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Cheating at poker James Bond Style - Defcon 24 (2016)
Recording of my talk at Defcon 2016 about poker cheating devices More info: https://www.elie.net/poker Slides: http://bit.ly/2cc9fNL
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USB drop attack demo - Blackhat USA 2016
Attack demo for my Blackhat USA talk: Does Dropping USB Drives in Parking Lots and Other Places Really Work? More information at https://ly.tl/malusb
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Does dropping usb drives in parking lots and other places really work? - Blackhat USA 2016
Recording of my Blackhat 2016 talk on malicious USB More info: https://www.elie.net/malusb Slides: http://bit.ly/2aPlTzV
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I am a legend: Hacking Hearthstone with machine learning - Defcon 22
Recording of my Defcon 2014 talk on hacking hearthstone More info: https://www.elie.net/hs Slides: http://bit.ly/2ccotSX
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Understanding the structure of the internet blackmarket - Google  research
Brief illustration of how the Internet Blackmarket is structured. Example taken from our recently published research paper on the topic. For more information read our blog post here: http://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2015/09/new-research-underground-market-fueling.html Research done @Google in collaboration with Berkeley, Databricks, UCSD, UCSB, George Mason University and Michigan State University
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Recovering the master password of a secure USB attack demo
Demo on bow a secret USB command can be used to recover master password and hack a specific type of USB key. Part of our talk Attacking encrypted USB keys the (hard)ware way @Blackhat 2017
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Attacking encrypted USB keys the hard(ware) way - Blackhat USA 2017
Recording our our Blackhat Talk about attacking encrypted USB key. More info: https://elie.net/talk/attacking-encrypted-usb-keys-the-hardware-way Ever wondered if your new shiny AES hardware-encrypted USB device really encrypts your data - or is just a fluke? If you have, come to our talk to find out if those products live up to the hype and hear about the results of the audit we conducted on multiples USB keys and hard drives that claim to securely encrypt data. In this talk, we will present our methodology to assess "secure" USB devices both from the software and the hardware perspectives. We will demonstrate how this methodology works in practice via a set of case-studies. We will demonstrate some of the practical attacks we found during our audit so you will learn what type of vulnerability to look for and how to exploit them. Armed with this knowledge and our tools, you will be able to evaluate the security of the USB device of your choice.
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Tapjacking: owning smartphone browsers
This video demonstrates tapjacking attacks. Tapjacking attacks abuse smartphone usability features to mount phishing and clickjacking attacks against smartphones. These attacks are part of the BlackHat 2010 talk Bad Memories. http://ly.tl/t9
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Fuzzing online games - Defcon 20
Recording of my Defcon 2012 talk on Fuzzing online games
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Map hacking with Kartograph
Demo of how to use Kartograph to create a map hack for Supreme Commander 2. Kartograph is a memory analyzer that is designed to evaluate a game's security and exploit its memory structure. With it, we are able to to build all sorts of hacks in a generic manner. For instance, we are able to create invincible units, have an infinite amount of gold, and, of course, reveal the entire map. More info at: http://ly.tl/kartograph Kartograph was presented at the Defcon 2010. Openconflict our cryptographic solution to defend against maphack was presented at the Security and Privacy Symposium 2011.
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Kartograph - Applying Reverse Engineering Techniques to  Map Hacking - Defcon 18
Kartograph is a memory analyzer designed to perform live memory attacks against various games. Presented at Defcon 18. https://ly.tl/kartograph
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How to Successfully Harness AI to Combat Fraud and Abuse - RSA 2018
Slides and blog posts available at https://elie.net/ai This talk explains why artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to building anti-abuse defenses that keep up with user expectations and combat increasingly sophisticated attacks. It covers the top 10 anti-abuse specific challenges encountered while applying AI to abuse fighting, and how to overcome them. This video is a re-recording of the talk I gave at RSA 2018 on the subject
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Tracking desktop ransomware payments end to end - Blackhat USA'17
Recording of our Blackhat'17 on how to trace ransomware payment end-to-end: https://www.elie.net/talk/tracking-desktop-ransomware-payments-end-to-end Blog posts with mode details: - Methodology: https://elie.net/blog/security/how-to-trace-ransomware-payments-end-to-end - Ransomspehere economy inner-working: https://elie.net/blog/security/exposing-the-inner-workings-of-the-ransomware-economy - Key players analysis: https://elie.net/blog/security/unmasking-the-ransomware-kingpins niche term just two years ago, ransomware has rapidly risen to fame in the last year, infecting hundreds of thousands of users, locking their documents, and demanding hefty ransoms to get them back. In doing so, it has become one of the largest cybercrime revenue sources, with heavy reliance on Bitcoins and Tor to confound the money trail. In this talk, we demonstrate a method to track the ransomware ecosystem at scale, from distribution sites to the cash-out points. By processing 100k+ samples, we shed light on the economics and infrastructure of the largest families, and we provide insight on their revenue and conversion rates. With a deep dive in the two largest groups, we show the details of their operation. Finally, we uncover the cash-out points, tracking how the money exits the bitcoin network, enabling the authorities to pick up the money trail using conventional financial tracing means.
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How we created the first SHA-1 collision and what it means for hash security - Defcon 25
Recording of my Defcon 25 talk about SHA-1 More information: https://www.elie.net/sha1 In this talk, we recount how we found the first SHA-1 collision. We delve into the challenges we faced from developing a meaningful payload, to scaling the computation to that massive scale, to solving unexpected cryptanalytic challenges that occurred during this endeavor.
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I am a legend: hacking Hearthstone with machine learning - Defcon 22 tool demp
Quick demo of the Hearthstone realtime dashboard we built with Celine for our Defcon talk. For more information about my Hearthstone research: https://www.elie.net/hs or https://twitter.com/elie Defcon talk will be Sunday 10th at 10am Track 3.
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Attacking HTTPS with Cache Injection
This video demonstrates cache injection attacks. Cache injection attacks abuse the browser cache and SSL warning corner case to inject a malicious javascript library that will be used to tampers with HTTPS session. These attacks are part of the BlackHat 2010 talk Bad Memories. http://ly.tl/t9
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Hunting down Gooligan - Botconf 2017
More info: https://www.elie.net/gooligan This talk provides a retrospective on how during 2017 Check Point and Google jointly hunted down Gooligan – one of the largest Android botnets at the time. Talk originally presented at Botconf 2017 with Oren from Check Point
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iOs App Store fake upgrade attack
Demonstration of how to trick the user to installing the app of your choice by faking an app upgrade.
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Lessons learned while protecting Gmail - Enigma 2016
Recording of my Enigma's talk about protecting Gmail users. More info: https://www.elie.net/blog/security/in-depth-analysis-of-the-lessons-we-learned-while-protecting-gmail-users
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iOs App Store password stealing attack
Demonstration of how to abuse the lack of trusted visual path and HTTPS to steal users Apple credentials.
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Targeted Attacks against Corporate Inboxes - A Gmail Perspective - RSA 2017
Recording of my RSA 2017 talk on Gmail corporate inbox security More information and slides: https://www.elie.net/publication/targeted-attacks-against-corporate-inboxes-a-gmail-perspective
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iOS App swap attack
Demonstration of how to force the user to install the app of your choice. Notice that the app installed is not the app selected in the app store.
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Bad memory - Blackat 2010 & Defcon18
Recording of my Blackhat 2010 talk on memory attacks More info: https://ly.tl/badmemories Slides: http://bit.ly/2aPlTzV
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Breaking into a WPA network with a webpage
This video demonstrates how to break into a WPA protected Wi-Fi network by attacking its router from a webpage. This attack is part of the BlackHat 2010 talk Bad Memories. http://ly.tl/t9
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Beyond files forensic OWADE cloud based forensic - BlackHat 2011
More info: https://www.elie.net/publication/beyond-files-recovery-owade-cloud-based-forensic Recording of my BlackHat Talk about OWADE the first tool designed to do cloud forensic.
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