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NIC 4th Edition - OS Deployment at LEVEL 500
By: Johan Arwidmark See Johan Arwidmark taking MDT 2013 and ConfigMgr 2012 R2 to its outer limits. OS Deployment tips, tricks, coding, and hard-core debugging in a single session. You can expect a lot of live demos in this session.
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NIC 4th Edition
Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2015 in Oslo Spektrum. Production: Petter Nyquist Productions AS
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NIC 4th Edition - Hyper-V networking and Storage in SCVMM, this is how to do it!
By: Mikael Nyström One of the first tasks after System Center Virtual Machine Manager has been installed is to configure the Network and Storage and that is everything but easy. In this session you will learn how to configure the network and storage for the most common scenarios, including Software Defined Network, Software Defined Storage. You will also learn the different options you have for the Logical Switches, including NVGRE configuration as well as consuming different kinds of storage, including Scale-Out fileservers.
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NIC 4th Edition - AD FS authentication policies, MFA and Workplace Join
By: John Craddock The Active Directory Federation Service combined with the Web Application Proxy allows you to control authentication and access to applications based on a user’s location, devices they are using and group membership. Come to this session and learn how to combine AD FS, workplace join and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to build robust authentication and access control policies. The session is packed with demos
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Troubleshooting Windows 10 Deployment – Top 10 tips and tricks
By: Johan Arwidmark One of the biggest challenges when doing windows deployment is dealing with device drivers. Meet Johan Arwidmark sharing his lessons learned around handling device drivers in the deployment process. You will also learn about common deployment issues and their workarounds, parsing log files, WinPE, PXE Troubleshooting, UEFI deployments. As a foundation MDT and the System Center Configuration Manager platform will be used. You can expect a lot of live demos, tips and tricks in this session.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Windows 10 Deployment – Expert Level
By: Johan Arwidmark Join us for an hour live demo on how to build a Windows deployment solution, based on MDT and ConfigMgr. In the session we are taking OS Deployment to its outer limits. Deployment tips, tricks, and hard core debugging in a single session.
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NIC 4th Edition - Configuration Manager 2012 – A Site Review
By: Kent Agerlund This a must attend session for all ConfigMgr administrators and consultants. Ever experienced sluggish ConfigMgr administrator console performance or collections taking forever to refresh? Join Kent Agerlund as he will walk you thru a ConfigMgr site review and reveal why so many ConfigMgr installations don’t perform as they should. This sessions will be packed with tip and tricks, SQL secrets and PowerShell scripts that will optimize your environment and bring ConfigMgr into the state it was supposed to be from the beginning
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NIC 4th Edition - Getting the best performance out of Hyper-V
By: Ben Armstrong It is very easy to stand up a Hyper-V deployment – but how do you get the most performance out of it? In this session we will perform a definitive review of all the subsystems that impact Hyper-V performance. We will discuss how to measure and tune performance, as well as discussing common problems and configuration mistakes that result in performance problems in real world deployments.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Using Ansible for your Windows Configuration Management
By: David O'Brien Ansible is an open source Configuration Management tool run on Linux, developed in Python, and can be used to do Configuration Management on Windows. How? Microsoft MVP David O'Brien will demonstrate what Ansible is, how it works and how PowerShell comes into the game
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NIC 4th Edition - A true story: Reduce 95% of your site servers with Config Mgr 2012 R2 and 1E Nomad
By: Christian Føsund With the use of Nomad from 1E, Wilh Wilhelmsen reduced their Configuration Manager site servers from 136 to 5! This session will show you a real-world scenario on how Nomad integrates with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 and how it optimizes bandwidth control. How does PXE, OSD deployments, software distribution and patching work without site servers? Join Christian and find out how.
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NIC 4th Edition - VMware vSphere 6.0 and VSAN 6.0 Technical Overview
By: Roger Samdal Supercharge your datacenter with the new vSphere 6.0 release. vMotion across anything, support for multi CPU Fault Tolerance and many other new features. vSphere 6 also includes Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) and the next version of Virtual SAN with All Flash support.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Building the perfect lab
By: Johan Arwidmark, Andreas Hammarskjöld, Mikael Nyström Join Johan Arwidmark, Andreas Hammarskjöld and Mikael Nyström in dazzling session on how to build the perfect home datacenter for test, lab, and demo usage. You learn about setting up the server hardware and networking, the virtualization platform, storage, as well as getting speed and performance without having to pay a fortune. You learn about hydration and automation techniques as well other tips and tricks. It does not get more fun that this!
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NIC 4th Edition - Massive Lift & Shift migrations to Azure with the Microsoft Migration Accelerator
By: Morgan Simonsen A lot of organizations want to move servers into the public cloud, but this often requires downtime. With the introduction of the Microsoft Migration Accelerator (MMA) we can move large sets of servers and n-tier applications to Azure with almost no downtime. This session will cover MMA setup, configuration, migrations and best practices learned from several real life projects.
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NIC 4th Edition - My Favorite Configuration Manager 2012 Features - Part I
By: Wally Mead I've often been asked to discuss my favorite features in the product. I do like them all, however in this session, I'll highlight my top handful of features that I think are really cool and exciting in Configuration Manager 2012, and why. If you attend this session, you may find some useful features that you may not be currently using. You may find a hidden gem here. The sessions also includes some underutilized features most people don't pay attention to, but maybe they should?
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This is NIC 2017
Intro video for NIC 2017. The premier event for IT professionals. Tickets: http://www.nicconf.com/tickets
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NIC 4th Edition - PowerShell Workflows: Prepare yourself for SMA and Azure Automation
By: Aleksandar Nikolic Windows PowerShell Workflow functionality is part of Windows PowerShell 3.0 and newer releases of Windows PowerShell. It helps automate the distribution, orchestration, and completion of multi-device tasks. With the introduction of Service Management Automation (SMA) and Azure Automation, it's very clear that Windows PowerShell Workflow plays an important role in automation of management tasks, both on-premises and in the cloud. Join us to learn more about this powerful technology and how to avoid the most common gotchas with SMA and AA runbooks. Learn about the inner workings of Windows PowerShell Workflow and how to use it to its full potential.
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NIC Cloud Edition 2014
Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2014 in Oslo Spektrum Music: "Fractured" by Lights & Motion Production: Erik Foss & Illuminate As
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Office365 and RDS done right!
By: Marius Sandbu This session will go through the different scenarios on how to manage Office365 and delivering it from a RDS/VDI environment. We will go trough different best-practices, endpoint options and other partner scenarios such as Vmware & Citrix
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Throw away your DMZ – Azure AD Application Proxy deep-dive
By: John Craddock Now you can use the Azure AD Application Proxy to publish HTTP/HTTPS on premises applications replacing the need for an on premises DMZ and proxy. Come to this deep-dive session and discover the details of the Azure AD App Proxy and different options that are available for SSO to applications that use claims or Windows authentications.
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NIC 4th Edition - System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2 Management Packs. Notes from the field.
By: Alex de Jong In this session you will learn how you can customize Ops Manager 2012 R2 and its management packs to make them work for you. You will learn what options you have for minimizing the amount of critical e-mails that Ops Manager sends every day. This involves RBAC, Notification Subscription Customization and Tuning Management Packs, or creating your own. As an Ops Manager consultant Alex de Jong has found several ways to accomplish this goal and some steps are surprisingly easy and effective. Experience with Ops Manager advised if you want to attend this session.
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NIC 4th Edition - Deploying Windows 10 in the Enterprise
By: Johan Arwidmark The uber-demo spaceship has landed... Join Johan Arwidmark in an hour live demo on how to build a Windows 10 deployment solution, based on MDT 2013, and ConfigMgr 2012 R2. You also learn about the setup changes, including Windows 10 ADK, the new WinPE version and more.
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NIC 4th Edition - Understand how Exchange Online Protection works and how to deploy it successfully
By: Peter Schmidt Join Exchange expert and Microsoft MVP Peter Schmidt and learn everything you need to know about the architecture and features of Exchange Online Protection (EOP). How you deploy Exchange Online Protection successfully in your organization, covering best practices and pitfalls from the field. So if you plan on deploying Exchange Online Protection (EOP), this is the session you cannot afford to miss.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Ransomware: Protect, detect and recover
By: Arne Klæboe Co-speaker: Jonny Lyse Ransomware is on the rise and becoming a real threat to many organizations. At the same time, protecting against this threat is very complex and few organizations have the means to do so. In this session we will present how to combat one of the most common types; CryptoLocker. You will learn how to protect, detect and recover from various CryptoLocker mutations by using Big Data solutions, Power Shell, Next Generation Firewall and IPS. Our team will present some of the ways to protect users against CryptoLocker on the network layer. By using a Next Generation Firewall with IPS and anti-malware, most malware will be stopped before it actually reaches the user. In a live demo we will show you how a hostile website is unable to infect the user due to protective measures. However, even with the world’s most fancy security solutions in place some infections are inevitable. To show you what happens when you get infected we will disable the security features and present ways to detect an infection that passes the protective barriers. We will also demonstrate how to set up the relevant monitoring of logs in a Big Data log monitoring system (Splunk). Lastly, after you have been infected by ransomware you need to clean up; a messy but important task. We will cover some smart ways to identify and restore files that have been encrypted by the malware to get your users quickly back to being productive.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Hyper-V & Cluster Deployment with Windows Server 2016
By: Symon Perriman The upcoming Windows Server 2016 release will be introducing numerous enhancements to Hyper-V and Failover Clustering configuration and migration. Join Symon Perriman, Hyper-V MVP and former Microsoft Technical Evangelist, to learn how to setup Hyper-V, configure Nano Server, install a Windows Container, understand Nested Virtualization, deploy a cluster with Storage Spaces Direct, virtualize your network, perform a Rolling Upgrade, and configure a Site-Aware Failover Cluster.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Windows 10 internals
By: Sami Laiho On this session Sami will show what's really new below the surface of Windows 10. People are talking about the new start menu mostly, but we'll be talking about Secure Kernel, Memory Compression, Skylake enhancements, Device Driver protection, Active Memory dumps and so on. You will also learn about the security features like Device Guard. You don't still explain to people that it's a small virtual machine running on Hyper-V, do you?
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NIC 4th Edition - Deploying Windows Azure Pack
By: Kristian Nese In a production environment, Windows Azure Pack can be a big beast of components. This session will give you the lessons learned from the field, where WAP has been deployed to some of the largest service providers and enterprises in the world.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Cloud and Office365 Caching with Microsoft BranchCache
By: Phil Wilcock, Andreas Hammarskjöld The cloud has enormous potential to reduce operational expenses and achieve new levels of scale, but moving workloads away from the people who depend on them can increase networking costs and hurt productivity. Users expect high performance and don’t care where their apps are hosted. Microsoft BranchCache can improve the performance of cloud-based apps, and reduce bandwidth consumption with a shared cache of data. It speeds up HTTP and SMB communication without requiring app changes or new infrastructure in the office or the data center. In this session, we’ll explore the BranchCache platform and protocols, and explain how they can be used to optimize apps deployed in public and private clouds. You can take away real step by step examples and some free tools that you can use in your own environment.
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NIC 4th Edition - Modern Public Folders and how to migrate them
By: Peter Schmidt Join Exchange expert and Microsoft MVP Peter Schmidt and learn everything you need to know about the architecture and features of Modern Public Folders. How you can migrate them and what you need to consider before migrating your existing public folders to Modern Public Folders. Since Public Folders are now supported in Office 365. Learn what you need to consider to move your existing Public folders to Exchange Online in Office 365. So if you're using public folders using on premise exchange and wants to migrate to the cloud this is the session you cannot afford to miss.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Deploying Windows 10 with BranchCache for OSD
By: Andreas Hammarskjöld, Phil Wilcock In this session we will cover how to implement BranchCache for ConfigMgr to use for OS Deployment. Regardless if you are using Windows 7-8-10 you can benefit from using BranchCache for your OS deployments. Windows 10 does incremental updates, can we use BranchCache to speed the Windows 10 upgrades? We will cover topics on how to enable BranchCache in WinPE, ensuring that ConfigMgr has the ultimate setup for BranchCache and customizing the task sequence to speed up the OS deployment with BranchCache.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Azure AD B2B and B2C: The next generation collaboration has arrived
By: Morgan Simonsen Azure AD Business-2-Business and Business-2-Consumer are two new features of the global trust fabric that is Azure Active Directory. With Azure AD B2B many of the identity challenges of collaborating with partners are no longer relevant. The complexities and cost of federation, and the security issues with maintaining accounts for your partners are no longer necessary. Join me to learn how to use these new features to allow anyone you choose to securely use your applications and access your data. We will also cover B2C where Azure AD finally integrates with the major social identity providers like Google, Microsoft Accounts and Facebook to allow you to share data and applications with consumers
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NIC 4th Edition - Keynote - No Sunny Days, but That's Not So Bad: Clouds in 2015
By: Mark Minasi It's 2015, and almost everybody's in the cloud. Cloud vendors have indeed delivered on their promises for agile, speedy deployment and cost savings for many customers. Projects and entire enterprises can be spun up in minutes or hours, and often more cheaply than could be accomplished on-premises. Email SaaS like Office 365, Gmail and the like probably host more mailboxes than anyone else on the planet. So things seem pretty good, cloud-wise, then. Not everything that seems real, however, is real -- take phantom cell phone vibration, for example. In this fast, fact-filled, fun presentation, preeminent "cloudnostic," cloud user, and million-selling author Mark Minasi rounds up The State of the Cloud: what's good, what's bad and what's about to happen in mankind's latest, most expensive experiment in communications, storage, and computing. Don't miss this, or you'll never find out exactly how clouds are looking more and more like potatoes.
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NIC 2016 Teaser - Episode 4: Meet the experts
Curious about the key trends in IT? Meet the experts from ‪#‎NICconf‬!
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NIC 4th Edition - System Center SMA Introduction
By: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen There is a new form of Automation in the Microsoft world! Service Management Automation is part of System Center Orchestrator 2012 R2 and is built on PowerShell! Get introduced, Get an overview and learn how to develop and test your first Runbook
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Inside the Windows 10 ADK
By: Johan Arwidmark This session dives deep into the new Windows 10 deployment tools and setup engine, explains the Windows 10 ADK features, enterprise customization options, driver handling, log files, and much more. It goes deep into the configuration passes, the offline servicing, and Windows Image Configuration Designer. You can expect lots of tips, tricks, and live demos in this session.
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NIC 2017 Teaser - episode 1
This is NIC 2017: 50+ speakers, 80+ sessions, 1400 participants. Join some of the world’s foremost experts in one of our intensive, hands-on and high energy #NICconf pre-conferences on February 1st. Early Bird pricing ends November 15th. www.nicconf.com
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NIC 4th Edition - Quick start guide to deploying AD FS
By: John Craddock You may be looking at deploying AD FS to support Office 365, implement authentication to Cloud applications or integrate diverse identities from partners and other organizations. Whatever your reason, AD FS will become a key component for authentication and access and as such must be scalable, highly-available and fault tolerant. Come to this session and learn how to design AD FS farms to support different scenarios and how to rapidly deploy them. The session will cover the Windows Server 2012 R2 version of AD FS.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Going hybrid with Exchange 2016 & Office 365
By: Peter Schmidt This session will cover the latest features of Exchange 2016 Hybrid and how to deploy an Exchange 2016 Hybrid. Covering Practices and How to troubleshoot Hybrid. Also covering alternative options to get to Office 365. Session will include demos, to give the first-hand overview of the process.
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NIC 4th Edition - Troubleshooting ADFS and the Web Application Proxy
By: John Craddock Follow the setup Wizards, click, click click… And you are done! But what if, it doesn’t work or it started to work and then stopped. Come to this session and learn how to take a pragmatic approach to troubleshooting AD FS (Server 2012 R2) and the Web Application Proxy. The session will look at the components of AD FS and then show you useful tips, techniques and tools to allow you to rapidly resolve issues.
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NIC 4th Edition - Running highly-sensitive Domain Controllers on Hyper-V and Azure
By: Raymond Comvalius w/ Sander Berkouwer Active Directory Domain Controllers hold the keys to your kingdom. So how do you virtualize these castles of identity, without compromising on the requirements of your organization? In this session, Raymond Comvalius (Windows Expert - IT Pro MVP) and Sander Berkouwer (Directory Services MVP) give best practices for hardening, backing up, restoring and managing virtualized Domain Controllers. In their real-time demos, they’ll integrate with environments like yours, showing you the real world possibilities and impossibilities.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Microsoft Windows Nano server - Why and how
By: Mike Resseler Server Core never has been a popular subject among IT professionals despite the advantages it could deliver. And now Nano is coming. Should you ignore or should you start investigating? This session will discuss the advantages and the potential use-cases and will learn you how to start with Nano to take all of the benefits to your datacenter.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - PowerShell Desired State Configuration – Real World Experiences
By: Jan Egil Ring In this session you will see how PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) is implemented in a production environment. We will see how the same configurations is used both in the production and test environment, as well as how the Local Configuration Manager is bootstrapped, how System Center Service Management Automation as well as Azure Automation is leveraged for orchestration of DSC deployments and what techniques is leveraged for building configurations for the different server types in the environment. Scenario 1 – Hyper-V host deployment (PowerShell/WMF 4.0) Scenario 2 – VM deployment (PowerShell/WMF 5.0)
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Azure AD Domain Controller Services
By: Morgan Simonsen Azure AD offers the next generation identity platform built from the ground up to enable the cloud. As more and more organizations adopt and move to Azure AD the need for the traditional Active Directory infrastructure dimishes. But it can be very hard to get rid of our oldest AD dependent applications. With Azure AD Domain Controller Services we can finally take this last step and retire our old domain controllers. Azure AD DCaaS can use Azure AD to emulate a domain controller and thus let us run all our legacy applications while only using Azure AD. Join me in this sessions for a highly technical overview of this new technology.
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NIC 4th Edition - Cloud based rights management with Azure RMS
By: Morgan Simonsen We are living in a world of de-perimeterization. More and more of our data is leaving the safety of the LAN. How do we protect it in the wild? Azure RMS offers rights management and data control for a mobile first, cloud first world. Traditionally RMS has been challenging to implement. Join this session to see how rights management as a service can solve your problems.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Are you sure you understand Office 365 and the Enterprise Mobility Suite?
By: Ståle Hansen If you don't understand it well enough, how do expect to others to understand it? By dividing Office 365 and EMS in to personal productivity, business productivity and secure productivity Ståle Hansen has made it easier for partners and customers get started with the platform and build the correct business case to do more with the services. This is a mind stretching session you can't miss!
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NIC 4th Edition - System Center SMA System Center 2012R2
By: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen Already PowerShell Scripter? Already worked with SMA? Or are you just interested in some more advanced examples of runbooks? These examples include monitors, connectors and more in demos focused on System Center. Join me for a deep dive into the world of Service Management Automation runbooks where to session will be packed with best practices, demos and notes from the real-world.
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NIC 4th Edition - Whats new in Hyper-V vNext
By: Mikael Nyström During this session you will learn the new and important changes that have been made in the fabric layer (Hyper-V, Storage, Spaces, Scale-Out file Server, Network). You will learn how the new features and functions could change the design as well as how you manage your fabric and you will of course see almost everything being demoed live on stage!
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Moving to Proactive Security – Why and How?
By: Sami Laiho Gartner has said that one of the most needed changes in enterprise security is to move to a least privilege approach, whitelisting of applications and overall proactive security. Microsoft said in November 2015 that 85% of all security threats would have been mitigated by moving to proactive security. In year 2015 all major antimalware companies reported more than 250000 new malware samples EVERY day! Do you really need more evidence that you need to do it as well?
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Remote Management of Nano Server
By: Aleksandar Nikolic, Jan Egil Ring Nano Server is a Microsoft answer to the world of DevOps. The new headless Windows Server installation option is made for cloud. It's small, it's fast, and it doesn't have a GUI. There is no local logon or Remote Desktop support either. How can we manage Nano Server? Management is performed remotely via WMI, PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, and RSMT. This talk will showcase remote script authoring, remote debugging, improved file transfer... The best part of the story is that all demonstrated management concepts are applicable to any Windows Server installation. Join us to learn how to perform all your management tasks remotely and eliminate the need to sit in front of a server.
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NIC 5th Anniversary - Sharpen your Chef Knife! Cooking dinner with Azure Resource Manager
By: Fredrik Nilsson Co-speaker: Niklas Åkerlund In this session we will go deep in to how Chef together with Azure Resource Manager can deploy and manage cloud services in a continuous way We will dig into how to use Chef Knife to build and deploy a cloud solution based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and Chef cookbooks to maintain the state of the service in a DevOps continuous delivery model. During the session we will use Test-Kitchen to verify our cookbooks in an automated isolated way. We will show you some real world best practices with infrastructure as code for best results.
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NIC 2016 Security Videos - Episode 1: Security
"It`s all about awareness!" Paula Januszkiewicz´s tips to how users can respond to security threats on the internet.
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