chronic nose bleeds, hair falling out, eye irritations and chronic headaches. 7 years is too long for these families. The 96 wells must be closed down now #AGLENERGY
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AGL Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells flooded in Nepean River
AGL's CSG wells flooded over the weekend (5 June 2016) and CSG water holding tanks were seen floating in the flood waters at Menangle Park, Sydney. This footage taken this week also shows heavy bubbling near submerged gas wells. It highlights the national risks to water given the frequency of storms and floods. Please share and sign our petition to protect our water: http://www.lockthegate.org.au/lp2_our_water_our_health
AGL halts drilling operation
AGL will suspend drilling at a Gloucester farm in mid-north NSW to allow more community consultation.
Residents protest coal seam exploration
NSW and Queensland residents living near proposed coal seam gas extraction plants have protested at AGL's annual general meeting in Sydney
Aussie Farm Bores Sacrificed for the Coal Seam Gas industry
Here we witness a Queensland farm bore drawing it's last breath. Queensland farm water bores are being heavily impacted by CSG (Coal Seam Gas) operations. We are seeing water levels dropping and gas levels increasing dramatically since CSG started in the area. Basically, the Walloon Coal Measures and the Springbok Sandstone formations (which for over 100 years have been an underground water resource for farmers) have been REALLOCATED by the QLD government as a coal resource from which CSG companies have an unfettered take. Foreign owned CSG miners have been allowed to dewater groundwater resources relied upon by farmers in the Western Downs/Hopeland, creating vast changes in pressure and messing with the underground status quo which has led to this type of extraordinary bore blow-out event. This is yet another example of the outrageous situation that has been forced upon already struggling farming families in Qld - from a CSG industry that is running out of control. According to the Queensland Government's own predictions, approximately 528 water bores are going to be drawn down or dewatered due to CSG operations in the Western Downs. Farmers now need to find a new water resource! A typical CSG gas well will have 500-1000 bbl/d of water per day - 159 000 litres per day per well removed (Origin Energy's own statistic). How many lots of 159000 litres per day can be removed from the aquifer before it effects licensed users of allocated amounts and our underground water resources permanently? The spin the industry peddles regarding "make good" is nothing to do with saving our aquifers! It is busy work for solicitors and industry to keep us from noticing what the "other hand" is doing! When was the last time you heard that 528 Australian water bores were being stolen from farmers by foreign companies with our governments consent? Our country, her landholders and her water resources are being sacrificed by our government to multinationals. And we wonder why the Condamine River is bubbling like never before........... This is a National Crisis. Without water, we are quite frankly - stuffed. Water is Life.
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Protect Gloucester from coal seam gas
Coal seam gas is turning Queensland into a giant industrial zone, now it's on our doorstep. Despite all the risks, AGL are fracking the beautiful Gloucester valley. AGL have plans for 330 CSG wells in Gloucester. But the community is pulling together to defend their health, their water, their region. Join them in protecting Gloucester from coal seam gas. Come to Gloucester Protection Camp to join the frontline, or see www.protectgloucester.org for more ways to get involved. Special thanks to Tony Barry for generously donating his time and skill to narrate this video.
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You Don't Own Your 'Own' Property
Never heard of Coal Seam Gas? Don't worry, it's coming to a neighbourhood near you! Never you mind, keep on Candy Crushin'. Rest In Peace George Bender. In the meantime Origin Energy, AGL and Energy Australia, you can all Rot In Hell!!! Can you watch this video on 'Fracking' and then Share the Hell out of it. Coal Seam Gas will be the next 'Asbestos'. The death of a well-respected Queensland farmer has sparked renewed calls for changes to coal seam gas mining laws and a royal commission into the industry. George Bender, one of the first farmers to say no to CSG, took his own life on Wednesday night after a 10-year fight to keep Origin Energy off his 2000-acre farm in Hopeland, just south of Chinchilla. The death prompted Queensland Senator Glenn Lazarus to call for a freeze on the controversial mining practice. Late Hopeland farmer George Bender. Late Hopeland farmer George Bender. Photo: Supplied He told Macquarie Radio the industry was "bullying", "berating" and "threatening" farmers in the area daily. Advertisement "Not only does this community have to live with the scourge of CSG coal seam gas mining on a daily and nightly basis, now they have to deal with one of their most-respected and well-loved community members taking his life," he said. Origin Energy issued a statement offering its sincere apologies to the Bender family. "We are saddened to hear about George's passing today," it read. "Out of respect for the family at this difficult time, we are not making any further comment." Senator Lazarus repeated his calls for a royal commission into the human impacts of CSG mining and a resource ombudsman to give farmers somewhere to go. "What really gets me so frustrated is the governments of the day just don't care what they're doing to Australians and Queenslanders that are just honest, hard-working people that want to work the land. "They've given them no rights to say 'no' and they just don't care that these people are living in an absolute nightmare and they don't care because these governments are being given donations." Mr Bender, a 68-year-old cotton farmer who also grew grains and kept pigs, had also reportedly been affected by the nearby Linc Energy coal gasification plant. The president of anti-CSG group Lock the Gate, Drew Hutton, said Mr Bender complained to the government about pollution from the plant for years before it charged the company with "wilful environmental damage" in June. He said two of the farmer's water bores had dried up due to CSG mining on neighbouring properties and Origin Energy had threatened to take him to the Land Court if he didn't let them put another 18 wells on his land. "He's a huge loss. He was a lovely man, a very good farmer and he was one of the earliest farmers out there to lock his gate," Mr Hutton said. "Even before we had a Lock the Gate he locked his gate on the coal seam gas miners." Mr Hutton called on the government to introduce legislation to allow farmers to say no to CSG mines on their land. Senator Lazarus said Mr Bender's death shouldn't be in vain and called for a police investigation. "I think criminal charges could be laid," he said. "We're talking about manslaughter here. He was bullied to death, this well-respected man. "The government has blood on their hands and it was a senseless death." Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by calling Lifeline 131 114, Mensline 1300 789 978, Kids Helpline 1800 551 800. Mr Bender shared his story with Lock the Gate in September 2014. Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/senator-glenn-lazarus-calls-for-csg-halt-after-farmer-george-benders-death-20151015-gka88a.html#ixzz3ogALvKFG Follow us: @brisbanetimes on Twitter | brisbanetimes on Facebook Lifeline on 13 11 14 Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978 Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-15/farmers-death-prompts-senator-glenn-lazarus-to-call-for-csg-halt/6857070
Coal seam gas pollutes and depletes
Coal seam gas pollutes air rivers aquifers and soil it depletes rivers and aquifers of safe drinking. Anti csg anti AGL informing people at AGM
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Community involvement is needed - Get Involved by contacting Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Music by : Luke Wilton - Dirty Money https://soundcloud.com/luke-wilton-songwriter
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Crowds rally against coal seam gas mining
About 2500 people have protested at Coalcliff south of Sydney to call on governments to stop granting mining licences for extracting coal seam gas.
AGL's Experiment with Fracking Waste Water on Dairy Cattle, Prime7 Gloucester
AGL's Mike Moraza and Murray Goulbourn/Devondale dairy farmer Mark Harris discuss the "success" of growing fodder "to feed his cattle" using coal seam gas waste water from their fracking gas wells at Gloucester, NSW, Australia. This Prime 7 news broadcast went to air on 7th November, 2013. The next month Mike Moraza and Mark Harris denied using the fodder to feed dairy cattle after concerns were raised about experimenting with milk and frack water. They claimed in December 2013 that the journalist "made a mistake". The full story is discussed on http://www.coal-seam-gas.com/australia/gloucester03.htm
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Campbelltown Rally Against AGL Coal Seam Gas DREW HUTTON SPEECH
Drew Hutton Speaking at Campbelltown Rally Against CSG on the 17/03/13
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Professor Phillip Pell at Gloucestor AGL Meeting
This is just a snippet of the hidden, stifled voice of the Gloucester people against the Coal Seem Gas Project in Gloucester captured by Sonic Nomad when all other Media were told by AGL to leave. Even though the people of Gloucester unanimously by show of hands wanted the Media to remain, the local/Regional News Crews pandered to the directive of the AGL executives and left the building with the hopes of all anti CSG protesters in making important information about the future of our drinking water made available to the wider public. Professor George Pell is just one of the many educated and intelligent voices airing contempt toward the very dubious and shaky research that AGL conducted before undertaking the Coal Seem Gas Project in Gloucester. A voice of many that wouldn't be heard if it weren't for an independent film/TV Producer like Sonic Nomad infiltrating the meeting and getting the only footage that exists of the public dissent against AGL and the Gloucester Coal Seem Gas Project. Please like and share among your networks so that people can be better informed than they were from the scant information presented by NBN and Prime News last Friday night 17th May 2013. When we see so much propaganda for Natural Gas and the positives of CSG on these commercial networks it comes as no surprise why they would choose to take sides with AGL and not the voice of the people, given that AGL = advertising revenue. To learn more about the impact of Coal Seem Gas please visit http://youtu.be/_JCLCOvKETM. Pure, clean, safe and uncontaminated drinking water NOT CSG.
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STOP COAL SEAM GAS PROTEST at AGL HQ North Sydney Sept 2015.
100th week of vigil outside AGL HQ North Sydney. Time for AGL to stop fracking Camden Sydney and the beautiful NSW tourist town of Gloucester.
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Last night AGL Spring Farm 5 Gas well leaked methane gas into the air for around 2 hours. Residents reported the smell of gas. Firefighters were called in. Have a good look at how close this well (there are four together) is to houses in Spring Farm.
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Cobern Sarah EDC171 Assignment 3 Upload
Environmental Impacts of Coal Seam Gas Mining on the Darling Downs Region
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Voices from Gloucester - Brett's story
Brett Jacobs is appealing for help. The 50 year-old father of seven is battling against gas giant AGL who wants to frack his precious valley and he feels outnumbered. Brett is worried about the health of his children, his water and his land. If allowed to proceed AGL’s plan could see hundreds of coal seam gas wells pocking the Gloucester landscape. In October last year Brett put his body on the frontline when he locked himself onto an access gate by the neck in a desperate bid to halt the march of the gas rigs. He was arrested for his non-violent action but is undeterred. Prior to locking on Brett had never been in trouble with the law and had not even had a speeding fine. He says he will have to move his children away from Gloucester if his actions to protect them from the impact of csg mining fail. But he is determined to do everything he can to save his community and safeguard his kids. “I’m worried about the poisons they are going to put into the ground and more so what they are going to bring-up and the health effects on my kids, the water and the land,” Brett said. “The law is failing us.” Fellow protector and well-known author Sharyn Munro moved to Gloucester to escape the problems of the Upper Hunter and its coal pits and is now watching the Gloucester Valley being handed over to the miners. “It is unthinkable to be turning a scenic, purely watered beautiful place like Gloucester into an industrial zone,” she said. “This is the last place on earth that ought to be being fracked.” Sharyn sees the actions of the CSG miners as criminally negligent in their “suck it and see” approach to managing the problems and impacts of fracking. Both Sharyn and Brett are calling for others outside their community to take a stand against AGL and join them on the picket line. “It’s about just saving where we live,” Brett said.
Coal Seam Gas well pad flooded by Nepean River - water is bubbling - 29.1.13
A coal seam gas well drilled by AGL (MP25) only 40 metres from the Nepean River was inundated by a minor flood. Most of the well pad was underwater. The waste water/drilling pit was totally submerged and presumably anything in the pit went into the river. Bubbles could be seen rapidly bubbling to the surface in various spots. Is this methane escaping into the atmosphere due to drilling or fracking or depressurisation of the coal seam? Coal seam gas should be prohibited in urban areas and in water catchments. Filmed by the Greens.
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Coal seam gas well spewing foam near Campbelltown
AGL seem to be drilling a new well, or re-fracking an old coal seam gas well at the edge of Sydney on 17 May 2011. The site is less than a kilometre from houses at Glen Alpine. At one stage foam started spewing from a pipe under pressure. It later became more liquid and the spray drifted toward houses. Does anyone know what it happening here? If so, email [email protected]
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68 year old Great Grandmother Locks On To protect her town Gloucester
Last week in sweltering heat this sweet Grandmother locked on to the front gate of the AGL Gloucester frack site to help stop this once reputable energy company from fracking her beautiful hometown of Gloucester. She has given so much to this cause because she knows Unconventional Gas or CSG is undermining Australia's democracy, food bowl and water! Kate, also understands that CSG is an invasion and has devastated parts of QLD and the USA, therefore she is rightfully upset about this process, and how it was pushed through by a dodgy interim Govt. and many important environmental impact studies have not been taken, thus frustrating residents greatly! Significantly, CSG mining incurs Fugitive emissions which are released during this process and according to the CSIRO these unintended releases of gases or vapours from coal seam gas (CSG) extraction can manifest itself in the release of methane. "Methane is a very powerful greenhouse gas, with about 27 times the greenhouse warming potential of carbon dioxide. Fugitive emissions of methane from gas production and processing, therefore, have the potential to diminish the greenhouse benefits of natural gas compared to other fossil fuels"(CSIRO web site - http://www.csiro.au/Outcomes/Energy/Energy-from-oil-and-gas/UnconventionalGas/Social-and-environmental-impacts.aspx#social). And what's really shocking about this is the fact that there fracking in a valley. Therefore these fugitive emissions will actually gas the residents as vapours tend to stay and linger in the valley for hours or even days. I have seen the layer of fog in the morning in Gloucester, this is going to gas residents like it's Chernobyl or even worse Auschwitz. This is not some conspiracy theory, residents around gas sites throughout the world have suffered from ear bleeds, nose bleeds and other conditions related to the CSG extraction process. Importantly, Kate is not being paid, instead she's incurring many fines in her plight to prevent this tragedy but she feels it's worth standing up to AGL since the longterm costs to her health and her community will be much worse. Please watch this video to find out more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrE7LzZCn1E! So please get to Gloucester and help turn the tide and stop AGL fracking hell from poisoning our land, water and food. CAMP details - https://www.facebook.com/protectgloucester! AND REMEMBER all actions are done out of love for our planet, it's people and all our individual communities!
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Very good question regarding missing safety data sheets
AGL gets teh go ahead to undertak eteh Coal Seam Gas Project in Gloucester based on missing safety data sheets for various chemicals used in CSG Mining including Biocides. Good response from AGL but for something so important as the safety of our future drinking water, shouldn't we know everything is low to no risk- AGL got the go ahead without important safety data- how? Remember in Tara QLD people are already suing mining companies for adverse health conditions experienced by residents near Coal Seam Gas Mines. read more at http://westerndowns.group-action.com/2013/04/01/no-clean-bill-of-health-for-csg/
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Ch 10 - coal seam gas well leak
Ch 10 - coal seam gas well leak
Gas leaks into the Nepean river at Douglas park.
My name is Aaron Horne and i am the owner of Windsor Bait And Tackle. I have fished throughout NSW and much of Australia and have spent twenty plus years documenting my travels through urban Sydney chasing Australian Bass and Bream. We are currently in the middle of creating our web page for the shops online business were we will link up all our social media and hopefully create an entertaining and knowledgeable site you can sit back at your leisure and browse through. Please checkout our Facebook page Also named Windsor Bait and Tackle where we keep you up to date with the latest in new products we test, sales that we run and fishing reports. thank you for your time. Aaron An environmental disaster which the government is aware of and do nothing. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to catch Bass in Tidal water." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x61g2U5qSs4 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Melinda lock-on to AGL CSG truck
Melinda Wilson asks where is Transpacific dumping AGLs waste from their Camden mining operation? Locked on by her neck to the truck they refused to disclose what is in the production water nor where they dump it. Said its AGLs problem - The Western Sydney Community says NO to coal seam gas.
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HVPA rally at AGL's meeting
A rally against AGL took place outside City Resital Hall today where the shareholders gathered for the annual meeting. The people of the Hunter Valley ask from the Government to act and protect the area from the distraction the coal seam gas mining can cause to an area of touristic and agricultural importance like Hunter. (This is a piece of uni assignment)
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This is a warning to all communities fighting coal seam gas. This is what happens to your children, to your community if you let coal seam gas into your town. Marion Palmer used to lived 1.1km from QGC Coal Seam Gas wells. Listen, and see with your own eyes, the health effects suffered by her children. The Frackman movie has opened the public debate on coal seam gas into the main stream media. In a statement from GasFields Commission chairman, John Cotter He encouraged people to consider scientific facts from reliable sources before making decisions based on "scare-mongering". You can clearly see the little boys nose bleeding. You can clearly see and hear the other children coughing. Here is a clear example of what happens to families when coal seam gas mining begins operations near homes. No Australian family deserves to be treated this way. AGL have coal seam gas operations across South Western Sydney with 96 wells producing gas. Some of these wells are within 100 metres of family homes. Some of these wells have been drilled horizontally under family homes in Spring Farm. Families living in Spring Farm are sick with nose bleeds, headaches and rashes. Coal seam gas can not be allowed to expand across NSW. No family deserves to live in a Gas field. Original footage found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZowX4KWKVf0
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Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011
Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011. John Hill investigates AGL's expansion of coal seam gas operations into the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the Camden Scenic Hills district.
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Coal Seam Gas meeting Campbelltown - Channel Ten 25 June 2011
Coal Seam Gas meeting Campbelltown - Channel Ten 25 June 2011 Channel Ten story on the expansion of coal seam gas into South Western Sydney by AGL. Residents attended a public meeting at St Andrews Community Hall to hear about the concerns with coal seam gas. AGL admit they have fracked 60% of their existing wells at Camden. Story by John Hill.
Macquarie chairman backs gas exploration protests
Macquarie Group chairman David Clarke has backed a street protest against AGL's coal seam gas exploration.
Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells flooded in Nepean River
AGL's CSG wells flooded over the weekend (5 June 2016) and CSG water holding tanks are floating in Menangle Park, Sydney. This footage taken today also shows heavy bubbling near submerged gas wells. It highlights the national risks to water given the frequency of storms and floods. Please share and sign our petition to protect our water: http://www.lockthegate.org.au/lp2_our_water_our_health
CSG divides farmers and miners
One of the biggest problems facing the growing coal seam gas industry is what to do with the enormous amounts of water it drives to the surface.
Watch "Anti coal seam gas csg action DIRTY AGL fuel.
Plenty of community being heard
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Anti coal seam gas csg event
AGL we are telling your shareholders and the rest of community your actions of mining in Sydney we want you to get out of Campbelltown .. Near Martin Place Sydney
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Origin Energy defends coal seam gas
Origin Energy chief Grant King has defended the coal seam gas industry after coming under criticism from broadcaster Alan Jones.
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Stop CSG - Save Gloucester  Vigil outside AGL HQ 4th Dec 14
4th December and Week 17 of vigil outside AGL Headquarters North Sydney supporting the people of Gloucester and Western Sydney against destructive Coal Seam Gas fracking by AGL. - with the wonderful Ecopella Choir.
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Jeremy Buckingham onsite at a leaking coal seam gas well in Western Sydney - 31 August 2014
Jeremy Buckingham onsite at a leaking coal seam gas well in Western Sydney - 31 August 2014 MEDIA RELEASE – 31 August 2014 The Greens NSW spokesperson on coal seam gas Jeremy Buckingham today called on the NSW Government to immediately suspend all coal seam gas activity and initiate an independent investigation into why there was a major gas leak from an AGL coal seam gas well only 200 metres from homes at Spring Farm, near Campbelltown. “This afternoon terrified residents at Spring Farm, near Campbelltown reported a loud hissing from a coal seam gas well and were concerned gas could be smelt in their houses. An AGL coal seam gas well is located only 200 metres from homes at Spring Farm,” Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said. “I arrived at the area to find the fire brigade and Jemena gas workers in attendance, but no AGL personnel, and to witness loud hissing from the gas well. The fire brigade has formed a cordon around the area and families from nearby homes are out in the street very concerned about their safety and what’s going on. “I have spoken to a number of the residents who are very distressed. They are worried about their health and safety, especially as many of the residents are families with small children, but are concerned about speaking about the issue because of the implications this may have for their property values. “This is yet another piece of evidence that coal seam gas extraction is unsafe. Is Premier Mike Baird happy to continue to allow coal seam gas wells to be located near to homes, either in Western Sydney or in Gloucester? “The NSW Government needs to act immediately to suspend all coal seam gas operations and approvals in NSW and conduct a thorough, independent investigation of this incident,” Mr Buckingham said.
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Motion condemning AGL for failure to disclose donations - 12 08 2014
NSW Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham moves a motion in the NSW Parliament condemning AGL Energy for failing to disclose political donations to the Liberal and National Parties when making an application to frack for coal seam gas in the Gloucester Valley.
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850 coal seam gas wells for the Pilliga Forest in NSW?
Shocking! New footage reveals the devastation 850 coal seam gas will wreak on the environment. Each well pad is a hectare in size, and unconventional gas extraction requires a grid of wells to be drilled across the gas field. Santos want to drill 850 gas wells in the beautiful Pilliga Forest and surrounding farm land, between Narrabri and Coonabarabran. This area is an important recharge area for the Great Artesian Basin and farmers are concerned what drilling and fracking through the aquifers and extracting huge amounts of salty, chemical-laden water will have on water resources and agriculture. The Pilliga Forest is also a renowned fire-prone area and there is concern gas operations and flaring may increase the danger of bush fires and the difficulty in fighting them. Happily, farmers, activists and community members are coming together to resist this project.
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Occupy AGL activists arrive at AGL
Activists protecting our environment and health
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Coal seam gas risks Nepean River
AGL is drilling a for coal seam gas 40 metres from the Nepean River. Residents say they were not notified and the drilling poses grave threats for the environment and community. Millions of litres of contaminated water are required for coal seam gas extraction, if this water were to seep through aquifers or be sent down stream in floods the entire ecological make up of the river could collapse. The river feeds in to the Hawksbury, is used daily by hundreds of fishers and provides drinking water to the entire Richmond area. Water specialist Dr Stuart Khan says we do not know enough about aquifers and ground water to drill this close to a water way. Steve Defina operates the Nepean Fishing Tours, he says if contamination were to occur his business would be in ruins.
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Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011
Coal seam gas story on Channel Ten 17 May 2011. John Hill investigates AGL's expansion of coal seam gas operations into the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the Camden Scenic Hills district.
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Daniel Robins Lock the Gate Alliance Interview on ABC
Dan Robins from Lock the Gate Alliance talks about AGL abandoning coal seam gas operations in Gloucester. The Camden communities hope that AGL will pack up their coal seam gas operations and leave now, rather than wait until 2023 as many families are still living within 200m of coal seam gas wells. Dan also talks about CSG groups now targeting Santos to do the right thing by the Narrabri community and abandon their coal seam gas plans for 850 wells in the Pilliga.
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Protect Gloucester
The future of the beautiful Gloucester Valley in NSW, Australia hangs in the balance. AGL want to frack coal seam gas, ultimately building a 330 gasfield. Find out more and learn how you can help protect Gloucester at www.groundswellgloucester.com.
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National day of action against CSG
Thousands have joined more than 20 rallies across Australia to voice their concern over the impact of coal seam gas mining.
BlackRock wary on CSG
BlackRock's director and portfolio manager in the natural resources team, Catherine Raw, hopes Australia can learn from difficulties that American coal-seam gas miners have encountered.
Dr Geralyn McCarron Health Impacts of CSG
Living with Coal Seam Gas. Health Impacts in QLD's Tara/Chinchilla unconventional gas fields
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Sydney Ideas: Coal Seam Gas, Coal Mining, and Environmental Justice in NSW
Jeff Smith discusses democracy, the rule of law and EDO NSW not just a lofty concept.