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How the Zimbabwean economy got here?
Thirty-seven years ago, former president Robert Mugabe, inherited a well-diversified economy. With potential to become, one of sub-Saharan Africa’s best performers. The country, was not only food sufficient, it was also an exporter, of its agricultural surplus. The service, mining and manufacturing sector's, were also doing well and growing. And the country's infrastructure, was ranked among the best on the continent. You may now be scratching your head, wondering what happened, since this does not sound anything, like the Zimbabwean economy you know. Well it can all be summed up, in two word's which you will hear me say frequently in this video. Robert Mugabe, or as I preffer to call him, former president for life, Robert Mugabe. In the late 1990's, Zimbabwe began facing budget deficits, due to a number of reasons including the involvement in the conflict in Congo and a drop in economic output. That's when someone in Mugabe's ruling party the Zanu- PF, came up with a genius idea.
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