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Should Cycling Go Back To Basics? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 21
The GCN Tech Show is back and this week Lasty and Jon discuss whether we could make things simpler by going back to the old school! Subscribe: http://gcntech.co/subscribetogcntech The GCN Shop: http://gcntech.co/4c Retro tech is the main theme of this weeks show but we've also got brand new custom cycling shoes, a superlight titanium bike and a monster 70 tooth chainring! The Tech Show includes all the regular segments, the GCN Tech wall of fame, bike of the week and the bike vault. Do you think cycling should go back to basics? Let us know 👇 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link 👍 http://gcntech.co/4d Watch more on GCN Tech... 📹 Bora Kitchen Tour http://gcn.eu/BoraKitchen 📹 Tech Clinic - Aero Bottles? http://gcntech.co/clinicbottles Photos: © Velo Collection (TDW) / Getty Images & © Bettiniphoto / http://www.bettiniphoto.net/ Brought to you by the world’s biggest cycling channel, the Global Cycling Network (GCN), GCN Tech goes deeper into the bikes, kit and technology stories that matter. GCN Tech is utterly obsessed with seeking out and showcasing the best in bikes, tech, products and upgrades. Everywhere. Every week. From news and rumours, first ride exclusives, how-tos, the weekly GCN Tech Show, pro bikes, set-up tips and more, we geek out over the tiny details that can make the big differences to you. With years of racing and industry expertise, we also bring you instructive maintenance videos to hone your mechanical skills, as well as behind the scenes factory tours and in-depth analysis of kit chosen by the pro peloton to keep your finger on the pulse of cycling’s latest technological innovations. Engage with us every week on the channel and across social media – we’re here to answer every question you’ve got on cycling tech. Facebook - http://gcntech.co/gcntechfb Instagram - http://gcntech.co/gcntechinsta Twitter - http://gcntech.co/gcntechtweet
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Get rid of foot pain - Taylor's Bunion
Read the blog: https://fluidhealthandfitness.com/2018/09/24/designed-to-move-tailors-bunion/ Get a mobility kit: https://fluidhealthandfitness.com/product/designed-to-move-mobility-kit/ Connect with Dr. Ashley Labore, PT: http://pureyoga.us/schedule-physical-... A bunion is a bony bump that forms along the side of the foot. A tailor's bunion occurs when this bump is on the outside of the foot, at the base of the little toe. Tailor's bunion got it's name from tailors who often sat cross-legged on hard surfaces so they could work more efficiently. The added pressure placed on the outside bony protuberance prompted the body's protection mechanism resulting in a fortification of the area with additional calcification around the joint causing the bone spur. Today, tailor's bunions are mostly influenced by poorly fitting shoes, structural problems in the feet or abnormal gait patterns. As bone spurs develop from repetitive pressure in one area of the body, we need to look at the mechanics of how the foot comes in contact with the ground to determine if it is creating these conditions. Traditionally, during initial foot contact in gait individuals either land on the front of the foot or the heel. Those with a shallower step tend to land on their toes. This initial contact force along with the diagonal placement of the foot can place significant pressure on the outside of the toe box where taylor's bunions occur. Stride length is lessened by poor posture and the overuse of the hamstrings. Greater forces on the foot due to which can lead to excess spreading out of the bones of the feet as it tries to absorb the force from the ground. This can push the side of the foot into your shoe creating even greater pressure on the 5th metatarsal or just under the pinky bone.
How to Tape Your Thumbs for Hookgrip
How to Tape Your Thumbs for Hookgrip; The hook grip can be quite painful for beginners and for this reason, we often use tape. Most people use regular athletic tape but I've found that using a special weightlifting tape to tape thumbs is even better. Lyft-Rx Weightlifting Tape (Recommmended) https://amzn.to/2Mbi86m Regular Athletic Tape https://amzn.to/2MKFrVW I hope this video taught you How to Tape Your Thumbs for Hookgrip! ★☆★ FREE EBOOK ★☆★ 25 Fat-Blasting HIIT Workouts (Free) http://underdogstrength.com/HIIT INSTAGRAM @underdog.strength https://www.instagram.com/underdog.strength ONLINE COACHING [email protected] Website http://www.underdogstrength.com
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WODFitters Pro Kinesiology Tape For Athletes
PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC KINESIOLOGY TAPING: If you are looking for effective ways to improve your workouts and at the same time get rid of pains and sore muscles, we got you covered. We proudly present you the best kinesiology taping system that will soothe your muscles and keep them safe while you are enjoying your intense cardio workout or recovering from an old injury. DURABLE KINESIOLOGY ATHLETIC TAPE: Forget all those cheaply made tapes that would slide from your body after a while and trust our well designed kinesiology tape. Made from high quality elastic materials and flexible fibers, our kinesiology tapes will gently embrace your body and provide you that extra support and comfort that your aching muscles are in desperate need of. 100% cotton makes it long lasting and breathable. Our Porous Cotton tape has extra breathing holes making wearing this tape for a long time much more comfortable. NON SLIDING TRAINING SPORTS TAPE: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your body tapes and kinesthetic therapy. Invest in this non sliding physical therapy tape and reap all of its benefits to the fullest. You may rest assured that it won’t slide and glide and will always stay put no matter how hard your training is. Ideal for men, women and even children who are keen on sports. MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS TAPING TREATMENT: By simply placing strips of this kinesiology tape on your aching body parts you will feel an instant pain relief from muscle soreness and joint stiffness. Ideal for numerous injuries including ankle sprains, runners knee, hamstring strains, carpal tunnel, wrist pains, neck, calf and shoulder strains as well as for plantar fasciitis, shin splints, foot pains and so many more! HASSLE FREE APPLICATION INJURY TAPE WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our tapes are extremely easy to apply and use by everyone. Place them along muscles, ligaments and tendons to provide a lightweight support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and our lifetime warranty! Buy this WODFitters Kinesiology Tape product on WODFitters.com: https://www.wodfitters.com/products/wodfitters-kinesiology-tape-2-pack Or you can also buy it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/WODFitters-Pro-Kinesiology-Tape-Athletes/dp/B01LZC5CWO/keywords=WODFitters%2BKinesiology%2BTape%2B-%2B2%2BPack&dpID=418IGGSLx6L&preST=_SX300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch&th=1&tag=greatwodgear-20
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13 Self Defense Tips That Could Save Your Life
Knowing basic self-defense rules could save your life one day. Hopefully you’ll never have to use any of these tips in real life, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember that a flat open hand can be just as effective in a fight since this type of blow will come as more of a surprise. If the attackers have used duct tape to tie your hands up, there’s a way out. You can actually tear it apart pretty easily: raise your hands above your head, and then thrust them down with a lot of force. This method will work even if your hands have been bound behind your back. Remember to hit the attacker as hard and fast as you can. If you take too long deciding what to do or where to aim, your attacker will figure out your intentions and get even madder. When you were a kid, did you ever play “spies” or make up some code words or even a secret language? If you take your code-writing to the next level, your rescuers could even find out the direction you’ve been taken or the exact place you are. You could invent code words for certain highways or directions and even give secret names to malls or other public areas you can see nearby. Your purse can serve as a shield from a knife attack, just don’t press it too close to your body. Throw your scarf in the attacker’s face to buy yourself a couple of seconds. Music: Move Out - MK2 https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/... TIMESTAMPS The right way to make a fist 0:32 If you’ve been tied up 1:12 Remember the most vulnerable spots 2:00 Use safety apps 2:48 Think up a code word 3:16 Use the materials on hand 4:06 Keep your pepper spray in the right place 4:34 If you’ve been grabbed by the wrist 5:06 If you’ve been grabbed by the hair 5:34 If you’ve been grabbed by the neck 6:05 Safety in an elevator 6:21 Safety in a car 6:44 Learn how to give first aid 7:15 Bonus: a few more safety rules you need to know 7:49 SUMMARY -Don’t leave your thumb out, but don’t hide it under your fingers either, otherwise, you could end up breaking it. -If your hands are being tied together, keep them clenched into fists. If your body is being tied up, take a deep breath in so that your diaphragm expands. The more room that’s left between you and your ties, the better your chances are of escaping. -Remember that the most vulnerable spots to strike are the eyes, nose, jaw, throat, neck, solar plexus (or the area right below the ribs), the knees, and shins. -Apps such as Family Locator, bSafe, and others let you track the movements of your friends and relatives or send out a distress signal if necessary. -If you don’t have a chance to call for help, an encrypted SOS will let your family or friends know you’re in danger. For instance, texting “Don’t worry, I’m alright” could stand for “Help, I’m in danger”. -Make use of any object that can help. -Keep pepper spray in your pocket so you can promptly use it and run away. -If an attacker has grabbed you by the wrist, you can use the “rule of “thumb”. Rotate your hand towards the attacker’s thumb and yank yourself free. -Grab the attacker’s wrist with both your hands in order to regain control. Then it’s time to make use of your feet again. -If the attacker has wrapped his fingers around your throat, kick him in the groin or poke his eyes with your fingers. -Make it a habit to stand with your back to the buttons panel in an elevator. -If you have to get in a car with strangers, you can pointedly tell someone on the phone or text the car’s license plate, color, and your destination for the driver to see and hear. -Learn what you should do if someone is bleeding, having a heart attack, has a fracture, strain, or serious burns here: https://brightside.me/inspiration-hea... -Always be on guard. Keep your distance. Keep your palms out in front of you. Run.
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Instructions Short Torso Splint Julie Tupler,RN
This video will help you properly wear your Short Torso Diastasis Splint. Click this link to learn more: https://diastasisrehab.com/tuplertips Diastasis Rehab is a company focused on treating diastasis recti with the research and evidenced based Tupler Technique® program. We also train medical and fitness professionals in the Tupler Technique®. Click here to check out our page: https://diastasisrehab.com/index Visit our belly blog: http://www.diastasisrehab.com/diastasis-belly-blog/ Website: https://diastasisrehab.com/index Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TuplerTechnique/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/tuplertechnique/pins/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diastasisrehab/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/105302240330492411016 Click this link to learn more: https://diastasisrehab.com/tuplertips
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Sideline Chats Series - Dr. Echols Speaks on Fractures - FOI
Florida Orthopaedic Institute brings highly skilled orthopedic care to Tampa Bay and the surrounding area by offering virtually unmatched expertise in every orthopedic subspecialty. Our physicians are known nationally and throughout the world for their work in orthopedic surgery and have been named among the best orthopedic physicians in America. As Florida’s largest orthopedic group, our mission is to provide an internationally recognized level of orthopedic care, achieving exceptional outcomes through continuing research and specialty expertise. Florida Orthopaedic Institute is supported by a professional staff of more than 500 people, based in a 100,000 sq. ft. facility on a 12-acre campus. The main campus includes a state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery center that serves patients and surgeons. With exceptional expertise in every orthopedic specialty, Florida Orthopaedic Institute is literally a one-stop shop for orthopedic care, with no need to refer patients outside the institute. Website: http://floridaortho.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Florida.Orthopaedic.Institute/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/florida-orthopaedic-institute?trk=tabs_biz_home
HSN | HSN Today: Favorites for Her 06.21.2018 - 07 AM
Curated selections for any woman; peruse the innovative and trendy to the timelessly essential item. Featured presentations on favorites from every category, in a fun and fast-paced, variety-filled hour. Find practical solutions to make life simpler. Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current selling price.SHOP NOW http://www.hsn.com
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Porto Railway Station - Sao Bento - (buildings) Stock Footage | Mega Pack +40 items
Download now: Porto Railway Station - Sao Bento - (buildings) http://bit.ly/2gyY14M Download now: Water Tower Pipe in the Abandoned Factory - (buildings) http://bit.ly/2z11PDM Download now: Woman Having Red And Green Kinesio Tape Applied - (medical) http://bit.ly/2fBUrt1 Download now: Set of Accordion Players Sitting - (holidays) http://bit.ly/2irvVMe Download now: Steamy Mug of Lager - (food) http://bit.ly/2vODpgZ Download now: Camera Lens and Mount Rotating Around - (technology) http://bit.ly/2gjPWAF Download now: Jogging on the Beach - (people) http://bit.ly/2w1fDhR Download now: Archery Silhouette, Sun Sets Behind The Archer - (sports) http://bit.ly/2xpgVWf Download now: Duck On Waterfall - (lifestyle) http://bit.ly/2yH9x4C Download now: Sorting Process In Eggs Chicken Farm - (food) http://bit.ly/2wksygD Download now: View Of Young Woman In Slippers Walk To Bathroom - (people) http://bit.ly/2zfOw2m Download now: Clouds 1 - (nature) http://bit.ly/2vUJ8lU Download now: Whistler Village Area Covered With Snow by - (nature) http://bit.ly/2up3S2x Download now: A Young Beautiful Woman Talking to Her Boyfriend - (people) http://bit.ly/2yENCPI Download now: The Carrot Cut Into Blender 1 - (food) http://bit.ly/2wSF2sw Download now: Coffee Beans After Roasting Mixing - (food) http://bit.ly/2wU4FK9 Download now: Blonde In Cafe - (people) http://bit.ly/2ySb88U Download now: Colorful Fish on Vibrant Coral Reef, Red Sea - (nature) http://bit.ly/2tR1MXe Download now: Take a Break - (people) http://bit.ly/2uwWfKF Download now: The Meat In a Frying Pan - (food) http://bit.ly/2geDLoC Download now: Clouds Over Tops of Evergreen Tall Fir Trees - (nature) http://bit.ly/2nslF99 Download now: Aspirin Pill In Glass 6 - (medical) http://bit.ly/2xgXcEQ Download now: Girl Putting on Stocking. - (lifestyle) http://bit.ly/2yWp5pC Download now: Morning Fog in Mountains Village of Cloudy - (nature) http://bit.ly/2ns85Cr Download now: Gray Cat Drinks Milk - (nature) http://bit.ly/2ionGAH Download now: Bartender Preparing Drinks at the Bar - (people) http://bit.ly/2xwS4zl Download now: Beautiful Nature Norway In Day - (time-lapse) http://bit.ly/2gU8Xgi Download now: Womans Fit Legs On A Beach - (nature) http://bit.ly/2xSlqo0 Download now: Open Christmas Gift Box - (holidays) http://bit.ly/2ihwkhj Download now: The Sun Behind The Branches with Foliage by - (nature) http://bit.ly/2g3j8in Download now: Two Men Friends Father Son Are Walking Together - (people) http://bit.ly/2h0Mdvt Download now: Girl Gives A Christmas Gift - (people) http://bit.ly/2vwJDi6 Download now: Rejoicing Business Success - (business-corporate) http://bit.ly/2fZIBWQ Download now: Fit Woman Training in Park - (sports) http://bit.ly/2AQjpOp Download now: Working and Park - (education) http://bit.ly/2g7zhAC Download now: Businesspeople With Laptop Meeting At Office - (people) http://bit.ly/2sy98BO Download now: Sea Tree - (nature) http://bit.ly/2wczcCq Download now: Monkey Scratching - (nature) http://bit.ly/2wHorrO Download now: Fog And Clouds Rolling Over The Mountain Green - (time-lapse) http://bit.ly/2y2dm7U Download now: Man with Common Cold in a Moving Train by - (lifestyle) http://bit.ly/2gFOS9M ------------------------------------------------------------ Best Selling Items on ThemeForest https://goo.gl/LPxaWb Best Selling Code, Plugins & Scripts https://goo.gl/B0Lr02 Best Selling Stock Footage & Video Effects https://goo.gl/c2lfmw Best Selling Music and Audio https://goo.gl/qjhOKj Best Selling Graphics, Logos & Web Templates https://goo.gl/Aw9QiS Best Selling Stock Photos https://goo.gl/0lGFh4 Best Selling 3D Models & Textures https://goo.gl/PoBB72 ------------------------------------------------------------ Buy Bitcoins Online: https://goo.gl/HXYXFg ------------------------------------------------------------ Sign Up & Earn $25 https://goo.gl/8CPjj2 ------------------------------------------------------------ Our Channel is the leader in survey Adobe After Effects project and templates on Envato Marketplace. Our Channel releases best videohive templates as Logo and Intro projects, Broadcast design packages, Slideshow, Lower Third, Kinetick typography and all other best animations templates ------------------------------------------------------------ If you liked this video, place Like, share with friends on social networks and leave your opinion in the comments ------------------------------------------------------------ If you are the author of this project and believe any that the use of the project preview on this channel are not legitimate, please write to e-mail and we will resolve this issue. ------------------------------------------------------------ #aftereffects #stockfootage #slideshow #visualeffects #videohive #envato #envatomarketplace #template ------------------------------------------------------------ Download this Music: https://goo.gl/tHBjiM
is cycling good exercise for sciatica
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