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WoW Bots Destroying Legion Gold Farms
Legion Gold Farming Spots are being destroyed by Bots mass farming gathering profession spots. I wanted to give some tips how to make gold despite the bots. And shed some light on botting in World of Warcraft. The Underminejournal https://theunderminejournal.com/ Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/woweconomy/comments/5gt5zi/the_bots_are_back_and_they_are_destroying_our/
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World of Warcraft farming bots (Legion)
sad times in the neighborhood
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Download Now This Free and Tested bot for now. Including wide range of features like Anti-Afk,Honor grinding,Leveling,Grinding,Questing while leveling. You don't need spend countless hours leveling your new charachters anymore everytime you want to start brand new character. See The link at annotation. Only Available for very limited time Download Asap. Phry5Movies free halloween macro gm miley CGF afk rvs for sale wow cheats shaitan shadow war Warcraft hacks guild axe alterac 3.3.3A
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Runescape Auto Mining Bot V3.99.032 No Surveys No Passwords !!!
Runescape Auto Mining Bot V3.99.032 No Surveys No Passwords Download http://www.mediafire.com/?ybb5dl61od6qbbb
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Is Botting  Legal? (How to detect Mining Bot)
http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/sylvanas/Desden/simple As you can see, here is one allmighty bot, he survived about 100 botting reposts, 2 reposts via ticket and much more. So, here is question: Does Blizzard supports some players for botting? Are they Blizzard's players? Maybe GMs? Why is mining reserved almost all for botters? Why is Blizzard telling us that botting is not allowed, but doing nothing to prove that? So many questions, so little answers, meanwhile, come on Sylvanas and enjoy in magic of this allmighty bot, this show is for free :)
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Ghost Iron Ore Farming - Easy Gold with Mining - WoW BFA Mining Guide (World of Warcraft Gold Guide)
WoW BFA Gold Guide - best way to farm Ghost Iron Ore and Easy Gold Making using Ghost Iron Ore. I also cover where to get the Foager's Gloves, Mist Piercing Goggles and Gatherer Addon --- Timestamps (You're welcome ► Hit LIKE ) --- Recommended Items ► 1:07 Recommended Addons ► 3:50 Farming Route ► 6:27 Gold Making Tips ►9:46 WoW Gold Guides► https://goo.gl/uyoGrm WoW Legion Let's Play / Discussions ► https://goo.gl/UPobBi Link to WoW Addons Video: ► https://goo.gl/byKBa9 -- Cheap WoW Subscription: ► https://www.g2a.com/r/cheap-wow-subscription Cheap Games: ► https://www.g2a.com/r/ninja-kuma -- Buy Resident Evil 7 CHEAP: ►https://www.g2a.com/r/ResidentEvil7SteamKey If you enjoyed the video, please hit the LIKE button! It really helps! Subscribe Today ► https://goo.gl/liyEde -- Follow me on Twitter ►www.twitter.com/TheNinjaKuma Follow my Instagram ►www.instagram.com/TheNinjaKuma Like me on Facebook ►www.facebook.com/TheNinjaKuma This video is part of my #WorldofWarcraft playlist. Playlist: https://goo.gl/uyoGrm Here you will find an assortment of tips, tricks and tutorials, from how to set up your #Garrison , to creating additional passive #Gold to reach your first #GoldCap . I also have #WoW #Profession guides. I also have a few #WoWLegion video's which focus around investing in items now to make gold on the #AuctionHouse when #Legion is released. If you have any #GoldGuide questions, hit me up a in the comment section below. I do check and reply ^_^ Lok'Tar Ogar! #WoWGuide #WoWGold #WoWGoldCap ‪#20daysofGM ‬#Legion -- World of Warcraft: Legion is the sixth expansion set in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, following Warlords of Draenor. After the defeat of Archimonde at Hellfire Citadel on the alternate timeline world of Draenor, Gul'dan is pushed through a portal to Azeroth of the main timeline in order to open a way for the Burning Legion to invade in far greater numbers than in the War of the Ancients thousands of years earlier. While exploring the hidden vaults of the Broken Isles, Gul'dan finds a dark crystalline prison containing the corpse of Illidan Stormrage, the former Lord of Outland, who was slain during the events of The Burning Crusade. --- Random tags Disregard: Gold Farming, WoW Legion Gold Making, WoW Gold Making, WoW Gold Farming, WoW Gold Farm. WoW Gold Farming, Easy Gold, WoW How to make gold, How to make gold in WoW, Best way to make gold in WoW, wow gold farming guide, wow gold farming 7.1, wow gold farming 7.2, wow gold farming 7.3, wow gold 7.1, wow gold making 7.1, wow gold making 7.2 WoW gold guide 7.1, WoW gold guide 7.2 WoW Farming Routes, Best Farming Locations, Wow Legion Guide, World of Warcraft Professions, wow legion, wow legion, Top 10 Gold Making Tips, Top 20 Gold Making Tips, Top 10 Gold Making Secrets, Top 10 WoW, Top 10 World of Warcraft, How to farm Gold Cap in World of Warcraft, How to hit Gold Cap in World of Warcraft, How to farm Gold Cap in World of Warcraft Before Legion, How to hit Gold Cap in World of Warcraft before Legion, WoW Legion Gold, WoW Legion Gold Cap, WoW Legion Gold Guide, Cata Raids, WoW Raid Farming, Gold Guide, WoW Gold Guide, wow, world of warcraft, warcraft, pvp, wow money making, how to make gold in world of warcraft, WoW Legion, WoW 7.0, WoW 7.2, WoW Legion 7.2, World of Warcraft Patch 7.2, World of Warcraft 7.2, Tomb of Sargeras, Patch 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras Ghost Iron Ore Farming, Ghost Iron Farming, Best place to farm Ghost Iron Ore, Best Route for Ghost Iron Ore Farming, Best Ghost Iron Ore Farming Route WoW Legion Mining, World of Warcraft Mining, World of Warcraft Legion Mining, WoW Legion Mining Gold Guide, WoW Legion Mining Guide, World of Warcraft Mining Guide, World of Warcraft Mining Gold Guide
Runescape Players Are Hunting Down Venezuelans
An investigation into the Venezuelan gold farming that goes on in Old School Runescape. Surprisingly, farming Green Dragons in the Wilderness is enough to make a living in wake of economic collapse in Venezuela. "BUT THAT'S NOT REEEEEAL SOCIALISM!" Thank you to http://audionautix.com/index.php for the intro track! Huge shoutout to my friend Nicolas and iProOzZ from Ice Poseidon's discord for helping me translate the interview (yes it was a real interview with a real venezuelan). Thank you to all my Patrons! Starr Silphet Maxi Tactical Froggie Jake Kyle Gavin Tyler Coskun Marc David Peter Rollinstein Phill Kaare Leilu Sammy Eva Uli Dalek TheMiningSock Steinar Humanastory RedTeamReview
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World of Warcraft 400-600 Ore/Foxflower Per hour Mining/Herbalism
About Me Part 1 http://wowgguide.blogspot.com/2016/09/about-me.html About Me Part 2 http://wowgguide.blogspot.com/2016/09/about-me-routes-download-and-giveaway.html Learn more about me, get my routes download link, and a preview of my routes before you get them (about me part 2 for previews) This route is meant for player who both have herbalism and Mining, though not having one or the other shouldn't stop you from using this route for either ore ;) I have found I get on average 200-400 Foxflower Per hour 200-300 Ores per hour If you choose to only pick up herbs or ores I will be testing this locatoin soon for a single gathering profession.
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Themmobot.com The  best world of warcraft bots
themmobot.com has the best bots in the world of warcraft.
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BotScape - F2P Mining Bots
I screw around with a smart mining bot, but it's still easily fooled. About two-thirds of F2P miners are bots. Bonus - I accidentally recorded sound so you get to hear me play RuneScape with a touchpad. It's quite fun!
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What to do with a BOT before you report it!
I was cruusin'round with my rogue in Azeroth while I ganked all the alliance I met on the way... And.. i met a damn BOT! This video shows what u should do the next time u meet a BOT before you report it! And... The elite thing is an addon called "Elite Player Portrait". Its not cus im elite on a freaking private server like many noobs think... Search on WoWMatrix or Curse or whatever you find ur addons for "EPP" or "Elite portrait" or something. Proof enough? Thanx...
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mining bot
this is a mining bot. power mining copper ore..... :) i love botting. it's so much fun. i never play rs legit...... i only play by botting now. :)
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Legion Fishing Initial Thoughts - Fishmonger! Warcraft Fishing Bot
Just a quick unedited video showing some initial thoughts on Legion fishing so far. You can download and get all up to date information at my website: http://wowfishmonger.weebly.com/ . . .
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WoW Bot Farming
Bot farming made ez
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World of Warcraft BFA - Multiboxing First team 110 -112
THE FIRST TEAM Warrior: Alchemy/Herbalism Warlock: Tailoring/Enchanting Hunter: Mining/Jewelcrafting Hunter: Mining/Skinning Druid: Mining/Herbalism TWITCH: ➤https://www.twitch.tv/tineastwood MIXER: ➤https://mixer.com/TinEastwood MORE INFO ABOUT MULTIBOXING: ➤http://isboxer.com/multiboxing-world-of-warcraft ➤https://www.dual-boxing.com/content/ ➤http://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/46453-Blues-on-Boxing MUSIC: by Adrian von Ziegler ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c5kIUSPEOg Support the stream: ➤https://streamlabs.com/tineastwood
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33×4★ Bots and 2×5★ Bots, WOW
I have worked hard for it
Bot Test: antiafk wow bot
this is a good version of the AntiAFK-bot for WoW
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Crawlerbots.de Free Wow Fishbot World of Warcraft Fischbot
Demo vom Gratis Fischbot. DOWNLOAD: WWW.CRAWLERBOTS.DE -Keine Settings einfach starten und los botten. -Antwortet bei Wispher -Spielt Sound be Wishper -Schwärme Support -Schnelle Updates -Weitere Bots: Level / Kräuter und Erz Bot Download und Hilfe/Infos auf: www.crawlerbots.de Demo of the free fishbot. -No Settup -Chat Back on wishper -Plays sound on wishper -Poolfishing Support -Quick Updates -More Bots: Level / Herb and Mine Bot Download and more infos/help at: www.crawlerbots.de
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World of Warcraft - Underground Mining Hackers #2
US Ravenholdt - Caught these two in the act again using a hack/exploit to mine from underground. It's a shame legit players have to deal with this. Report anyone you see doing this and get them banned.
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COOL BOT..Wow.....
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7 Minutes in Heaven-I Mean Uldum
We find a mining bot and decide to punish him for 7 minutes....sit back and enjoy!job
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How to identify a bot in Wildstar.
.: Please Don't Forget to 📥 Subscribe, 📝Comment, 👍🏻Like! :. 💬Discord: http://discord.me/StoneLegion 💲 Patreon: http://Patreon.com/KaneHart 💲 Paypal: [email protected] 🐦Twitter: http://twitter.com/KaneHart 🎮Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kanehart/wishlist 💌 Email: [email protected] 🖥️ Game Servers We Run: http://stonelegion.com/wiki/stone-legion-game-servers/ Donations are greatly appreciated and help me out a lot and let me do more videos and the things I love!
The Noob Bot - How to download, install and use a plugin
This video explain how to download, install and use a plugin in the Noob Bot product the first Bot for World of Warcraft More videos at : http://thenoobbot.com/
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Antonmoloko Botting - Warmane Outland
Draenei Shaman - Antonmoloko Botting Mining/Herbalism in Netherstorm on Warmane Outland
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World of Warcraft 7.2.5 bot farm hop fly no clip
I see these bots everywhere.
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My new toy that I use when not cryptomining... the Acer VR Mixed Reality Headset! Currently installed on my AMD FX 8370E + 8GB DDR3 + GTX 1050 system, this unit is hella fun to play with. I got on sale for $149, and it is still selling for under $200. Definitely worth it! https://acerrecertified.com/acer-windows-mixed-reality-headset-controllers-ah101-d8ey/ *YMMV* If you find this information helpful please show your support with a thumbs up, hit that bell to stay notified, and feel free to check out some Amazon affiliate links below. Also, a donation of some hashpower to my Nicehash address or coin wallets is always appreciated. I can never have too many coffees or tasty beers! =======Donations======= Nicehash: 3NHBAaRAxexSouXpSJYs7NoTdft21M7GB5 Bitcoin BTC: 1Q1LBSzmCXSgx6QxwMQpwARCRWL6XBr9rB Litecoin LTC: LeKdeVRFdb5upn5VW92CBmdxvBE7MABpqW Ethereum ETH: 0xC791b2EaAC5f627c028FDbCe1F56b6306F86b936 Zcash ZEC: t1gD8JJuSWVhh5PZVnKoKyScomCK65ujuJK Paypal: https://paypal.me/fishmonger Download HiveOS Linux Mining: https://hiveos.farm?ref=43606 =======Great Website for Video Card Hunting======= https://www.nowinstock.net/computers/videocards Questions? Comments? Post down below or hit me up at my email, [email protected] =======Some of my Software======= GUI for the DSTM equihash miner: https://wowfishmonger.weebly.com/mining.html Warcraft Fishing Bot, Fishmonger! Try it out for free. http://www.wowfishmonger.weebly.com
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⚓ IMPORTANT LOCATIONS in Boralus [Kul Tiras] - Battle For Azeroth ⚓ (FOR THE ALLIANCE!)
I hope you're all having a marvelous time. Only one week left til BfA releases!! °_° THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL. And hey,, for all of you who need a little bit of help to find certain 'npc's or things' in Boralus at the beginning, check out this video. Time's to specific things are also nicely picked out by me and linked, here: 00:16 Mythic+ Weekly Chest 01:06 Portals Location 01:49 War Campaign Hub 02:17 Training Dummies 02:45 Barber Shop 03:19 Bonus Rolls / Seal of Wartorn Fate 04:03 Transmog & Azerite respec 04:30 Profession Locations ----------------------------- 04:47 Cooking 05:04 Archaeology 05:28 Herbalism 05:45 Inscription 05:51 Alchemy 06:01 Mining 06:15 Blacksmithing 06:30 Enchanting 06:38 Jewelcrafting 07:02 Fishing 07:28 Tailoring 07:35 Leatherworking 07:43 Skinning 07:57 Engineering ----------------------------- 08:13 Scrapper Location 08:51 Bank & Guild Vault 09:22 Emissary Quest Turn-In NPCs Alright, this is it. I probably forgot some stuff, as usual. But hey, I hope you still enjoyed this little "walkthrough" with me and hopefully I'll 'see you' again in the next video. Remember, you can also reach me on: Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/Neviriah Twitch - http://www.twich.tv/Neviriah With this in mind, I wish you all a splendid time. Always take care and I can't wait to meet you in the Battle for Azeroth. :3 Until next time ~
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World of Warcraft BFA - Multiboxing First Team lv. 116 - 117
THE FIRST TEAM Warrior: Alchemy/Herbalism Warlock: Tailoring/Enchanting Hunter: Mining/Jewelcrafting Hunter: Mining/Skinning Druid: Mining/Herbalism TWITCH: ➤https://www.twitch.tv/tineastwood MIXER: ➤https://mixer.com/TinEastwood MORE INFO ABOUT MULTIBOXING: ➤http://isboxer.com/multiboxing-world-of-warcraft ➤https://www.dual-boxing.com/content/ ➤http://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/46453-Blues-on-Boxing MUSIC: by Adrian von Ziegler ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c5kIUSPEOg Support the stream: ➤https://streamlabs.com/tineastwood
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Runescape Bot Update On Chinese News!
Runescape On Chinese News! video by Chiszle http://www.youtube.com/Chiszle Thanks for letting me use your video. runescape From Runescape forums: [credit to Rawk For God] http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/c=XUunllOuOqQ/forum... What's happening is more complex than it first seems. What's actually going on is that the VAST majority of the level-3 characters you see playing the game repetitively and not talking to anyone, are actually people from countries such as China and Korea, who are trying to collect RuneScape gold to sell for real world money (obviously against the rules). Some of them aren't even using bots, they are just playing the game very repetitively with a single-minded purpose to collect gold. These people have no interest in playing the game properly, and therefore don't care if they get banned. The final effect is the same, though -- it spoils the game for everyone else...If you break Rule 12 and buy RuneScape gold you are directly funding this problem. You are funding underground gangs who run Chinese sweatshops, and creating the black market which causes this botting problem. Therefore, this rule will now be enforced as a priority, with no second chances. If you break Rule 12 and we catch you, then you will not only lose the money you spent, but also your entire account.
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World of Warcraft Gold Mod (Bot, Cheat) 5.1
Hello Youtube! Im a young coder! And after the new patch there is a hole in the security of Blizzard's System! I found a way to Code a Bot to add you gold! I had to hurry because i dont know how long it takes until Blizzard will find de security hole! The design of the bot isnt that great, I spent more time to Code the entire thing! ;) Heres my blog were you can download it! http://world-of-warcraft-mod-download.blogspot.ch/
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World of Warcraft   BBC Gold Farming OMFG
Visit http://tinyurl.com/k7q9vep to get the Gold Tycoon Addon and Earn on auto-pilot. Never farm for gold again!
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[PRE-EOC/RS3] Nostalgia Suite - 6 Hours of Classical RuneScape Music - RuneScape Music Compilation
One video compilation of all notable songs (in F2P) before the EOC/RS3 era, during the years 2009, 2010 en 2011 in RuneScape 2/HD. ===Track List=== 00:00 Scape Theme - Former Login Theme 03:13 Born To Do This - Daemonheim 8:01 Newbie Melody - Tutorial Island 11:40 Harmony - Lumbridge Area 15:16 The Duke - Upstairs in Lumbridge Castle 19:12 Autumn Voyage - Lumbridge Farm (east) 24:51 Flute Salad - Lumbridge Farm (West)/Windmill area 26:45 Expanse - Area near Delrith/Stone circle South of Varrock 29:36 Garden - Varrock city centre 32:48 Spirit - Cooks' Guild area 36:39 The Trade Parade - Grand Exchange 41:09 Still night - Mining area south-east of Varrock 44:00 Medieval - West of the dig site - North of the Varrock East mine 48:00 Adventure - Varrock Palace 50:33 Dream - Path from Lumbridge to Draynor Village 55:23 Book of Spells - Lumbridge Swamp near the coast 1:00:43 Start - Draynor Village 1:05:36 Unknown Land - In and around Draynor Village 1:07:38 Vision - At the Wizards' Tower 1:10:20 Rune Essence - Rune Essence Mine 1:12:19 Wander - Farm area south of Falador 1:15:43 Nightfall - Area northeast of Rimmington (elemental wizard area) 1:19:32 Arrival - West of the gem trader in Falador 1:21:10 Fanfare - Within Falador 1:23:28 Workshop - Falador East area, near Mining Guild 1:27:40 Scape Soft - Area North of Falador 1:30:19 Goblin Village - Goblin Village 1:31:54 Dwarf Theme - Above and around the Dwarven Mines 1:33:29 Forever - Unlocked in Edgeville 1:37:08 Yesteryear - East of Lumbridge Swamp 1:41:05 Greatness 1:44:45 Doorways - Wilderness north of the Grand Exchange, north-west of Varrock 1:47:07 Parade - Jolly Boar Inn 1:48:41 Long Way Home 1:50:39 Miles Away - Crafting Guild area 1:54:25 Mudskipper Melody - At the Mudskipper Point 1:58:30 Sea Shanty2 - Port Sarim 2:00:36 Sea Shanty 2:02:27 Jungle Island - Karamja Volcano 2:05:28 Arabian - Al Kharid path to Duel Arena entrance 2:07:49 Al Kharid - Al Kharid 2:11:08 Arabian2 - Al Kharid mining site 2:14:12 Egypt - Shantay Pass area 2:17:46 Duel Arena - Duel Arena 2:21:41 Shine - Duel Arena hospital 2:27:02 Emperor - Melzar's Maze 2:31:03 Tomorrow - Coastline south of Port Sarim 2:33:40 Attention - Coastline south of Rimmington 2:36:29 Spooky 2:40:11 Tiptoe - In the Draynor Manor cellar 2:44:51 Spooky 2:48:33 Magic and Mystery - Swept Away quest 2:55:36 Down Below - Draynor Sewers 2:58:33 Scape Cave - Varrock Sewers 3:01:10 Cave Background - Dwarven Mines 3:05:26 Cellar Song - Varrock West bank vault 3:07:42 Melzar's Maze - Melzar's Maze north of Rimmington 3:11:17 The Pact - Lumbridge Catacombs 3:15:02 I'm Counting on You - Vampyre Slayer 3:19:10 Dead and Buried - Lumbridge Catacombs 3:24:50 Knightmare - At the Black Knights' Fortress 3:27:54 The Adventurer - Unlocked automatically/Learning the Ropes Tutorial 3:32:33 Dangerous Road - Pathway with Lesser Demons and skeletons under Crandor 3:36:03 Attack2 - Elvarg's Lair 3:38:32 The Shadow - Unlocked at Crandor 3:41:28 Barbarianism - Gunnarsgrunn 3:45:59 Incarceration - Stronghold of Player Safety goblin jail 3:49:32 Dance of Death - Sepulchre of Death in the Stronghold of Security 3:54:18 Dogs of War - Vault of War in the Stronghold of Security 4:00:05 Food For Thought - Catacomb of Famine in the Stronghold of Security 4:04:43 Malady - Pit of Pestilence in the Stronghold of Security 4:09:18 Safety in Numbers - Stronghold of Player Safety Dungeon, where the cockroaches are. 4:12:18 Starlight - Asgarnian Ice Caves, North of Mudskipper Point 4:15:29 Ice Melody - White Wolf Mountain 4:17:44 Winter Funfare - Unlocked during Myths of the White Lands 4:22:03 Cavernous Mythology - Myths of the White Lands 4:25:55 Splendour - Discontinued 4:29:41 Harmony2 - Lumbridge Castle basement 4:33:56 Scape Original - Unlocked automatically, older soundtrack of RuneScape 4:37:03 Miracle Dance - Mind altar 4:41:33 Zealot - Water Altar 4:45:53 Down to Earth - Earth altar 4:49:58 Heart and Mind - Body Rune Altar 4:53:26 Serene - Air altar 4:56:27 Quest - Fire altar 4:59:17 Destiny - Automatically Unlocked 5:02:23 Alone - Ice Mountain or the Monastery north of Falador 5:05:52 Army of Darkness - Dark Warriors' Fortress 5:08:28 Dark - East Wilderness level 20 area with hill giants and black salamanders 5:11:22 Dangerous - Far East Wilderness at Level 33. 5:13:33 Crystal Sword - Level 1 Wilderness, north of Varrock 5:16:23 Eruption - Wilderness Volcano 5:22:04 Close Quarters - Mid Wilderness, in area with furnace and deadly red spiders 5:25:20 Dead Can Dance - Graveyard of Shadows 5:29:03 Deep Wildy - Wilderness area near Chaos altar/King Black Dragon Lair entrance 5:31:32 Forbidden - North of the Lumber Yard near the Wilderness Wall 5:35:27 Faithless - Near the Chaos Temple in the Wilderness 5:38:44 Scape Wild - Wilderness, south of the Wilderness Volcano Background by RS-LegendArts: https://www.deviantart.com/rs-legendarts/art/Runescape-Wallpaper-2009-restored-564806990
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Evolution of  Runescape 1998-2018
Evolution of Runescape 1998-2018 DeviousMUD 1998 Runescape Classic 2001 Runescape 2 (2004) Runescape 2 (2005) Runescape 2 (2007) Runescape HD 2008 Runescape - Evolution of Combat 2012 Old School RuneScape 2013 Runescape 3 2013 RuneScape - NXT 2016 Runescape Mobile Old School RuneScape Mobile 2018 Runescape 3 Mobile 2018
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Download This Free and Tested bot for now. Including many features like Anti-Afk,Honor grinding,Leveling,Grinding,Questing while leveling. You don't need spend countless hours leveling your new charachters anymore everytime you want to start brand new character. See The link at annotation. Only Free for limited time Download now. bank buney fairy level gold speech pvp niveau female the lazy bot wow own Warcraft 70-80 program crusade bot formula subscriber conclave world of Warcraft Flight WOW kiz bg Beta
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WOW Rogue Farming Mechanar Chests
Level 70 Rogue guide to farming Mechanar chests...... pretty much free gold
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Warmane Ravaer Bot
yet another Bot
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WoW Hacks and Bots for Mists of Pandaria
http://www.prowowbots.com - Visit our site to find the best hacks, bots, guides, exploits and more for mists of pandaria wow.
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[July 2013] [wBot] Most Advanced Runescape 2007 Bot - [PowerBot] [COMMENTARY]
Download: http://ge.tt/7gOLOzh/v/0?c Last updated - May 29th, 2013! Welcome.. To the first fully functional 2007 Oldschool Runescape bot, wbot! Chances are if you are here, you are looking for an awesome bot to start building up the best possible character to PK on Oldschool Runescape. Well, you've come to the right place. Wbot has been around for years in the form of powerbot, the best runescape botting software that has lead the industry since 2009. Features - Fishing Woodcutting Combat (All-in-one) Fletching Crafting Cooking Prayer Hunter Runecrafting Thieving Agility Herblore Smithing Mining Construction, Farming, and Slayer coming soon as well! - In all skills that are applicable, you can bank OR drop items while skilling. This includes fishing, woodcutting, mining, and more! I hope you all enjoy this, the product of far too many hours of my team and I's time, reversing the code of the runescape 2007 client and building wbot based upon our findings.
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WOW- World of Botcraft mop
yeah we got like 30 bots "playing" an isle of conquest bg lvl 85-89 WTF ? lol first game is an arathi basin with 10 bots battlegrounds in wow-mop is a joke
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World of Warcraft BFA - Multiboxing First Team lv.117½ - 118 - 2xFarming
THE FIRST TEAM Warrior: Alchemy/Herbalism Warlock: Tailoring/Enchanting Hunter: Mining/Jewelcrafting Hunter: Mining/Skinning Druid: Mining/Herbalism TWITCH: ➤https://www.twitch.tv/tineastwood MIXER: ➤https://mixer.com/TinEastwood MORE INFO ABOUT MULTIBOXING: ➤http://isboxer.com/multiboxing-world-of-warcraft ➤https://www.dual-boxing.com/content/ ➤http://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/46453-Blues-on-Boxing MUSIC: by Adrian von Ziegler ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c5kIUSPEOg Support the stream: ➤https://streamlabs.com/tineastwood
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20% Auction House Fees in WoW | Blizzard's 2nd Worst Idea Ever
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/8SQMCFc BNet Community (US): https://blizzard.com/invite/3kaAwP2cMpo The Auction House will now have a 20% deposit on every item you post. This video (rant) goes over my thoughts, and why I think it's a completely terrible idea. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommended Videos How to Farm Everything in Legion: https://youtu.be/PpiRg9HeqVs TSM Setup Guide: https://youtu.be/Uw59obZlxWA My Favorite Goldmaking Websites: https://youtu.be/XvM8SSJ38Wk Is there a "Best Server?": https://youtu.be/7BgM1oGPR8Y UI: https://youtu.be/-8oECXhJEFU ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add me! Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanaeckles Support: https://www.patreon.com/WTBGold
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WoWFisher - World of Warcraft Fishing bot
WoWFisher is a fishing bot for World of Warcraft. It is not detectable, but not legal and NOT free. If you are interested in purchasing, or interested in technical details, visit http://bor0.users.sourceforge.net/wowfisher.htm Can be used by players, farming companies, etc. Currently as it's in beta stage, it has 52.38% accuracy in fishing, as can be seen on the video. The bot uses the WINAPI only, so it's pretty fast. And it only weights 24.10.2011 15:50 34.304 WoWfisher.exe Please watch in high definition, if possible.
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Razer Macro Heal Bot for Games
I wanted to show how easy it is to set-up click-and-cast macros with devices, like the Razer Naga. For text base write up: http://domdeuce.com/2012/07/21/razer-heal-bot-macros-for-games/ Music is written and owned by: Domdeuce - Playtime All SWTOR logos, visuals, trademarks and copyrights are the property of Bioware. All Razer Naga logos, visuals, trademarks and copyrights are the property of Razer.
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2nd Transmute Master | HalfHill | WoW Gold | 5 Million Challenge
Samadan's WoW Twitch Stream. 5 Million Gold Challenge for the new Brutosaur AH mount in BfA using professions and farming - https://www.twitch.tv/samadanplayswow #RoadTo5Million Timecodes to topics in video ... Opening Mail & Restock - 5:00 Swap Jahwakening & HalfHill - 38:35 Switch to Elmorte & Transmute - 1:12:07 Back to Samadan - 1:52:50 Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/SamadanPlaysWoW To get notified when I post new videos, please press subscribe. Samadan -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/samadanplayswow
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World of Warcraft BFA - Multiboxing First Team lv. 115 - 115½ + 1 hour farming
THE FIRST TEAM Warrior: Alchemy/Herbalism Warlock: Tailoring/Enchanting Hunter: Mining/Jewelcrafting Hunter: Mining/Skinning Druid: Mining/Herbalism TWITCH: ➤https://www.twitch.tv/tineastwood MIXER: ➤https://mixer.com/TinEastwood MORE INFO ABOUT MULTIBOXING: ➤http://isboxer.com/multiboxing-world-of-warcraft ➤https://www.dual-boxing.com/content/ ➤http://www.dual-boxing.com/threads/46453-Blues-on-Boxing MUSIC: by Adrian von Ziegler ➤https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c5kIUSPEOg Support the stream: ➤https://streamlabs.com/tineastwood
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