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Learn from an expert about the trends and technologies transforming security. Top 5 Ways Any Business Benefits From Box. Explore the top five ways Box helps your business drive collaboration and power growth, all while maintaining the security of your content. Top 5 Ways IT Teams Benefit From Box. Learn how Box protects your corporate information while providing employees with an easy to use file storage and collaboration tool. Top 5 Ways Sales Teams Benefit From Box. Find out how Box can help your Sales team accelerate the sales cycles and close deals faster. How Every Department Can Use Box. Discover how Box can help each team in your organization get work done quickly and more efficiently. See how the Box ELA can maximize savings and make your workforce more productive and efficient. Building a Trust Ecosystem. Box for Digital Asset Management. Learn how Box helps Marketing teams build and deliver a consistent and distinct brand image across all distribution channels. Applying Design Thinking to Enterprise Security. Discover a new approach to reducing IT complexity, while still managing security and compliance. Featured Videos. Discover how Box can solve simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention. Box and Office 365. See how Box and Office 365 make collaboration more powerful, productive and secure. Explore the origins of Box and learn how they can help your business thrive and transform with cutting-edge technology. Enterprises Love What Box Can Do. See how CIOs from GE, Schneider Electric and Flex are using Box to leverage their existing productivity and collaboration solutions. Box Transforms Industries Worldwide. Every industry can use Box to share critical information with teams, partners and customers, making employees more productive and their businesses more competitive. Sally Beauty and IBM. Sally Beauty utilized Box and IBM to deliver content in a timely manner across their franchise and increase customer engagement. Product Videos.