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How well do Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue know each other?
These 3-time Olympic medalists have been skating partners for 20 years. We test their recollection of that with a quiz.
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Fitness challenge: Who is stronger, an Argos player or a National Ballet dancer?
Matt Black of the Toronto Argonauts and Gabriele Frola of the National Ballet of Canada face off in four fitness tests to determine who is stronger
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WHALE RESCUE: Saving a stranded Orca in B.C.
On July 23, 2015, a female Orca became trapped on the British Columbia coastline. Whale rescuers worked for almost eight hours to keep the Killer Whale wet until the tide came back in. Subscribe to The Globe on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGlobeandMail
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The theory of mind test
http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/kindergarten/ Researcher Kadria Simons explains how the Theory of Mind test helps young children begin to understand other people's thoughts and feelings. This was one of our mid-year visits during the year-long Kindergarten Diaries series. Reporter - Kate Hammer Videographer - Anne-Marie Jackson Editor - Douglas Perez The Globe and Mail April 2011
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Incredible video show humpback whale breaching near kayakers
That's a whole lot of whale! A kayaker in British Columbia had a close encounter with a humpback whale when then whale breached very close to her.
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For sale in Oakville: A $65-million mansion
For sale in Oakville: A $65-million mansion
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From addiction to Ironman: One man's journey to recovery
Lionel Saunders battled addiction for many years.
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Chris Cornell at TIFF on U2 and Pearl Jam
The rock musician opines at the Toronto International Film Festival about U2's Achtung Baby and why it was worth a movie (From the Sky Down), and then seques into why Pearl Jam is even more worthy of a documentary (Pearl Jam 20)
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Why race in Brazil is a confusing, loaded topic
Jessica says she's black. Her cousin says she's white. Stephanie Nolen spends time with one family to find out just how complicated race in Brazil can be.
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Jordan Kilganon, 6'1" professional dunker from Sudbury, Ontario
In 2015 Kilganon landed the "Lost and Found," heralding calls of "the greatest dunk of all time." The Canadian pro dunker will make an appearance at the 2016 NBA All-Star Game in Toronto.
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National Ballet dancer shares three exercises for sculpting lean quads
Kate Hosier of the National Ballet of Canada shares three of her favourite exercises for sculpting long, lean quads
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Highlights from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's chaotic day at city council
Toronto City Council debated on and voted in favour of reducing Rob Ford's power as Mayor
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Royal wedding: Harry and Meghan exchange vows
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange their wedding vows during their ceremony.
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11 facts about the gap between First Nations and the rest of Canada
The Globe and Mail's Sherrill Sutherland takes a look at the disconcerting gap in education, wealth and health between First Nations people and the rest of Canada
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Develop speed and agility by working out like a table tennis player
Madeleine White talks to Canadian table tennis player and Pan Am athlete Xavier Thérien about the workout regimen that keeps him speedy and on the ball
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How realistic is it to start a business while working full time?
Gary Vaynerchuk, best-selling author, wine entrepreneur and social media expert, discusses the possibility of turning your hobby into a business while working full time at Social Mix 2012 hosted by Jugnoo
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Author and illustrator of children's books on the complexity of conveying simple emotions
Author and illustrator Jon Klassen walks us through his creative process and discusses sources of inspiration
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Take a tour of a Toronto penthouse suite in Canada's tallest condo tower
Take a tour of the penthouse suite in Canada's tallest condo tower, Aura, located in the heart of Toronto's downtown on Bay Street. This 3,055-sq.-ft. unit is selling for $3,758,000
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Vancouver SkyTrain: A behind the scenes look at how the automated rail system works
An inside look at Vancouver’s automated rail system, which suffered an hours-long outage a few weeks ago
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Cowboys, concussions and unholy risks: Inside the world of professional bull riding
When Canadian bull rider Ty Pozzobon killed himself in January 2017, he turned a spotlight on the world’s most dangerous sport. He became bull riding’s first confirmed case of CTE. The Globe spent the summer with Pozzobon’s closest colleagues on the professional bull-riding tour to explore how a way of life threatens the health and safety of the men who love to ride.
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Timelapse: BMO Field transformed for three sports over 36 days
Over the course of 36 winter days Toronto's BMO Field hosted the CFL Grey Cup, two MLS playoffs games and the NHL's Centennial Classic outdoor hockey game. The technicians who care for the natural grass at the stadium worked overnight to convert and maintain the playing surface.
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Three tips for keeping your backyard rink smooth all winter long
Frank Delillo, from Rymar Rinks, explains how he gets smooth ice all through the winter on his backyard rink
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Drawing With: Why this illustrator works with 'laborious' tools and unruly ink
Author and illustrator Carson Ellis talks about her new book, Home, and why she works with 'laborious' tools
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Choosing music over meds, one man's quest to retrain his brain to overcome dystonia
Federico Bitti suffers from dystonia, a disease that affects a person's ability to control their muscles. He is trying a new therapy involving neuroplasticity, and specific exercises to retrain the brain (which for Mr. Bitti, includes dance)
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These hyper-realistic baby dolls are a kind of therapy for anxiety and grief
Meet Shaylen Maxwell, the owner of Reborn Sweet, a Barrie, Ont., business that sells hyper-realistic baby dolls called "reborns."
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Nutrition Basics: What you need to know about freekeh
Registered dietitian Leslie Beck introduces you to freekeh, an ancient grain that is a great source of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese
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Rio 2016: How Canada's synchro swimmers make moves underwater
Karine Thomas and Jacqueline Simoneau may be eight years apart, but they're inseparable. The synchronized swimming pair talks about the long hours and unique training they go through to become 'more precise.' http://www.theglobeandmail.com/
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Cupcake truck serves Hamiltonians curbside
She's a cupcake maven, serving up 25 delectable flavours from her truck that cruises Hamilton, Dundas and Ancaster. In this video, Natalie Rovoi, co-founder of Cupcake Diner, explains how she got her start, why she can't live without social media and why she loves doing business in Hamilton
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PARENTING SCIENCE: The marshmallow test
This test can say a lot about your child. For more great video, subscribe to The Globe on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGlobeandMail
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The simplicity (ha!) of transit in Toronto
Toronto columnist Marcus Gee takes a look at the last four years of changing Toronto transit plans. From David Miller and Transit City, to Rob Ford, Karen Stintz and the Scarborough subway line, we wouldn't be surprised if you've had trouble keeping up. Don't fret, this video will help.
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We asked a male National Ballet of Canada dancer the question you're too polite to ask
The Globe's Hannah Sung sits down with second soloists Dylan Tedaldi and Jordana Daumec from The National Ballet of Canada to ask them questions from Globe readers
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Drawing Conclusions: Is renting really a waste of money?
If you've ever wondered why some people think renting is better than owning, here's the explanation behind how that can be true.
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How illustrator Sydney Smith uses his own stencils to paint beautiful kids' books
Illustrator Sydney Smith shows you the method he used to paint his new book 'Grant and Tillie Go Walking'
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'Dudeplomacy' on show between Trudeau, Obama
'Dudeplomacy' on show between Trudeau, Obama
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Carbon-capture facility aims to transform carbon dioxide into fuel
The Globe and Mail's Ivan Semeniuk looks at how a Canadian company, Carbon Engineering, wants to take carbon capture technologies one step further by turning that carbon into fuel
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104-year-old veteran has been reciting In Flanders Fields for 50 years
Fred Stevenson is 104 years old. He has been reciting In Flanders Fields for 50 years
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Chris Hadfield's three tips for success
You want to succeed in life? In a competitive field? Captain Canada Chris Hadfield offers three clear tips for reaching your goals
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A KILLER HIGH: Understanding Fentanyl
A KILLER HIGH Understanding fentanyl, Canada's newest public health crisis
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Birds of prey help keep you safe at Toronto's Pearson airport
These birds of prey help keep you safe at Toronto's Pearson airport
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Four Seasons CEO on innovative luxury
Allen Smith tells reporter Craig Offman about expanding the Canadian-born hotel chain globally while maintaining its five-star brand
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Thinking about commuting by bike? Know these essential tips first
William Knowles, a bike expert with Mountain Equipment Co-op, shares this tips when it comes to what equipment you have to have if you're going to commute by bike in the city
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How a former volleyball star channels her Olympic success into Cuba's economy
Economic reform legalizing small-scale private business in Cuba has created a boom in entrepreneurship. Freelancer Stephen Wicary shows how Mireya Luis has incorporated her volleyball career into a dream she discovered after she retired.
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Take a tour through one of Canada's most automated homes
Bobby Petrov takes us through his totally wired Mississauga home where he can control nearly everything via remote or cellphone.
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Election 2015: Highlights and key moments from the first debate
Highlight from the first leaders’ debate in Toronto, hosted by Maclean’s. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and New Democratic Party Leader Thomas Mulcair faced off against each other.
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A residential school survivor shares his story of trauma and healing
A residential school survivor shares his story of trauma and healing
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Life with PTSD: A Canadian veteran shares his story
Michael Blois, a former Master Corporal with the Canadian military, shares his experiences of battling PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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These designer doughnuts will make you forget all about the common cupcake
Goodbye cupcakes; so long pies and macaroons. There's a new - but familiar - treat in town, and it's not as you may remember it. When sisters Rita and Rosanne Tripathy opened Jelly Modern Doughnuts in Calgary in April 2011, they wanted to reinvent the doughnut with sophisticated flavours and high quality, local ingredients. The impressive menu - designed by pastry chef Grayson Sherman and inspired by seasons, holidays and even suggestions from the company's active social media community - changes on a regular basis. Jelly Modern is also committed to the environment, using preservative free, local and organic ingredients as well as using recyclable packaging and eco-cutlery. Learn about why Rita and Rosanne decided to start their gourmet bake café, some of their challenges and how they plan to revolutionize one of Canada's favourite old treats
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Spraying beet juice to beat snow and ice on roads
The City of Toronto is among municipalities choosing to combat winter weather with beet juice. The liquid is effective at lower temperatures than a salt brine solution and is also less corrosive.
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Video: A behind-the-scenes glimpse into how this newspaper gets made
Reporter Hannah Sung and videographer Patrick Dell take you inside a Vaughan, Ontario printing plant to see the Globe and Mail go to press. State-of-the-art technology enables the Globe and Mail to print and combine both glossy and newsprint pages, a unique achievement in North America
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Canada's voting system (and how changing it would affect this election)
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has promised, if elected, to review Canada’s voting system. So, what is our current system? And how might another voting system affect the outcome of our current election?
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